My Hot Neighbor: Finale

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One of the feed-backs complained that I didn’t label the first part as ‘Ch 1″ I had originally planned to post it in its entirety but suddenly ran into ‘writers block’. My apologies. Guess I should have gone back and added Ch 1. Anyway, here is the ‘Finale’.


“Ooo, Johnny, you’ve got a king size bed.” Toni exclaimed as we walked into the bedroom.

“Yeah. Bunny used to say it went with my king size cock.” I had always been a little proud of my fat, dart headed, seven incher.

Toni, having a lot less clothing to discard, was naked and on the bed while I was still getting rid of my shoes and pants. Once I was as bare as she, I stood by the bed admiring what was spread out before me. My cock was at full attention and I stroked it lovingly.

Toni drew her knees up and spread them apart. “Johnny, do me with your mouth again, please. That was such a nice way for me to cum. Steve never did that to me. We just fucked.”

She didn’t realize it, but that was just what I had in mind all along. As I crawled over the foot of the bed, Toni raised her head to watch me as I lowered my face towards her pussy. She closed her eyes and let out a long sigh of “Oh yessss!” as my lips made contact.

Toni was already wet in anticipation, as I licked along her swollen pussy lips. She began to squirm as I licked to gather as much of her juice as I could. Laying flat on my belly, I could watch, over her gently rounded belly, as she caressed her tits, pulling at her nipples.

I circled my lips around her clit bahis firmalar─▒ and gently sucked, enticing the pink bud from its hood. Toni’s hips surged upwards and she began fucking my face. I wormed, first one finger, then two, into her love tunnel to finger fuck her. Her juices were really flowing now and her hips were pumping madly as she began her first orgasm.

When I felt her cunt muscles begin to convulse on my fingers, I withdrew them and pushed one into her rosebud ass hole.

“Oh god, Johnny,” she cried out as she felt this taboo intrusion into her ass. She thrust hard against my face, as it did just what I had intended, making her orgasm that much faster and more intense. She strained hard against my face, holding her breath, as she tried to make the rapture last. After a moment, she sighed and whispered, “Again, Johnny, do it again.”

Her honey juice was running down over the finger I still had in her crinkly rosebud, providing more lubrication. I wriggled the finger and, looking up at her, asked, “Do you like this too, Baby?”

Shyly she muttered, “Uh huh. It feels kinda funny, but, nice.”

Again, I lowered my face to her soaking wet cunt, probing and licking, slowly approaching her clit until I once more had the now, fully swollen, pink bud between my lips. “Yesss,” she sighed as once more she began to fuck my face, now with slow, leisurely motions of her hips. It was obvious to me that she was intent on making her pleasurable feeling last as long as she could.

Testing to see how far I could go, I began finger fucking her ass ka├žak iddaa hole, feeling the tight ring relaxing. Slowly I forced a second finger into her, continuing the stroking motion. At the same time, I pushed my thumb into her cunt so that she was being double fucked.

Toni’s hip thrusting at once began to increase in speed and she was grunting “Uh…uh,” each time my fingers and thumb were at their deepest penetration. It was only minutes before she was fucking in desperation to cum. “Oh god….oh god….Johnny!” she cried out. “I’m gonna cum….oh god!” I thrashed her clit wildly with my tongue to drive her over the edge, determined to make this the best orgasm she’d ever experienced.

And then, she was there!

Her legs wrapped around my shoulders, lifting her hips off the bed, forcing my face tightly to her pussy and she let out a wail almost as loud as Bunny had done when she had cum. “OH GOD…OH GOD,” Toni cried, over and over.

She held my head in her vise-like grip all through her orgasm, to the point where I was afraid she would smother me until she finally began to come down from her peak. Finally, she relaxed, falling flat on the bed, panting from her exertions, as my fingers and thumb slipped out of their respective holes. I lay my head on the inside of her thigh while I, too, recovered.

After several minutes, Toni raised up, leaning on her elbows. “My god, John, were you trying to kill me? I’ve never, ever cum so hard in my life. I think I almost fainted.”

I grinned at her as I too, raised up from my resting place. “Hey, ka├žak bahis if you didn’t like it, I guess we don’t ever have to do it again like this.”

“Didn’t like it? John, are you kidding? I’ve never been so close to heaven as where you take me. I just hope every time will be like this.”

“Probably won’t, cause, some times I just want to fuck, to unload all the jizz that builds up in my balls. And, speaking of which, I think my balls are starting to turn blue right now.”

Toni laughed when I said that. “Johnny, my love, you sure deserve a fuck right now. We wouldn’t want any blue balls around here. Why don’t you get up here and unload them right now.”

Without waiting for a further invitation, I scrambled into position and the two of us guided my cock to her cunt. “This isn’t gonna’ take me long, Baby,” I said as I pushed my entire length into her still wet cunt.

“Doesn’t matter, my ‘young lover’. I don’t think I could cum again tonight, anyway. Just fuck me now.”

I didn’t try to hold back and, true to my word, I came with in minutes, with my cock as deep in its warm nest as I could push it, while I pumped out my thick, white cream. With the last spasm, my cock began to shrink and I pulled out to flop beside her on the bed.

We lay there for a long time, neither saying a word, then Toni said, “I guess if I get rid of a lot of my old clothes, there’ll be room in my closet for your things. We’ll have to get rid of my bed so we can move this nice playground of yours in to replace it. What do you think?”

Without hesitation, I replied, “Sounds good to me. I don’t need much closet space and, besides, I don’t figure on wearing much except when we go out.” Then, laughing, “Won’t it be a blast when we see the neighbors watching every move we make?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
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