My Hero

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This story is a collaboration between myself and Eric B, who goes by Cid. He had the idea, and I put the pen to paper. Also, many thanks to SlyStone for editing! Look for more chapters soon.

Three years, Eloise thought, staring out the window of the home she’d lived in since her birth 18 years ago. Three years since I’ve seen Ryder, the one who went off to be a soldier, alongside his fianc├ęe, Mallory. It had been three years since he had started pulling away, shunning his kid sister, who happened to be three years younger than he was. Yes, mused Eloise, three seemed to be an important number in her life. Three years of high school, then graduating early. There were three short term relationships with boys who just couldn’t live up to her pristine standards. And three years to grow breasts, she chuckled, feeling her long-awaited B-cups bouncing slightly with every giggle. She tossed her long blonde hair back, sage green eyes watching out the window for the return of her brother.

Ryder stared out the tinted window of a black SUV, watching as his home come into view. His right leg bounced slightly at the idea of returning to the place where he grew up, without the one who he had run away with. Ah Mallory, he sighed, feeling tears gather before pushing them down with a mammoth will, raking his hands through his cropped dark hair. The mission that should have gone without a hitch had ended in the death of his beloved, and the injuries of many, including Sergeant Ryder Bristow. He had stood there silently as they had pulled the bodies out of the rubble. It wasn’t until the Major had handed Ryder the engagement ring that Mallory had put in one of her pockets for safekeeping that he had collapsed to his knees on the ground, mourning the loss of his lover and the injuries of his mates, wishing for his death as well. He may have received a purple heart, but his own heart was broken beyond repair.

“Sergeant Bristow?” the driver interrupted his flashback. “We have arrived.”

Ryder opened the car door, grabbed his luggage, thanked the driver, and started up the driveway, noting the twitching curtain. Someone had been watching him. It was Eloise, most likely. He didn’t have much time to elaborate on that thought before Eloise herself catapulted towards him. He dropped his luggage and threw his arms out to keep his balance as she tackled him in a huge hug. He embraced her instinctively, pressing his cheek against the top of her head, then stepped back to take a second look at his little sister.

Hot damn.

This blonde bombshell was his little sister? He glanced down at her, noting the tinier waist, the long slim legs, and the breasts that were in perfect proportion to her 5’7″ frame, before looking into her sage green eyes, the only feature they had in common. She stared back at him, eyes glistening slightly, as if she was holding back tears. This was different. She was always the calm, cool, collected girl, while he was the one who was notorious for his emotional outbursts. At least he had inherited the height and muscles, he thought, still gazing into his little sister’s eyes. He felt her chest pressing against him, and felt the unmistakable stirring of his loins as he stroked her sides gently.

Hold on, there, soldier, don’t get excited, he admonished himself; this is your little sister here. Shaking his head slightly he finally felt compelled to say something.

“So, little sis finally grew herself a pair of titties, did she?” he said huskily.

Eloise’s eyes widened, slightly insulted, and then burst out into giggles. She pirouetted for him, before answering back teasingly, “Why yes, I did! It’s about time, right?” She looked at him, noting the dark circles under his eyes, and the slightly stooped way he held himself, the medal for being wounded in action hanging on his chest right next to the wedding ring he wore around his neck. “Oh, Ryder,” she sighed softly, bringing him back in for a slightly gentler embrace, “I’m so sorry about Mallory.”

Eloise picked up his luggage, staggering slightly under its weight, before grasping his large tan hand in her slim pale one and leading him towards the front door, where their mother and father had stood, watching the reunion of their two offspring. He stepped through the threshold, and the door closed behind him.


Eloise set down the luggage as she snuck another glance at her brother. He was even more handsome than she remembered him. His thinness still did not hide the fact that his 6’2″ frame was well-muscled, and only accentuated the sharp cheekbones that under more well-fed circumstances would make any girl swoon. His full lips were pursed, an expression she recognized from childhood when he was considering something important. He glanced over at her, his unexpected angelic smile making her blush.

She really needed to get a handle over her emotions. She wasn’t acting like herself at all. She slapped herself mentally for behaving like a schoolgirl with her first crush. While mentally berating herself, she became be┼čikta┼č anal yapan escort aware of a hand waving in front of her face.

“Eloise? Eloise? Hello, earth to Eloise?!” Ryder said impatiently, “Anyone home?”

Eloise snapped back to attention, shouting, “Sir, yes Sir! I am at home Sir!”

Ryder chuckled at her antics. “Hey Ellie, mind showing a man to his old room?” he asked.

“Why sure,” Eloise replied, “I’d love to.”

Eloise scampered up the stairs as Ryder shouldered his multiple bags, watching her perky ass sashay in front of him. Ryder wondered if she knew how sexy she had become, and promptly dismissed the thought. Ellie had never been vain, and it didn’t seem like that had changed a single bit.

Eloise concentrated on swinging her hips like a supermodel as she ascended; knowing Ryder was right behind her. She knew her size 1 denim shorts were perfectly molded to her butt, and the flowy tank top belted at the waist enhanced her new curves. She shook her head slightly, amazed at how superficial she was being just so her brother would notice her.

Eloise stopped at the door that had been shut for three years, awaiting its owner’s return. She opened the door, ushering Ryder in as he set his bags on the floor next to his king sized bed. He collapsed on the bed, making a dent on the navy blue comforter.

“Ah”, Ryder sighed, “a real bed. A real *big* bed.”

Eloise smiled. “Quite the luxury isn’t it?” she quipped.

“The finest swans down”, he replied. “Come, hop up next to me.”

She shook her head slowly, feeling shy all of a sudden. Perhaps it was being in his bedroom with him all alone. “No”, she stuttered, “I’ll just let you relax. It’s late, and you must be exhausted. Get some sleep, we’ll have all summer to talk and catch up.” Eloise left the room, shutting the door quietly behind her, leaving Ryder very confused. What happened to the little girl who never stopped pestering him to pay attention to her? What happened to the little girl who would beg to stay in his room while he read, just wanting to be close to him? Who came crying into his bedroom, begging to sleep with him whenever she had a nightmare?

That little girl had been replaced with this sexy, beautiful 18 year old woman. Maybe she had come into her own independence since he had last been at home. He shook those thoughts away. It was only the first day, and he had barely said 10 words to her, and those were about her tits!

Thinking about her tits, whether he liked it or not, was making his cock rock hard. Not even the image of a granny going down on a grandpa without her dentures on could alleviate his dilemma. He took off his shoes and socks, and then his uniform, his cock straining against his boxer-briefs even as he took those off too. As they fell to the floor, his cock went from “at ease” to “standing at attention”. He stroked his hard-on, fondling the thick mushroom head. The veins stood out prominently along his thick tool. Images of Eloise’s mouth on his dick, taking him all the way into her mouth, boobs bouncing in time to her sucking, were filling his mind. His hand stroked harder, faster, aiming for release. The fantasy Eloise was pumping him eagerly, mouth slightly open, gazing at him with a lusty expression. Cum exploded from his cock, into Eloise’s waiting mouth. He moaned silently, cock only slightly wilted, coming out of the incestuous fantasy. He looked down and realized Eloise’s mouth was actually the comforter.


Well, there really wasn’t anything he could do about it. As he settled under the covers, he knew that these thoughts about his sister were going to turn into the real deal if he wasn’t careful.

After Eloise shut the door, she walked to her own room, and flopped down on the gold patterned bedspread, staring at her pale jade green walls. Usually the paint color calmed her down, but right now her feelings were running too high for the calming color to have any effect on her. She didn’t usually use the term “horny” when she was thinking about sex, but seeing her brother in his uniform, so sexy and aloof, was making her majorly horny. She yanked hard on a nipple, her other hand moving to unbutton her shorts, sliding them and her thong down. A stroke across her lips revealed that she was sopping wet with desire.

She rubbed the moisture over her clit, rotating her finger around and around, sending zings of pleasure through her belly. Two fingers went into her pussy, slowly moving at first, then going faster and faster as her lust increased. She imagined Ryder was there, sucking her clit, making her scream, then taking his cock and going balls deep into her virgin hole, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm in every position possible. Eloise cried out softly, her fingers still stroking her pussy as she came long and hard. As she started to fall asleep, fingers dripping with juices, she knew that somehow she would find a way to have sex with her brother.


Ryder and be┼čikta┼č bdsm escort Mallory are lying naked in bed, wrapped up in each other’s arms. Breathing hard, they admire the thin gold circle wrapped around Mallory’s left ring finger, the diamonds scintillating in the pale morning light.

“Have I mentioned how perfect it is?” Mallory purred in Ryder’s ear.

“I believe you have.” Ryder growled, kissing his way up her neck.

“I can’t wait to tell everyone we are engaged, baby.” Mallory turns over, touching her forehead to his.

Ryder is about to reply, when suddenly the noise of gunfire shatters their post-orgasmic peace. The screams of injured men echo around them. Ryder goes to pull Mallory closer to him, shielding her from any stray bullets, but finds he is only embracing air. The pale morning air is now thick with smoke, the smell of gunpowder choking his senses. His screams for Mallory go unanswered, and completely overpower the sounds of artillery and battle. Mallory, Mallory is gone.

He shouts her name until his voice disappears, feeling indescribably empty, knowing she’ll never respond, never look at him with love in her eyes. Everything he knows is gone, and he finds himself sinking into an abyss, dark and cold, completely alone, and devastated….

His eyes open to more darkness as he thrashes around in the covers, and then feels a cool, slim hand stroking his forehead, telling him it was only a dream, calm down Ryder, calm down…

“Calm down, Ryder, it’s alright. Shhhh, it’s alright, I promise.” Eloise says soothingly. The shudders wracking his body ease as Eloise whispers softly to him. Slowly, his mind still remembering the nightmare, he looks around with a new awareness, realizing that he’s at home, and safe.

“What, what time is it?” Ryder asks anxiously.

“Only 2:00 in the morning,” Eloise replies, “Your screams sent me flying out of bed! I was so worried. Do you, ah, want to talk about the dream?”

Ryder, looking down, carefully rearranges the sheets around his still-naked form. His next statement is abrupt. “No, I don’t want to talk about it.” he says gruffly, “Just go back to bed, alright?”

“But Ryder…” Eloise begins.


Eloise, saddened, but not shocked by his outburst, kisses his forehead before darting back out the door, hoping to salvage the remnants of her REM cycle.

Ryder groans, staring up at the dark ceiling, for over an hour before he makes a decision. He slides on a pair of boxers, and creeps into Eloise’s room. He stares at her sleeping form, noticing the tracks left by tears sliding across her face. Sighing with remorse, he slides under the covers next to her, trying not to wake her up. A great calm comes over him listening to the deep, slow breathing of his sister, and it is to this slow breathing that he finally falls asleep, with no disruptive dreams.


Eloise is dreaming about her last ex, Claude. He is dancing up against her, grinding his hard-on against her ass. She can’t do anything about it, because his arms are crushing her in a bear hug. She sighs, trying to wake up. Her eyes flutter open, confused because the feeling of something hard is still there, and there are arms around her.

Long, strong, tan arms.

Oh. Ryder?

Her struggle to turn around and see if it really is Ryder wakes him up. His arms constrict even tighter against her, and she complains loudly.

“Ryder! Ouch!” she cries.

He removes his arms immediately.

“What are you doing in my bed?” Eloise asks sleepily, trying not to let it show how much it thrills her that he was in her bed.

“My, uh, my nightmare, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.” he replied. “You used to come into my room scared from nightmares, and I was remembering that. It was comforting to me.” Ryder finished up lamely.

Eloise is touched by his response. She stretches luxuriously, and then shoves him out of bed, his body hitting the ground with a resounding and satisfying thump.


“And that’s what you get for almost suffocating me!” she crows triumphantly, covering her embarrassment at seeing his hard-on tent his boxers. “Now, get out of my room so I can shower and get ready for my day.”

“What were you planning on doing?” Ryder asks.

“I’m going to the mall with Clara to pick up some things. I’ll be back soon.” Eloise promises.

Ryder leaves the room, images of Eloise bent over naked in the shower dancing through his head as he makes his way downstairs.


Ryder is sitting at his computer, checking the backlog of emails from old friends asking him how he is doing. He shakes his head in despair. The support was overwhelming, and he appreciated it, but it was just so depressing repeating the same things over and over again. Yes, he was coping. Yes, he missed his fianc├ęe, who wouldn’t. Yes, he had been honorably discharged. Jesus Christ, he thought, I’m not even back for a day and I can’t catch a break from people be┼čikta┼č elit escort asking about my “condition”. The sound of the front door slamming, followed by a muffled expletive, snaps him back to reality.

Eloise launches herself up the stairs, tears streaming down her face as she collapses onto her bed, sobs wracking her body. Ryder rushes out of his bedroom, dashing into Eloise’s.

“What’s wrong sweetheart? Tell me what’s wrong”, he says anxiously, grabbing her wrists so he can pull them away and see her face.

“I’m…just…sick and tired of all the, the crap people pull!” cries Eloise. Between hiccups and bouts of tears, she explains to Ryder how Clara ditched her at American Eagle to be with her boyfriend, who had called her a fugly slut with no tits. Ryder listens impatiently wanting to go rip the head off that kid.

“Eloise, sweetie, don’t listen to that shithead. You are amazing, and beautiful, and smart, and strong, so, so strong.” Ryder soothes her, rubbing her back in small, gentle circles.

Eloise looks up at him, a frown puckering between her eyebrows. “What about my boobs, Ryder?” she asks tearfully, “are they nice? Do you like them? No one but me has touched them, not even the boyfriends I’ve had.”

Ryder gulps, and manages to stutter out that they are very nice, very nice indeed. “No one has touched them?” he asks incredulously. “That’s very, ah surprising.”

Nodding, Eloise continues to surprise him, “Will you touch them, Ryder? Please touch them. I need to know I feel loved.”

Hands shaking, Ryder cups his hands around her heaving, tear-stained breasts. They are the perfect handful, completely symmetrical, riding high and perky on her chest. He squeezes them instinctively through her flimsy green sundress, before dropping them like something hot.

“I, Eloise, we can’t, I mean, I’m your brother, they’re very nice, but, we shouldn’t…do this.” Ryder stammers incoherently, trying to come up with a reason not to give her nipples a tongue-lashing at this moment. Eloise doesn’t give him a chance to make his case.

She looks at him with those bright green eyes, before placing her mouth over his; kissing him with strength he didn’t even know she had. His tongue slips into her mouth as he caresses her sides. She sighs in pleasure as he deepens the kiss, tangling his hands in her silky blond hair, then cupping her face in his hands as he pulls back, looking at her in surprise.

“Eloise,” he breathes, but is silenced by the finger at his mouth.

“Don’t Ryder,” she says forcefully, “this was meant to happen, don’t ruin it.” She returns to kissing him, with even more passion than before.

Her hands caress the nape of his neck, toying with the soft hair there. His hands go back to toying with her breasts, sliding the straps of the dress off her shoulders, letting it puddle around her waist. He deftly unhooks her white lacy bra, tossing it behind him as his fingers pull at her pebble-hard nipples. He pulls his mouth from hers, pushing her against the pillows, before sucking ferociously on her small buds, nipping at them, leaving her gasping for air as she writhes against his mouth.

“Oh shit, Ryder that feels good!” she moans sexily. Her hands are in his hair, pressing him against her breasts. He pauses, delaying satisfaction, pulling his shirt off before pressing his naked chest against her naked chest, covering her mouth with his. He sucks on her bottom lip as her hands trace his well-defined abs, sliding down to his shorts, grasping his cock through the fabric.

He groans loud, grinding his cock into her hand, before reaching down to unbutton his cargo shorts, sliding them off, revealing that he is wearing no underwear, his hard dick springing into Eloise’s tiny hand. She pumps him hard, reveling in the feel of the prominent veins encircling his 8 inch cock. He presses his face into her hair, the earthy, rosemary scent driving him crazy. He slides the dress down past her waist, yanking her thong off at the same time. The smell of her arousal immediately hits him, turning him on even more.

Ryder presses a finger against her clit, evoking several small mews from Eloise. He inserts a finger into her pussy, searching for her maidenhead, knowing those years of cheer and dance has probably torn it. He surprisingly finds some resistance left, meaning that she was…

“A virgin? Still?” Ryder asks incredulously.

Eloise; lost in the feel of someone else’s fingers in her virgin hole, nods slightly.

Ryder slowly adds another finger to her pleasure, trying to stretch her a little bit for his cock. Precum is now dripping copiously from his head, dribbling over Eloise’s hand, and down his cock. He gives her a small kiss, and asks if she is ready. Another lusty moan is all the answer he needs.

He slowly presses his head against her entrance, continuing to circle her clit with his fingers. He keeps up the steady pushing, stopping when he is halfway in. Ryder leans forward to kiss Eloise softly. He begins thrusting, working more of his hard cock into Eloise’s tight, virgin hole.

Eloise, already lost in the throes of passion, squeezes her pussy around the hard shaft inside of her, her lips moving from his mouth to kissing his neck feverishly. Her hands grip his shoulders firmly, nails leaving marks in his back when the pleasure becomes too much.

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