My Daughter Massage Pt. 02

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A few weeks went by since the massage, and they were a lot of teasing going on. My daughter, (Kristina) was showing off a lot and was getting bold with me even if mom was around. She kept her blouse very loose and unbutton, often, down to mid breast and was not wearing a bra, always bending over to pick stuff, just at the right time when I was looking that way. She would look back with a wicked teasing smile.

One day we were sitting in the basement watching TV when my wife said, “I will go get dinner ready.” She got up and left.

At that time, Kristina looked at me and said, “Dad, last weekend I visited Helen and we talked a lot about many things, at one point I directed the conversation to a more personal subject. I asked her, when is the last time she had sex with someone. She told me it had been so long. So, at that point I asked her how come she is not going out to find a fuck friend. Her answer was she was too busy and since she is not the most popular girl, she is afraid to be rejected.”

“The conversation progressed to my sex life, led by my mischievous mind. I told her, mine was the same as hers for a while, especially since the breakup with my boyfriend, but it all changed the other weekend. I went on to tell her, if I tell you, it has to be our secret! You can’t tell anyone! At that point, I told her about your wonderful massage, how it felt so good. I also explained to her that I had teased you and that you had such a hard on. She blushed, giggle and said!”

“Kristina, you’re serious, you’ve teased your Dad! He had a hard on! You are so wicked doing that to your dad. Did he get mad! What did he do! Please tell me! I want to know more?

“Well, of course he was uncomfortable and he did not know how to move trying to hide it. So I got even more bold and started to wiggle my body a bit more and when he massage my armed I raised my upper body so he could really see my breast! Later I asked him to do my legs and for that I had to remove my pajama bottom, I was only wearing a tong and I kept spreading my legs. I asked him to do my legs from feet to shoulder in one shot. He then said that he would remove his pajama bottom not to get oil on it. I knew then, I had him going good, one thing led to another and we fucked.”

“You’re kidding with your dad! Wow! This is SOOOOOO WILDDDD! I wish someone would take care of me like that one day, but my hopes are down.”

“Helen, what do you mean, I know men that would love to treat you like this. My Dad for one, told me he thought you were attractive!”

“Come on! Don’t tease me. Anyway, it is your dad and he would not do it with anyone else. I am certain it was just a one-time thing and that now he feels bad about it”

“Helen, he would do it again, since then, we been teasing each other!”

“What! Reallyyyyy! This is so wild! You’re lying!”

“No, I am not.”

“So! Dad, I went on to explain to her how it happened, and she got all excited, so much so that we got it on together and she was so horny! She kept saying I was so lucky! I said maybe one day she could be too.”

“Kristina, so what you are saying is that she knows for both of us, yikes! I hope she won’t tell!”

“No, she won’t! also, I invited her this weekend for a movie night and sleep over. I told her she should stay has I want us to have beşiktaş türbanlı escort a few drinks. She agreed dad! But she does not know what I have planned!” Wicked eye and grin came up my daughter’s face when she said that.

“Honey, you are naughty aren’t you? How do you want this to go, please! Tell me?”

“Well Dad, I was thinking since mom goes to bed early when she works the next day you should ensure you wear a loose pajama with nothing under and sit around with us when we watch the movies. I have chosen two movies, the first one is more like a light horror movie, but the second one, is a movie that has a lot of love scene and shows a lot of threesome with two women and one older man! It is not a porn movie, but it surely turns on any women! During the movie, at that time, Helen should be a bit tipsy like me, and I will send messages when these scenes comes on, and will say that it would be so hot to try that one day! I expect her at that time to answer yes! If she does you should say wow! This is so hot!”

“Ok I will, but what if she gets annoyed or not answer?”

“She will answer and won’t get annoyed Dad! I assure you, I know her, and then I will get up and tell her I will get us some more drinks. During that time, I want you to tell her that this movie is hot. When I get back, I will have changed into something very loose and I will sit right beside her and give her the drink. I will have a small blanket with me, which I will put on both our laps. That way I will be able to start teasing her during the movie and she will think you do not know!”

“Wow! Kristina, I will have such a hard on if you do that!”

“That’s the point, when you do, with the loose clothes it will show, and please ensure you make it visible! Has I will whisper to her to look at you! And see the effect the movie has on you. She will get really wet and horny and I will finger her pussy but stop before she orgasms! I will keep this going also playing with her clit! By the end of the movie she should be so wet! The only problem is going to be me, I will have to maintain control because I may want more as well, but I do not want to take a chance that mom would wake up!”

“Honey, you are sooooo wicked!”

“I know Dad, you told me the other day that we have to become wicked and as a good girl like me, I am listening!”

“That you do!”

“Then when the movie is over, I will tell her it’s time for bed, when I do, you get up walk by her and leave. When you are gone, I will tell her that you had such a hard on and will tell her we should have fucked you! We will go to bed, I will kiss her, but tell her that I need to sleep and leave her on her appetite. The next morning, when Mom is away, I will wake her up kissing her and rubbing her clit a bit. Then ask her if she wants some juice. When I come back with the juice, I will tell her that you are up and that I teased you to a hard on again. I will tell her that I asked you to give us a massage. I expect her to say you are crazy! But a massage would be good, and at that point I will call you and say, Dad bring the oil Helen wants to know how good a massage you give!”

“Ok Honey, I will follow your plan!”


By then Mother called us up for dinner. We had dinner and beşiktaş ucuz escort Kristina was looking at me wicked and I felt her feet on my crotch from under the table. Let’s just say the next two days were soooooo very long. When the Friday night arrived, the plan she put in place worked marvellously and we were all worked up. Helen was even more open than I expected, and she was just wearing a loose almost see through pajama and I could clearly see the size of her breast, they were large, probably D cup, large nips and dark areola! Her blue eyes and blond hair were beautiful, even if she is a bit overweight, she is sexy.

I could see my daughter’s hands under the sheet moving back and forth, and many times Helen closed her eyes. The movie was over, I got up and walk by with my hard on, faking to hide it a bit, and Helen and my daughter were watching me. The next morning my daughter came to the kitchen looked at me and said.



“Lick my finger Dad! You will taste Helen!”

I did and said, “She taste so Sweet!”

Then my daughter slips her hands inside her bottom and came back out and said, “What about me, Dad?”

“You know I like your taste!” to these word, went on to taste her fingers and after gave her such an erotic French kissed while my finger got down to her clit and played with it. She pushed me away and said,

“Stop it dad! You know I won’t stop! I am as worked up as Helen his! Wait a bit pleeeaaase! Get the oil ready, I think it will go on as planned, she is on the verge to rape me, if I don’t finish her off!”

“OK, I’ll be ready!”

A few minute past and I ear Kristina yell, “Dad, would you massage us like you did the other day, and please bring that oil!”

“I said OK, coming over!”

When I entered the room, they both looked at me and Helen was blushing. My daughter broke the ice and said, “Dad, since Helen is my guest, we should start by her first. What do you think if I help you a bit, you could teach me how to massage?”

“That’s a good idea honey, if Helen is ok with it!”

Helen answered with a low tone, “Yes! It would be good!” Then blushed.

My daughter told Helen to get on her stomach and to remove her top and bottom, and that she would place a towel on her butt. Helen blushed, I turned around and she got into position in the middle of the bed. When she was ready, I was asked to get started.

“Dad! You can turn around now and we can get started. You should take your bottom off Dad, has your pajama will get all oily! And it would not be a good idea!”

“Ok Honey, now go on this side, I will get on top to do the back, and show you how you can help!” At that time, all I had on was my boxers and my daughter without any warning, got undressed completely.

“Don’t worry Helen! Dad saw me nude before and the oil on my clothes is hard to get rid of!”

“Sure!” She murmured.

We started to pour oil on her back and arms, and I was showing Kristina how I do it. I was rubbing the shoulders, then down the middle of her back to her ass cheeks and back up again. I told my daughter to go ahead and start doing Helen arms. I explain raise them back a bit and go from shoulders to hands and back to shoulders slowly. My daughter listened and by doing that, I beşiktaş üniversiteli escort could clearly see Helen breast. My daughter looked at me and got closer to me and rubbed her small’s tits on my arms and licked her lips.

“How does it feel Helen, do you like this?” Said my daughter.

“I am in heaven, so many hands on me!”

“Good enjoy! It is your treat today!”

By then I started to massage the side of Helen and was brushing her tits, she just moaned, and I saw my daughter get close to Helen ears and she murmured loud enough for me to ear, but for Helen to think I did not. “Just enjoy this, I will play my Dad and he will help me pleasure you…Just let yourself go! I love you! It is my friendship gifts to you!”

That got Helen to raise her breast a bit from the bed, and I grab them a bit, then I back down and pulled the towel off her ass cheek while massaging them. I could see she was all wet. My daughter moved in front of Helen, and kneeled facing me, and started to massage Helen back towards me. By doing this her pussy was close to Helen’s mouth, and I am certain she could smell her. Helen was moaning, so I got my hands to move inside her thighs and brushed her pussy. She trusted backward in approbation. By then, I was so hard it was impossible not to know. My daughter saw me put my fingers inside Helen pussy lips! And when I did, she massage Helen from both side at the same time and grab her tits. Helen just moaned and was breathing a lot faster. My daughter then said.

“Dad remove your boxers! And fuck Helen from behind for me! Please! And Helen you will eat my pussy during this time!”

I complied removed my boxers and penetrated Helen from behind, she was actually tight and when my penis was all in she contracted her pussy lips as to hold me in her like that. I pushed even further to the back of her pussy and she moaned so much, went wild, and I could see her starting to lick Kristina’s pussy so fast and pushing her tongue in and out of Kristina’s pussy. Kristina was playing with her own clit during that time.

Kristina said, “Please Helen don’t stop I will cum!”

At that point I felt Helen pussy lips tighten even more on my cock and she started convulsing, my daughter was yelling, “I’M CUUUUUMMMMMIIINNNGGG!”

That’s all it took for me to shoot my load way up in Helen, she pushed hard on my cock and moved her pelvis so much at that time and she was just shaking all over and moaning so much. She then yelled! ” I’MMMMMMM CUUUUUMMMMMMIIIIINNNNNGGGG TOOO! DON’T STOP PLEEEAAAASE!

We all collapsed on the bed, with Kristina on one side of Helen and me on the other side. We just stayed there no words were spoken for a while, then Helen looked at me and said, “Thank you, Mr. X,! That was so good!”

Kristina then said, “Helen spread your legs for me! I want to taste you and my Dad cum out of your pussy!”

I sat back, watch them going at it and I saw that Helen reached another orgasm.

When Kristina was done, she looked at us and said, “Dad, now you have two young ladies to pleasure when mom is on her weekend workdays! We will do what you want! We are yours for your pleasure!”

Helen said, “I agree! If it is ok with you!”

“That would be my pleasure! And I have an idea. I will buy both of you a remote control vibrator and when you visit Helen, even if my wife is here, you will both wear them! And I will control them from my phone.” They agreed, giggle and we all relaxed in bed for the rest of morning just touching each other, with my daughter now been in the middle, after all she deserve the treat since she planned it.

For the vibrator this will be another story.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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