My Night In Ch. 2

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Well you’ve had Se├▓naid’s account of what happened; now here’s my side.

We had been seeing each other for around three months and apart from the odd quickie when her flatmate was out we hadn’t really been able to get up to much. You can imagine my reaction when Se├▓naid told me that she would have the flat to herself all weekend because her flatmate was visiting her boyfriend in Manchester.

I arrived at her door about eight. It had been over a week since we had last seen each other (my work takes me all over the country) and I had been looking forward to tonight for days. Se├▓naid opened the door and I was stunned by what I saw. She had made herself up and she had obviously spent ages on her hair. She was wearing stockings, a flimsy little camisole and an oriental silk dressing gown that she knew was one of my favourites.

Before we had even got the door closed I had pinned her to the wall and kissed her. I kicked the door shut with my foot as I explored her mouth with my tongue. I could tell that she had been smoking. Se├▓naid only smokes when she wants to turn me on. I don’t know why it does, I think it’s just because it’s so appealingly out of character.

As we kissed I ran my hands over her body until I came to her tits. Se├▓naid has great tits, 38C and very firm; I could spend hours playing with them and still never get enough.

She fethiye escort led me through to the lounge and I sat down on her couch. She poured me a drink then knelt down in front of me. As I sipped my wine she undid my belt and unzipped my jeans. She reached up and kissed me as she pulled my straining cock from my boxers.

She began to lick the tip of my cock, and then very slowly she licked me up and down. With a look of pure hunger she then opened her mouth and took me inside. Se├▓naid could suck cock for Britain if it was an Olympic sport. She expertly worked her mouth up and down my shaft. At the top of each stoke she’d tease the end with her tongue before swallowing me up again. As her mouth worked on my shaft she wanked me with her hands. I knew I wouldn’t be able to control myself for much longer.

Then she stopped sucking me and pulled down the front of her camisole to reveal those lovely tits of hers. Within seconds she had wrapped them around my length and I was fucking her cleavage. On every stroke she’d stop to lick the tip of my cock. She squeezed me between those two lovely mounds of flesh as I groaned with pleasure. When she realised that I couldn’t hang on for much longer she started to wank me furiously with her hands. I was groaning with ecstasy and my cock began to twitch in her hands. She took me in her mouth again and sucked me escort fethiye for all that she was worth. All the time her hand pumped my cock like a piston. Finally it was too much. With a groan my hips bucked and I shot my load into her mouth. She took two loads of it in her mouth the rest sprayed over her face and tits.

She rubbed my cum into her tits. She lit a cigarette put on some music and then began to dance for me. Although my cock was now at half-mast I knew it wouldn’t take long for me to be ready for action again.

As she danced around the room she slowly stripped in time to the music. Before long she was standing before me in only a lacy little thong caressing her tits and slipping a finger into the thong to play with her clit.

Se├▓naid then pushed me back against the couch. She got on top of me and we started kissing. My hands reached for her tits and I was soon cupping those globes in my hands; slowly teasing her nipples.

I took one in my mouth and sucked it. As I did so she began to finger her clit. Then she grabbed my cock, which was already showing signs of life and began to frig herself with its tip. Her breathing began to get shallow and little shudders ran up her stomach. I know she is coming and I also know that she is trying to suppress it as best she can.

I continue to play with her tits and she guides my cock fethiye escort bayan into her hole. It’s warm and wet and she slides easily on to me. I begin to work up a rhythm and she grips my cock with the walls of her pussy. I continue to play with her tits as I fuck her from below. She reaches down to play with her clit again and whispers, “Take me from behind, you know I love it when you fuck me that way”.

She gets off me, removes her sodden thong and leans against the arm of the couch. I grab her hips and plunge my cock into her dripping pussy. As I thrust in she throws her hips back to meet me. As I ram into her I can feel her beginning to cum again. Despite the fact that she’s pleading with me not to stop I pull out. With the end of my cock I spread her juices around her other hole. Pausing only to see if she is willing I begin to push myself in. We’ve never done it this way before but I know it’s something she fantasises about.

I begin to strike up a rhythm as I push deeper and deeper into this unexplored hole. She plays with clit and screams at me “Oh yes, Oh yes FUCK ME, FUCK MY ARSE, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME”.

Se├▓naid begins to scream and her hips begin to buck uncontrollably. Contractions shake her body and she moans out loud. I know she has just come and I also know that I’m just about to. I pull out and let fly and two wads of cum hit her on the back. Se├▓naid lies down on the floor and lights another cigarette as I rub my cum into her skin. Then we just lie there recovering.

As Se├▓naid has said there was more but as she also said that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
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