My Ideal Day

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It’s Saturday morning. The sun is just now coming up. I hear the birds singing in the distance. I wake with a smile knowing I’m going to spend a good part of my day with Her. I get up and shower slowly. I then make a breakfast fit for a queen. Eggs, sausage, toast, and fresh-cut fruit, oh, and I can’t forget my coffee, French Vanilla.

I try to find an outfit that would please Her. I pick a pair of black skinny jeans, a black and white top, boots and my jean jacket. I look cute and I hope She thinks so too.

The day is to start with a drive on the Parkway. We’re going somewhere I’ve never been before, but She says She has everything under control and will take good care of me. She drives so I can watch the world go by. I tell Her about my week, and She listens with interest and laughs at all the right times. I love to make Her laugh. It brings me joy to know I can make Her laugh.

We get to what looks like an abandoned house, but there is smoke coming out of the chimney so I know someone must live there or at least knows we are coming.

She asks me if I trust Her. I say yes, of course. She says She wants to take my glasses and blindfold me as we walk into the house. I let Her. She holds my hand and walks me very carefully to the house. When we get to the door, She tells me to stand still while she opens the door.

When She leads me inside, I smell the fireplace and I smile. She knows I love the smell of fresh fire. She lets go of my hand and tells me not to move, I might get hurt, some things are all around me and She doesn’t want me to hurt myself. It’s kind of Her. She moves around the room quickly and soon comes back to me. She takes off the blindfold and I look around. There are pillows all around and tables with candles, soft things, my favorite toy, the claws, and other things that I don’t know. There is also a bed in the middle of the room that has restraints that I would soon learn where to keep me in place.

She tells me to undress and grab a beer, She knows what I like. and She made sure to have it for me chilled. After I undress, She tells me to sit on one of the pillows closest to the fire. I didn’t realize I was cold until I sat by the fire. She tells me I have been a good girl and She wants to show me how much I have pleased Her.

After I finish my beer, She tells me to go lie on the bed and don’t move. I do as I’m told.

I lie there wondering what on earth was going on in this Woman’s head. She says she going to restrain me, is that okay, She asks. escort london I tell Her She can do whatever She wants to me. She looks at me with serious eyes and says She will never do anything to me without asking me first. I nod in agreement. BUT today She says She’s going to be doing things to my body that I’m not going to be allowed to see or know what’s coming next, as I will be blindfolded again. She asks me again; do I trust Her? I say, yes.

I let Her blindfold me again. She then goes to my feet and puts the restraints on me. She moves up my body and restrains my hands. She whispers to me not to move.

She then moves away from the bed and is gone for what feels like an hour. She comes back and rubs something so soft against my naked skin. I shiver and catch my breath. She then rubs something rough against my skin and I growl. She alternates between the soft and rough. The rough is leaving hot places on my body and the soft cools it. She is driving me mad with this alternation and I want more but I don’t want anymore. She finally stops and goes away from the bed again.

She returns with a new thing. This has spikes in it and wiggle to get away from it, but I’m held fast to the bed. She rubs this new thing over my breast, my belly, and all down my legs. Over and over and over. At first, I didn’t like the sensation, but after I while I found myself seeking the new toy. She goes back and forth between the soft, rough, and spiky thing. My skin is on fire from all the different sensations these three toys are bringing me. Then She brings out my favorite toy… the claws… She starts at my feet with them and slowly works her way up. Lightly, firmly, lightly, and more firmly, over and over.

She is silent as she uses all these implements on me. Finally, She asks if I’m okay and I whimper out a yes. I didn’t realize I was holding my breath, not knowing what was to come next. She tells me to relax and slowly runs Her hands over my naked body. I quiver under Her touch.

She leaves the bed one more time. She tells me to be very still, this might burn…I’m excited! I know what’s next! She slowly pours hot wax all over my breast and belly. Then as quickly as the heat hits me She runs something ice cold over the hot wax. The sensation was one I had NEVER felt before. I was unsure of how I felt about it but soon learned to love it. With the ice on the wax right away it becomes something like a cast. She does this until both of my breasts and belly are covered in this homemade dubai escorts cast.

She speaks again after a long while of concentration on her task of making my cast. She tells to lie still while She uses something sharp to peel the cast away. I hold my breath. She starts at my left breast and makes what feels like a cut into the cast. She never touches skin, but I fear She will. Holding my breath, a little longer now as she “cuts” more. She finally finishes with my left breast; She moves to my right then moves on to my belly. When She is done with all the cuts, She takes her fingers and starts to pull the cast off. It feels like I’m being undressed again, but this time it’s a layer of my skin that’s being removed. The feeling leaves me feeling hot.

She finishes skinning me and takes the blindfold off. She is looking at me with so much love in Her eyes I start to cry. She takes the restraints off of me and holds me close. We lay like that for a long time. Finally, She tells me to go shower to get the rest of the cast off of me. She tells me when I return from the shower She will not be there, but someone would be there in Her place. I look at Her with surprise in my eyes.

Once again, She asks if I trust Her. I say yes. Shower, She says. I go.

I take a long shower to make sure all of the cast is gone. I hear Her moving around and talking to someone, but I can hear the other person’s voice and I have no idea what they are saying. She yells into the bathroom that She is leaving but someone is there for me when I get out of the shower. She leaves. I must admit, I was very sad to know that She was gone, but equally intrigued by the person that is now in the house.

I get out of the shower and see nothing for me to wear, I take a towel and wrap it around me the best I can. I head back to the living room.

The person She has waiting for me is T. I’m taken aback as to why she’s here. T tells me that she was told to come by Her. T tells me She wanted me to feel special on this day of remembrance. I ask what am I supposed to remember because I have no idea what She could be talking about. T tells me She will tell me when the day is over.

I realize now I’m still only in a towel. I ask T if She left me anything to wear. T tells me I don’t need them. T walks over to me and removes the towel and takes my hand and walks me over to the bed. T tells me I only have four hours with her, then she must go. She asks me what I want to do to spend my time with her. I give her a weak smile. Escort Dubai I say I want her all over me. Kissing, touching, biting, licking all the things. She slowly starts to kiss me, softly at first then with more passion as the kiss keeps going. While she kisses me, she removes her clothes. Soon we are both naked on the bed. She kisses, bites, licks, and I do the same.

Our breathing is heavy now and we are both filled with lust. T slows the pace and says she wants to see my reaction with every move she makes on my body. My breathing slows and I focus my attention on the attention she is giving every inch of my body. My breathing picks up again. I’m flying high now. She has her mouth on me and I beg her not to stop. She doesn’t. I reach the point of no return and fall back on the bed. She looks up and smiles. I smile back. T makes her way up my body and slowly begins to kiss me again. We kiss and whisper sweet nothing in each other’s ears for what seems like hours.

At some point I fall asleep and when I wake my T is gone. In her place is a note. It says my clothes are in the bathroom take a shower and get dressed there will be others there for me when I get dressed.

My body has been through so much today that the second shower is welcomed. I still feel T’s body on mine, I can still taste her kiss. As I shower, I look down and noticed she has left two love marks on each of my breasts. I smile.

I get out of the shower and lotion up. I dress and head into the living room once again. This time it’s my best kinky girlfriends. We are taking you to dinner and drinks, they say. I hop in the car with them and we are off. We go to one of our favorite spots and order drinks. As we sit, I tell them about my day. All of it. Her play, and T being there when She left. We talked and talked. We get our drinks and then ordered food. I love these women with all my heart. They are my confidants. I tell them all the good parts about the day and the parts that I wanted to last longer. When we’re done with drinks and dinner, they tell me they have to take me back to the house. I ask why. They said She would be there waiting for me.

When we get to the house the lights are on, it’s rather later I realize. They tell me they’ll see me soon and leave. I walk into the house and She is waiting for me.

She asked me if I had a good day. I tell her today was one of the best days of my life. She smiles and says She’s glad. I then think about what T told me we were doing today… a day of remembrance… what am I supposed to be remembering I ask Her. She says my father died ten years ago today and She never wanted me to think of that date as a sad date again. She wanted it to be a day to remember, she wanted it to be my ideal day.

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