My Date with Mom

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There was a stir in the restaurant that caused me to look up from my menu. My sense of pride swelled up as well as my cock. The woman that was causing the mini commotion was my very own 45 year old mother!

“Sir, would you like to order now?”

I dismissed the waitress with a wave of my hand. All I wanted to do, right now, was drink in the sight of my mother. So did a lot of other guys but that was o.k. with me. I liked it when other men stared at her.

My mother was wearing a short skirt that showed almost all of her thighs. The high heels she was wearing made her at least 6 inches taller. The halter top she had on made it hard to look at her face when she was talking.

I didn’t plan on doing much talking to my mother after we finished dinner. My plans were to tie her, gag her and fuck her, in that order. I couldn’t wait to get her spread eagled on the king sized bed in the hotel suite that was waiting for us, just down the street.

All through dinner, my mother teased me with her breasts that were just BARELY contained by the halter top that she was wearing. The fact that it was now fall and way too cold for a halter top only made it more exciting. She teased me with a hundred different questions about what I was going to do to her when we got to our room.

“Honey, are you going to put a gag in my mouth, when we get to the room?”

“Yes, mom, I am going to gag you with my hands.” “That’s what they call a ‘handgag’, isn’t it?”

“Yes, mom. That’s where I cover your mouth with my hand and keep you from talking or screaming. That’s why they call it a handgag.”

This erotic banter went on ata┼čehir escort for the rest of the meal. I just hoped that my hard-on wouldn’t show when my mother and I left the table. She pulled out a length of chord from her purse.

“Honey, when we get to the elevator, if we’re alone, wrap this chord around my throat. I’ve been having this rape fantasy.”

“Mom, if I’m the one that’s going to dominate you, then I have to decide what to do to you and when. Just relax. Besides, you always have that rape fantasy. We both do. I promise to treat you rough. Allright?”

Mom smiled at me over her third glass of wine as she drank it down. I watched her throat as she swallowed the wine. My neck fetish was kicking into high gear. She knew this and pretended to be looking at something on the ceiling and stretched her beautiful slender throat out so that I could get a good look.

That was it. I got the check. The waitress asked us if we wanted desert. Mom and I both giggled. We wanted desert but not the kind that the waitress was thinking about.

A few minutes later, the cab dropped us off at the hotel. We had to wait until we got inside the room before we were alone. The staff in the lobby were looking down their noses at us because they were sure that my mother was a hooker.

I started our rape fantasy out in high gear. The second after the door to our room was closed and locked behind us, my hands closed around my mother’s sexy throat and squeezed.

“Uuullgghhhh. Use the chord.”

Mom held out the chord that she wanted me to choke her with. I laughed to myself. Just like a avc─▒lar escort mother, I thought. Even when she’s being play raped by her son, she’s still trying to run the show.

I wrapped the cord around mom’s throat and pulled tight. I got hard as I watched her hands flail in the air. I listened as the strangling sounds came out of her gasping mouth.

I pulled a cloth bandanna and forced it deep into my mother’s mouth. I tied the gag tightly behind her head. She couldn’t scream to save her life.

Mom’s hands closed around my forearms as I pulled the rope tighter and tighter around her throat. I felt her body slowing down as I strangled the fight out of her. I knew then it was time to strip her, tie her and fuck her.

I released my stranglehold on mom’s throat and in a few seconds, I had pulled off her mini-skirt, panties, and halter top. I left her high heels on. I kept the gag in her mouth.

In a matter of minutes, I had my mother tied spread eagle to the four poster bed. I rammed my cock into her as far as it would go. She screamed underneath the gag that I had forced into her mouth.

Like a snake, my left hand circled around my mother’s throat and squeezed it tight. That reduced the volume of her screams considerably. My right hand clamped over mom’s mouth, tightly, and completely.

Again and again, I rammed my cock into my mom. I kept coming into her over and over again. I hadn’t orgasmed that much or that hard in a very long time. I stared into my mother’s eyes as I worked my cock in and out of her. Time slipped away. The world outside didn’t matter. There was only avrupa yakas─▒ escort pure, taboo lust between a mother and son.

Mom’s mouth was completely gagged. She couldn’t talk. She couldn’t scream. All she could do was moan in muffled ecstacy as my cock worked its way into and out of her.

“Mom, if you scream, I will strangle you.”

My mother shook her head from side to side to assure me that she would not try to scream. I took my hand slowly away from her mouth. I slowly fished the cloth gag from between her lips. I was ready to force the gag back into her pretty mouth just in case she broke her promise not to scream.

I gagged my mother again. This time, I gagged her with my cock. I slid my cock down her throat. Her eyes went wide with surprise. I forced my cock down mom’s throat. Deeper. Deeper. I wanted mom to choke on the cock that I was forcing down her long, slender throat. I wanted her to swallow every drop of cum that was in me.

The delicious sound of my mother strangling on my cock filled the room. The sound of her slurping my seed down her throat came next. Slowly, I pulled my cock from her mouth. My mother’s mouth opened wide as she gasped for air.

I kissed my mother on her mouth. I forced my tongue down her throat. She forced her tongue down mine.

Mom moaned as I kissed her beautiful mouth. When I started to kiss her breasts I put my hand back over her mouth. I sucked her breasts hungrily, just like when I was a baby. Only this time, I wasn’t looking for milk.

Finally, we both lay on the bed, spent. I untied my mother’s arms and when I did, she threw them around me. I slowly took my hand off of her mouth.

“Honey, you should rape me more often.”

“Anytime, Mom. Anytime.”

“Maybe we should find out, soon, if a mother can rape her own son.

We looked into each other’s eyes.

“Now that could be interesting, mom.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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