My New Boss

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Rain splatters on the window as the thunder rolls in after the lightening. Flashes light up the room as I snuggle down into my bed, covering my head with my duvet. I have a love-hate relationship with storms; on the one hand they are beautiful, exciting and awe-inspiring, but on the other hand they’re violent, destructive and frightening. I need to sleep. It took me ages to drop off earlier, and now I’m awake again. I have an important meeting with my new boss first thing in the morning. It’s my first day, but it was my bosses uncle that actually hired me, but he’s retiring and his nephew is taking over the business and I am to be his secretary. I’m dreading it, I don’t know anything about this guy, how old he is, what he looks like, nothing… I drift off my head is full of thoughts about the morning and I can hear the sound of rain pattering on the window pane.

The alarm clock is a rude awakening, as I climb out of bed I catch sight of the outfit I’ll be wearing today; a smart, black pinstripe skirt suit, red shirt, with black hold up stockings and stiletto, knee high boots, great outfit. At least he won’t take me as a push over wearing that.

I jump in the shower, the hot water waking me up properly. I squeeze out the gel and rub it between my fingers before rubbing it all over, the foamy water cascading down my naked body. I rub it into my breasts and my nipples harden as they are touched. I close my eyes and imagine someone with me, kissing my neck, rubbing my tits, touching my pussy. My hand slips in between my legs as I start to touch myself, pushing my middle finger inside of me I feel my wetness grow and I don’t mean by water from the shower. My finger movers in and out slowly at first making myself wetter then I start to gently rub my clit, it feels so good. I feel so horny this morning that I know it won’t take long to bring me off. I alternate between rubbing and inserting to ensure that my fingers are kept well lubricated and it’s not long before I start to feel my nerves tingle, I place my foot on the edge of the shower and lean against the wall with my hand, my forehead pressed against it. My legs start to tremble as the orgasm sweeps through me and I close my eyes and feel my pussy start to throb. Its all over pretty quickly, DIY orgasms are short and sweet but someone else doing it for you is something different entirely. I finish washing and then go and get dressed… power suit… I’ll show him who’s boss.

The journey into work is slow and uneventful, and apart from the bus driver giving me a smile and a wink, there’s nothing else to report. As I walk into the building, there is a real hustle and bustle in the building. I see a face I recognise from my interview, Sandra, she works in human resources, I’d been talking to her for quite a while whilst waiting for my interview.

“Hi Kerryn, first day?” She asks.

“Yeah, bit nervous, with meeting the new boss and new job and stuff…” I confide.

“I’ll get you a cup of tea love, help settle your nerves. Have you seen the new boss yet, his Uncle’s in today to show him around.”

“No, not yet, what’s he like?”

“Oooh he’s…” She’s interrupted by the sound of a mans voice.

“…and this is your secretary, Kerryn, she has glowing references and so I’m sure that you both will get on famously…”

I don’t hear anymore of the praise I’m receiving fethiye escort from the kind old man that had interviewed me, I’m too fixated on his very gorgeous relative. This twenty-something, five-foot-eleven, blue eyed, fair haired Adonis is going to be my boss? I can see that I’ll be putting in a lot of overtime in this job!! I can see him looking me up and down, is he checking me out as his secretary or is he imagining me naked like I am with him? We shake hands, big strong hands, no wedding band, excellent. His uncle is still babbling on, I just want to get my new boss into his office and help him “settle in”.

“Here is your tea Kerryn” It’s Sandra again, “Can I have a word?”

I wind up the introductions and the idol that is my new boss tells me he’d like to meet me in his office in 10 mins. My pleasure.

“Isn’t he just gorgeous” gushes Sandra, “I know he’s young enough to be my son, but…”

I smile. “Mmmmm”

I am grateful for the few minutes Sandra has provided me with. I compose myself in the bathroom, applying a little more lipstick.

I stand outside his room for a moment, trying to get up the courage to knock. I knock. No answer. Knock again, maybe he’s not back yet, I press my ear to the door as he opens it “Hi!” His warm broad smile welcomes me.

“I…um… did knock… just listening to see if you were in… oh dear!” I was so flustered, I wasn’t living up to my power suit image at all.

“It’s ok relax” His calming voice reassures me. He opens the door wide letting me in. I sit down in front of his desk.

“Tea? Coffee?”

“No thanks I’ve just had one” Not entirely true, I’d been too busy fixing my hair and make up to drink the one that Sandra had kindly made for me.

“I thought that it might be a good idea to have a little meeting, seeing as though we are both new and we’re going to be working so closely with each other.”

“Not close enough” I think to myself.

He then goes on to introduce himself properly. His name is Mark, he’s 27, loves watching and playing football, eating out, cinema, theatre, and horny as hell!! Ok he doesn’t tell me that, but by the way he’s looking at me, I can see it in his beautiful eyes that he wants me.

The weeks have passed, apart from a little flirting here and there nothing has really happened, I’ve continued to dress sexy and have caught him looking at the lacy tops of my stocking once or twice, but no real concrete evidence that he’s interested. Until…

It’s a fortnight before Christmas, and I have already helped Sandra decorate the office last week, but, bright and early on Monday morning she trots in with some mistletoe – perfect!! She hangs it up in all the doorways grinning at me and motioning to Marks door “Should I knock?” She laughs.

Later that morning, Mark calls me into his office. So armed with my notebook and pen I go in and sit down opposite him. The chair is set back a little way from the desk and see him watching as I cross my legs, eyeing up my lacy stocking tops. He looks up at me, I hold his gaze for a moment, and he realises that I know what he was looking at. He blushes, I smile. He smiles back and gets up and starts walking towards me. I open my mouth to speak, but he presses his finger against my lips, then he presses his lips against them. A soft gentle kiss, I drink him in, the smell of his aftershave, escort fethiye the feel of his skin touching mine, his tongue dancing with mine. He kneels down in front of me and places his hands on my knees and looks up at me, I nod, he opens my leg and snakes a hand up my leg and his inquisitive fingers find my silky black thong. His thumb starts rubbing and stroking me through my knickers, I am so turned on.

“What if someone walks in? I didn’t lock the door” I half whisper half groan.

He just carries on and looks up at me, his blue eyes sparkling, watching me, God he’s gorgeous.

“Do you want me to stop?” He says with a cheeky smile.

“God no!!” I groan as his fingers found their way into my underwear, rubbing my slit teasing me, touching me everywhere except my clit and my hole. He pulls at my thong, grabbing my hips and pulling me towards the edge of the chair, grabbing at my panties and yanking them down and off. He lifts up my blouse, kissing my stomach as he slowly unbuttons it, exposing my breasts that are being held captive in a silky black basque, he sits back and takes me in, the sight of me exposed to him must be turning him on because I can see a bulge growing in his trousers.

He leans forward again pushing my skirt right up to my hips and kisses and licks the tops of my legs that aren’t covered by my stockings. I’m starting to ache with anticipation. He pushes my legs open further and then pushes his face into my lap, and starts to lick my neatly trimmed pussy, hungrily nibbling, eating me, I lay back on the chair looking up at the ceiling as he explores me with his tongue. Every so often his tongue flicks across my clitoris, sending shivers up my spine. My hands grips the arms of the chair as he pushes his tongue inside of me. I let out a whimper as he continues to tongue fuck me and immediately look at the door, we’re ok. His eyes sparkle at me and he raises an eyebrow, almost mocking me, knowing how worried I am that someone will come in.

He concentrates all his attention on making me cum, pushing my legs as far apart and sets upon my sensitive little clit with a savageness in his tongue. My breathing quickens as he does and before long I can feel it building up. Watching him in his smart business suit, down in front of me on his knees, licking my pussy. My legs start to tremble and try to close them, but he pushes them back open and I start to cum. My whole body shakes, he lets go of my legs and I close them around his head for a moment, my pussy throbbing on his tongue, his tongue is now slow and concentrated, I release him from my grip.

He pulls away and I can see my juices round his mouth. He gives me that cheeky smile again as I try and recover my breath. I give him a smile back and I think he is a little surprised at how determined I look as I stand up, pull him to his feet and push him back onto his desk. I can taste myself on his kiss. I unbuckle his belt and unzip his flies, I can already see that he wants to fuck me through his trousers, but I’ve got a favour to repay, so I let his trousers drop to his ankles.

I release his long, thick cock from the confines of his white boxer shorts. A perfect specimen. I put my lips to his helmet, kissing it gently and then I open my mouth and sink down as far as I can, sucking his manhood. He groans, putting his hand on the back of my head, gripping fethiye escort bayan my hair and pushing me down further. I look up at him, watching me, I can’t wait for him to fuck me, but I will have to, at least for the next few minutes anyway. I stop sucking and start licking, big long licks from his balls up the shaft to his helmet, my tongue flicking lightly, he groans some more and gently pushes me away.

“I can’t stand anymore” he breathes in my ear “I need to have you now”

He turns me round and bends me over the desk. I push aside his neatly filed paperwork onto the floors I can lean right over the desk. He comes up behind me and spanks me with a ruler he’s picked up off the desk.

“That’s for being such a naughty girl” he laughs. My arse tingles it feels good.

I part my legs waiting for him to give me a damn good fucking, but he is being a tease, stroking my legs from my left ankle up my calf, back of my knee, thigh, bum, and down the other leg and back again, I’ve gone into arousal overdrive.

“I want it now” I moan.

He rubs his helmet around my soaking wet pussy and got his cock well lubricated. Then he gently pushes his way inside me.

“Mmmmm, oh yes…”

He covers my mouth with his hand “Shhh!” he laughs.

He starts to fuck me, slowly, allowing me time to become accustomed to the size of his prick. I start to loosen a little and he takes it as his cue to go for it, plunging his hard cock into me, banging it in nice and hard, catching me unawares and taking my breath away. He starts building up a nice, steady rhythm and grabs my hair pulling my head back of the desk. “I’ve wanted to do this since our first day”. He groans.

I whimper an inaudible reply, if I were anywhere else I’d be screaming the place down, but I didn’t want the rest of my colleagues to know that I was getting fucked doggy style by my boss over his desk. He reaches down and starts playing with my clit, keeping his cock still inside me, I am so horny, it is only a couple of seconds before I start to come on his dick. I can feel my muscles tightening on him and then he starts to fuck me again, slamming it in good and hard. He gets faster and faster.

“Uh, I’m gonna cum”

He pulls out, I turn around and drop to my knees, as he wanks himself I suck it for him, my hand cupping his balls. I feel his balls tighten and he takes a deep breath. I catch his eye as his spunk coats the back of my throat, every pulse of his orgasm shooting more into my expectant mouth, I swallow and continue to suck and lick him as his erection starts to subside. He strokes my hair and helps me to my feet. The phone rings, Mark answers.

“Hello?….. Yes, ok, give me five minutes… I’m just in a meeting with Kerryn…” he grins at me and replaces the receiver.

“In a meeting eh?” I ask laughing.

“Yeah, one of our many daily meetings…” pulling me close and kissing me passionately. “you look pretty flushed” he remarks handing me a glass of water, I drink some and then rearrange my hair and make up.

“You look pretty flushed yourself!” I reply rearranging my suit, picking up my notepad and heading towards the door.

“Er, you’ve forgotten these…” He waves my knickers at me.

“It’s ok, you can keep them as a present” I reply just before I open the door, he stuffs my wet thong in his pocket and follows me out and I hear…

“Oooh, mistletoe, you have to kiss her now!”

He bends down and kisses me lightly on my hot cheek “Merry Christmas!”

“And to you!” I reply smiling, and I think to myself, “Sandra… if only you knew!!!”

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