My Brother, The Nude Model

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It was another beautiful, sunny spring day at the University of San Diego. The campus was abuzz with students, excited about the end of third-quarter finals and the relatively stress-free weeks to come. Freshman Katrina Wallace headed into the Arts building and took the stairs up, turning right into the hallway on the second floor and entering Art Studio 5.

Katrina thoroughly enjoyed art. She was an aspiring artist, painting and sketching in her free time, and she recently took up photography. Her Canon EOS 90D camera, which she had received as a gift from her brother when he left for college two years ago, was in her backpack.

Katrina greatly admired her older brother, Jacob. Just like her, he graduated high school in Los Angeles and fell in love with the University of San Diego. He was a junior at the college. The 19-year old Jacob was a great role model for Katrina. He was hardworking, caring, and outgoing. He had a very close relationship with Katrina when they were both kids. To Katrina, her big brother was her closest friend, and she loved him intensely.

He taught her how to ride a bike, he was encouraging of her early artistic pursuits, and he had gifted her the Canon that she took everywhere, bought with his hard-earned money. Katrina met Jacob several times weekly, visiting him at his dorm or meeting at lunch in the plaza if the weather was good, as it usually was in sunny San Diego. He was tall and lean, with sand-colored hair, and shared Katrina’s affection. He was very fond of his little sister and took time off from his studies as a biology major to spend time with his 18-year old sister whenever he could.

Katrina had left her previous class a little late and entered the studio just before class began. She hustled in and took a seat at one of the desks arranged in a semicircle around a square platform with an empty leather stool in the center. Katrina looked up at the instructor and froze. It wasn’t Professor Johnson, her friendly 50-something art professor, but a younger black woman.

Crap, Katrina thought. My class is supposed to be in the photography studio this week. I totally forgot. The art students rotated around different locations on the campus, depending on their different areas of focus. She had wandered into the studio where they studied sketching and painting. Katrina turned around, ready to leave and rejoin her class, when she saw that the door was closed.

The artists seated around her paid no attention to Katrina. Students regularly entered classes they weren’t a part of, so Katrina decided it would be fine to spend class here. It seemed they were drawing today, as the other students had their pencil sets out by their easels. Drawing and sketching were Katrina’s favorite forms of art. She was intrigued as to what this class would be doing today. The students looked older than her, so Katrina figured this was one of the more advanced art classes.

The shades were fully drawn over the windows and natural light filtered into the studio from the translucent skylights in the ceiling. Soft, warm light from set lighting illuminated the stage in the middle, presumably for the subject of today’s art session. It would probably be a person, given the stool. The attractive professor stood up on the stage and spoke to the class.

“For the past couple weeks, we have been transitioning from depicting scenes of nature to those of the human form. Today, as I’m sure you all know, we will be observing and recreating the human body. One of nature’s most intimate and powerful forms, our focus today will be on the male anatomy.” Professor Donalds, as Katrina read from her metal nameplate on the desk, smiled at the artists.

“I know this may be awkward for some of you, but it is extremely important that we master expression of the human body, and that includes all of the human form. Plus, I know that some of you only chose art because you knew you would be able to draw naked guys.”

That elicited chuckles from the class, who seemed eager to get on with the session. Katrina was now very interested. She knew she was going to be using naked models during the art program, but Katrina figured it wouldn’t be until a couple years into college. Here she was, barely 18, about to draw a nude man.

Professor Donalds spoke up in her honey-like voice. “Our model will be in here shortly. He is a student here and has offered his time and body to help us in our art. As you can imagine, this will probably be extremely uncomfortable for him, so please show him the utmost respect.”

Katrina was now very excited.

A door behind the professor’s desk opened and someone stepped into the room.

Oh hell no, she thought. It was her brother. He was clad in a gray robe, with presumably nothing else on. He walked in barefoot, smiling to the professor, then scanning the group of about 15 art students. Katrina tried to shrink away from his gaze, but Jacob saw her and his smile faltered. Katrina wanted to get out of the studio immediately. Holy beşiktaş türbanlı escort shit, I can’t see my brother naked!, she thought. No one realized that Katrina and the model were siblings, because she wasn’t supposed to be in that class.

“Now remember, students, you signed up for this, so I will not be giving you the option of skipping this session. This is very important and will count highly in your grade. If you have never seen a penis before, don’t be squeamish about it. It’s completely natural, and we should try our best to make Jacob feel comfortable,” said the pretty professor.

A couple of the girls in the class whispered to each other as they looked at Jacob, standing on the center platform with his robe still tied around his waist. Katrina expected Jacob to ask her to leave, or refuse to remove his clothes in front of Katrina, but he remained at ease even though he knew his little sister was in the room.

“Okay students, make sure to focus on every part of his body and pay attention to the fine details,” Professor Donalds said.

“You can undress now,” she told Jacob. Donalds watched him intently as he untied the robe and let it drop to the floor.

To Katrina’s relief, he was not fully naked. Jacob still had on a pair of black briefs. But he seemed comfortable in his skin, his lean, muscled body visible to all. He had nice abs and arms, and his legs were toned. His underwear, shaped like a swimmer’s Speedo, concealed the last bit of his skin. Katrina could see a large lump in his crotch, his skimpy underwear barely restraining his sizeable bulge.

Professor Donalds instructed him to turn around to give the students a complete view of his body, which he did. His lean, athletic frame elicited a few whispers, some of them undoubtedly referencing the contents of his briefs. As Jacob turned away from Katrina, she could see strong back muscles and a muscular ass, barely covered by his underwear.

“Very nice,” the professor said. “We are starting with him clothed so we can focus on specific parts of the male form, such as the chest and face.” It felt extremely wrong for Katrina to see her dear brother like this. Katrina secretly thought he was very attractive, and had felt that way about him for a long time. Some strange part of her actually wanted to see him naked, if only to satisfy her artistic desires.

The professor ordered Jacob to take a number of poses, holding each for a few minutes as the students sketched the contours of his muscles and the details of his attractive body. Jacob made eye contact with Katrina several times but did not seem uncomfortable at all. He probably knew how much it meant to her to be able to create art, even if it meant posing nude.

Katrina was initially embarrassed but quickly began to enjoy the opportunity to improve her art by sketching such a fine specimen. Jacob was again making sacrifices to help Katrina, which reminded her how much she loved her endearing, supportive brother. Though this was an awkward situation, he knew that it would be very important for Katrina to work on nude art.

One pose required Jacob to look over his shoulder, lean back a little bit, and hook his thumb into his waistband and pull down his underwear a little bit, exposing some of his dark pubic hair. He looked so majestic from that angle, the light emphasizing the hard ridges of his chest and abs, his muscular legs perfectly poised. Katrina sketched his handsome face, admiring the way the light washed over his attractive features. She drew the masculine form of his perfect body, emphasizing the imprint of his genitals against his underwear.

“What is your name?” Professor Donalds said to Katrina as the professor looked at her easel and drawing.

“Katrina,” she said, startled that Professor Donalds had appeared behind her seemingly out of thin air.

“Last name?” the professor asked. Katrina had to lie on the spot to avoid association with Jacob.

“Katrina Webber,” she stammered. The professor nodded.

“You are an extremely talented artist,” the professor told Katrina.

“This is a beautiful drawing. You really have a gift for capturing the essence of the human form.” Katrina mumbled a thank you and returned to drawing. By now she was completely engrossed in her art. The way the soft light accentuated Jacob’s perfect features set off something inside Katrina. She yearned to keep drawing, wanting to see him completely bare.

The art students had been drawing Jacob’s nearly-nude body for about 30 minutes now and had over an hour left in class. Katrina had five quality sketches of her brother on her easel at that point. Professor Donalds went up to Jacob and instructed him to relax. He stood with his hands at his sides as the professor spoke to the class.

“Students, this is where we will draw the male anatomy in its entirety. It may be a shock at first, but you must understand the significance of this task. The male body is an beşiktaş ucuz escort ancient symbol of power and sexual desire. I encourage you to keep that in mind when drawing. I have not seen our model entirely naked yet, so this will be as much a surprise for me as it is for you.” Professor Donalds smiled sweetly at Jacob.

Katrina was unsure what to feel. On one hand, she was so close to her brother and it would be extremely wrong for her to see him nude. On the other hand, this was the talented young artist’s first opportunity to work with a nude model, and she had always wanted to learn how to draw the male anatomy.

To Katrina’s surprise, Professor Donalds undressed Jacob instead of letting him do it himself. The professor, who was probably in her early 30s, stepped in front of Jacob and said something incoherent to him, to which Jacob laughed. Professor Donalds then grabbed Jacob’s underwear and pulled it down. He put his hand on the professor’s shoulder and lifted each leg for her to slip off his black briefs.

Katrina drew in a sharp breath, as did most of the artists. There were a couple guys, but most of the students were female. Katrina savored the sight of her older brother’s body. Between his muscular legs and below his six-pack, a trimmed patch of thick brown pubic hair lay above his penis. Jacob’s cock was impressive, a large shaft of flesh dangling in front of his balls. He looked at Katrina as he stood naked in front of all the students, but he did not show any embarrassment.

“Really impressive,” Professor Donalds said as she eyed Jacob’s dick.

“Class, this is a great example of the male form. Athletic, young, and well-” She gestured to Jacob’s crotch and the class laughed. Jacob blushed but let the artists stare at him. It was every kid’s nightmare to be naked in front of a class, and now here Jacob was, with his sister looking at him nude.

“The penis and testicles are central to the artistic depiction of the male anatomy. Incorporate them into your art and focus on how they reflect the raw strength and erotic power of man,” the professor told us.

“Really focus your sketches around the sex organs and the emotions they symbolize.” She had Jacob take his first pose, sitting down on the stool with his hands on his knees, back straight, and legs spread, exposing his bare crotch to the students.

Katrina was astonished. Her brother was now naked in front of the entire class. She looked at his attractive body, then focused her gaze between his spread legs. His balls were resting on the stool, his flaccid cock also resting on the black leather seat, pointed to the left. Katrina was no stranger to this sight, as she had had sex a couple times in high school and given a few blowjobs in college. But her brother’s cock was amazing. It was large and covered with thick veins, and had a bulbous pink head.

Katrina sketched him in this pose, resenting the fact that she was admiring her brother’s naked body. It was completely wrong for her as a sister to see this, but as an artist, she was ecstatic. Professor Donalds told Jacob to stand up and pose again, this time with one leg up on the stool and his entire front bared to the artists. Katrina drew in another sharp breath as Jacob posed, his massive sex organ hanging from his torso like a pendulum. It extended well down his thigh, about the length and girth of a Red Bull can. He had two of the largest balls his sister had ever seen. She stared at his fleshy scrotum, dangling closely behind his shaft.

Many of the students blushed and were talking and pointing at Jacob’s penis as they drew. Professor Donalds had to silence them. “Class, please be very respectful of our model and help him feel comfortable here. We are only supposed to use his body as a reference for our art, not to talk about.” Katrina could tell that the professor was impressed by Jacob’s naked body.

After 30 minutes of the students sketching Jacob’s anatomy, Professor Donalds spoke to the class again. “Students, we are reaching the final portion of the session. Now we will be solely concentrating on the sexuality of the male form. The nude male, and the erect penis, have been centerpieces of erotic art for centuries. Focus your art on conveying the sexual energy of the male anatomy.”

Professor Donalds spoke with Jacob and he nodded. Jacob went back into the door he came from and disappeared for a couple of minutes. “Our model is now preparing himself for this portion of the session. You must make sure he feels completely comfortable around us.” The door opened and Jacob walked back with his robe on.

“We are beginning now,” the professor said, as she untied Jacob’s robe and took it off his shoulders.

Jacob now had a massive erection, presumably for the purpose of the class. The professor judged his boner with her eyes and nodded approvingly. “Pay attention to the details of the erect penis. I will be grading your drawings in respect to the purpose of the assignment, beşiktaş üniversiteli escort which is to show the raw sexual power of the nude male form.” Katrina didn’t draw for over a minute because she was in awe at the sight of her naked, hard brother.

His cock was extremely large now, engorged and pointing upwards. His testicles still hung loose under his curved, veiny shaft. The tip of Jacob’s dick was swollen and bright pink, and Katrina looked at the dark opening in the end of his cock. This was the first time she had seen her brother’s erect cock, and it was magnificent. She was greatly aroused at this point, further excited by the delightful wrongness of the situation. Her first sketch showed her brother standing with his hands on his hips, a massive erection pointing out in front of him. Professor Donalds peered at Katrina’s work and complimented her again.

“My, Katrina, you have a talent for this kind of art.” The professor admired her stylistic depiction of his erect sex organ.

“This is a perfect depiction of the male nude.” Katrina blushed. If only the professor knew that it was her naked brother she was drawing.

They finished up the session with a number of other poses, then Jacob put on his robe and the professor thanked him. “You can all come after 3 o’clock to pick up your drawings after I am finished grading them,” Professor Donalds said. Katrina was so proud of her work and couldn’t wait to get them back and stare at her drawings of her brother. She thought of how lucky she was to have a brother like Jacob.

After Katrina had finished all her classes, she dropped by the studio and picked up her sketches of Jacob from Professor Donalds. Hoping to leave without a conversation with the professor, Katrina’s hopes were dashed when the professor spoke to her as she was heading out the door. “Katrina, you have an incredible eye. I hope you will be joining us tomorrow for our session. We will be working with a female model, and I can’t wait to see your work with the nude female body.”

Rolling her sketches together into a bundle and snapping a rubber band around it to take back to her apartment, Katrina replied, “I’ll see if I can make it.” Professor Donalds was satisfied by her answer and let her go, waving goodbye to Katrina.

Back in her apartment, Katrina unpacked her bag and unrolled her many sketches of Jacob. She placed them all on her bed and stared at them. Some she did in pencil only, and she admired the contrast between the dark lines of Jacob’s face and the softer, shaded contours of his body. She really did have a knack for drawing. The sketches perfectly evoked Jacob’s confidence and mystique, while depicting the strong, attractive body of her older brother.

Katrina reviewed her nude sketches of him, which were mostly done in color. These were even more breathtaking than her black-and-white sketches. His tanned skin and sand-colored hair were lifelike, illustrated by precise strokes of her special set of artists’ coloring pencils. His penis was likewise drawn, her expert sketches portraying the erotic aura of his naked body. Katrina was even aroused by her own drawings. He’s beautiful, Katrina thought. She had fallen in love with nude art, and felt a strong desire for her brother’s perfect, masculine body. She gazed at her drawings for over an hour, masturbated on her couch, and headed off to the gym to work out with her friends.

When Katrina returned to her third-floor apartment, she flicked the lights on the living room and headed back into her bedroom to shower. Passing her bed, which still had her art spread on it, she remembered Jacob. Katrina stripped off her sweaty clothes and showered, imagining her brother in the warm cascade of water with her. Katrina’s body ached with desire. Her brother had always been her biggest supporter and friend, and now she wanted to show her intimate love for him. Clutching her breasts and fingering herself as she washed, Katrina let the thought of her amazing brother consume her.

Katrina got out of the shower and dried herself with her fluffy pink towel, which Jacob had given to her before she left for college. Katrina slipped into a pair of thin red lace panties and put a blue Dodgers t-shirt on without a bra. She would cook dinner for herself, finish studying, watch some TV, and then sleep. She was always grateful for these lazy evenings in. Suddenly, Katrina heard three sharp knocks on her door. Her spirits were lifted, as she knew exactly who was waiting on the other side of her door.

Katrina walked up to her door, her damp chestnut-colored hair clinging to her shirt. She unlocked the door without even looking through the peephole, and her attractive face lit up with a smile. Jacob, dressed in a t-shirt and jeans, smiled back at her. “Can I come in, Katrina?” he asked.

She laughed and gestured into her apartment. “Anytime,” she said delightedly. Katrina’s erect nipples and the outline of her tits were easily visible through her shirt, but she didn’t mind. She and Jacob were extremely comfortable around each other.

They shared a long embrace and sat on the couch, facing each other. “I love you so much, Jake,” Katrina said. Her sweet, innocent voice was music to Jacob’s ears. He loved his little sister so much and enjoyed seeing her develop from his best friend into a mature young woman.

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