My daughter’s cuckold Ch. 01

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This is a fictional story. All characters are over 18. The story includes sections of incest, forced-bi and cuckoldry. If you are not into those type of things you do best to read something else, but if you are — go nuts and enjoy!


The day that would completely change my life forever started off surprisingly normal. It was one of those perfect summer days made for lounging outside soaking up the sun. Warm enough to be comfortable wearing only a pair of trunks, but not so warm that it’s exhausting.

My wife Jessica was away travelling on business as usual. She was a pharmaceutical sales rep so she would be on the road more often than she was home. We had a loving relationship so it was a bit boring we could not spend more time together, but her job was great and having two sizable incomes afforded us a comfortable lifestyle.

I was working from home almost all the time as a freelance app designer. Given our set-up I was the one taking care of the house, cooking and cleaning most of the time. I didn’t mind the tasks but working from home and then spending afternoons and evenings taking care of the home made me feel a little bit isolated at times.

Fortunately, our daughter Emma often kept me company. She was our only child and we always had lots of fun together. She was the typical nice and homely girl, never fighting or rebelling. She had many friends but would still often stay at home on a Friday evening and watch a movie with me and Jessica rather than go out to parties.

I had started to see a change in her a couple of months ago, right around the time when she turned 18. She was still a sweetheart, but I saw less and less of her. It seemed the teenage separation phase had finally struck its claws in her as well.

She had started to spend most evening with friends and just say a quick “hi” to me when she got home, before running up to her room. It could have been way worse though. She was independent, still very friendly and easy to talk to when she finally had a minute to spare and there was no indication that she was in any trouble or doing drugs or anything like that.

Emma was the sporty type and had been captain of the high-school volleyball team until recently. She would typically wear shorts, a polo shirt or tank top and have her blond hair in a ponytail. She was tall, slim and had B-cup breasts (which I know from having to emergency shop for her every once in a while when I was behind on laundry).

As a father I understood that she was a total “girl next door” knock-out but I never permitted myself to go there in my mind. I’d never been interested in incest role play or looked at incest porn. To me, that was a total no-go zone that I would never want to break. Boy, was I in for a surprise.

If I was able to keep Emma out of my dirty mind I more than made up for that by focusing on her best friends. I was 40 and they were 18 so it wasn’t exactly my proudest thoughts, but at least it wasn’t incest. Her two best friends were Lisa and Amy. They three of them had been close ever since middle school.

Lisa was just as blond as Emma but shorter and very petite. She was skinny, had A-cup breasts and a slightly coy look that was to die for. She was the complete Lolita dream. Legal, but looked very innocent and cute.

Amy had brown hair and was curvier than the other two girls. She was just as tall as Emma but probably had C-, or D-cup breasts and a perfect bubble butt that got all the boys’ attention.

Together the three of them was like a dream team awaking desire in every teenage boy (and their dads) regardless if you preferred petite, curvy or just the all-American girl next door.

Now, let’s get back to the day in question. Jessica was away on business and the girls made full use of our pool. They would swim for a bit and then lay on the sunbeds, working on their tans and gossiping. Like any other group of teenage girls their discussions would lead to an enormous giggle eruption every other minute.

I knew Lisa and Amy well and over the years me and Jessica had become friendly with their parents as well. So the girls felt completely relaxed spending time at our house and did not think twice about wearing their most revealing bikinis today. This was, of course, not lost on me. I was supposed to work, but it was Friday and the view of Amy and Lisa was too much to resist.

I put on some baggy trunks and a t-shirt and took my laptop down to our living room. From there I just had to look out of the panoramic windows to see the girls on our patio. I opened a bottle of beer and pretended to be this cool and relaxed guy, half working on my laptop and half relaxing.

In reality, I pretended to work and was fully focused on catching glimpses of Amy and Lisa in their bikinis without being too obvious. The last thing I wanted was to be seen as Emma’s sleazy dad. That would embarrass the hell out of her, and me as well. I really don’t have the confidence to pull off being called out for something like that without beylikdüzü escort the situation becoming extremely weird for a long time.

Luckily, the girls didn’t seem to notice me at all, and I got unobstructed views of their wet, young bodies as they came up from the pool. I saw them helping each other put on sunscreen lotion and I chuckled at their funny attempts learning how to twerk. I almost felt guilty enjoying this so much without getting caught.

No sooner had that thought hit my mind before I noticed Amy catching my stare in the corner of her eye, almost making her jump out of surprise. Then. As she was about to instinctively move away, I saw something change in her expression. Almost like she had a devil on her shoulder convincing her what to do.

She kept eye contact with me and slowly bent forward giving me a perfect glance of her large cleavage. She gave me a slight smile and then continued to bend forward until her hands were clinching her ankles. The highest point of her body was now the curvature of the top of her perfect ass.

She stood like that for a second and then arched her body up again, giving me a smile and then turning to her friends like nothing had happened.

I was in total chock. Did she really do that? Was it for me to see? I tried to push away any thoughts that this was an invite and convinced myself that it was probably just a big coincidence and that she actually didn’t notice me despite it looking like she did.

The girls talked for a little bit more and then Amy broke away. She opened the patio door and excitingly ran over to me, with her perfect body bouncing up and down. I was almost frozen in some sort of mix between excitement and sheer terror. Is she going to call me out on my disgusting behavior?

Luckily, she wasn’t. Instead she looked at me from top to bottom and then broke out in a big smile.

“Hey Mr. B. What a lovely day, don’t you think?” she finally said. Ok, so far so good I thought to myself. At least she doesn’t think I’m a creep yet which I am very grateful for.

“I see you’re starting the weekend early” she went on, nodding at the beer in my hand. “You wouldn’t happen to have a few beers for us?”

So. This was what it was all about, begging for alcohol.

It was pretty uncharacteristic of them to ask and normally I would say no straight away. I’m not sure why I didn’t, but probably I was just so relived that I hadn’t been called out on my staring that I didn’t think straight.

“Well, I’m not sure what your parents would say.” I replied. “But I have a cold six pack and I guess it wouldn’t be too bad if you shared it.”

I went over to the fridge and got the six pack. When I handed it over to her, she pressed against me letting me feel the contours of her amazing breasts. She leaned forward and pressed her lips against my ears and whispered.

“Thank you, Mr. B. I will make sure to make it up to you.”

With that she turned around and walked out to her friends on the patio. I heard a triumphant “wohoo, I told you so!” as she closed the patio door. Emma looked back at me with a slight smile that looked like she was half happy and half disappointed with me.

The whole experience left me drained. I just sat on couch staring into the thin air for a good 10 minutes afterwards not able to concentrate on a single thought.

The girls continued enjoying themselves, swimming, chatting and having some beers. Their voices got louder and louder and the giggles more frequent, indicating to me that the alcohol had some effect.

After an hour or so I asked if the girls were hungry and wanted to stay for dinner. They all looked at each other and broke out in hysterical laughter making it almost hard to hear them saying “yes”.

I simply put it down to the alcohol and being teenage girls and walked away to get started in the kitchen. Little did I know that their laughs came from a much more sinister place, but I was about to find out.

I started chopping some vegetables and preparing a tuna salad for us to share. Getting on with this daily task made me feel a sense of normality returning to the situation which was great.

Sure, I admit I enjoyed the view of Lisa and Amy in their bikinis, but the past two hours made me realize it’s not in my nature to live out fantasies I’ve so far only seen in pornos. It was way too stressful and, frankly, a little bit scary. Therefore, it felt nice to defuse the situation with a normal dinner.

I must have spent around 30 minutes in the kitchen before I realized that my favorite recipe for tuna salad dressing was saved on my iPhone that was upstairs in my home office. I jogged up the stairs and headed towards my office when I heard a voice from our guest room.

“Mr. B. Can you please give me a hand?”

It was Amy who had found her way upstairs without me noticing it. I opened the door and saw Amy standing in the middle or the room with nothing but a towel wrapped around her. On beyoğlu escort the left of her was a small desk and chair. Behind her was our queen-sized guest bed and furthest back in the room was the door to the walk-in closet, slightly ajar.

I took a few steps into the room, took a deep breath and tried to say as casually as possible “Sure, what do you need?”

“Well, I had just had a shower and wanted to make sure it’s fine that I borrow this towel. Emma said it was ok to take one from the guest bedroom.”

Slightly confused why she even thought she needed to ask I replied “Absolutely, no problem.”

“I have another question as well.” she said with an innocent smile on her face. She took two steps closer to me. Now standing just inches in front of me she dropped her towel revealing her completely naked body to me, asking “do you think I look hot?”

My jaw dropped to the floor. She really did look amazingly hot. Her breasts were crazy beautiful. So large yet still firm and perky. Her waist was slim and her rounded ass gave the perfect backdrop to her completely shaven teen pussy. My god, I couldn’t really think straight.

“You are beautiful, but…” I tried to maintain some tone of authority in my voice.

She immediately put an end to that by pressing her naked body to mine and whispering “no buts”.

She turned her back to me and started to grind against my crotch with her naked ass. For just a moment the animal in me took over. I pushed back towards her ass, reached around with my hands and fondled her gorgeous breast while kissing her neck. It was, simply put, heaven.

The moment only lasted a few seconds before I realized what I was doing. This was my daughter’s best friend. I’m more than twice her age and even if she can give in to lust, I should certainly be the responsible person here and not do it. Besides, I’m happily married and wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize my relationship with Jessica.

I pulled away saying “Amy, I’m sorry but we cannot do this. I’m very flattered but I can’t let this happen.”

She turned around with the most triumphant grin I’ve ever seen and replied “Oh, trust me. You don’t get to make that decision.”

I was slightly confused and also a little bit angered by her comment and decided to double down.

“This is my house and I know your parents very well and when I say we stop, we stop. Trust me, it’s for the best for both of us.”

“You don’t call the shots around here anymore.” Amy replied. “From now on you will do what we say.” The word “we” hit me like a hammer. What did she mean by “we”?

I didn’t get a chance to ask her that before the door to the walk-in closet opened and a still bikini clad Lisa stepped out proudly displaying a phone in her hand.

“Did you get the shots we needed?” Amy asked.

“Yes, they’re perfect. Even better than I could have imagined.”

She held up the screen so we could see and to my shock and horror she had taken photos of my intimate moment with Amy. What I hadn’t realized was that when Amy turned her back to me, she made the most believable facial expression looking like she was crying in despair. From these pictures it looked like this disgusting older guy was forcing himself on a reluctant teen girl, making her cry.

“We have sent these pictures to a close and reliable friend of ours.” Lisa explained.

“We have a copy of your entire address book and if you don’t comply with our demands, we will distribute the photos to all your contacts, with a friendly CC to our local police office.”

To show she was serious she also showed me several pictures of my open computer with my contact list showing.

I couldn’t believe what was happening. These sweet girls that I had seen grow up had all of a sudden turned into complete devious and manipulating bitches. I was so angry I could hardly speak. The only thing that kept my anger from overflowing was the rising fear. If they could do this, what else had they planned?

“Why are you doing this?” I asked, trying to see if I could talk my way out of this.

“Well,” Amy replied “we are sick and tired of you drooling over our young bodies as soon as we come to visit Emma. It’s time we teach you a lesson.”

“I’m so sorry,” I said, hoping an apology would be enough. “I didn’t know you noticed it and were feeling uncomfortable. It will never happen again, I promise.”

Actually, I meant every word of it. Had I known I would never have allowed myself trying to catch glimpses of them.

“Sure” Lisa said, giving me a glimpse of hope. “We just need you to do one thing to pay your penalty and then we are even.”

“Yes, I will do anything. What do you need? Another six-pack?”

“No” continued Lisa. “We think that given that you have objectified us, it’s now our turn to objectify you. If you strip down and let us see you naked it’s even-Steven.”

This didn’t seem like a good idea given the situation we were in, so I tried to push back. bomonti escort “Look, I will definitely try to repay you for your discomfort, but this is probably not the right way.”

“Oh, just SHUT UP!” Amy half screamed back at me. “Remember, we have the pictures and unless you want your life ruined you do as we say.”

She did have a point, and this would probably be over and done quickly if I just complied. I started to take off my t-shirt and then I pulled down my trunks and boxers and stepped out of them. “There, are we done now?” I asked.

What I didn’t take into consideration was what standing naked in front of two beautiful teen girls would do to my body. On cue my cock began to stiffen and within seconds I had a complete erection.

The girls started to laugh, and I felt completely embarrassed. “It’s not much meat you are packing, but by the looks of it this doesn’t seem like much of a punishment to you.” Lisa said between her giggles. “Let’s think of something else.”

Amy took the chair from the small desk and placed it close to the foot-end of the bed with the back to the hallway door.

“Here, please have sit and this will be over soon” she said. I sat down on the chair which had a metal frame and a high backside.

“Relax. Let your hands hang effortlessly on each side and take deep breaths.”

This seemed to be some sort of yoga or mindfulness crap, but I did as I was told and hoped that maybe this would be an easy way out.

“I think it’s unfair that I’m the only one with clothes on” Lisa suddenly said. Then she stepped a little bit closer in front of me and slowly started to untie her bikini top.

By this time, I was so messed up in my mind that I didn’t know what to think. Was I horny, was I scared, was I angry? Probably a little bit of all.

She dropped her top and revealed her tiny a-cup tits with the smallest and perkiest nipples I’ve ever seen. Combined with her cute face and adorable dimples she truly was a sight to die for. Then she teasingly lowered her bikini bottoms until her full pussy was showing. Like Amy’s, it was completely hairless adding even more to the Lolita look.

As the bikini bottoms dropped to the floor a thin string of gooey pussy juice stretched from her moist slit all the way down to the floor. It was clear that I was not the only one exited.

As I took in the complete view of this incredibly sexy teenager, I heard a “click” on either side of me. My body jumped a little bit, only to feel something hard and cold pressed against my wrists. I couldn’t move my hands more than a few inches and realized that the girls had distracted me with Lisa’s striptease while Amy had cuffed my hands to the back legs of the chair.

Again, triumphant Amy exclaimed “It seems you only get yourself into more and more trouble.”

Damn it. These girls were devious, but I couldn’t shake the fact that I was also kind of impressed with how good they were at this.

“Don’t worry. We will let you go, but we might have lied a teeny tiny bit about what you must do to earn your freedom. There’s still one more task for you. You see, little Lisa here has not gotten off for too long now. Your job is to use your small member to change that.”

I didn’t enjoy being called small for the second time. I know I’m not sporting the biggest dick out there, but with my 5.5 inches I felt I was at least within some sort of definition of average. Definitely big enough to not deserve to be taunted.

Lisa took two more steps towards me, parting my legs and standing so close to me that her one leg brushed ever so lightly against my balls. Again, despite the obvious feelings of lust washing over me, I felt I needed to protest. This was going too far.

“Please no. I’ll do anything, but this is wrong. Think of Emma, your friendship will be destroyed if she finds out you had sex with her dad.”

“Oh, I don’t think that will be a problem” Amy quickly replied.

Then I heard an all too familiar voice. “I didn’t know you were such a pervert dad!” My mind froze. I couldn’t let Emma see me like this.

“Emma, sweetheart. It’s not what it looks like. I wasn’t -”

She cut me off abruptly saying “I think this is exactly what it looks like. You have been a creepy, sleazy pervert and now you have to pay the price. Just be a man and let Lisa get off so we can forget all about this.”

I couldn’t believe it was my own daughter who talked like that. I had hardly heard her saying a curse word in her 18 years and now she sounded like a natural porn dominatrix. Was this even for real? I basically lost the ability to both speak and act. It felt like I was floating just below the ceiling and observing the scene from a far.

I was quickly pulled back to reality as Lisa took matters in her own hands and turned her back to me and slowly impaled herself on my erect cock. My god the feeling! My hard-on had been begging for release for too long and Lisa’s slit was overflowing with pussy juices making my member slide in with extreme ease despite the tight fit. I felt like I could cum right there but tried my best to hold off.

Lisa slowly started moving up and down to the cheers of Amy and Emma. I’ve never in my life experience anything like this sensation. So risky and wrong yet so incredibly sexy.

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