My first gay experience

When I was 19 (i’m 21 now) i started having fantasies about letting another man eat my ass or suck my cock. All my life i had considered myself straight. I had never been with another man before, and never actually thought i would do it. Then one night I got really horny and decided to go on grindr. I’m 6 feet tall, slim and have a fairly decent body. It wasn’t hard for me to find someone that wanted to be with me. I considered myself straight still (i’m bisexual now) and was really nervous about letting another guy touch me. I decided I would pick the perfect person and make it clear that all i wanted was my ass eaten and fingered while i jerked myself off. After a bit of searching i finally found the right person. After a few minutes of talking we decided to meet up and he drove near my house. I was really nervous but my cock was rock hard too, i was so excited to finally live out my fantasy. The closest i had come before this was letting my ex girlfriend fuck my ass with a strap on, but this would be my first time with a guy. We met up and i got into his car. i didn’t know what to say so instead of talking i just pulled off my pants and underwear and got on my hands and knees in his back seat. without saying a word he plunged his tongue deep into my tight shaved asshole. it was the most amazing feeling i had ever had, he licked and sucked on my asshole while i strokes my cock and i was in total ecstasy. then he pulled his head back and put the tip of his thumb against my asshole, pressing gently and then harder and harder, eventually sticking his thumb all the way into my ass. he fingered me this way for a few seconds and then pulled out his thumb and put in one finger, then two, and then the next thing i knew he had three fingers in my ass. i was getting so into it, jerking myself off vigorously, that i didn’t even notice him pull out his fingers and get ready to fuck my ass. we hadn’t agreed to anything more than him eating me out and fingering me, but when i felt the head of his cock against my asshole i just couldn’t resist. he slid his cock into me and began fucking me like i was just some dirty slut. he pushed my head down and stood over me, grab my ass and pulled it higher into the air and began fucking me as hard as he could. i wasn’t prepared for anything like that, but the sheer pleasure i was in caused me to explode all over his car, he kept pounding my ass for another thirty seconds before i felt a hot creamy feeling in my asshole and realized he had cum inside me. i laid there for a moment trying to catch my breath, and then without even thinking or saying i word, i got out of the car still half naked with cum running from my asshole and down my leg and walked back to my house where i climbed into the shower and cleaned myself off, thinking about the amazing experience i had just had. i never spoke to that guy again but i’ll never forget the time we had and i jerk off thinking about it all the time. some day i’ll work up the courage to find another man to fuck me like that.

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