My Daughter Deserves the World

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Author’s note: This story involves unrealistically massive proportions, hyper size, growth, futanari, and incest. If this isn’t your thing, move along.

This story was another request by Katana69996!

My name is Mary, and my life is…well it’s a bit of a different one. See, my husband, Jack, passed years ago, when my daughter Nora was still young. I raised her by myself since then, and I’ve been single that whole time. No man could really compare to Jack; he was my high school sweet heart, dating anyone else seemed more like blasphemy than anything else.

Nora, on the other hand, when she was in high school and even into college, she dated a lot of people. Men, women, it didn’t matter, she loved being in a relationship. I’d find out later that she also craved the more…sexual side of things, but that’s getting a bit ahead of myself. Nora eventually dropped out of college to help me, taking on a job at Tim Horton’s, so we could pay the bills. I own my house, but taxes are absolutely killer, and bills don’t pay themselves. My job pays a bit more than hers, I’m a secretary for a fairly high end dentist, but even still the help has been greatly appreciated.

Now, for why my life is so different. A few months after Nora moved in, I noticed that she was no longer dating people, probably due to her irregular work schedule, and she seemed very irritable. Nora is an absolutely gorgeous woman. She’s above average in height, standing at five foot seven, a few inches taller than me. She has a dancer’s slender frame, with a tiny waist and some very well developed hips. I left her alone for a while, thinking she would eventually calm down and even out, but she just got worse, eventually screaming at me in fits worse than when she first hit puberty! We had a fight, a rather big one, that ended with her storming to her room.

Now, I should mention that I don’t charge her rent, since she helps out a lot, but I do treat her staying here as if she had a lease; I don’t go in her room, it’s her space to use as she sees fit. Normally. But that day, after we’d had that fight, I waited for almost an hour for her to calm down and come reconcile with me but it was clear she wasn’t, so I took the initiative. We’d both said things during that argument, and I wanted us to make up. So I opened her door and walked in without knocking. I probably shouldn’t have, but it’s what led me to where we are now, so I don’t regret it, and neither does my amazing daughter.

I walked in on her…taking care of herself. High emotions and tensions can turn one on, so it wasn’t that that had really shocked me, made me stop dead in my tracks. No, it was the gigantic…thing she had between her legs, that she was pumping with both hands! An absolutely massive penis, the likes of which I didn’t even know could exist!

“Mom! What are you doing here?!” She’d yelled, not pausing in her jacking off. Her arms were a blur of movement, squeezing and pumping with a strength I hadn’t known she possessed.

I just stood there, unable to reply as I stared, hypnotized by her ginormous dong. A horse would look small by comparison! I could feel my vagina, my pussy throb and tremble at the sight of it, I could feel the juices running down the insides of my legs. It’d been so long since I’d had any kind of sexual release. And I’d never had a cock like that!

“Mom! Get out!” Nora yelled and it jerked me out of my mesmerized state. I nodded, mumbling an apology and backed out, my legs shaking as I almost ran to my room, shutting the door and collapsing to the floor. My daughter was a…a…shemale? Dick girl? I didn’t know what they were called, but she was incredible!

My daughter has always been a looker, so much so that men and women alike fall for her, just from on glance. Her chest, her boobs, are a nice D cup, almost identical in size to mine, so we share bras. Her hair, an amazing shade of black so dark that it shines, falls down her back in waves, reaching her tight round ass. Her legs are so long and smooth, a Victoria’s Secret model would be jealous. In fact, Nora had modelled back in college, though now I knew it was for the dick girl lingerie. It didn’t pay much so she’d had to stop when she moved in, something that always made me feel guilty.

I sat there on the floor for I don’t know how long, lightly fingering myself, thinking of my daughter, her supermodel looks, and of course that throbbing monster! Eventually I pushed off the floor, grabbed my phone and began to look up just what my daughter was. Was she even a daughter? I loved her, no matter what, but I wanted to know just what was happening.

Soon, the rays of the morning sun shone through my blinds and I realized I’d been up all night, researching what I now knew were futanari. A third gender that was technically an off shoot branch of humanity. Futas are male and female, generally appearing more female then male, with adiosbet yeni giri┼č both sets of reproductive organs, both fully functional. Usually appearing during puberty, the size and potency of their genitals was almost always superior to their normal human counter parts; ovaries that were extra fertile, wombs that could carry triplets or quadruplets as easily as a woman could carry a singe child. And of course, their male parts, abnormally large penises.

According to my research, the average futa stood with a penis around fifteen to eighteen inches long, and usually four or five inches thick. Then there were the so called “Hyper Futas” a rare breed that had an extra “size gene”. For whatever reason, these futas manifested late into puberty, sometimes even after their initial puberty ended, and they would grow a dick averaging far larger than even normal futas, with some being measured as large as forty five inches long!

That’s what Nora is. A hyper futa, with a godlike schlong.

I fell asleep soon after seeing the sunrise, with one hand on my phone, which displayed picture proof of these enlarged sex organs, and one hand in my pussy.

I slept most of the day, with Nora going to work, and coming back during that time. She eventually woke me with a light shake, and I jerked awake.

“Ha-oh. Hunny, how…how are you?” I asked, slowly sitting up, trying to appear like I hadn’t just had three fingers as far into my snatch as they could reach. Nora jerked her chin to my phone, with the pictures still fully displayed on it. I blushed.

“I see you’ve looked up what I am.” I nodded, unsure of her tone. She sighed and leaned her head on my shoulder.

“Thats…great, mom. I’ve wanted to tell you for so long, but didn’t want you to see me as a freak!” I blinked.

“Why would I think you’re a freak, hunny? It’s a natural occurrence, though I can’t say I fully understand it.” I was confused, was she insecure about something that showed her vast superiority?

“Everyone else does! Why do you think I dated soooo many people?! They love my looks, but as soon as they see my cock, they nope the hell out! No one’s ever been ok with it!” She sounded defeated, and my heart went out to her. Wait, did that mean…

“So, wait, Hun. Does this mean you’re still a…”

“A virgin? Yep. I’ve tried to have sex, but either they run screaming for the hills, or I can’t fit an inch into them, and they still run! I’m so pent up, all the time! I’m sure you’ve read there, but futas have an unusually high sex drive, and need regular release. I’ve been jerking it, but it takes sooooo long, and its…well it doesn’t feel great.” She didn’t sound whiny, in fact she sounded like she was in pain. I felt bad for her; I had read that. And apparently hypers needed release even more; it wasn’t unusual for them to need release upwards of eight to ten times a day.

I sat there silently, unsure of what to do or say. I wanted to help, obviously, and deep down I also wanted that beast inside me! But that would’ve been wrong, right? Incest was a bad thing…right?

“Mom? Are you ok?” I blinked and cleared my throat, realizing I hadn’t said anything in a while.

“I’m fine, darling. I’m just…not sure what to do. How do…hypers usually release themselves?” I asked, knowing that they usually had a few people on permanent “stand by” to help them get release. Apparently the cock of a futa and hypers especially released a pheromone that increased pleasure for their partners, making sex feel beyond anything a normal human could achieve.

“They usually have someone or someones to help them get off. I don’t have anyone, and I don’t think I ever will!” Now she sounded a little whiny, but I understood why. If she really did try to have sex with everyone she’d ever dated…well that was a number in the high dozens. I could see why, if all of them had run away, she’d think no one wanted her.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth! I knew that deep down, everyone wanted her. I wanted her, as much as I was ashamed of it. Even without her prodigious meat stick, she was an incredibly attractive woman. The kind that made porn stars horny.

“I suppose…maybe…if you really need it…on occasion…I could assist you?” The words were out before I could stop them. Not that I wanted to. My little girl needed me, and I needed that rod!

“Really mom?!” She asked, sitting across from me on my bed, a beautiful smile lighting up her face. I nodded and her smile grew.

“Oh mom, that’d be amazing! Can we start right now?” She asked and I looked in her lap to see her bulge, in her tight jeans, and see it throbbing in it’s confines.

‘We-wel-well hold on a moment. Some ground rules. No penetrative sex, this is purely masturbatory assistance. And you have to tell me when you’re going to…ahem, cum, so I can get you a tissue to cum into. And I won’t do this all adiosbet giri┼č the time, just when you really need it, ok?”

She nodded rapidly, and undid her pants, pushing them off to free her restrained beast. I had to concentrate on not drooling; even still partially soft, she was maaaassive!

“Nora, do you know how big you are?” I asked, partially out of genuine curiosity. Mostly out of horny need.

She nodded, brushing her dark hair behind her and slowly stroking the expanding monolith.

“Uh huh. I’ve measured a few times, and when I’m fully hard, I come int at forty two inches long, and almost twelve inches thick. According to the website, it puts me at like tenth in the world for length and second for thickness. Which is…cool, I guess?” She was talking more, but my mind was just reeling with that information. Forty-two inches long, and almost twelve thick?! How was that even possible?! How could her heart pump enough blood to fill that thing?

I’d read that futas had blood that was considerably thicker and more rich in oxygen, so it required less to fill their cocks, and led to them having increased stamina, endurance, and strength. Their hearts also were naturally stronger, and pumped harder. Even still, those numbers seemed unreal!

Then she pulled her pants further, and I was treated to a sight I hadn’t seen yet. Her…testicles. Nuts, her balls. Those things…they were…as massive as the rest of her organ!

“And these, according to the site, are number one in the world. Almost thirty inches in diameter; they get as big as basket balls!” I stared, dumbfounded. How had I missed those? How had she hidden those?!

“Um…honey. How did you fit those in your pants?” I was ok with her size, her having a cock in the first place, but this seemed to just defy physics period.

“Oh! Right, about that. Well, see, when I’m soft, my balls are a lot smaller. Closer to the size of clementines. They grow when this grows!” she said, still stroking her shaft, the massive head reaching between her sagless breasts now.

“They…what?!” I asked. I hadn’t read anything about that.

“Yeah, apparently I hit the lottery on weird gene effects. It’s like this super rare trait where my size gene also connects to the balls gene. I don’t really get the full science behind it, to be honest, but it translates to; when soft, they small. When hard, they gigantic.” I nodded along, entranced and absolutely drenched, a puddle forming beneath me on my sheets.

“So…how are we doing this?” She asked and I shrugged. It seemed to be best to just start?

I leaned forward and slowly grabbed her still growing shaft. At this point, her tip was at her head, she could easily suck herself off at that point. She let out a light moan as I touched it and my pussy jerked in response.

She was still hardening but she was so damn hard! Like, as hard as steel, already! I tried squeezing, but there was no give; her dick was so hard I might as well have been squeezing concrete!

She moaned, however and I began to slowly stroke her, marvelling at how, even with both hands, my fingers couldn’t wrap around her. I watched in amazement as she kept growing! I realized very quickly that when I’d seen her the night before, she hadn’t been fully hard! Finally, when my arms were beginning to tire, she stopped growing.

To put into context just how big she was;

at fully hard, her tip reached about a foot and a half above her head! Her pole was so hard and so full that it jutted from her waist at an almost ninety degree angle; she’d had to get up and stand so I could stroke all of her. I was at a loss for words.

“Oh, mom, that feels sooooo good! Harder, please!” I tried to go faster and harder, but stroking forty-two inches, up and down, whilst squeezing…well it was tiring work. Nora took notice and pulled away.

“Are you ok mom? If this is too much, I can always go jerk off again…” She sounded disappointed.

“NO! Ahem, I mean, no, mommy will take care of you, as I promised.” I hadn’t meant to sound so forceful, but she grinned a little and it made me feel good. I was making my daughter, my wonderful beautiful daughter happy. That’s what I wanted. So I got on my knees on the floor, and pulled my shirt off, revealing my bra less boobs.

Now, I’m quite fit for a mom. I’ve gotten many a dick pic, been hit on numerous times, and called a MILF more times than I care to count. I’m about five three, my hair is red and long, and my tits are a wonderful D cup, nearly identical in every way to Nora’s. I have almost no sag to them too, something I’m quite proud of. Nora’s eyes widened as I pushed her might cock in between them, amazed at how far apart it spread them. She moaned loudly, and her hips began to move on their own.

“That’s right baby. Thrust into your mamma’s boobs. Does it feel good?” She nodded and I smiled. adiosbet g├╝venilirmi This felt amazing for me too; I felt…desired. Wanted, loved. And on top of that, I felt like an orgasm was building up!

I moved forward a little, and opened my lips, taking as much of her tip into my mouth on each thrust as I could. It wasn’t much; her cock head might as well have been a watermelon! But I managed enough to make her moan and thrust harder; her eyes closed as she enjoyed the sensation. After a few minutes of this, with my chest a bit sore, and my jaw feeling over stretched, her rod suddenly tensed.

“MOM! I-I-I’m CUMMING!!” she yelled, and before I could move to get her a tissue, she blew her load straight on me.

Now, I’d read that futas cum a lot, and hypers obviously more so. But one thing I’d forgotten; Nora said her balls were the biggest in the world. Number one. And the proportional amount of semen she held was also apparently number one.

She didn’t shoot a rope like Jack used to, she didn’t launch a torrent like I’d seen in my research. Oh no, she exploded a gushing waterfall!

I barely had a chance to blink before her hot — yes hot, not warm — sperm struck my face. I was instantly covered. Her initial volley lasted easily thirty seconds, completely coating my face and my tits. I thought she was done after that, but she let out a roar, and a second volley, just as plentiful, joined the first.

Then another, and another. Each so large an amount, that it completely enveloped me. When she was finally done, after about five full minutes, I was covered, head to toe, in the hottest most incredibly smelling cum. It smelled divine, like sugar and salt, combined into one amazing scent.

I licked some; I had to. The taste was even more incredible than the smell! Just tasting one drop made me cum! I shouted as my body trembled and pleasure tore through me like never before! I trembled as my insides throbbed and my juices squirted out of me!

“Mom? Did you just…cum?” Nora asked, though my eyes were glued shut so I couldn’t see her.

“Ah…yeah. Yeah I did, hunny. Your sperm…it’s amazing! And there’s soooooo much! Is every load like this?!” I asked.

“More or less, yeah. It’s why I usually go to the bathroom when I’m about to cum, so I can drain it in the tub. You don’t…you don’t hate me do you?” She sounded so insecure, despite having cum like a fire hose from her godly dick!

“Baby, no! I love you. All of you. Tell you what, are you still hard?” I’d read that futas could go multiple times, with their refractory periods being absolutely insane, just like the rest of them.

“Ah, yeah, sorry. It takes a few times before I can go soft again.”

“Good, go get mommy a towel…or two, and when I clean off, mommy’s going to give you a treat!” She made a confused noise but went to get me a towel anyways. She came back moments later and I wiped off as much as I could, absolutely drenching the towels in the process. I’d still need a shower to get clean, but this would do for now.

“Ok hunny, get on the bed. Lie down, ok?” She raised an eyebrow but did as she was told. I could finally see again, and she really was still hard, just as hard as before. My daughter is amazing, I thought.

I stood on the bed, over her and her giant shaft, her tip still reaching to my stomach. I blinked in amazement and got a few of my pillows to stand on until I was over her cock. Her tip still brushed against my sopping lips, and I nearly fell as my legs trembled in ecstasy.

“Mommy’s gonna make you feel real good, ok? Just stay there, and don’t thrust till I say so ok? I’m not sure just how much I can take yet.” she nodded and I felt a sense of pride looking at her. My daughter is a world record holder, a goddess of sex. I would do anything to make her feel good.

I smiled at her and slowly lowered myself. I gasped as her monstrous head pushed into me, it actually held me in the air for a second, before my pussy gave way, and the entire tip…popped in!

I paused, scrambling for balance on my pillows. My entire body screamed with pain and pleasure, all rolled into one. I could feel my entire pelvis being displaced by just her tip! It spread me more than giving birth had!

And yet, there was more pleasure than pain. I could see Nora, with her eyes closed, feeling the pleasure, the joy of being inside someone. That made any and all pain worth it. I grit my teeth and kept going, lowering more and more, taking only an inch or two at a time. I could see her struggling not to thrust, and I felt proud of her once more. I eventually managed to take enough into me to be able to start squatting. About twelve inches, at a guess. Easily the most I’d ever had!

“Mom, I want to thrust, it feels so gooood!” She groaned and I nodded. I needed to make her feel this pleasure, I wanted her to feel all the pleasure she wanted. I stood back up until only her tip was in me.

“Ok, baby, thrust, but lightly ok? Mommy’s still not used to just how HUGE you are.” She nodded, eyes still shut, and lightly shoved almost ten inches into me! I cried out, unable to hold back as yet another orgasm tore through me.

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