My Magaluf Holiday Ch. 01

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Big Dick

We had been in arrivals for at least a good hour as we had to go through passport control and went to collect our baggage from the collection hall. I was glad the airport thankfully had air conditioning as my pussy was still wet from Ralf’s spunk oozing out of me and now it had started to create a damp patch in my knickers.

With our Suitcases claimed we made our way out of the hall and went to find our holiday reps to find out what coach we needed to take. Thankfully we found out quickly that we needed to catch coach five which would takes us to our hotel. Getting on these coaches was always an interest to me as I could finally find out who was headed to Magaluf and to check the guys out

Thankfully we were some of the first people to get on so we had a good choice of seats to choose from and selected some that were in the middle, Being a party of five though makes the seating arrangements a little bit harder but we soon sorted our choices out quickly with me grabbing a window seat straight away, I was hoping the Gina was going to sit next to me but as soon as I parked my ass down Orla jumped into the seat next to me. Sitting opposite on the seats next to us was Paige who had taken the window seat and Freya jumped in next to her, this left Gina all by herself and had decided to take that seat directly in front of me.

I was slightly peed off with Orla but I soon got over it and quickly knelt up on my seat to have a good look around the coach to see who had boarded already. It was no surprise to see another group of girls about the same age of us and even though I’m straight I could appreciate that they were pretty. There was also a group of lads I was surprised about though because they were geeks that I had seen in the departure lounge who were now sat looking slightly uncomfortable on the back seats. Now that I had a proper chance to look at them I thought that the mousey haired lad of the three was all right looking but he probably wouldn’t be someone I’d be interested in.

“Anything good?” Asked Orla

“There’s some geek boys on the back row that might take your fancy when your pissed.” I laughed

“Hey, Geek boy aren’t too bad.” Smiled Orla with a dreamy look in her eyes. “Besides if you get one with no experience you can always teach them a thing or two.”

“Had a few geeks have you?”

“Just the one Dan Harding, After I had my way with him he called me teacher for the next couple of weeks.”

“When the fuck did you sleep with him?” I asked stunned. Dan Harding was a massive geek who as far as I knew had a massive obsession with playing role playing games and when our school had a Call of duty tournament he was declared the school champion.

“After Vicky Smith’s party. You didn’t go because you had the painters in and during the night other three ditched me so I got talking to him. When it was getting late he offered me a ride home as he was sober. I was in his car and started to get horny as hell as because I was tipsy and road vibrations were getting me hotter so I suggested to him that we could we have some fun before he dropped me off. He told me his folks were away from the weekend so naturally we went back to his house and had sex all weekend . He was innocent at the start of the weekend but by the time I finished with him on Sunday he was a total sex god.”

“Bullshit that was never you.” There was rumours at school that he was dynamite in bed and someone had taught him the ways of the woman but no female student had claimed it was them who had taught him nor did he say who it was. Although after this rumour started there was a certain swagger in his step and more people started to notice him. Even I did but I was with the ex so didn’t try and bag him.

Orla pulled out her phone and a couple of seconds later she produced a picture of Dan with his hairy chest out on show and in the crook of his arm was Orla with a face of contention. I guessed that she had just been fucked by him.

“I didn’t tell anyone until now because he wanted to keep it secret because he has a massive cock and didn’t want girls to want him because of it. Besides if he said it was me then I would have all the nerds round me and I didn’t fancy that either so we made a pact to keep it quiet about it until the summer holidays.”

“How big was his cock?” I enquired

Orla flicked through her pictures to one of a good looking cock which I could only assume belonged to Dan.

“A good 7 inches and thick. It felt as if it was touching my cervix when he was fucking me. My pussy had never felt so sore I was having at least 3 or 4 cold showers a day down there afterwards.”

“Dammit I would of loved to have a try on that one.” I conceded.

After this shocking confession from Orla the conversation between us died down and we got distracted by noise coming from the window. Quickly we both turned our attention to what was happening and there we saw a group of seven lads joking around with each other. My eyes immediately focused on one lad in particular, my heart skipped bahis firmalar─▒ a beat as I saw Mr T-shirt again.

“Oh my god” I whispered to my self. I must of said this a little too loud as Orla heard me.


“That guy with the dark blue jean shorts on. While I was going for magazines by myself I checked him out a little too much. I think he might have checked me out as well but I can’t be sure.”

Orla looked and considered him.”Wow he is hot. Do you want me to go and sit next to Gina so you can try and pull him.”

“You know I haven’t got a chance with him on this coach. Tell you what though if I see him around this week I will definitely try and get something from him. You never know after I finished with him I might have to take up your tip of having a cold shower down there.”

Orla laughed “You pull him and I may have to come and join you for some fun.”

I smiled “I might let you if your a good girl and if I’ve not worn him out. Bet it would be a good laugh if they came and sat with us though.”

While we were having this conversation the boys had finished giving their cases to the driver and were now climbing on board the coach. As they were making their way up the steps I did another quick glance round the coach and realised there wasn’t many seats left as the coach had filled up a lot while we had been discussing Dan. Now there was no where for the seven lads to be sat together as there were only a three sets of double seats left and sparse single seats were left after that.

The boys I could see were frustrated that they would not be able to sat with each other and I could see that they started to up the pace to get the best seats available to them. After some playful scuffling from them over the seats Mr T-shirt was the odd one out and had to make do with a single seat. He looked around trying to work out which seat would be most beneficial to him. In the split second while he as deciding I noticed that Gina’s chest had suddenly been thrust out a little bit more and her t shirt was riding up more than usual. Annoyed with her a little I couldn’t help but give her seat a little kick as Mr T-shirt made up his mind and came and sat next to her.

“Hi” Gina said to him in a girly fashion which I knew was her I want to fuck you right now voice.

Mr T-shirt said nothing though as all did was was open a bottle of coke that he must of picked up in the airport and stared ahead to the front of the coach as a holiday rep came aboard the coach to welcome us on our holiday and started advising everyone of the hotel drop schedule. Moments later the rep wished us a wonderful holiday and got off the coach then the doors closed and we were finally set off to towards Magaluf.

The coach journey for the first half was just mainly chit chat with the girls and nothing of importance I knew we were all looking forward to getting to the hotel and being able to have a drink and chill. My thoughts though were headed towards the shower that I wanted to take soon as I started to feel rank from Ralf.

“Oi Kirsty when do you want your bra back?” called Paige breaking me from my thoughts. Unseen by me she had got my previously won bra out from her handbag and was now holding it up in the open for many people to see including Mr T-shirt who had quickly turned his head round to see who had shouted out. He then turned around to look at me and Orla no doubt wondering which one of us hadn’t got anything covering our boobs.

When he saw my face I could tell he instantly recognised me as I could see a light igniting in his eyes.

“Wasn’t you the chick I saw before our flight over here?” Was his opening question to me. Normally I hate being called chick I mean hello I’ve not got feathers or lay fucking eggs. Although for this lad I’m pretty much sure I could let him off.

“Yes I am.” I replied looking at him. Even closer he was fucking fit and to put it bluntly if we were in a club I would have already grabbed him and been playing tonsil hockey with him right there and then but as we were on the coach I had to restrain myself.

“Sweet, I’m Craig” He smiled at me it was such a sexy smile it made my heart melt even more and my gave me a funny feeling in my pussy that had nothing to do with the vibrations from the coach as it travelled along the motorway.

“Hi Craig.” I was glad he had finally given me his name as I was getting fed up of referring to him as Mr T-Shirt. “I’m Kirsty and this Orla, Freya, Paige and Gina.”

I pointed out each girl to Craig who gave each of them a nod and the gave me a warming smile now that he knew who the bra belonged to that Paige was still dangling in her hand. I looked back over at Paige for one second and gave her a stern glance and she hastily put the bra back into her bag having done its job of showing me up.

“So you girls going to Magaluf then? What hotel you staying at?”

I told him the name of our hotel but he hadn’t heard of it but to be fair neither had we heard of the hotel that he was due to ka├žak iddaa stay at. To be fair though Magaluf was a big town it wasn’t our job to know every hotel. He told us that he was here for the week with his mates from uni and as they had all been working hard with summer jobs since finishing last year they were now in the mood to party hard.

“Sounds likes us then.” I smiled at him as he smiled his beautiful smile back at me.

“Kirsty also wants as much cock as she can get, don’t ya babe.” Laughed Gina “I mean look at her, the bra over there and her boobs are free to bounce around.”

“Nothing wrong with that.” Replied Craig it felt strange that even though he was a stranger to us he wasn’t bothered that we were slut shaming each other and wasn’t judging us. “Me and the boys are out here for the sex as well we’ve even a game going on between us with a scoreboard and all.

“Sounds like fun.” I laughed. The truth was we did think about making this week into a competition between ourselves but in the end we decided against it as we wanted to enjoy the week and not fuck up our friendships.

I was intrigued about how Craig and his pals were going to do their game so I asked him about how their scoreboard worked.

Craig then launched into a massive talk about how his gang with had worked all summer on planing what points were allocated for each eventual possibility for instance if a guy pulled the night before the lads would then rate the girl out of ten the next morning and the average score would be multiplied by ten to give him is points. There were also bonus points available such as getting the girls panties as a souvenir was twenty points, fucking a married woman was fifty points or getting a girl to flash her boobs in front of the rest of the group gave the said recipient twenty five points.

Sensing being able to get a quick flirt in I couldn’t help but ask him how many points he’d get for getting into my knickers.

He looked at me with interest and admitted that if he had his way I would be a solid ninety five points. Being rated a nine and a half was OK by me and now I seriously wanted to fuck him and get him some points right now.

Gina slightly annoyed with my flirting asked Craig him how many points it would have been when I joined the mile high club with the cabin crew. I think she was hoping this would turn him away from me.

It didn’t work though as Craig looked impressed that I had joined the club and was quick enough to shake my hand and congratulated me on such an achievement that would of earned me two hundred and fifty points.

Inwardly though I groaned to myself as my pussy twitched thinking of what happened in the plane and now secretly I was now wishing it wasn’t Ralf’s spunk still in me and it had been Craig spunking up me in the plane’s toilet instead.

As this conversation had been going on we had dropped off all of the holiday makers that were staying in the Palma Nova hotels and we were now heading towards the Magaluf hotels. The coach was now half full and seats around our party were empty so that the rest of Craigs group had come to sit with us. I did eye the rest of the group and had to say they all looked fuckable although one of them I don’t think any of us would touch him with a barge pole

Our hotel was the second drop off in Magaluf and a couple of stops before the boys. As the coach came to a stop Orla was the first to rise followed by Paige and Freya opposite. I waited back a little bit as I knew Craig had to get up to let Gina off. As soon as he stood up to let her out I pulled him down towards me and my lips meet with his as I gave him a long slow sensual kiss. The cheers from the lads made the girls turn around as well as I finished the kiss. Before I let him go though I pulled him down a little bit more and whispered in his ear to come up and see me during the week and I’ll fuck his brains out.

As I was waiting on the pavement for the driver to get my bag out of the baggage compartment I could still still feel Craigs eyes watching me intently. With all bags unloaded and most of the guests for this hotel heading towards reception I gave Craig one last look and pulled my top down for a second to show him my still naked tits knowing that he would of just got a bonus twenty five points. I blew him one last kiss, winked and turned my back on him to walk into the hotel reception.

When we came to booking the hotel we had spent a good few hours messaging each other with hotel ideas and finally we came to an agreement on this one and we wasn’t disappointed at our choice. The hotel was on the north end of the town and sat on the cliffs over looking the beach and the beautiful ocean I fell in love with it immediately.

Having unloaded our suitcases into the available wardrobe space available the girls quickly slipped into their bikinis and went off in search pool for a nice cold drink leaving me alone to have a refreshing shower.

All refreshed and clean I dried off quickly and looked at the bikinis I had ka├žak bahis on offer to me. When I went shopping the week before the holiday I found myself in Primark with too many choices of garments to wear so being a typical girl I bought all ten sets reasoning the I could choose what to wear when I got here. Deciding right now on a pink Halter neck top and matching briefs I exited the room and made my way to the lifts down to the pool.

When my lift arrived I was slightly disappointed to find it empty and it was all the way down to basement floor where the pool is located. The area that held the pool was large and held around a hundred odd sun beds the only problem with area though was it was a bit too compact and hard to navigate I found the girls after a brief search and plonked myself on the sunbed next to them. Most of the guests around the pool seemed to be families but I could see the odd group of male and female parties like ours.

We spent the first hour just chilling out and not speaking much enjoying the midday sun. The mornings efforts of getting here were now starting to catch up with us and we were getting a little dozy as this had been the first time all day that we had to relax.

Since we were all chilled out and nicely relaxed I decided to head to the bar for a drink. We had booked half board in the hotel but we had all decided that we would purchase the drinks package for the holiday allowing us free drinks while we were in the hotel. Beer in hand I returned to the girls where the discussions going on was about the lads that we had met on the coach.

“I would of taken that Jason.” claimed Freya

“Robert for me” Said Gina

“I wanted Craig but little Miss Flirty pants got in there before me.” Said Orla in a jocular manner as I sat next to her on my sun bed.

“You can have him after I have worn him out Orla.” I sighed

“Hey I’m not living off your scraps Kirsty. I’m going to get my own fresh meat before that ever happens.”

We all laughed at this and settled in to the regular chats, reading our books that we had all brought with us or going for a dip in the pool and drinking a fair few beers that although refreshing wasn’t making us feel tipsy at all.

Later with time coming up to four in the afternoon I was starting to get getting tired and knew I need to get a sleep in before the night started. I announced this to the girls and Freya and Paige also decided to come and get some sleep as well so we packed our things away and left Gina and Orla to grab the last of the days sun. When we got to our room Paige asked if I minded if I she got into bed with me so we could chat a little I didn’t mind but we only spoke for a few minutes as we both drifted off to sleep within minutes.

I woke up a couple of hours later by myself hearing the gentle snoring coming from the bed next to me as a sleeping Gina who must have snuck into the room at some stage and evidently had fallen asleep as well. Getting out of my bed I wrapped my self in a white silk kimono that I had packed and made my way out of the bedroom to find Paige on the balcony nursing a glass of wine watching the sunset over the Magaluf sea.

“Hey hun,” she said breaking her gaze. ” I wasn’t sure whether to wake you up or not. It’s just gone eight and the restaurant closes at nine if we want to eat.”

“Have you gone down yet?” I enquired.

“No I was waiting for you two to get up. Orla had knocked earlier saying she was going down with Frey and invited me but I said I’d wait for you.”

I did contemplate skipping dinner but as I only had breakfast at the airport this morning and only nacking throughout the afternoon I knew I needed to go down and eat my stomach also rumbled at the precise time to telling me to go.

“Thanks Hun. I’ll go and get some clothes on and the we can go down. Do you think I should Gina up?”

“Yes we better had, I think she might of grabbed something before she came up though as there is a plate on the living room table.” Replied Paige

I snuck back into the bedroom and decided to throw something casual on as I wasn’t going to go over the top all the time. I did try and wake Gina up but I got told basically to fuck off. Being used to this insult when she slept I just left her too it and accompanied Paige down to dinner

The restaurant was fairly quiet when we got in and the waiter escorted to us to a beautiful table that overlooked the sea where we were able to watch the last few rays of the sun sink over the horizon for the day. The waiter asked us what drinks we would like to accompany our meals so and we both decided on a glass of red wine. Upon taking our order the waiter went off to get the drinks while we went to the hot plates to pick our food I went with a seafood Paella and Paige decided on a nice fat steak.

We ate in silence for a few moment both savouring the taste of our meals. I didn’t know what Paige was thinking about as we both looked out to sea but I was contemplating the night ahead of us and wondered just how fucked up this place actually was. I knew of and had seen a video of the girl who sucked twenty odd cocks to get a free drink but somehow I doubted that was the real Magaluf it was just something to show us British up.

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