My Mom, My Love Ch. 05

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I rode the elevator up to my room, suddenly remembering that I had forgotten to call mom, and started searching for my cell phone. Oh Fuck, had I lost it! I rushed down the hall to my room and saw it laying there on the nightstand. Relieved, I picked it up seeing that she had called a few times, and I assumed the messages were from her. I fingered the menu and brought up the messages.

“Hi baby, guess your busy packing or finishing up your day. Call me when you get a chance. I love you.” I continued to the next one, “It’s late baby, I’m going to bed so I can be rested before I come to get you tomorrow. I’m not feeling all that great, I think that I over did it this weekend. I love you.” her next message, “Bo baby, call when you get this, I’m willing to bet you’re at the pub with your dad, so, call me even if its late. Baby, I miss you.” her voice was sad, something was a miss.

Like Dan, I had to admit, yeah, I know, it wasn’t like her to be down. I listened to the last message again; she left it just before I got into the room. I called the house, and she answered after the fourth ring, “Hello.”

“Hey mom.”

“HI baby.” she sounded sleepy.

“I’m sorry, I left my phone in the room. I guess I laid it down when I put my jacket on and forgot to put it in the pocket.”

“It’s all right. I hadn’t heard from you and I was worried.” She yawned.

“Were you asleep?” I asked, guessing that she had been.

“No, in fact, I had just laid down a few minutes ago.”

“I’m sorry mom, Otto and I were having some good games. I didn’t even realize that I left my phone behind.”

“It’s ok. I just wanted to make sure you knew I was picking you up, and make sure that if your flight was delayed that you knew to call. That’s all.”

I knew that wasn’t all, I could hear it, “Mom, Angel, what’s wrong?”

She took a deep breath, “baby, I miss you. I want you with me, I’m lonely with out you. Yes, I’m used to you being gone at night time, but you’re not gone like this. I miss your arms, your kiss, the heat of your body, waking up next to you. I just miss you.”

“It will all be over tomorrow. I’ll be there to hold you. I miss you so much, and your body, and your softness against me.”

“And I’m so fucking horny!” she giggled.

“Well, I have to admit, jacking off in the shower has it’s perks, but nothing like when I’m with you there.”

“Yes, I think the shower misses us terribly.” I knew she was smiling.

I chuckled at her, “I guess I’m going let you go to sleep. I need to catch a few z’s myself, I sure as hell don’t want to miss my flight.”

“Um, nor do I want you to. If you’re not too tired when we get home…” she hinted.

“Definitely Angel.” I smiled, thinking of the moment I had her alone, I felt the heat take over my body, “god baby, I love you.”

“I Love you too Bowen. Goodnight.”


I stared at the phone for a few seconds, then lay it back on the nightstand and slept.

*** The airport was crowded, and I made my way down to the baggage claim, awaiting my luggage. I had tried to call her a few times, but she didn’t answer her cell. I wondered if she had over slept or if something else was wrong. I grabbed my bag from the luggage carousel and headed towards the door.

As I turned to walk out the sliding doors, I heard a sweet voice behind me.”Hey, mister, can I give you a lift some where?”

I never turned around, but put my bags down and stated, “I’m not so sure my girl would appreciate such things. She’s very possessive of me, and I don’t think you would like to see her angry.” I smiled, waiting her answer.

She got closer to me, with in whispering distance, “Well, perhaps your girl would appreciate the fact that you think so highly of her.”

“Oh, she knows, trust me, she knows.” I smiled, starting to turn around when I felt her hands go around my waist.

“Perhaps, she would like to be your wife, instead of your girl.” I knew she was standing on her tip-toes, or she had heels on, because I’m about a foot taller then she is, and she was breathing on the back of my neck, kissing me lightly as she spoke.

“If it wasn’t against the law, I would have married her all ready, because there is no way in hell I’m ever going to let her go.” Her arms tightened around my mid-section and I turned around to face her, staring into the most beautiful brown eyes I had ever seen. “Hi Angel.”

“HI baby.” she spoke breathlessly.

I pulled her to me, kissing her slowly, not caring what the fuck anyone thought. Besides, who the hell knew me there anyway. She looked so beautiful when I pulled away, there was no way this woman looked forty-two years old, she looked so sexy and youthful.

“Oh baby, I missed you!” she buried into my chest, holding me as close as she could.

“I missed you so much Jeana. I love you baby.” I kissed her hair, kissed her cheek, kept her close. Yes, there were a lot of people watching us, but, we weren’t the only ones there doing this. I had to hold her, it had istanbul escort been too many days too long.

After several minutes, I looked down at her, “What do you say we go home and spend some quiet time together?”

“I would like that, very much.”

I grabbed up my bags and slid my hand down her arm, taking her hand and leading us out into the parking lot. “You know, if there weren’t any cameras here, I’d make love to you in the back seat.”

“You can’t, I brought your truck.” she smiled, chuckling, “too bad we don’t have a few blankets, the bed would work nicely.” She winked at me.

Huh, yeah, hadn’t thought about that, but I did know a nice place where I could take her and we could do that sometime. I smiled at the thought as we approached the truck.

I tossed my stuff in the back and walked over to open the door for her, kissing her long and deep. She brushed her hands against me, feeling of my hardness and longing for her. Speaking through our kiss, she said, “Bowen, make love to me, take me home and make love to me.”

“I plan on it baby.”

She sat close to me in the truck as we drove home, my hand caressing her thigh, hers caressing my hardness.

Once again, we barely made it through the door before our clothes were off. This time, there was no hesitation and I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom.

I lay her on the bed and then beside her, kissing her fully, tongue entwined with hers, my hands worked over her soft body. I felt the excitement of her flesh as my fingers wandered to her warmth. She was so wet, her lips swollen in anticipating of my hardness.

I eased over her, never letting go of the kiss and slipped deep into her body. She moaned under me as her body responded to me, pushing up, accepting my length.

Our motion became one and I quickly brought her over the edge, as she peaked, she moaned my name and looked at me so deeply. I felt something in that single moment that I had never felt with her.

She took me with her, I couldn’t stop. It had been too long since I felt her tighten herself around me, her walls, her heat, her passion. I felt myself stiffen with massive pleasure and buried myself into her shoulder, wrapping my arms around her, pulling her tightly into me, “Oh Jeana, my love, my baby, my Angel, I love you, god how I love you.”

I gasped as I exploded into her depths, she whimpered, her eyes rocking me, her body quivering beneath my power. I stared at her a moment and then took her lips in a heated kiss, sealing the end of our lovemaking. She was still panting, moving her body with mine as I pumped the last of my love seed into her beautiful body.

I pulled away ready to collapse, but kept my arms entwined around her until my limpness left her of its own free will. I could hear her whispering my name, “oh Bowen, my love, Bowen. There will never be another. I love you, I love you.” I slid from her body, still keeping her with me, kissing her lightly everywhere I had the strength to until I was completely drained. We slept the rest of the day away.

I woke just before Arron returned home from school. I was rummaging around the kitchen after a nice long shower when he came bounding in the door.

“BO! BO!” he was hugging me so tightly. “Man I missed you!”

“I missed you too lil bro.”

“How was the trip?” he pulled away, tossing his backpack in the chair, grabbing something from the fridge.

“It was interesting, to say the least.” I sat down at the table with him, “I met my dad. He’s shipping us some authentic Chicago style pizza, frozen of course.” I shot him a half smile, and he looked curious.

“Your dad, how did that work?”

“I don’t know? I just happened to be at the right place at the right time. I even beat him at a pool game.”

Arron stuck his lip out, “I wish I knew my dad.” I felt a bit of angst and anger creep over me, thinking he was better off not knowing his. I knew him, and I had felt and seen his wrath too many days.

I cleared my throat, trying to find something to say about the time he spoke up. “That’s ok, because really, your better than having a dad, for an older brother, that is.”

“Thanks man, I appreciate that.”

“I kind of consider you both my bro and my dad, you think that’s stupid?”

“No, not at all, in fact, I like that.” I smiled at him, he took a drink of his milk.

“So, where’s mom?”

“She’s in bed. I wore her out.” I had to catch myself, “I mean, I talked to her late last night, and kept her up, so she went to bed not long after we got home.”

“She’s been worried about you Bo. She acted real funny around Mr. Dan. He tried to hold her hand and kiss her a few times, and she didn’t want him doing anything like that.”

“Really now? And what else was Dan trying to do?” I eased closer to him, squinting my eyes at him.

“Nothing really, just wanted to hold her, hug her, like you do, and she told him no, they were just friends, and that was all.”

I kabata┼č escort felt my jealously and anger spike, but with the thought our earlier lovemaking, I wasn’t worried. “So, you think Dan likes mom? I mean REALLY likes mom?”

“Yeah. But she don’t like him.” He looked dead at me, “I’m glad too, because I like it just being us. And besides, I know how much you take care of mom, she don’t need him anyway.”

“And how do I take care of mom?”

“I see you hugging on her all the time, kissing her to make her feel better, and she squeals when you mess with her. I know how much she loves you. I’m not blind BO! You are her favorite!”

I about shit, I thought I was busted for sure, how was I going to explain that to him about us? “Look, there’s lot’s of reasons I hug and kiss mom, one is because I love her, another is because she needs that affection, and I like doing it.” I tried to assess his expression, “Besides, I really love her a lot.” Did he understand, or was it just he saw it differnetly, and not the way she and I saw it.

“It’s ok. Like I told you before Bo, I would rather you were here, with us, then someone else. Mom needs you, she always has. You have always taken care of us, and especially her. I told you before, she needed you home. Told you that before you moved back in.”

“How would you feel if mom and I were closer?”

“I don’t know, guess it wouldn’t matter to me. Like I said, she needs you, and I need you too.” He got up and hugged my neck, “You’re the only dad I ever knew. And you take care of me like my dad. If you love me like that, and love mom, then that’s all that I care about.”

I hugged him tightly, feeling the tears well in my eyes. “You’re the best brother/dad anyone could ever have Bowen. I love you!”

“How would you feel if I wanted to be your dad?”

“I don’t know, guess it don’t matter. Why?”

“Because, I’ve been thinking about a lot of things, and wondering about things like that.”

“Well, it sure would be easier for me at school sometimes. You know, dad/son things.”

“You know, all you ever had to do was ask me.”

“I know, but it was strange, now, since you’re back here, it’s not so strange.”

I looked at him, “since when did you grow up to be so logical.” So wise for his ten years.

He shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t know, guess I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. Just, no one would listen to me.”

“All you had to do was tell me Arron, I would have listened.”

“I know, but you weren’t here then, and well, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is mom and you and I are happy now.”

“Good. I like that too. So, how would you feel about moving away to a new place this summer?”

“That would be cool! Where?”

“I was thinking about Colorado, back to where mom is from, or somewhere else there.”

“I could learn to ski, or snowboard, or have somewhere to skateboard, or…” He trailed off, thinking.

“Yes, that and new friends, new school, and mountains to hike and ride your bike in, hunt for fossils.”

“Don’t you think we better ask mom?”

“No, I want to keep it a secret until I can find a house and then we’ll tell her. Okay?”

“Deal!” he high fived me.

“Do you have homework?”

“YES.” He said with dread.

“Get your homework done, I’m going to order pizza, that way mom doesn’t have to cook. And we won’t have to do dishes!”

“COOL!” he grabbed his pack and left the kitchen. I sat back, thinking over things from what Angel said at the airport, to the passion and love that passed between us earlier, to my conversation with Arron.

Yes, I’m going to take her, and him, and were going to start over somewhere where no one knows about us, as a family, a different family. I called and ordered the pizza and went back to check on her, she was in the shower, and if it would have not been for the sheer fact that Arron was home, I would have joined her.

*** The months passed quickly, and it found me out of town in Durango, finalizing the paperwork on our new house. I mentioned to the realtor about my wife and son, and that we wanted something nice in the mountain, not too close to the ski areas, but with several acres of land.

She found me a good deal on a small ranch about thirty miles from town. I thought it was perfect. The house was just right, there was a pond in the back, a small barn, work shed. Yes, it needed some fixing up, but over all, perfect for us. Five bedrooms and three baths, even a bathroom out in the barn, ok, it was an outhouse, but what the hell.

I told Angel and Arron that I had to go out there on business, checking out some leads for a case I was working, not far from the truth, I just didn’t mention that it wasn’t for work. I talked to her every night that I was away, had hot phone sex with her a few times, and discussed my trip.

She wasn’t feeling too well before I left. I guessed she had the beginning of a cold or something, since the weather had been colder than kad─▒k├Ây escort usual for January. She had run herself ragged over the holidays, not to mention all extra stress she had over my holiday shifts, and dealing with Arron at home from school for those two weeks. Even now she was still recovering and it was the end of the month.

I lay and watch through the window of my hotel room as the snow began falling, wondering what kind of change this move was going to make on all of us. The colder weather, the higher elevation, everything. Starting over with a new perspective on life, away from everything we’ve known for the last ten years.

I picked up my cell to call home, and noticed that I had missed some calls, I panned through the keys to bring up my messages and started listening. “Hi Bo, hey, mom said to call, she’s… Anyway, she says she’ll see you in the morning at the airport. I’m coming with her! Isn’t that cool! Well, see you later man!” I had to laugh at Arron’s message, always the clown.

The last message from mom, “Hi baby, sorry about letting Arron call you, I was… anyway, I’m not feeling so well tonight, I hope I’m better in the morning. I haven’t felt well all day, in fact, I haven’t felt good in a while now.” she drew in a breath, “Baby, I’m going to bed, I know it’s early, but I just need some sleep. I’ll see you tomorrow baby. I love you very much, I miss you terribly, I can’t wait to be in your arms again and feel your warmth.”

I sunk back on the bed and looked at the phone and played the message over again, she called me at seven-thirty, mom’s never sick. But, what did she mean by ‘a while now’? She had told me that she had been very busy over the weekend, so maybe she was just tired. But there was something in her voice, something that unnerved me. It was after ten when I called the house, hoping that maybe, she would be awake.

“Hello?” the groggy male voice came unexpectedly.

“Dan? What are you doing there?” I answered back in shock.

“Your mom’s really sick, she asked me to come over and help keep an eye on Arron.”

I sat up instantly, “What’s wrong with mom?”

“I think she ate something that didn’t agree with her. She’s been throwing up.”

“Throwing up?”

He sighed deeply, “She called me before Arron got home from school today, saying that she had been sick most of the day. I hurried over here to see about her. Bowen, if she isn’t better by in the morning, I’m going to take her to the hospital.”

“Oh god!” I groaned. “Is she awake? I would like to talk to her if I could.”

“Hang on, I’ll go see.” I heard his muffled voice a few moments later, “Jeana, honey, are you awake?” She moaned something; “Bowen wants to talk to you, are you up for that?” his voice came back to me, “Bowen, hold on a few minutes, ok?”

“Sure.” my patience was wearing thin from worry, and he called her honey! Damn it!

The phone rustled, “Bo, baby?”

“Hi Angel,” I tried to keep my voice soft, pushing my anger and jealousy aside, “How are you feeling?”

“I’m better now. I think I have a stomach bug, but hopefully I’ll be better in the morning. I have to pick you up tomorrow.”

“No baby, I’ll catch a cab or something, don’t worry about me. I just want you to get better.”

“I will baby, as soon as your home.” her voice was weak; my heart was crushing in my chest. “Baby, I need to lie back down…” I heard the phone hit the floor.

“Jeana!” Dan yelled.

“Jeana! MOM!” I screamed, hoping Dan would hear me and pick up the phone.

“Bowen, are you still there?” Dan’s panicked voice riveted through me.

“Yes, yes! Is mom ok!?”

“Let me call you back, I need to help Jeana, sorry Bowen, I really need to help your mom.”

“DAN!” the phone went dead!

Here I was, god only knows how many miles away, and mom is sick, and I can’t help her! I knew I should have brought her with me on this damn trip! I double checked my bags, and lay trying to sleep. I even took a hot shower to try to relax, but it didn’t help. I called the house and no answer, I tried again, nothing. So I tried moms cell, and Dan answered, “Hello Bowen.”

“Hey. How’s mom? Where’s Arron?”

“He’s sleeping, and Jeana is resting comfortably. Look, I’m sorry about earlier, but she just… she just looked at me, all I could do was catch her as she fell over like a rag doll.” I could hear him sobbing. He was really shook up about the whole deal.

“Dan, she’s a strong woman, my dad even said so.” I was trying to ease my pangs more than his.

“Bowen, I hope your right. I love her so much, I just couldn’t stand loosing her.”

Wait, what did you just say? Did I hear you right? You said you love my mom? I was so angry about not being there, and now his words, I didn’t even think to ask where the hell they were. Did he take her to the hospital, was she at home, and he just answered her cell, WHAT!

The rest of the night, I fought with the issue of my mom being sick, and Dan, after hanging out with her over the last four days, confessing to me that he loved her! If I wasn’t so damn tired I would have took my rental car and drove the rest of the night to get home. But it was senseless, and I knew I only had a few more hours before my flight left. The last time I looked at the clock, it was three forty-five.

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