My Cousin Renee

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I am an only child, which was a source of anxiety for my mom. She is a twin, and as such, always had her sister by her side. They were and still are emotionally tied in a way I’ll never understand. But after I was born, my mom was told she couldn’t have another child. Back then; there were fewer options and once a doctor made such a pronouncement that was pretty much the end of the discussion.

My aunt had my oldest cousin Renee several weeks after I was born. Four years later, she gave birth to my other cousin, Robbie. But even before Robbie was born, my mom and my aunt went out of their way to make certain Renee and I spent time together. I heard it all the time growing up – if I couldn’t have a sibling, at least I would be close to my cousins. That meant that most holidays and every summer were spent together. As a kid, most summers I would live with Renee and Robbie for at least a month. Once I got very involved in football and had summer games practice, Renee and Robbie started staying with us. The summer my aunt Linda got a divorce, R&R stayed with us for nearly 3 months. That was the summer before Renee and my sophomore year in high school.

For both the summer before my junior and my senior year, I only spent the first 4 weeks of summer at R&R before coming home for two-a-day summer practices. During both of those summers Renee was working at a local pool, teaching kids how to swim. We were in fact very close, and looked forward to summers, spending time at Thanksgiving and Christmas, anytime we could get together. She wasn’t that close to Robbie, who was a little brat (and in some ways still is). I was the one she talked to as she dealt with her parents divorce. At least I was the GUY she talked to about it. She no doubt talked more about that and everything else to her best friend, Trish. Trish lived across the back alley and two houses down and they’d been close since Trish’s family bought the house 10 years prior. Much of my time at R&R involved hanging out with both Renee and Trish, while Robbie had his own, younger group of kids with whom he hung out – the bicycle brigade.

Starting around age 12, when not a Renee’s, we would often talk on the phone. It was a long distance call, but again both my mom and aunt Linda made it clear that the one long distance phone call they wouldn’t fuss about was to each other. Sometimes Renee would call alone, sometimes she would have Trish on the other line in their house. They liked to tease me a bit but they also clearly liked having a guy’s perspective on things.

I take after my dad’s side of the family, so by 16 I was 6’5″, 220 lbs and fast. My grades were good, I was articulate and made all-state as a middle linebacker after both my sophomore and junior years, so the colleges were lining up. By the time I got my license, I started occasionally making the 2+ hour drive to R&R when I could and hanging out for the weekend. Renee rarely did the same, in part because I had a car and she didn’t – but also because I started dating Trish. That is an entirely different story I will tell another time but Trish was my first in nearly every sexual experience. I would learn later that Renee heard every detail, in great detail, immediately after I would leave town.

Renee, on the other hand, takes after our moms. Petite, blonde and green eyed, she is the poster child for the role of flyer on the cheerleading squad. However, her real athletic love was distance running. Yet despite her petite frame and running, by 17 her curves were fantastic and for her body type, her 34c breasts were amazing eye-candy. Physically she and Trish could have been twins but for the Irish in Trish’s family tree that gave her blonde hair a strawberry hue.

The summer before my senior year, I met this guy (Dr. Bob) that aunt Linda was dating. By the end of that summer, wedding plans were being made and that Thanksgiving was less of a traditional Thanksgiving and more of a 4-day wedding party. Renee and Robbie both liked Dr. Bob ucuz escort pretty well, we all did really. He’d gone through a divorce years before also, his kids were grown, and he’d moved to their town to take over the practice of a retiring family/general practitioner. That Christmas he took them to Hawaii. It was my first Christmas without Renee, Robbie and Aunt Linda since I’d been born but my mom and I made the best of it.

That February, I committed to play for Texas A&M. I’d tried to talk both Trish and Renee into going there with me, but they both had their hearts set on LSU. Once I signed my commitment letter, I knew things were about to change and that began with spending most of July and August in College Station. Renee and I quickly committed that I would come spend at least a couple of weeks at their house immediately after high school graduation. It was unspoken, but we both knew this might be the last “summer” of our youth.

My graduation was a week before Renee’s. Her family came to mine, but she still had 3 more days of school before her graduation that following weekend. They had commencement on a Saturday afternoon and I drove out for it, with plans to stay the next couple of weeks. After Renee and Trish’s commencement, I joined them to attend a couple of graduation parties that night, staying out very late. That Sunday, Dr Bob and Aunt Linda threw a lunchtime party for Renee and Trish at their house.

It was a large gathering, and being early June in Texas, it was warm. Most if not all of the graduates who attended had been to Renee’s for swim parties, and came prepared. Soon most were popping in and out of the pool, eating bbq and generally enjoying themselves. Renee and Trish were both sporting new bikinis and clearly had already spent some time on their tans. Parents were around early on, but by 4 or so, all the adults and many of the former classmates had left, leaving just a few close friends, Robbie and a couple of his buddies, and myself.

I started feeling somewhat water logged and got out of the pool. There had been so many guests that all the towels were used. Aunt Linda’s garage has a guest room over it and I went up there where they keep spare towels. I should explain that their pool is behind their garage/guest quarters. The guest quarters overlook the pool to one side, and the other side overlooks their large parking drive area. The side overlooking the parking area has double sliding doors and a balcony that connects at a right angle to a similar balcony/sliding doors off the master suite of the house.

I grabbed a towel and was drying myself as I casually glanced out over the parking area. My eye caught movement and it took my brain a second to realize I was watching my Aunt Linda and Dr. Bob in their bedroom. Clearly they had seen an opportunity while the party was winding down to have a little private time. Aunt Linda was already naked, and was sliding Dr. Bob’s swim trunks down, kneeling, stroking his cock. As Dr. Bob slid his fingers through Aunt Linda’s fairly short blonde hair, she leaned in and took his cock in her mouth.

I couldn’t help but watch, though I did slide to the door’s edge and back a bit so that Dr. Bob might not notice me if he were to glance up. By that time, I’d had the privilege of having enjoyed many blowjobs, including several from Trish – and could tell that not only was Dr. Bob enjoying himself, but that Aunt Linda loved giving head. They were probably no more than 15 feet away from me, and the view was made even more erotic by its unexpectedness. I was so lost in the moment, that I almost didn’t hear the footsteps coming up the stairs. I backed away from the window in time to see Renee in her fantastic little barely there green bikini. I had apparently taken longer than expected and she was coming up to check on me or get her own towel. At first, I didn’t think she’d notice where I’d been looking. But instead of going over to get herself a towel, she ├╝mraniye escort walked toward me then glanced out the window.

Renee immediately gasped, moved from glass door – shock on her face. Then completely unconsciously she looked back, looked me – a look dawning on her face that I’d been watching, then despite herself, looked back. I cannot imagine what she felt but like me, she couldn’t stop herself from watching. She moved to stand at the very edge of the door, peering out and across the walkway. I moved in behind her, looking over her head to see what she saw. They had moved. Aunt Linda was now lying on the edge of the bed, missionary, legs up and wide as Dr Bob stood and took her. Aunt Linda was lying from one side of the bed to the other, so we were able to watch her rock back and forth with each thrust – breasts swaying, head back as she was lost in the moment. She put her ankles up over Dr. Bob’s shoulders and he had grasped her hips to drive himself into her fast and urgent.

While this likely didn’t go on longer than 10-12 minutes, it seemed like much longer. At some point, Renee backed up a bit, pressing into me. I was so aroused, and therefore hard. Renee immediately jumped like she’d been shocked when she felt my erection through my trunks pressing in the small of her back. She didn’t break eye contact with her mom and Dr Bob – but after having moved away, she slowly slid back until she was pressed against me. I slid my hands to her bare sides -and we just stood there. After a few breathless moments, Renee slid her hand back, cupping my hard shaft through the trunks and whispered in her smart ass way “you gonna be ok there?” I swatted her ass and retorted, “fuck you.”

I think maybe more would have happened if not for the fact that, at that moment, Dr Bob (and possibly Aunt Linda) came. They collapsed on the bed, and it broke the moment. Renee and I backed from the window so as not to be seen and were both mouthing “Oh my god” to each other – in shock at the show we’d watched. Before we could even discuss it, Trisha started calling up to tell us to bring more towels, everyone was getting out of the pool. I had to calm myself (to Renee’s amusement) and carry several towel strategically while doing so. Trish and others were around the rest of the evening, so Renee and I could only shoot knowing smirks at each other as we both processed our little sex show.

The next morning was Monday. Both Dr. Bob and Aunt Linda had already left for work by the time I got up. I noticed that Robbie was also gone, no doubt off terrorizing the neighborhood with his buddies. I walked into the kitchen in my grey gym shorts and a t-shirt, grabbed a packet of pop tarts and walked into their sunken den to watch morning TV. Soon Renee came in and dropped down on the couch near me. She had on a loose sleep tank top and shorts. We sort of looked at each other – then spontaneously broke out into laughter. I immediately denied intentionally “perving” on her parents – but also quickly pointed out that she kept watching too. She blushed, but admitted that she was equally shocked and aroused.

“What about you”, she asked. “Clearly you were much more aroused than shocked.” As she observed this, her eyes moved to my cock – only about half aroused as I remembered watching, and her hand grasping me. “Did you . . you know?”

I laughed, “what? Did I stroke off afterwards? – yeah – a couple of times.” I didn’t bother to tell her that my fantasy included her doing more than just grasping my bulge while watching her mom and step dad. My admission seemed to not only strengthen my erection, but Renee shifted closer – crossing her legs and acting like she was a little aroused herself. Defensively perhaps, but like a smartass, I asked “why, did you want to watch??”

To my shock, she looked me in the eyes and playfully if shyly whispered . .”Maybe . .yes . .”

That admission aroused me more than anything I’d experienced. There was ├╝niversiteli ├Â─črenci escort no WAY I could let that admission just sit there and not take advantage of the situation. Not breaking eye contact, I slid my gym trunks down, took out my already aroused cock – and slowly started stroking it for her. Renee barely gasped, smiled – and stared at my cock. As she took in the view, I noticed that both her loose fitting shorts and tank offered me quite amazing views and that she wasn’t doing a thing to stop my admiring.

The sight of the curve of her amazing 18 year old breasts, and a very clear view that she had just the slightest wisp of darker blonde hair were enough to take me to full arousal. She never took her eyes off my cock – watching, a smile on her face and her hands fidgeting. Rather than ask if she wanted to do so, I just reached over, took her small hand and she willingly allowed me to move it to where she could wrap her fingers around my shaft. She held me for a moment, then began to stroke me – slowly but with skill. “You’ve no idea how much I’ve heard about this cock” she offered as she ran her thumb across my head, toying with the precum.

There was something beyond any reason in the arousal of her stroking me. I slid my hand over to caress her inner thigh, pressing my fingers slowly between her legs. Renee moaned, squeezed me playfully and kept slow stroking me. She stopped me when I tried to slip my fingers around the fabric of her shorts – whispering “Not here . .” She then stood, holding onto my cock, and literally led me up the half floor flight of stairs and down the hall to her bedroom.

Once in her room behind a locked door, Renee knew exactly what she had in mind. I wouldn’t know until later if she’d been considering this moment for a while or if she came up with her limitations on the walk down the hall. She turned to me, smiled a confident smile and said, “the rest of it, please – I would like to see all of you.” I was more than happy to kick out of the shorts and take off my t-shirt. “Hmm . . I have long wanted to see you naked. I have, in fact but you were with Trish at the time. She’s told me so much about you. I want to fool around, but there is a limit. We are not going to have sex – so my shorts stay on. You can touch, explore, and I will as well, but no sex – ok?” And with that, she slid off her tank top, and led me to her bed.

Now what guy would say no to this? Its like a sure thing, getting to play with a beautiful body, and maybe, just maybe, things will change. We lay down on her bed, and started touching one another, slowly exploring, watching each other’s reactions. We didn’t kiss for a long time, just touched, stroked, enjoyed. After enjoying her breasts with my hands I did lean over and start to suck on a nipple while sliding my hand down to press between her thighs. This time she moaned, and parted her legs more so I could easily slip my fingers around the fabric and find that she was absolutely soaking wet.

She wrapped one hand around my head and held me to her breast while her other hand went from toying with my cock tip and precum to truly skillfully stroking me in a smooth, patient way. I slipped a second finger inside her, which made her jump, and continued to build her arousal. As I got harder and her breathing elevated, she shifted around so that she was lying across my thighs, stroking me, cupping my balls and learning how I enjoyed being touched (something she no doubt learned about from Trish), with her legs spread so I could easily watch my fingers inside her.

She’d not said anything about oral sex so I had no idea where she was on the topic, but apparently it was clearly a battle ground in her mind. Suddenly she said “oh fuck it . .” and having resolved the issue for herself, took my cock in her mouth. I didn’t last too long at that point and she swallowed me.

We stayed in her bed for a couple of hours, caressing, chatting, playing. I did get her to allow me to lick her to climax (fabric of her sweet sleep shorts pushed to one side) and she confirmed that she’d craved feeling my tongue after hearing so often that was “the best” in that department from Trish. We had to stop before her brother came back to the house for lunch and that ended our playtime . . . for Monday.

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