My “girl” Caroline.

It has only been a couple days since that amazing night on the beach and then back at Carolines apartment, but I was going crazy. (The story, “A date with Caroline.”) I wanted to see her again. We had made plans to see each other that Friday and hours seemed like days as I waited.

When Friday night arrived, I found myself getting hard as I drove to her place. I couldn’t help but squeeze my erection, I could feel pre cum leaking from my tip already, in anticipation.

Caroline met me at her door wearing only a towel. In her adorable broken English she said, “Hi, come in. I am still getting ready.” I loved her cute little accent. Caroline then turned and walked back to her bathroom, dropping her towel as she walked. I stood in the doorway and watched. Her cute little brown butt swayed side to side with each step. Her ass was just perfect and she knew I loved it. I followed her in and as she stood in front of the mirror doing her hair, I softly kissed her perfumed neck. My cock now rock hard and straining against my jeans. In the reflection of the mirror, I saw Carolines beautiful brown cock hanging straight down between her legs.

I slid down down to my knees behind her. I planted soft little kisses on her ass cheeks and felt her soft, brown skin on my face. With my hands on her hips, I turned Caroline towards me. Her cock was now directly in front of my face and I kissed all around her toned, hairless abdomen, just above her dick. She smelled wonderful and looked even better. I kissed down her hanging shaft and moved her cock to the side and kissed and licked her tight but full ball sack. I loved the feel of the wrinkles of her balls on my tongue and lips. “Oh, baby that’s nice” she said as her cock began to stiffen and I licked every inch of it, feeling every ridge and vein. I took Carolines now hard cock into my mouth and wrapped my lips around her engored cocks head. Sucking and licking it before sliding my lips further down her shaft. “Oh yes, baby!” Caroline said as I continued to suck her. “Yes, don’t stop, don’t stop!” She said. I could hear her breathing quicken and I began to suck her cock even harder and faster, hoping to make her cum. Caroline put her hand on the back of my head and I moaned in pleasure and anticipation as I took as much of her cock as I could.

Caroline then pulled her cock from my mouth and with her hand still holding the back of my head, began furiously stroking her hard cock. As if by instinct, I opened my mouth, waiting for, hoping for, her cum shot. Caroline was almost panting now as she stroked herself saying, “Yes, yes” then she released a stream of warm thick cum. The sticky white fluid struck me on the cheek at first and I closed my eyes, but opened my mouth even wider. The rest of the first stream landed on my tongue and chin. The taste and smell of her jizz overwhelmed my senses. The first stream of cum was followed closely by a second. This one shot straight into my open, waiting mouth and I had to swallow. I felt intoxicated and light headed as her warm, silky semen coated my mouth, tongue and throat. Carolines cum was now all over my face, dripping from my chin and onto my shirt. I felt her hand move my head towards her and I took her cock back in my mouth to milk every drop of her delicious cum from her beautiful dick. “Good boy” Caroline said.

“Now for your reward” as I sat here on my knees, covered in her cum, Caroline turned on walked towards her bed. I watched as she crawled onto it, arching her back. Now on all fours, she slowly wiggled her ass at me, making her now empty balls swing side to side. Driven with lust, I moved to her. I licked from her ball sack to the top of her ass crack. Tasting her hole as I did so. I lapped at her little brown hole, hungry for her. I felt the tight ridges of her opening on my tongue as I pressed it into her. “Oh yes, baby” she said and I couldn’t take anymore. I was already on the edge of my own orgasm as precum dripped from my hard cock. I moved to my knees behind her and forced my precum slick erection into her. With her tight asshole wrapped around the head of cock, she gasped and let out a breathless “awwwwwww” as I slid even deeper into her. I grapped her hips and moved half my cock in and out of her perfect, tight little ass before burning it all the way in. When Caroline yelled out, “oh, yes baby, fuck me!” I couldn’t take anymore and flooded her hole with my cum. Panting like an a****l, I pumped wave after wave of hot cum into my beautiful little “girl.” I collapsed next to her totally spent and drained.

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