My First Beads

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My first experience with beads was a few months earlier with Megan. I had instructed her to bring her beads when she was over at my house on a booty call. She had a very willing personality and an ass that enjoyed being filled with beads and then my cock.

Fast forward a few months. A lot had happened since that evening. I though about how Megan must feel when a man covers a set of beads in warm lube, then places a drop on his finger and coats her ass with the same lube. The feeling of having a small bead enter her ass, then a slightly larger one, and then another until 8 inches of beads in her ass.

Much to my delight, Megan moved a few streets away from me. We kept talking about our fun we used to have together and both of our desires to play some more. Over the past few months, I had thought more about the feeling of toys in my ass and finally developed the courage to ask if Megan was interested in helping me experiment. She responded she was honored, in a weird way, that I asked her to be the first to play with my ass. She agreed, and we waited for a day that we could both get together.

Megan had to be at work by 10AM, and that left her the morning for fun. No the best time for naughty play, but no one else could know of our desires. I had a few days off work in the fall so we set up a morning encounter.

Megan has a habit of being ready to play, and answering the door naked. On my first trip to her new place, I was rewarded with Megan, a 5’5″ 130lbs brunet answering the naked, letting me fully view her firm body and abundant 36C breasts. We kiss again, and instantly remember old times and our many nights of naughty fun.

She walks into the bedroom and I take off my clothes and follow her. The best part about a fuck buddy is g├╝venilir bahis that here is no need for small talk and wondering when to make a move. While the plan of the morning was anal play, her body is too irresistible not to take full advantage of before hand. I throw her on the bed, pin her down and kiss her again. I lay on top of Megan’s hot body with my cock pressing on her shaved pussy. She presses against me, but I move away, not her time to enjoy it yet.

I roll off and Megan gets the point, time to talk about toys. She grabs a set of beads, the same I used on her, and a red 4 inch long, 2 inch thick butt plug. Like pro, Megan explains to me how each one feels and why she does or doesn’t like it. The beads appealed to me because I thought my ass wouldn’t feel stretched all the time while they were inside, so in the end, I choose to experience the beads.

Feeling a bit nervous, I kneeled down on the bed on all fours. I kept thinking of Megan in this position a few months earlier. Megan places a drop of lube on her fingers and places them against my ass. While I’ve fingered my ass in the shower before, having her fingers on me, felt better than I could image. Megan was kind enough to slip a finger into me a few times before removing her hand. I could hear her coving the beads in lube, and then she asked if I was ready. Quickly, I thought to myself, this is it, no more anal virgin for me. I nodded and said to go ahead.

I really didn’t feel the smaller beads too much. They felt like something pressing on my ass and then going away. “This isn’t too bad,” I though to myself. She then pulled a few beads out, and slid them back in. “Hmmm, that feels pretty good,” I said. Next, I felt a larger bead enter my ass, and then another. Now I could really g├╝venilir bahis siteleri feel them. The feeling of my ass stretching was new to me. I didn’t like it, but I didn’t dislike it either. “A few more beads to go,” Megan lets me know. She wanted to know if she needed to stop, but having fucked her ass before, I wanted to let her fuck mine. Slowly another bead entered my ass, then another. Each time, it was a feeling that I’d never felt before.

Then, she stopped, all the beads were in my ass. I stood up on my knees and just stood there for few seconds seeing how it would feel. I didn’t feel good, or bad, just different. Next I wanted to try the butt plug because it would stretch my ass and stay in while we had some more fun. Megan removed the beads slowly from my ass and carried them into the bathroom and left them in the sink.

She came back, picked up her butt plug and lubed it up, just like she did the beads. My ass was not as tight as she pressed the tip of the plug to my ass. The lube allowed plug slide right into my ass without a lot of effort. This felt different, now my ass was being stretched and stayed that way. Megan now wanted to have a little fun. She started pumping my ass with her butt plug. As the plug was tapered, I feel could my ass closing up and then stretching again as she moved it in and out. At last, she left it in, crawled forward and lay down on the bed almost underneath me. She had the “fuck me” look in her eyes I’d recognized many times before.

Megan was getting excited filling my ass with her toys and I could tell her pussy was wet before I gently placed a finger in her. Before I did, I though, “I’ve got a butt plug in my ass, why doesn’t she?” I walked out to the bathroom, cleaned off the beads and brought iddaa siteleri them back. Megan, always a good girl, rolled over, and lifted her ass in the air. With the same tenderness she used on me, I lubed her wanting ass, and allowed myself to slide a finger into her. She pressed against my one finger and moaned as it entered further. I removed my finger and replaced it with the first of her beads. As I watched the first one slide in, I thought of the feeling I had when she slide the first into me. This only made it more hot! Megan’s ass was used to more play than mine, so the beads entered her with more ease than my ass. Megan knew the beads were only part of foreplay, and at this point, only wanted to get fucked. She leaned back, wanting me to fill her ass with the beads.

Not wanting to disappoint her, I sped up pushing the beads into her. Finally, the last bead entered her ass and she was ready for more action. She laid down on her back, arms behind her head, grabbed me and yelled “Fuck me!!” Needless to say, I didn’t wait. My body dropped on top of hers, and it didn’t take long for my hard cock to find her wet, open pussy. I thrust into her and immediately noticed something different. Like before, she was so much tighter and hotter! My cock almost exploded right on entering her. After fucking my ass, she was so hot feeling my cock inside of her almost did her in.

She held me tight, wrapped her legs around me and screamed. My cock exploded deep in her pussy. The feeling of her hot pussy around me, and the rigid beads pressing on my cock from her ass drove me over the edge. My cum overflowed from her pussy and down her still stuffed ass. We lay there for a few minutes, still too hot to move from our animalistic fucking. My cock began to soften and we both knew it was time to separate, and return home. The other great thing about a fuck buddy is when you’re done, you say it was great, pull the toys out of your ass, get dressed and head back home with the dirty images you just created!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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