My Person Ch. 01

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Author’s note: Hey everyone! I am a long time reader, but this is my very first attempt at writing a story of my own. I’d love to hear all of your opinions and suggestions after you read the story. All feedback is welcome. Please enjoy!

“Hey, havin’ a good workout?”

Jack jumped off the pull-up bar after doing his tenth set, unhooked the weight belt from around his waist and let the two forty-five pound plates clank to the cushioned basement floor.

“Hey there, Kate. Yeah so far. I’m just getting started though. Got about another hour left. Everything okay?”

“Yeah, everything’s cool. Just woke up. You gonna be hungry?” Kate said, letting her pleading smile pierce Jack’s concentration.

That damn smile of hers always cut through to his core. It was such a weakness for him. Her teeth were perfect, lips mildly plump, and she always knew how to flash it so innocently.


“Oh! Sorry. Haha uhhhhh yeah I can definitely go for some grub after. Im done here”…He felt the heat in his cheeks coming on strong after she caught him blatantly staring at her.

Katelyn chuckled lightly. She knew how to make him uncomfortable. Always has been able to since they were preteens.

“Alright, well just let me know when you’re done getting cleaned up after your workout.” and then turned and walked back upstairs to get ready for the day.

His eyes were glued to her backside as her plump ass sauntered side to side. Her physique was a thing of rare beauty. Just as he realized he was openly staring, he caught the mischievous look Katelyn gave him over her shoulder.

He quickly turned around. The embarrassment was killing him, as per usual.

Jack took the moment to gather his thoughts and toss them in the back of his mind so he could actually get some real training in.

He was six foot two and weighed 240 pounds of almost pure muscle. Not Mr. Olympia bodybuilder size but certainly well developed enough to look like a Greek statue on steroids.

He was never an avid athlete or gym junkie but weight training for some reason just fit well with his genetics and he was able to blow up in size and strength.

He took to weight lifting because he felt the need to protect his baby sister. She was only two years younger, at 21, but because she was only 5 feet tall and had that “cute and adorable little sister” look all throughout high school while every other girl was blossoming after puberty, she was an easy target for hazing.

He took Katelyn’s protection as his number one priority and has since made it his dying goal to make sure she came first and foremost in his life.

Jack and Katelyn learned early on in their youth that the only people they could trust, were each other. They were absolutely glued together at the hip while growing up due to the harsh upbringing of their single mother.

They were damn near completely ignored throughout their so called upbringing that they took it upon themselves to ensure each other got to school and stayed fed, all while their mother would leave the house for days, sometimes weeks at a time.

So as they grew up together, they stayed together. They were able to afford a small two bedroom house while Katelyn attended university classes with a part time job on campus and Jack saved money from his construction job, building houses.


Jack finished up his workout and felt like he completely obliterated his back and biceps. He took a look in his giant wall mirror and realized just how adequate his workout was. His shirt was completely drenched with sweat and was stretching to its absolute limit from how swollen his muscles became. It felt satisfying to him to know he was putting in good honest work to stay strong and fit.

He made his way upstairs to use their shared bathroom shower and get ready to go get breakfast with Katelyn. While their home was quite small and modest, it was still quite nice with luxurious amenities, being that the home was recently remodeled.

Jack stepped into the large stand up shower that had dual shower heads and a bench seat in the corner. He lathered up shampoo and used his fingers to massage the shampoo through his dense, smooth dark brown hair. He kept the sides buzzed short and the rest grown out long enough to slick back comfortably. Kind of like some world renown soccer players.

As he was washing his body, he couldn’t help but notice his cock was getting slightly excited and started twitching with a pulse. His mind drifted to Katelyn. He imagined her naked body, slick with soap mashed against his front, with her hands squished between them and slowly stroking his manhood. After becoming fully erect, he stood proud at eight inches and rather thick compared to average.

His cock was begging for attention. He decided to give in and started stroking very slowly with body wash lathered all over his stiff mast. As he started to increase his pace with his strokes he heard a quick double knock on the door and heard it open.

He panicked, queenbet yeni giri┼č feeling guilty about day dreaming of her like this…his very own baby sister.

“Kate! I’m a little busy!”

“Sorry, Jack! I know, but can you please hurry? I want to make it to Russo’s Cafe before they stop serving breakfast.”

He could never be really mad at her for anything. She was always too sweet too him for his own good.

“Okay okay. I’m pretty much done. Give me just a sec.”

“Alright thank you!”

He’d have to cut his release short and turned the shower to ice cold to get rid of his excitement.

Ten minutes later he was dressed and ready to go to breakfast.

Katelyn absolutely loved spending time with Jack whenever their schedules would align, especially as it’s been a solid week since they’ve been able to really hangout and catch up.

Jack and Katelyn hopped in his dark gray pickup truck and headed off to Russo’s Cafe.

As they sat at the booth and already had their food ordered, Jack displayed the typical tendency to get a healthy look at his sister while she browsed the menu’s dessert items as she knew she’d have to satisfy her sweet tooth cravings.

Her long chestnut brown hair was extra wavy today as she had washed it this morning and didn’t straighten afterwards like normal. He thought her natural waves were so beautiful, especially paired with her abundant light colored freckles. Her freckles were not dark and distracting, but they covered virtually her whole body.

The morning sun was at the perfect angle to shine on her face and made her dark green eyes light up with a brilliance he didn’t always get to see. It also served the purpose of making all her freckles standout more prominently.

He realized, again for the millionth time, just how angelic and gorgeous she was. She wore no makeup and yet her natural beauty would put models to shame. Her skin had a youthful bounce to it. She looked like a young goddess.

Jack veered his eyes down to her pouty lips as she was concentrating hard on what pie to order and he found her so adorable. Veering a little further down, he took in her ample breasts. Even though the sports bra was trying it’s hardest to keep everything PG, he could still make out the faint signs of a horizontal barbell piercing in each nipple.

“What do you think I should order?”

“What?!”…Jack blurted loudly

Startled, Katelyn looked up at him with wide eyes “Jeez are you alright? The fuck you yelling for?” She laughed.

As he realized she hadn’t seen him ogling her anatomy, he calmed down a bit even though he felt his cheeks were beat red.

“Sorry about that, I was in my own little world there for a second”

“It’s okay Jack. What were you thinking about?” She said with a hint of a smile.

His heart started to beat faster and cheeks got redder.

She could ruffle his feathers with just a glance. And she knew it too, even though she just loved being silly with him. She thought it was nothing but harmless banter.

“Sorry Kate, it’s not something I’m really needing to talk about. It’s all good though.”…trying to play it off and sound relaxed.

“Okay big guy. Sure thing” she wasn’t buying it but she wasn’t going to push too far. She would just drop it for now.

After their food arrived, they started digging in to the bacon, eggs, biscuits n gravy, and pancakes. They were constantly picking morsels off of each other’s plates. Jack and Katelyn were content to enjoy the comfortable silence between them as they relished the joy they brought each other.

“Hey so there’s a party tonight at Melissa’s house. I’m not sure how big it’ll be, but did you want to go with me? Could be really nice to get you out of the house for once, aside from you going to work.”

“Katelyn…you know I don’t like parties. I can’t stand all the fake people and crazy drunks. Do you have to go?”

“It’s Melissa’s twenty first birthday and I really want to be there for her. She only turns twenty one once. You don’t have to go if you don’t want to. I know you have to get up early tomorrow morning for work.”

Jack sighed. “Okay. Just please be careful. Do you want me to drop you off?”

“No that’s okay. Melissa will be over at our place today and I’ll just go with her….you knoowwww, Melissa still has a huge crush on you, if you….you know” she kept giving Jack sly smiles and winks as she was trying to tempt him with her best friend.

Jack was turning bright red again as he was so easy to get worked up.

“No no that’s okay.”

“Oh come on Jaaaack. She’s super hot! Why not?”

“I just don’t have an interest, is all”…he started shifting in his seat, worried if she could see right through him….that he only wanted one woman.

“Jack. I haven’t seen you with anyone since your senior year. You sure you don’t have any interest in her?”

“No, Kate…I’m not interested in anyone, okay??”

“Woah okay, okay. My bad”…she held up her hands in defeat.

Jack sighed…feeling queenbet giri┼č better that Katelyn didn’t realize she was the target of his deepest fantasies.

“I’m sorry. I just don’t want to waste my time with someone I don’t see myself with for the long haul….you about ready to head home?”

“What?! Fuck that I want pie!” She smiled a huge grin, flashing her brilliant white teeth.

It was always comical to hear Katelyn curse because she seemed so bubbly and innocent. It just didn’t fit.

“Haha okay I’ll have what you’re having…on second thought, I want blackberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream.”

“Aaahhhhh that sounds so stupidly delicious I’ll have the same!”

The waiter came back and took their dessert order and shortly they were practically foaming at the mouth with how delicious the cobblers looked as their plates were brought to the table.

After making quick work of hers…”I swear I have no idea where you put all your food, Kate!”

“What? Can’t a girl enjoy some sweets and still pull off this bod?” She said while suggestively bouncing her eyebrows.

“I guess haha”

It was true, though. As she was struggling with her appearance back in high school, she more than made up for it in the last few years. When she turned 18 she started growing into her body.

Her breasts grew much larger. Especially with her tiny frame, the moderate cup size looked very large on her. Her whole lower body essentially exploded in size as she started doing weight training with her brother. All combined with her somewhat lean physique, her back muscles were well defined as well as her soft abdominals showing some pop if she flexed hard enough.

All in all, she looked like a 5 foot tall gymnast that was able to keep her tits from waining away, like most athletes couldn’t.

All these physical attributes of hers were violently swarming around in Jack’s head as he fought the urge to drool over his sister. He shook it off while she wasn’t looking and he paid the bill for breakfast so they could leave.


Jack opened the front door a few moments after he heard the bell ring. There was a woman, standing 5 foot 5, wearing long jet black hair, proudly dressed in an extremely revealing dress worn like a second skin. The dress was a vibrant yet dark metallic green that showed off her hourglass curves. Her breasts were about to burst out of the top slit running down the middle that showed off her abundant cleavage.

With her left hand, she dipped her fingers through her inky black curtains of hair and pulled them loose behind her left ear as she perked her face upwards. When Jack made contact with her dark brown eyes, she smiled so subtly in a sultry way.

“Hello, Jack” she said with a wink.

“Hey, Melissa.” He smiled back softly. “Katelyn is upstairs if you wanna head.”

“Now Jack. What if I came here to see you specifically? Are you really gonna keep a girl standing at your doorstep begging for attention…and on her 21st birthday??”…she gave a sultry pout. She was laying it on thick.

“Uhhhh. I’m sorry. Please come in! Can I get you a drink while you wait or something?”

Jack was nervous because how absolutely drop dead gorgeous she looked, but he still couldn’t get past her awkward encounters that she insisted on torturing him with.

“Mmmm thank you, Jackie. You have any beer?” She started leaning into him and flashing her lust filled eyes.

Becoming visibly uncomfortable…”umm we have some Shiner Bock…? You good with that?”

“Sounds great” she smiled.

“Alright, one sec.”

Jack returned from the kitchen with a bottle of Shiner and twisted the cap off for her.

“Here you are. Well like I said Katelyn is upstairs, probably waiting for you.”

Melissa took a slow sip of the ice cold brew as she sauntered closer to him seductively. With her left hand she started tracing a finger around his large defined chest.

“My my my, I see you’ve really been hitting the gym hard…”

“Uhh. Look Melissa…” he started to step back away from her.

“Hey slut! What are you trying to do with my brother?!”

Melissa and Jack both turned to see Katelyn strutting down the stairs laughing all the way.

What they saw was nothing short of the epitome of beauty. Her dress was metallic like Melissa’s and also clung to her like a second skin. It was a deep magenta color that complemented her dark chestnut hair that was hanging with elegant curls. The dress was strapless and showed off her freckles from her proud chest, down her arms and to her golden bracelets that chimed as she gently swung her arms gracefully as she walked.

Katelyn was dripping with class and sex appeal as her dress cascaded over her tight, plump ass, and flowed down her thick thighs stopping above the knee. Jack didn’t know how to function at this point. His jaw was dropped to the floor as he tried to trace every light freckle from her ankles and up her thighs, from the upper swells of her queenbet g├╝venilirmi breasts up to her face. She wore just the slightest amount of make up to give a little hint of color to her cheeks and accentuating her vibrant, deep green eyes.

“Kate…you…you look gorgeous”…Jack was barely able to exhale in almost a whisper as he was in shock.

He always saw her as beautiful. But now he couldn’t think of anything more so. She was absolutely stunning.

Katelyn gasped slightly. Shocked to hear this from her older brother.

“Jack…thank you that’s very sweet.” Turning bright red in the cheeks.

“Well damn, bitch! That’s a better reaction than what I got from Jack. But holy shit you look so fantastic! You’re gonna steal the show from me, Kate!” Melissa started to whine jokingly.

“Haha no way! You are a heart stopper! Just look at you! But seriously I’m ready if you are. Let’s go celebrate you finally being 21!”

“Hell yeah finally!” Said Melissa.

“Kate. Please be careful okay? Call me if you need anything. I’ll keep my phone on me at full volume. And Melissa, please look out for her. I know how your parties get.”

“No worries we’ll be fine, Jackie.” She gave him a wink.

Katelyn walked up to Jack, snaked her arms around his waist, feeling how much of a brick wall his torso had become. His lean abs were unforgiving as they bulged outward. She couldn’t help but feel a slight tremble from between her legs as she hugged herself close to him, gripping tightly.

“I’ll be okay Jack. I’ll keep my phone on me and call if I need a ride okay? I love you, big brother, okay?” She gave him the sweetest smile as she pulled back to look into his golden eyes.

“Love you too. Please have fun.” He smiled fondly at her.

They departed from each other’s embrace, but not before she placed her right hand on his chest and lightly traced her fingers all the way down his torso, feeling the tough ridges beneath the shirt. She immediately felt felt her panties becoming a swamp of excitement.

Melissa got a quick hug too but not without grabbing his left butt cheek before letting go and winking at him.

Jack brushed it off as Melissa being Melissa.

“You two have fun!” Jack said as they walked out the door. He let out a huge sigh.

Was it just him, or did Kate seem more flirty with him than normal?


Jack was startled awake from a loud sound. He looked at his digital clock on the bedside table and it showed just after one in the morning. He then realized it was Katelyn’s ringtone. He picked up quickly.

He gently croaked into the phone “Hey Kate, need me to pick y…”


His adrenaline spiked through the roof.

“Melissa?! Tell me what’s going on! Now!”

His heart felt like it was about to explode out of his chest. He immediately jumped out of bed with the phone punched between his ear and shoulder as he pulled on his jeans and slid on his work boots as fast as he possibly could.

“Jack. I don’t…I. Jack! I don’t know what happened to her. I. Jack. I’m….”

Melissa was starting to sob uncontrollably while trying to pour her grief into the phone microphone. She was panicking.

This was bad. This is what he always feared. Something happening to his dear baby sister.

“Okay Melissa I’m already getting in my truck now. Now tell me everything you know.”

“She….She and I were talking to some guys at the party. And they seemed really nice and we were all taking shots. I got distracted for a while. Then…I…she wasn’t there! It seemed so fast but no one has seen her. I don’t…I don’t….”

She was completely distraught.

This was bad. This was bad.

“I’ll be there in 5 minutes! Go look for her okay? Check everywhere you hear me? Check every room!”

4 minutes later, Jack slammed on the brakes hard. Jumped out of the truck and sprinted to the front door. Melissa was already outside waving him down with Katelyn’s phone in her hand.

Jack approached so fast. Then took her shoulders in his hands to get her to focus her eyes on him.

“Melissa! Tell me where she can be. Where is my sister?!”

Melissa was obviously completely drunk as it was hard for her to focus on him, let alone stand up by herself. She had tears of black from where her mascara had run down from her eyes.

“Jack…I found her phone…laying on the kitchen counter where we were, and…I called you. Jack, I’m…scared. I’m so scared.”

He let go of her and burst through the front door. The music’s volume was so loud he didn’t know how the party wasn’t shut down by the police already. He pushed his way through the crowd frantically, pushing everyone out of the way effortlessly as he was so strong.

“Hey watch it, fuck stick!” Some inebriated football jock said as he was accidentally pushed hard by Jack.

Jack ignored him as he tried to make his way to find Katelyn, wherever she was.

“Hey, you fuckin bitch I’m talking to you! HEY DON’T WALK AWAY FROM ME!”

Jack really, really didn’t have time for this asshole. He had to find Katelyn!

“Ooohhhhh…I know you. You’re that bitch’s brother. Bro, she’s probably crying like a cheap whore right….”

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