My Fling With Jodie

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This story is a fantasy I have about this sexy girl I know. Her real name is Jodie and I’ve for years had a fantasy of fucking Jodie or rather jerked off thinking about fucking Jodie. So this is my fantasy:

My name is Gary and I’m 56 years old and I’ve been married to Cindy for twenty years now. We lived in Phoenix for the past ten years.

Cindy was a petite woman with A-cup tits and a little bit of a wide ass. But that’s okay because she still turns me on. But Cindy’s sex drive had not been running at full speed during the past few years. So because of this, I’ve fantasized about my neighbor, Jodie.

Jodie was around 40 years old and was married to Henry. Henry’s always on the road for business so Jodie was often home alone for three or four days.

Since Jodie was often home alone, I often peeked out my den windows to catch a glimpse of her in her black bikini working on her tan. Those glimpses then had me stripping naked and I stroked my cock while I fantasize about fucking Jodie. “Fuck me Jodie,” I would moan out while I stroked my cock and thought about Jodie’s legs wrapped around me while I fucked her.

Then winter arrived and it was December. Cindy decided to go visit her mom in San Francisco for a week.

Henry was also out for that same week for a big conference in Chicago.

That left Jodie and I both home alone.

It was eight o’clock that Wednesday night and I watched a movie on TV. My phone rang.

“Hello.” “James, it’s Jodie. I was wondering if you could come over and assist me with something,” she said from the phone.

“Sure, what do you need?”

“I need some help getting those boxes of Christmas decorations out of the attic. Henry promised to do that before he left for Chicago, but he forgot, again,” Jodie replied and sounded like this was typical for Henry.

“Sure. My pleasure. I’ll be right over,” I answered then hung up the phone.

My heart raced a tad while I thought about being able to spend a few minutes alone with Jodie.

“Don’t get too excited. You know she won’t want sex,” I told myself.

I left my house and walked over to Jodie’s front door. I knocked.

The door opened and Shelly appeared in blue jeans, shorts, and sandals. “Thank you so much for helping me,” she said while she opened up to door, which was the invitation to come inside.

I stepped inside and she immediately closed the door.

“I started to get some of the boxes down, but my back started hurting, so I decided not to push it,” she said while she placed a hand on her back.

“Don’t blame you,” I replied with a warm smile.

Jodie walked me through her living room, and then through the kitchen and from there we went inside the garage.

The access panel into the garage attic was a pull-down stairs. I noticed that three boxes were already on the garage floor.

“I have four more boxes up there,” she said.

“Okay,” I said while I walked over to the stairs.

Five minutes had passed and I brought down those four boxes and had the pull-down stairs back up.

Jodie cringed a little while she placed her right hand on her back.

“You okay?”

“My back is a little stiff. I should go out and get a massage tomorrow, but I’m a little strapped for cash, with Christmas coming up soon.”

I looked at Jodie and wondered if this was one of those golden opportunities. I decided to risk it. “I’ll give you a massage. I mean, it that’s okay with you,” I asked and was a little nervous that she would freak out and tell me to leave her home.

Jodie looked at me, which caused me to get even more nervous.

“Sure. I’ll slip into my bikini,” she said with a warm smile.

I couldn’t believe my ears while I just stared back at her.

“You can massage me on the Futon in the den,” she said then turned around and headed to the door that led back into the kitchen.

Jodie walked me into her den where we placed the Futon in its flat position.

“I’ll be back,” she said then walked out of the den.

I sat down on the Futon and started to get a little nervous about what to expect after she returned.

A few minutes later, Jodie returned in her black bikini and bare feet. She had a towel and a bottle of massage oil in hand while she walked over to the Futon.

Blood started to arrive at my cock and caused it to stir a little at the sight of her.

Jodie placed the towel down on the Futon. She handed me the bottle of massage oil while she lay down on her stomach.

I squirted some oil on her back then started to massage the oil into the top of her shoulder.

I massaged her shoulder area. She moaned. I massaged my way down past the string to her bikini top and massaged some oil into her back.

“That feels good. Henry’s too busy to give me a body massage,” she said while she closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of my hands.

I looked down at ass and that caused my cock to stir a little. “If you want, I’ll give you a full body massage,” I offered.

Jodie looked back at me. “Would you? I would love that,” she said then placed g├╝venilir bahis her head back down on the Futon and closed her eyes.

I worked my hands down to the bikini briefs. I wanted so much to slip them under her bikini but refrained fearful of being slapped. I massaged her right thigh. I massaged her left thigh and kept an eye on her ass. I massaged her right calf. I massaged her left calf and kept an eye on her ass. I then worked my way down to her left foot. I massaged the bottom of her left foot. “Feels good,” she moaned with her eyes closed. I massaged the bottom of her right foot. She moaned a little telling me she enjoyed her massage.

“Turn over,” I told her. Jodie turned over to her back. I massaged her right foot and made sure I massaged every toe. She moaned. I massaged her left foot and made sure I massaged every toe.

“I love having all this attention on my feet,” she said with a smile. I massaged my way down her right leg and stopped just at the bikini brief of her crotch.

I massaged the inside of her right thigh while I stared at her crotch.

I noticed Jodie looking at me and I got a little red-faced that he caught me staring at her crotch. She didn’t care and closed her eyes.

I then massaged my way from her left foot down her leg and stopped an inch from her crotch.

Nasty thoughts of playfully biting her crotch ran through my head while I looked at the crotch of her bikini briefs.

I massaged her stomach and found she was not ticklish.

I then massaged around her bikini top while I stared at her small breasts, which were a turn on for me.

I then massaged the area above her tits.

I removed my hands from her body.

She sat up. “That was nice,” she said then got off the Futon and stood with her back to me. “Massage the top of my shoulders and neck,” she said.

“I hear and obey,” I replied while I walked up behind her.

Jodie flipped her hair off of her back and let it dangle down the front of her body. I started massaging the top of her shoulders. She moaned and inched backwards and brought her butt closer to my crotch.

I looked at her neck and couldn’t resist. I decided to take a chance on getting yelled out. I leaned in and gave her right neck a light kiss.

She didn’t resist.

I kissed her right neck some more.

She moaned a little and that gave me the sign that she was okay with my kissing.

My heart raced and I started to get a little out of breath.

I kissed my way from her neck and down the top of her shoulder.

She moaned a little and moved her butt closer to my crotch.

I moved my lips over and started kissing her left neck.

She moaned.

I moved my hands and placed them on her stomach. She didn’t say anything.

I moved my left hand up to her left bikini bra while I moved my right hand down to her crotch.

I lightly ran my left fingers over the material of her left bikini bra. I could feel her nipple get hard.

I lightly ran my right fingers over the material of her crotch.

She moaned and moved her crotch closer to my fingers.

I started to get really brave. “So, I’m curious, is your pussy shaved or hairy?” I asked then sucked on her left ear lobe.

“You’ll have to find out,” she replied then pushed her butt into my crotch. I knew I had a chance with Jodie.

I moved my right hand and ran my fingers over her crotch.

Jodie moaned and pushed her crotch into my fingers.

I ran my other fingers over her left breast and could feel that her nipple was rock hard.

Jodie moaned a little harder and her crotched moved in rhythm to my fingers that rubbed her pussy through her bikini material. My cock started to get hard while she moved her butt into my crotch.

“Feels like someone wants me,” Jodie said while she moved her right hand and placed it on top of my hand. She assisted me while I rubbed her pussy through her bikini brief.

“Someone wants to fuck you,” I whispered into Jodie’s right ear. “I love being fucked,” she replied.

Hearing her talk dirty was really turning me on.

“Henry just wants his three minutes of pumping then he goes back to the TV,” Jodie said and I could feel from her bikini brief that her pussy started to get wet.

“Too bad, because I think you need to be caressed and then fucked,” I said while I moved my hand to the top of her bikini brief.

“I do love cock,” she replied and moaned when my hand slipped into her bikini brief and my fingers headed to her pussy.

“So you’re trimmed. Good. I like a little pussy hair. I think it’s sexy,” I said while I ran my fingers through her trimmed bush.

While my fingers found her pussy, Shelly reached around back and untied her bikini top. She let it drop to the floor.

I moved by right hand over and cupped her left tit. “I love small tits. I think their so fucking sexy,” I said while I fondled her tit.

She moaned.

I had my right fingers running up and down the slit of her pussy, while my left fingers were rubbing her left nipple.

“You’re so fucking t├╝rk├že bahis sexy, Jodie. I’ve always wanted to fuck you,” I confessed while I whispered into her right ear.

“Good,” she moaned while she enjoyed her pussy and tit being played with.

I removed my right hand out from her bikini brief and my left hand off her left tit. I then grabbed her bikini briefs and slid them down to her feet. Jodie stepped out of her briefs then turned around.

I thought I was in a dream when I saw Jodie standing in front of me bare ass naked. I looked at her A-cup tits with small erect nipples and small areola. They looked great. Then I scanned down to her pussy with that patch of trimmed pussy hair. It looked great.

“It’s your turn,” she said then grabbed the bottom of my tee shirt. Jodie pulled my tee shirt up and over my head. She dropped it to the floor.

I removed my sneakers and socks.

Jodie unbuttoned my blue jeans and slid them down to my feet. I stepped out of my blue jeans then gave them a little kick out of the way.

Jodie then slid my boxers down to my feet. I stepped out of them and gave them a little swift kick out of the way.

And there I was. I was finally standing naked with my sexy neighbor Jodie.

I moved Jodie back to the Futon and sat her down on the edge of the mattress.

I moved her onto her back.

I leaned down and held her left foot in my hand.

I started sucking on her big toe.

“Mmmm, that’s a first,” she said.

“Ever had your toes sucked?”

“This is my first,” she replied with a little moan.

I continued and sucked on all of her toes of her left foot. I set her left foot down and held her right foot in my hand. I started sucking on her big toe.

“Suck on my toes. I love it!”

I continued and sucked on all of her toes of her right foot. I set her right foot down and spread her legs opened.

She knew what was next while I kissed my way down the inner thigh of her left leg.

I paused for a few seconds while I took in the beauty of her pussy. Her sweet juicy pussy!

I ran my tongue up and down the slit of her wet pussy.

“Yeah, lick my pussy. I love having my pussy licked,” Jodie moaned out then placed her legs over my shoulders with my head between them. I ran my tongue up to her clit.

I found her clit and started sucking on them while I reached out and fondled her tits with my hands.

Jodie moaned louder while I sucked on her clit.

Then after a few seconds of sucking on her clit, Jodie arched her crotch upward. “I’m cumming,” she cried out having an orgasm. Having Jodie’s body twitch while I continued to suck on her clit was a beautiful feeling.

Then after a few more minutes of me sucking on her clit and Jodie’s pussy cumming and cumming, I moved my tongue down her pussy. I stuck my tongue into her pussy and tongue fucked her for a few minutes.

Jodie moaned out louder.

Then I decided to take a chance. I ran my tongue down to that little area between her pussy and asshole. I ran my tongue around that area for a few seconds. Jodie didn’t mind and moaned that indicated she enjoyed it. I decided to take another chance. I slowly moved my down and held it about a quarter of an inch from her asshole. She didn’t say move away.

I slowly moved the tip of my tongue to her asshole. She didn’t move away.

My heart raced while I moved my tongue closer to her asshole. I could feel her asshole on the tip of my tongue. She didn’t move away. I slowly moved my tongue allowing it to lightly touch her asshole. She didn’t move away.

I ran my tongue all around her asshole.

She moaned. “Ah yes. Lick my asshole,” Jodie called out and moved her crotch up a little so that I had easier access to that area.

I ran my tongue all around her sweet asshole.

“Yes! Feels fucking good,” Jodie moaned while I licked her asshole.

Then she moved my head away from her ass. “Stand up,” she ordered.

I stood up and she sat up. She looked at my cock that was hard. She smiled. “I like your cock with your strawberry blonde pubes, she said while she grabbed a hold of my dick.

“Well then, suck it, Jodie,” I ordered.

“Yes sir,” she said then immediately opened her mouth and placed the head of my cock into her mouth.

“Feels good,” I moaned out while she sucked my cock.

I placed my hands on the side of her head and started fucking her mouth. “You’re a good cocksucker,” I moaned out while she sucked on my dick like it as a Popsicle.

“I love a hard cock in my mouth,” she said after taking my cock out of her mouth. “But I also love a cock in my pussy,” she added when lay down on the mattress and opened up her legs. “Come fuck me,” she said while she patted her pussy and I could hear her juices with the pat.

I climbed on top of Jodie and she guided my cock into her pussy. “Ahhh, feels so fucking good,” I moaned out while my six-inch cock went deeper into her pussy.

“Fuck me,” Jodie moaned out.

I started pumping her pussy and it was a beautiful sound of my cock going in and g├╝venilir bahis siteleri out of her wet slit.

I pumped a little faster.

Jodie moaned a little louder. “Fuck me. I’m a slut!” she cried out then shot her legs up in the air.

Then after a few more seconds of pumping her pussy she pointed her toes up at the ceiling. “Ahhhhhhh!” she cried out while she had an orgasm. I continued pumping her pussy with my balls slapping against her asshole. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” Jodie called out while my ass went up and down on top of her pussy.

Then I knew I could not last any longer. “I’m going to cum.

Where do you want it?” I called out while I fought from shooting my load into her pussy. “Stand up,” she said.

I pulled my cock out of her pussy and stood up.

Jodie sat up with her ass on the edge of the mattress.

She started sucking on my cock.

I knew where she wanted my load.

She sucked on the head of my cock.

I couldn’t hold back any longer. “Ahh!” I cried out when the head of my cock swelled in her mouth. “I’m cumming!” I cried out again when I realized I could not hold back any longer.

A load of cum spurted out of my cock into her mouth. I wished I could have seen that!

Another load of cum spurted out of my cock into Jodie’s warm mouth.

Spurt after spurt shot out of my cock and I filled her mouth with my warm cum.

Jodie kept her mouth closed and did not spill a drop.

This was sometime I’ve always wanted to try, so I grabbed Jodie’s left hand and I brought her up to her feet. I held her head in my hands and brought her face to mine. I kissed her lips then forced my tongue into her mouth. We French kissed while she had a mouth full of my cum. It actually tasted good.

Our tongues tangled in her mouth with my cum.

We stopped kissing and Jodie swallowed my load.

We sat down on the Futon a little out of breath.

“That was great. Henry would never do anything kinky like that,” Jodie said while she rested her head on my shoulder.

“Thanks. Fucking you is a dream come true,” I said then placed my arm around her shoulder.

“I was thinking. I’m home alone and you’re home alone. Why don’t you sleep here on the Futon with me?” she asked then looked at me.

“Ah sure. Let me lock up my house first,” I replied with a smile and loved the idea of sleeping with her in my arms.

An hour later, I had my house locked up and Jodie and I were on the Futon with a blanket and pillows. She wore my tee shirt with noting else underneath and I only work my boxers.

We cuddled and watched a few movies.

I loved the feeling of having her in my arms while we cuddled. Fours hours later, we were both sound asleep.

I had a dream of fucking a woman that resembled Jodie and even in my dream, I could feel I had a boner.

I woke up and found Jodie sleeping on her stomach. I felt nasty. I lowered the blanket to her knees.

I slowly lifted up my tee shirt to expose her bare ass cheeks.

I looked down at the crack of her sweet ass.

I leaned down and started to lightly run my tongue up and down the crack of her ass.

Jodie moved her ass a little.

I ran my tongue up and down the crack of her ass again. She moved her ass a little.

I ran my tongue deeper into the crack of her ass and found her sweet asshole.

She moaned in her sleep.

I spread her ass cheeks apart and started licking her asshole.

“Lick my asshole,” Jodie moaned out the second she woke up.

I ran my tongue all over her asshole with her moaning and moving her ass along with the rhythm of my tongue.

“I want to fuck your ass,” I told her.

“I’ve never had my ass fucked before,” she said while she turned over to her side.

“Want to try it?”

“Sure. I’m a slut,” she said then got off the Futon.

She removed my tee shirt then turned around and headed to the door. “Where you going?”

“Some lube,” she said then left the room.

A few seconds passed and Jodie can back into the room with a tube if KY Gel in hand.

“Sit on the edge of the Futon,” she said when she got to the Futon and dropped the KY to the floor.

I sat on the edge of the mattress.

Jodie got down to her knees and spread my legs opened.

She moved in toward balls. She started licking all over my balls.

She moved her tongue to the base of my balls and concentrated that area. “Feels good,” I moaned out while I placed my feet on the mattress.

Jodie continued licking the base of my balls and the area between it and my asshole.

Then Jodie stood up and got on the mattress.

She grabbed her pillow and placed it under he tummy for a spread eagle position with her ass arched a little upward.

“Fuck my ass,” she said and wiggled her ass cheeks.

I grabbed the KY Gel off the floor and opened it. I placed some lube in my cock then lubed her virgin asshole.

I dropped the KY to the floor.

I stared at her ass cheeks and could not believe that I am finally going to try anal sex.

I move over to Jodie and positioned my cock just above the crack of her ass.

Jodie wiggled her ass.

I ran the tip of my cock up and down her asshole.

I pressed the tip of my cock against her tight hole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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