My Favorite Girl Pt. 01

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College Sluts

Author’s notes:

*This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manor. Any resemblance to actual events is purely coincidental. All character’s involved in sexual activity are 18 or older.*

*As with most of my stories, I take the time to develop my characters and tell an actual story. We all know where it is ultimately going to end up at, it’s the journey to get there that’s the fun part. There are some funny parts, some sad parts, and some twists and turns. Sports are involved but just enough to carry the story from scene to scene. I decided to do this in large parts instead of single chapters. Each ‘part’ has four to five normal chapters in it. I wrote a lot, cut very little, toned down my language, and tried to make it as believable as possible. This is my first story in five years, I hope it was worth the wait.*

——————————– Part 1: ——————————–

———————– Saturday, the start of spring break in mid-March. ————————-

“Whoa,” Jim rasped. “Look at this one. Holy cow!”

I glanced up from my phone and looked over the seats to see what Jim, my newfound friend, was so excited about.

I nodded at him. “Not bad. Had some work done but not bad.”

“Not bad?” he questioned in disbelief.

The girl we were looking at was mid-forties, blonde hair, blue eyes, firm boobs, with a slim but toned body. She had a face on her though that was soft and gentle but very sexy. Her quick smile at the flight attendant was nice as well. We both tried not to stare as she walked past us. Jim had the aisle seat so he couldn’t help himself. I was against the window, so I didn’t have the best view, but I still got to see the firm ass in the yoga pants. That was nice but yoga pants are probably the best and worst invention ever made. They take ugly and smooth it out and lift it up and make it look nice. Then the pants come off and you get the surprise. Judging by her toned and well-kept body, there wasn’t going to be a surprise. What you saw would be what you got.

She was far enough away that I stopped looking and returned back to my phone. Jim was still craning his neck around to stare at her backside as she continued on down the rows.

“Damn,” Jim groaned now. “Are you kidding me?”

“What?” I asked as I tried to see over the seat and look back at what he was looking at.

“That’s disappointing.”

“What?” I asked again.

“The guy she is with,” he sighed. “Go figure. He must have money.”

I slightly stood up to see. She was holding hands with a fat guy that had a greasy comb over and was about ten years older than she was. She had him by about six inches in height based on them just sitting next to each other. I sat back down so I wouldn’t draw attention to myself.

“Or, he’s got a monster dong,” I said as I made my arm flop in my lap pretending it was a dick.

He chuckled. “Opposites attract man. I’m going with that.”

“Kind of like my mom and dad,” I offered.

“Yeah?” Jim asked. “How is that?”

“Well,” I said as I thought. “Maybe not exactly like them. My dad wasn’t fat, my mom isn’t blonde, and they aren’t together anymore. Honestly, they were complete opposites now that I think about it.”

“I’m telling you,” he agreed. “That saying must be true.”

His phone started playing the Jurassic Park ring tone from the movie. He put on his glasses and checked his phone as I looked down at mine again. I was absentmindedly looking at it as I thought of my dad first then my mom.

My dad was a businessman and a hustler in the early years of his life. He knew he was going to make it big one day, he just hadn’t figured out how. He never worked for the man as he put it, he had always done his own thing and struggled mightily for many years until the early nineties. That’s when things turned around for him.

He was on a business trip when he ran into a couple of guys at the bar in the hotel he was staying at. They all knew each other somehow but they weren’t friends as they all traveled too much. The guys were talking about investing in this new thing called the internet. My dad had heard about it but didn’t understand it very well. He listened and learned about it from the other two but came away from it with a very different idea on how to make money off of the internet.

The two guys were wanting my dad to join them and invest in companies that were going to provide the internet service itself. My dad was a salesman and knew that companies would want to use the internet to grow their businesses to sell outside of a geographical area they were in. Most of your customers would come to you if they lived inside a certain mile radius of a brick and mortar store, but the internet would eliminate that and make it endless. The dot com boom began and my dad started investing.

He had a few early busts but then a few good booms came ┼čirinevler escort along. My dad, the struggling hustler, was now worth a few million and no longer the struggling hustler, he was just a hustler with cash to throw around. He invested in more companies, played the market, knew when the time was right and got out before things tanked. By the end of the nineties, he was worth an estimated ten million dollars.

It was during that wild time, the dot com boom, that he met my mom. They were twenty years apart in age, but my dad was never a shy man. He was on a business trip entertaining clients and she was the waitress of their table. They both flirted and playfully teased each other throughout dinner. He left her his number to the hotel he was staying at on the bill but didn’t expect her to call. She actually called him that night and they went out for coffee where they hit it off further. They chatted and laughed late into the night before they went their separate ways. She thought he just wanted a one-night stand but when he was actually a gentleman to her it made her think.

He came in and out of town over the next several months. They continued to see each other and date until he asked her to come on a trip with him. She had nothing to lose and nothing keeping her where she was, so she went with him. The rest you could say is history.

It was a whirlwind love that took them both to places they never thought they would go to. The next thing you know I came along. That put a quick end to that. Mom was still young and wanted to go places and do things. My dad was older, and he had done things and had been places and with me being born, he knew it was time to slow things down.

They moved to Florida as my dad got into the next big boom, real estate. My mom was still on the go with her tree hugger, I can save the world, free spirited ideas. Before I was born, they had been to Africa a few times and she wanted to save the villages by giving them fresh water and education and medical help. It’s not a bad thing, don’t get me wrong. But after I was born, she should have reprioritized what was important to her. She was still set on saving the world with or without me.

Her plan was never to have kids. She did a few mission trips before she met my dad and fell in love with the idea that she was helping to save the world. When she met my dad, it detoured her for a couple of years. She really wanted to get back on track, as she put it, and keep on doing good over there even though I was around now. My dad didn’t want to hold her back so he told her she could go a few times a year.

That lasted five years. She missed my birthday while on one of her trips. They got into a huge argument about it when she finally did return home. I was too young to understand all the ends and outs of what had happened between them, but I know they both signed some papers, she packed up her things and basically moved to Africa permanently. She came home every now and then but for the most part it was just me and my dad after that.

I didn’t even realize she was gone half the time, so it wasn’t a big change after she left. It was for my dad though. He had to try and raise me while hustling to make millions. He knew how to do it though. He always put me first but still managed to make money.

The love affair of my life started shortly after my mom and dad split. Dad was an avid golfer and took clients and friends out regularly to entertain and work on business deals. He bought me a set of clubs and took me along one day. It started out as a fun thing we could do together while he could still conduct business.

Five years later we were on the course making small bets and winning some money and business deals in the process. Mike’s kid, me, could actually play pretty decently and it shocked them when a ten-year-old could beat them. Yeah, I was hitting from the forward tees, but I still had to land shots on the green and make putts. I progressively moved back tee boxes until I was playing from the big boy tees as my dad called them.

I broke par the summer I turned thirteen. They say that over ninety nine percent of all golfers in the world will never break par without lying. That’s no mulligans, no foot wedges onto the fairway, no winter rules, no gimmie putts. Legit, I followed the rules to get par. That’s when my dad knew I was something special and hired a golf coach to help me hone my skills and really focus. I was doing good on my own but with his help I was consistently at par or below par by the time I was fourteen.

My mom actually took a break from her life saving, do gooder trips and came home my freshman year of high school to watch me compete for the state title. I kind of wished she hadn’t after the fact because I shot the worst two-day score of my life since I was twelve and didn’t even come close to winning. My dad and my coach blamed it on first time jitters and that I’d get them next time.

They were right about that. My sophomore ┼čirinevler elit escort year and my junior year I won the state title. I was really good, but how good was really good? I was beating kids my age that had the same experience level and skills as me. What about adults? Anyone can try out to play in the Open, so I decided I was going to try it out.

I was one single shot away from qualifying for the Open that summer when I was seventeen. I had a bad drive off the eighteenth tee, had a hell of a recovery shot to get back onto the fairway, landed it right on the green the next shot and needed to sink a twelve foot putt to save par and qualify. It stopped an inch short of the hole.

My play, however, caught the eyes of some sponsors of the golf event the week after the Open took place. My dad had done some business with them before and they had seen me play when I was younger. They were impressed with my play back then and more so now, so they gave me a sponsorship exemption into the tournament.

I was out there playing a pro event with the guys I had watched on TV my whole life. Most of the big names weren’t there but there were some and for me to be out there playing with them was an unbelievable experience. I finished twenty fourth, but I was proud of that. Guys that normally played on tour did not make the cut after two days, I did. So, for me to play and finish and not finish last was a victory in my books. I knew where I stood and if I just kept at it, I would get there.

I couldn’t wait to get through my last year of high school. I’d graduate and then skip college and turn pro right away. Of course, there are several steps involved in that, but I knew I could do it if I worked at it. My dad always told me school comes first. Go to school and get educated and then chase golf. Or chase golf while getting educated. Schools were lining up to give me scholarships, so I had the education and the playing part wrapped up. I was still leaning towards skipping school and going for my dream.

It all came crashing down just before my senior year of high school was to start. Dad was on a business trip and was on his way home when he was involved in a fatal car accident on the interstate. My dad, my best friend, my mentor, my biggest fan, my motivator, was just…… gone. If that wasn’t bad enough, I had to spend four days trying to contact my mom to tell her that dad was gone and I had no idea what to do.

My dad and his sister were pretty close and had a good relationship. We spent time during the summers with them and most of the major holidays too. We even took random vacations during the year and went to see them, or we would all meet at a destination somewhere and vacation together. My aunt and uncle stepped up and were a huge help since I had no idea where to start or what to do to get his affairs in order.

My mom finally arrived a week after his passing but let my aunt and uncle continue to take care of things. We spent some time together before he was laid to rest then for a few days afterwards. Africa was calling and just like that she vanished again. The only thing she did handle during her time with me was my new living arrangement. I was to move to North Carolina with my aunt and uncle until I graduated high school. Once I got my diploma, I was free to do what I wanted to do with my life.

My dad would have wanted me to go to college so that’s what I did. I finished my senior year of high school then enrolled at Texas. I liked school but it wasn’t what I wanted to be doing. I wanted to chase my dreams and turn pro. Luckily, it was spring break and I was heading to my aunt and uncle’s house to unwind for the week. It would get me away from school and hopefully I’d be able to relax and reevaluate what I was doing.

I also needed to work on my short game too. It was the difference between finishing first and fourth where I ended up. Two failed sand saves and my opponent making two par saving putts swung the match by two strokes and let him win. Our team won so that was good, but I wanted to win myself.

That was my plan for the week. I’d work on my short game in the mornings then relax for the rest of the day. Maybe I’d play a round midweek just for fun but for the short-term I needed to focus on that one single aspect of my game and enjoy the freedom of being away from school.

My phone chirped so I glanced down at it. I opened the pic and saw Cynthia bent over in a thong showing me her nice ass. I started to text her back something funny and clever.

“Holy shit!” Jim cried. “Is that your girlfriend?”

“Who, her?” I asked and showed him the pic. “She’s just a friend.” He took the phone from my hand to get a closer look.

“I need better friends,” Jim sighed as he looked at the pic. “Does she come with benefits?”

“Probably,” I smiled. “I haven’t asked yet but I’m sure she’s willing to play.”

“Oh shit,” he cried. “Here, I didn’t mean to see that one.”

I took my phone ┼čirinevler escort back and looked at the new pic she had just sent. She was shooting down her body towards her legs. Her panties were pulled open so you could see she was bald down below with the slightest folds of her lips in the pic.

“Look all you want,” I smiled. “I’ve got no reservations with her. You want a close-up or a full-on shot? All I have to do is ask and she’d give me one.”

“No,” he sighed after a moment of thought. “I’d just end up frustrated since I wouldn’t be able to actually meet her.”

“She’s going to Lake Havasu for the week,” I hinted like he should go and find her. “She wanted me to go with her but…….”

“And you didn’t go?” he questioned with disbelief.

“I needed to get away from the whole college thing for a week,” I sighed.

He chuckled. “Judging by the pics she’s sending you, it’ll be there when you get back.”

I shrugged. “You should see this girl Jenny I know. Way hotter than Cynthia.”

“I don’t know,” Jim said. “I’ve only seen this one from the waist down.”

“Hold on,” I said.

I texted Cynthia. ‘Pic, no panties, bent over, with your titties and a big smile. The guy I’m sitting next to thinks you’re hot!’

I then started to scroll through some old texts until I found the ones from Jenny. She had only sent me a couple of full nudes; the rest were of her in something skimpy and sexy. I handed the phone over to Jim so he could have a look.

“Wow,” Jim sighed. “To be nineteen again. What I wouldn’t have given to have had a cell phone way back when. No wonder why you weren’t interested in the old hottie back there.”

“Her?” I asked as I glanced back at the blonde again. “There isn’t a thing wrong with her.”

“No, but when you have that and the other one……. why would you?”

Cynthia finally got back to me with the requested pic along with a message. ‘I’m at work so that was not easy. Let me know what he thinks.’

I turned the phone to Jim.

He shook his head in disbelief. “I feel like a dirty old man seeing this.”

“She didn’t have to take the pic,” I offered.

He laughed. “I better stick with women closer to my own age.”

I laughed before texting her back. ‘Thought you were hot, feels dirty looking at somebody half his age though. Gotta shut the phone off, the plane is taking off.’ I settled in and spent the flight home bullshitting with Jim.

I met Uncle Ronnie at the curb with my clubs and my small travel bag.

“Nice to see you, Jason,” he offered. “How have you been?”

“I’m glad to be getting away from school,” I sighed.

“Freshman year grinding you down?” he asked.

“No, I’m just sort of…… thinking I want to……… I don’t know. Figure out what I want to do.”

“Take the week and sort it out,” he offered. “I’ve got us a place for the week down in Florida.”

“Yeah, that’s my plan…… wait, what?”

“I booked us a week’s stay at a golf resort in Florida,” he smiled.

“You’re nuts, Uncle Ronnie,” I hissed. “Spring break in Florida was absolutely nuts when I lived there. I came home to get away from the crowds, not join them.”

“It’s a resort so it won’t be that bad,” he offered. “Plus, it’s on the west coast of Florida, not the east side where you grew up at.”

I sighed and shook my head.

“Emma is going to be there too.”

“Good for her.”

“She was telling me this morning at breakfast that she was looking forward to spending the week with you,” he said.

“She’s home?” I asked.

“Yeah. Flew in last night.”

“Why?” I asked. “She goes to school in Florida. Why wouldn’t you just pick her up along the way?”

“Because… the trip was a surprise for the both of you.”

“Oh,” I nodded. “That makes sense then.”

“Are you going then?” he asked with his smile. It said I didn’t have to go if I didn’t want to, but he’d bust my balls about it until I gave in anyway.

“I have to work on my short game anyway, so……. I might as well work on it there. But I’m telling you, if there’s a massive amount of crazy ass college kids I’m not going to be very happy.”

“I guess we find out when we get there,” he smiled.

“When are we leaving?”

“Tomorrow morning. It’s going to take about eight hours to get there but it’s going to be worth it.”

“That’s a long flight,” I joked. “Are we flying to California first then flying back to Florida?”

“Yeah, it was the cheapest way,” he laughed.

I shook my head and chuckled again before picking up my phone. It was a quiet ride home as Uncle Ronnie and I made small talk before we arrived at the house.

I headed inside and tossed my bag on the bed in the room I was given when I moved here. The golf magazine I had intended to read on the plane flopped out of the bag and rested on the bed. I ended up talking to Jim the entire flight and didn’t have time to read it. No time like the present I thought so I plopped down on the bed and opened it up.

I made it two paragraphs into an article before I was interrupted again.

“Jason!” Emma cheered. “You made it.”

“Just barely,” I smiled.

She skipped into the room and jumped onto the bed with me. I took her into a tight hug and briefly smelt her flowery smell of a recent shower.

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