My “Homework”

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My day, as always, was long and meaningless. The usual shit happened with all of the people in the office. One was annoying me to no end until I told him to go fucking work. Then I couldn’t work myself. It was just a bad day and I wanted to just go home. It was finally Friday night and it was a long weekend of what I hoped was nothing urgent to handle.

We met in the car at the train station and exchanged our usual smile and kiss, but with no passion. It was as if we were the typical couple. Ok, just a lack of sleep, I probably thought was the reason on both of our parts in fact. I knew you were up two nights ago teasing with me to have some fun but soon you were fighting the battle between your stomach and a pepperoni pizza. The stomach won that night so you weren’t in the mood for anything. I accepted my fate, rubbed your back, made sure you were calm and we both fell off to sleep.

You tempted fate again tonight with the pizza but we both decided on just having a salad. Not bad for a quick bag from the local store. French dressing, tuna fish and croutons. I know you well. That alone would be enough for you to be satisfied tonight. But was it?

After our late supper, you headed for bed and I headed for the shower. I needed to clean up from a long day and wanted a few minutes to myself so I could relax. You smiled, gave me a kiss, and laughed saying, “don’t use up all the heat.”

Well the heat of the water and chill of the air of a cool summer night coming through the bathroom window helped to relax me. All the while I wondered what you might be doing. Watching television, no doubt. I know your favorite show would be on. It was late and we both I figured would watch our shows and fall asleep together. It would just be us tonight; no roommates, and no kids. No work either tomorrow. Saturday finally would be to ourselves.

I decided rather than dress in the bathroom I was going to just change in the bedroom. Just a habit of mine that I picked up from her. Not that I didn’t want to show myself but I just had not been in a showing mood.

It was awfully quiet. No usual sounds of the television blaring. But tonight there was a faint sound of music. Some smooth r&b. Sounded like Brian McKnight. This was different I thought. Now I caught a whiff of vanilla and musk. I saw the flickering of a single pillar candle in the room. My interest was peaked now. No television, no computer, just a quiet room, soft music, and candlelight? What was going on now? Was she going to give me a relaxing massage? No I thought I am the one who gives that usually.

My mind was starting to race with some anticipation as to the scene being played out in our bedroom. The door was parted just slightly and I saw your legs at the end of the bed. I slowly turned my head inside the door. konyaaltı escort Instead of you lying there in that favorite nightshirt that I swore has been around for many years but still was soft and comfortable, you were there in all your glorious naked beauty. The creamy white skin, your large breasts and lightly colored aureoles. Your nipples were already hard and standing upright. It was the beauty I longed for and wanted so badly many nights to just eat up.

“Wow, this is a surprise.” I said quietly. I didn’t want to lose the moment. “Shhh.”, you whispered. “Come join me.” As I approached the bed I saw why you were as quiet. Your glistening fingers and a shiny little toy was replacing my tongue on your hot box. You fell in love with that toy the minute you found it at a party. Small enough to be discreet and yet it was powerful enough to be my replacement, at least some of the time.

“I don’t want you to touch me, not just yet.” You moaned lightly but enough to know this was going on for quite a while before I walked in on the moment. I smiled and said, “You know that is going to be hard.” I admit it is hard not to want to bury my face in the sweet and musky scent of her flesh. But she had other ideas. She wanted the pleasure of torturing me tonight and give to me some relaxation from the stresses of work. God I love her so for that. But her torture was my pleasure and she delighted in getting the best of me. I certainly was not going to complain.

With only a towel between my own warm flesh, and me she smiled and said, “you want to show me what’s underneath?” “Mmmm, gladly.” I let the towel drop to expose myself to her. The smile grew larger and her fingers moved a little more rapidly.

“I want you to watch me rub my hot pussy.” It was demanding yet playfully erotic. Coming from her it was more than just erotic. It was fucking hot. She began to rub her clit with two fingers. I could see the wire of the silver vibrator coming from just inside her hot wet hole. The bullet had to be just inside of her right at that one spot she loved so much. She arched her back up and the moans became louder. “Watch me cum baby. I want you to see me cum while I fuck myself.”

I was so tempted to start to stroke my growing cock. She saw my temptations and said, “Oh no baby, no…you have to watch me. You can’t touch yourself.” Now THAT was difficult. Damn she was serious. I can’t release this feeling inside of me? “Oh God baby you really want me to go wild on you don’t you.” She laughed then took in a long breath and said “you can do anything you want, but not before I cum.”

It seemed like hours to me. But her movements and the moaning and deep breathing could only mean one thing. She was about to explode. She used to muffle her orgasms because I always seemed to kültür escort find that one spot with my tongue or my fingers or both that would just drive her over the edge. But with so many people in the house she couldn’t let it out. Tonight, well that was a different story. By now two fingers became three. And three fingers became invisible as she slid them inside that wet dripping hole. The bullet had to be pushed back by now probably to her cervix. That one spot alone drove her nuts and I was witnessing it without laying a single finger upon her. The movements were faster. The breathing and moaning were more and more louder. She wanted me to see her just let go and didn’t care if any of the neighbors heard her primal screams of orgasmic joy.

“OH GOD” she cried. “GOD I WANT TO FUCKING CUM”. By now she was shaking the walls. “OH FUCK! FUCK ME! OH! OH! GOD I WANT THIS TO BE FUCKING YOU INSIDE OF ME. FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME BABY. FUCK ME AND TAKE ME LIKE YOU ALWAYS DO. POUND THAT COCK DEEP IN ME. OH FUCK ME!!!” Her words were turning into grunts of pleasure. It was if she was squeezing my cock between her legs dying for me to explode deep in her. She couldn’t speak that well right about at that moment but no one was going to question her words of pleasure.

The bed shook from the violence of her spasms. It was as if every inch of her pussy was on fire. Her clit was so swollen. Her G spot had to be so stimulated it had to be wanting to crawl out of her cunt. The loud panting, crying, and moaning was just too much for her body to hold in. She came, and came, and came again. Louder, and stronger, and more physical than ever, I envied her ability to cum so many times, but in a delicious, naughty way.

“OHH FUCK!”. She came like a wild animal. Her screams subsided. Her panting leveled off. The sweat just poured all over her body from the passion that was her sex. When her multitude of orgasms subsided, she smiled and said, “Now baby, it’s your turn.” I couldn’t wait to try to match her, but I knew she would rule the bedroom tonight.

I thought for sure she was tired after such a long, intense wave of orgasms. The sweat pooled on the bed like a secluded pond. Now there was a thought too. Doing it outside, maybe even in some the warm water. Nice. But I could only focus on your wandering eyes leading down to my already swollen member.

Like a cat, you didn’t hesitate to jump to bring me closer to you. “Come here,” you cooed, “and let me take care of you now.” “You really want me don’t you?” I couldn’t help but smile saying that knowing full well I was about to be experiencing something very pleasurable.

“But of course I do. I have wanted that for so very long.” Without any more words you slid yourself over and immediately wrapped your warm mouth on my cock. I arched markantalya escort back and sighed heavily. “OH YESSSSSSS!” You slowly licked the underside of my stick. Trailing your tongue along the ridge down to my balls. Licking, smiling, and devouring it like it was milk and honey. “MMMMMMM. I love this cock baby. You keep making me cum. Now it’s my turn.” You smiled and watched my face express the pleasure it had been looking for. “Oh God yes baby. I love how you worship it.” I couldn’t keep from feeling the tingling go throughout my body while you returned to deep throat my hardened cock in your mouth.

I could feel your tongue circling the head. Licking and sucking. Sucking and licking. You went slowly at first, teasing every inch. And as my moaning became louder and stronger you could feel the tensing, wanting to taste my hot cum, but knowing you wanted to extended the pleasure even longer.

I started to fuck your hot mouth. Between the slurps and sucking I could sense and hear your pleasure as that hot mouth sucked down my hardened cock. You reached with one hand and began to finger yourself and your mouth became more like a furnace. It was as if the heat of your pussy trailed all the way up. You began yourself to moan louder as my thrusts were harder and faster.

“OH YES. TAKE MY FUCKING COCK.” You did, oh so well. “I WANT YOU NOW.” You were so close yourself to exploding again. I could tell you wanted to cum at the same time as me.

At that point we were both beyond turning back. You were cumming so hard that I couldn’t help myself and I shot my large hot load all over you. Spreading down your neck and over your creamy white tits. You smiled broadly, rubbing it in like a cream to soften what was already soft skin. You dragged me over and we began to kiss deeply. Our tongues began to play while we caressed each other all over. My warm cock was already pressed against your now even more drenched cunt and was against a very swollen clit.

I moved in rhythm with you. The head of my cock was rubbing against your clit and it wasn’t long before you wanted to feel me inside of you. “Oh God baby, slide it I my hole. Please slide it in. I want to feel it.” I couldn’t resist. You were so wet it was so easy to slide it deeply inside. “OHHHHH GOD YES!!!!!” You were on fire. My cock was already hot from the mouth fucking I had. But it couldn’t compare with the heat of your raging cunt. “I want you too,” I tried to utter but I was so enveloped in wanting to fuck you raw, I don’t know if the words came out of my mouth.

I started pounding my cock deep inside that hot box. You grabbed at me pulling me closer and our hips began the rhythm of the sexual dance we loved so much.

It was not long before we climaxed again together. I left myself inside of you, not wanting to slide myself out for fear I’d have nothing there. But we kissed again deeply and fell asleep in each other’s arms, caressing each other and lying there quietly. It was finally a good Friday. And it was already early Saturday morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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