My Mom At The Beach House

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My mother and myself are on our own my farther divorce her years ago because he wanted to chase the young girl in his office. My mother came through it just fine it gave her new life she went out and join a gym and got her body back in shape. She is now 38 years old and I am 18 she has had a few boyfriends but nothing serious she really likes who she is now and I get the felling she dose not really need a guy to make her complete she likes spending time with me and going places. That’s just fine with me because she is a little hottie she’s five foot eight 135 lbs bleach blond hair and a great little body and a nice set of tits boy did my dad really screw up.

In the divorce my mom got our house and the beach house in CAPE Hatteras and my dad got the mountain cabin. We really like going to the outer banks of NORTH CAROLINA we just like spending time on the beaches and going out to eat just spending time together.

My mom came to me and wanted to know if I wanted to spend a four day weekend with her down there and I jumped at chance to spend the weekend with her when she would spend most of the time in her bikini and she was cool that was the other thing she did not mine if I had a few beers with her as long as we was going to be at the house. And she would flirt with me nothing bad just flirting talking about sex with my girlfriend or stuff she has done just a very open relationship.

So we packed an was on the road by 8am Friday morning we got to the house an unpacked and was on the beach by 11am we played in the water took in some sun and just relaxed.. I was laying on the beach with my sunglasses on just looking at her in her bikini and I could not believe how sexy she was and why some guy hasn’t hook on to her I think she was enjoying her freedom to get mixed up with some guy. About 1:30 pm we went back to the house and had some lunch and spent the rest of the day watching tv and cat napping. I laid down in my room and shut the door I know etiler ucuz escort I shut the door because I rubbed one off before I went to sleep and did not want mom to see me but when I woke up the door was open a little I did not think much about it maybe she came in to see what I wanted for supper but she knows I sleep in the nude I was hopping she was trying to take a peak who knows? Any way I got up and went into the livingroom but I did not see my mom so I walk to the window overlooking our deck and what a surprise she was on the deck nude sunbathing I knew she like to do it but I never really got a chance to see her she was so careful that I would not see her that’s why I jumped at the chance to get my camera and snap off as many shots as I could I would download it on my laptop later. She is so beautiful all I wanted at that moment was to go out there on the back deck and fuck her right there and not take no for an answer. But I just took as many pics as I could then I wanted to see how she would react if I pretended to wake up and come looking for her I yelled for her and she jumped up and put her bottoms on before I walk through the door and I got a really good shot of her tits and she told me to hold on while she put her top on I said sorry she said it was ok she was just getting sun while I was sleeping I told her she did not have to put it on for me I did not mine she laugh and said I was just trying to get a free look at her I told her really I did not mine and I smiled and she just dropped it.

That night we watched some movies and she fell a sleep on the couch she had her nightgown on so I put myself in position where I could look up her nightgown and see that she did not have panties on and that drove me crazy right there I got as close as I could and I just took a whiff and tried to take her aroma in. I got up and turned every thing off and went to bed and jacked off again this is going to be a long etiler ├╝niversiteli escort weekend.

The next morning I herd the shower running so I jumped up with the hope of seeing her in the shower she left the door open most times to keep the steam down. And sure enough there she was rubbing the soap off its something about that beautiful woman touching herself that drives me crazy and then it happened she looked up and saw me and I got the hell out of there what would I tell her if she asked me about what happened? Then she came in the kitchen and ask me what I wanted for breakfast damn that was a relief we ate and headed for NAGS HEAD the local town we was going to spend the day shopping.

We had a good time we bought a crap load of cloths and then she surprise me she picked up some really cool boxers and said she wanted to buy them for me but I told her you know I don’t ware them to bed she said I know but you could ware them around the house before you go to bed you would look really good in them. I said I would let her buy them for me if she would let me pick some lingerie for her she did not hesitate. So she pick mine out it was black with red hearts on it and then I picked hers out it was a pink lacy thing and she said absolutely not I said why and she said because its see thru you fool! So I laugh and said how about this one she looked at it and smiled it was a two peace bra and panty black with a sheer robe to go with it she said she liked it and so we was off.

We went out eat and went back to the house and decided to watch some movies she told me to go try on my new boxers and I said I would but coming would have to try hers on she laugh and said ok deal. So I put it on and through a shirt on and came out then she came out wearing hers I made my mind up right then I had to have this woman god she was good looking. She cried no fare take that damn shirt off so I did I told her how fatih escort beautiful she was and she said she really did like the outfit I picked out.

So we put the movie in and it was a love story she wanted to watch so I agreed it had a lot of nudity in it so it was fine by me. We watched it and she asked me to rub her neck so I did I was getting harder by the minute I think she knew this because she readjusted herself and laid her head right into my lap and kept watching the movie so I slipped my hand down and started rubbing her back and she said it felt really good and wanted me to rubbed her lower back so I did and she started moaning and rolled over where she was face down in my lap. The next thing I knew she had my cock out of my boxers and in her mouth and she was going to town on it god it felt good she ask me if I wanted her to stop and I said god no. So she kept sucking me taking every bit of my 7″ dick down her throat I tense up and told her I was cummin and she said shoot it down my throat so I did, it was unbelievable she just kept sucking till I was drained. I told her I was sorry I came so fast she said that she would get me hard again god I love this woman, so I stood up and she knelt down in front of me and took my cock back in her mouth.

Here is my mom that was 20 years older than me knelt in front of me sucking my cock my personal little slut and I loved her.

She got me hard again and then she took off the outfit I gave her I knelt down by her and dived my face right into her pussy I licked her clit seven ways to Sunday I took a chance and put a finger in her asshole my girlfriend likes it so I thought maybe my mom would it drove her crazy she started bucking and came right then. We fucked in every position I could think of I climbed up behind her started to fuck her from behind and again I slipped a finger in her asshole and she went wild bucking better than any slut you have ever seen she came again I flipped her over and just started to nail my moms pussy, I felt myself cummin I should not be so bold but I just had to pull out and shoot my load all over her face and let her suck it dry. And she did I thought I was going to lose my mind. We both collapsed and she said lets go to our bed ,our bed I just smiled. This is going to be one hell of a weekend!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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