My Mother-in-law and I Ch. 04

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I woke to an empty bed. I glanced at the clock. 9:00 AM. I got the faint smell of bacon and suddenly I got hungry. I got out of bed, put some clothes on and walked out to the kitchen. Helen was sitting at the kitchen table as Ellen stood at the stove making some breakfast.

“Good morning,” I said sitting down at the table and pouring some juice for myself.

“Good morning,” Ellen answered with a big smile on her face. There was a shine to her face this morning that wasn’t present there last night.

“Did you sleep well?” Helen asked.

“I did,” I smiled.

“Me too,” Ellen grinned as she brought a plate full of eggs and bacon over to me. She sat down next to me drinking her coffee.

“So, last night?” I said. “I have the funny feeling that wasn’t the first time you two…”

“No. It wasn’t,” Ellen answered before I finished.

“Carl has been unable to…you know…for some time now. After the night Ellen and I tried to…..remedy the problem, we discovered a new way to help ourselves,” Helen said smiling.

“I see,” I said eating some bacon.

“That wasn’t the first time for you Helen,” Ellen added.

“Ellen?” Helen said embarrassed.

“Really?” I said surprised. “Do tell.”

“I don’t think so,” Helen responded.

“Hey, we just spent the last two days having fantastic sex so I think you can tell me now.”

“Helen, tell him. I’m sure he’d be happy to hear it.”

“Yeah. I’d be happy to hear it.”

“All I’ll say is you should ask your wife about it. She knows the story.”

“What?” I said.

“You heard me.”

“So, last night was great,” Ellen interrupted trying to change the subject now. “That was the first time I’ve had a man since Art died.”

I didn’t say anything.

“I especially liked when you started to play around with….with my butt. It’s been so long since I went that way.”

“You have had it that way?” Helen asked.

“Oh yeah,” Ellen answered. “I used to love it.”

“I’ve never had it done to me. I’ve always kind of wanted it but never…”

“Well, there you go Kyle. You two just go into the room and take care of that now,” Ellen said.

“Oh…I don’t know Ellen. I might be too old for it now.”

“Nonsense. You’ll love it.”

“You know, I do have to get home,” I said.

“Yes, Ellen. He does have to go.”

“Oh well. You’re missing out,” Ellen laughed.

I finished up my breakfast and headed for the shower. I turned the water on and waited for it to get hot enough to get in. I could hear Ellen and Helen talking in the kitchen but I couldn’t make out what they were saying.

I got into the shower and started washing up. As I began rinsing off, the curtain opened up and Ellen stepped into the shower. I looked at her. It was really the first time that I got to look at her. The night before, I watched her nakedness in the midst of lust and passion so I really didn’t get to take in her body.

She stood there in the tub and looked fantastic. Her breasts were huge and they hung down but it was because they were so large not because they were old. There was no age sagging. Her skin was amazingly wrinkle free and smooth. I was absolutely amazed as I watched her begin to lather herself up. I couldn’t just sit by and watch so, I took the soap and started helping her out rubbing it all over her back.

“Ellen, can I ask a question?”


“How do you keep yourself looking so young?” I asked. “I mean with you being so…..”

“Big?” she said.

“Yeah…they’re…huge,” I said.

“Years ago, my doctor ┼či┼čhane escort told me I would have problems with them being so big. I would have back problems and some leg issues unless I kept myself in great shape. He thought it best if I had reduction surgery.”

“That would’ve sucked,” I replied as I continued to lather her back. My cock growing hard.

“Yup. That’s why I said no and was determined to stay in shape. I did it by running regularly and having lots of sex,” she said turning around and facing me.

“That would have been a shame,” I said as I continued the lathering only this time it was her chest. My hand slid along her wet flesh. I took my time as I smoothed the soap over those luscious boobs. I gently squeezed as I rubbed the soap all over them.

“Yes. It would’ve been a shame,” she answered taking hold of my crank and making sure it was as clean as possible. Her hands moved over me gently and smoothly. Her fingers slid up and down the shaft with ease as the soap was rinsed off. She knelt down in the tub and took me into her mouth. The warmth of her tongue and the water was amazing.

I stood in the shower looking down at her as her head flowed back and forth over my prick.

The shower curtain pulled back and Helen stepped into the shower behind me. She immediately started running her hands over my chest. I could feel her breasts pressing up against my back. Her hands slid down my stomach until they reached my sack. She started to caress my balls as Ellen sucked my cock.

Nothing was being said. It was just an intense, sensual moment in the shower with two mature women, one of which was my mother-in-law.

“You like having her mouth on it?” Helen whispered into my ear.

I nodded.

“I like it to,” she whispered as she shuffled to the side of me and eased herself down to where Ellen was kneeling. Ellen took her mouth off and repositioned me so Helen could take her place. She did and I got to say, Helen was better. She moved expertly up and down on the shaft. Ellen began soaping her up as she kneeled there. She made sure she took her time as she ran her hands over her breasts.

Ellen made sure she was lathered up and rinsed off as she continued to bob up and down on my prick. I just stood there enjoying the head and the warm water running in the shower.

“Why don’t we get out and dry off,” Ellen said as she opened up the shower curtain and stepped out. I turned the water off as Helen also stepped out of the tub and into a towel Ellen had waiting for her. I took a towel and stood in the tub drying off. Helen and Ellen started to towel each other off.

Ellen ran the towel over hers shoulders whisking the water off. As she got to her chest, Ellen took her time making sure to gently rub the fabric of the towel over them. When she finished toweling them off, she leaned in and ran her tongue over the nipple of Helen’s right breast. Helen sighed lustfully.

Ellen, after a few seconds, switched sides and licked her other nipple. Again, Helen sighed. I stepped out of the tub and reached around Helen’s shoulders and grasped the flesh of her boobs and began caressing them as Ellen continued to alternately lick the nipples.

“I think we should head into the bedroom,” Helen whispered.

“I agree,” I answered.

Ellen took hold of my hand and Helen’s hand and ushered us into the bedroom. When we reached the front of the bed, she leaned in and kissed Helen passionately. They stayed entwined for a few seconds as each other’s hands were actively caressing and rubbing each other. ┼či┼čli anal yapan escort

Helen slowly pushed Ellen down onto the bed where she shuffled herself further into the bed. Helen stepped up onto the bed on her knees and leaned down and continued to kiss and caress Ellen. I stood there watching with a raging hard-on.

Ellen crawled off of the bed and came over to me. She got up on her toes and kissed me forcing her tongue into my mouth, her breasts pressing up against my bare chest. Her hand went right to my staff and began pumping up and down. I leaned in and took the edge of her right breast into my mouth and sucked on it gently.

“I want to watch you fuck Helen,” she whispered. “Watching you two last night was hot. I want to watch again.”

I nodded.

She turned toward Helen who was now lying on her stomach on the bed. Ellen ran her hands along the back of Helen’s thighs until they reached her ass. She massaged her cheeks. She reached over and grabbed something off the side of the bed. I didn’t know what it was at first but then realized it was a tube of lotion. Ellen opened the cap and squeezed some lotion onto Helen’s ass and legs and began to work the lotion into her skin taking care to rub deeply into her flesh.

I stepped closer and ran my hands along Helen’s legs. I felt her muscles shutter with excitement. My hands continued kneading the lotion into the skin. Ellen’s fingers worked their magic and pulled her cheeks apart revealing the tight pinkness between there. Helen sighed heavily as she shifted her body. I watched as Ellen ran a finger along the edges of her anal muscles. She spread them further and leaned in until her face was close. Her tongue flicked out and ran along the edges of the flesh between her cheeks.

Her index finger began rubbing the muscles around her asshole. She squeezed more lotion out and rubbed it into the skin around the area making sure she was softening up the flesh in the area. It was clear she was preparing Helen for anal sex.

Ellen glanced at me and smiled. Her hand snaked out and took hold of my shaft. Her hand encircled it and gently slid over the skin. The lotion on her hand allowed it to glide easily up and down. She stepped back as she held me in her hands.

I knew where she was headed. I stepped up to Helen and placed my hands on her cheeks. I caressed the flesh and gently parted them. Ellen guided me up to her ass. The head of my prick grazed the flesh of the hole. Helen shivered with anticipation. I pushed gently so the head poke it’s way into the muscle. Helen tensed.

Ellen, her task complete, walked around and climbed onto the bed leaning in and kissing Helen. She squirmed her way underneath Helen who pushed up off the bed. This caused me to push further in. I was taking it slow. I couldn’t see, but I imagined her kissing her nipples as she pushed her way underneath coming to rest just under her waist. I notice the back of Helen’s head lower as she appeared to be burying her head into Ellen crotch.

Ellen’s hands appeared on each of Helen’s buttocks grasping fairly tightly. I ease my way in further. Helen flinched with pain.

“Shh…it’ll be over in a second,” I heard Ellen whisper


I pushed further. Her ass was tight as my cock slid deeper. I could feel her whole body tensing. My wife and I have done this a couple of times but she never really enjoyed it. I did but she didn’t.

I glanced up and saw that she was starting to go to town on Ellen. I took this to mean she was doing fine. So, ┼či┼čli bdsm escort I pushed myself all the way in. She gasped quietly but it wasn’t a pain filled gasp. Ellen let out a low, muffled moan. I couldn’t see, but I knew her tongue was working it’s magic on Helen underneath.

I pulled out slowly until it felt like I was going to pop out. Then I eased my way back in. Her ass felt great and it parted easier this time. I withdrew again. This time she pushed back and I took that as a signal to go.

I started to move harder. Her legs spread apart some more allowing both Ellen and I easier access to her. I began moving in rhythm now as the smoothness allowed for easy gliding.

My toes arched as I rose up a little to allow easier movement and I began pounding her ass. She was crying out loud now in pure pleasure. Our bodies met in perfect motion as I pumped away. It was surprising she was so open here.

I could hear Ellen’s muffled breathing as her own pleasure grew and I could feel the speed with which her head was moving down below my legs. The vision of me banging my mother-in-law in the ass was damn exciting and I pumped harder. The sound of my skin slapping against her cheeks was echoing in the room. Her body suddenly arched and tensed. Her muscles squeezed my rod inside. I could see her arms extend and lock as her hands tightened on the blanket. Eileen’s legs locked straight out as her body became as rigid as possible.

My heart hammered away in my chest as I slammed in and out of her ass. My breathing mixed with cries of pleasure. Her body spasmed as she reached full climax.

“Ohh…ohh…ohhh….,” she cried as she kept bucking back and forth on my cock. My movement hadn’t stopped either even though I was almost done. I wanted to make sure she was done before I stopped. Ellen scooted her way out from underneath Helen. I could see her face was moist around her mouth where the redness was coming out in her cheeks.

“Yeah,” Ellen cried as she took hold of Helen shoulders. “Let it go honey. Let him ram it home in your ass.”

Helen began bucking even more now to meet my movement. I was really pounding away. Concern for hurting her was completely gone.

“Ahh…ahh..,” Helen moaned just before short screams burst forth from her. I exploded into her just as I felt her release.

My breathing shortened as the muscles in my body reached the pinnacle of their work. I could feel the oxygen deplete as I focused all my energy on Helen and her butt. It was incredible.

We collapsed onto the bed in a heap. Ellen lay on top of both of us, tits landing heavily on my shoulder.

We just lay there for a few moments until I finally rolled over and got up.

“I got to get going,” I said. “I have a long drive ahead of me”. I walked back into the bathroom and turned the shower back on. I took another shower and got dressed. I came out and the women had gotten dressed and put together a care package for me.

“Kyle, it’s been really fun seeing you again,” Ellen said as she hugged me.

“It’s been fantastic seeing you Ellen,” I said. She took my hand and placed it on her breasts.

“I look forward to seeing you again,” she said.

“That would be great,” I smiled and Ellen walked into the kitchen. Helen came over and gave me a hug.

“I think things will be better between us,” she said.

I nodded.

“You have a safe trip,” she said hugging me. “Tell Rachel we’ll be down to see you guys soon.”

“I will.” I answered. “I’ve had a good time. I think this was a good idea.”

“Me too. Maybe we can keep it going?”

“I wouldn’t mind,” I said smiling but knowing it probably won’t happen. “You’re still not going to tell me anything on that cryptic comment about Rachel?”

“Nope,” she answered smiling. ‘I think she’ll tell you when you get home.”

“Okay,” said walking to the car. “We’ll see you soon.”

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