My Brother and Me

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The summer of my 18th year, after graduating from high school, I had gotten used to having my bedroom to myself, when my older brother moved back in to share the room with me. He had moved out a couple years before, but eventually lost his job and ran out of money, so at age 20 he came back home to “re-group”. We were the only two males in a house full of girls, and since there weren’t enough bedrooms to go around, we naturally had to share. Kris and I didn’t have much in common, other than having each been circumcised as baby boys, but as we reached adulthood, even our penises weren’t very similar. Also, we each had a propensity to leave the toilet seat up after using the bathroom. While Kris was interested in partying and girls, I was more interested in other guys . . . a fact that I kept as a deep dark secret, especially from my older bro.

One hot Friday night soon after he moved back home, he came in late, reeking of beer and cheap cigars. I was the only person still up, and I asked, “Where’ve you been?”

“Pat’s bachelor party” he mumbled as he stripped down to his briefs, climbed onto his bunk, and fell asleep (or passed out–I’m not sure which). While I listened to Kris’ breathing level out to a deep, rhythmic pattern indicating sleep, I was entertaining bold, wild thoughts concerning my “options”.

I finally decided “it’s now or never” so I turned off my reading light, stood next to the top bunk, and watched my brother sleeping calmly. Fortunately, he was sleeping on his back, and once my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I could see the bulge in the front of his Jockey Shorts .. the target of my desire. I called his name a couple of times … and then gently maltepe escort pinched his arm … no doubt about it, he was asleep. I boldly (but gently) placed my hand over his crotch and felt the banked heat of his maleness. I very lightly rubbed and squeezed his equipment (through the fabric), and soon had Kris popping a boner.

I was really nervous and scared at this point, but realized that this could be the best opportunity I would ever have, so I expertly wedged his fly open with my fingers and freed his turgid cock. For the first time in my life I touched the penis of another man. I slowly stroked his proud, stiff 6 1/2 inch male staff, and considered another one of the differences between us: while my own male unit lays flaccid at about 2 1/2 inches and then quickly grows to a full, thick respectable 6 inches once aroused, Kris is totally different: his cock dangles about 6 inches all the time [lucky him]! While growing up, I had certainly seen it often enough, and endured his comments about “how small” my own pecker was. When he sprouts wood [this was the first time I had ever seen him with a hard-on, and I don’t think he had ever seen me hard before, either] his cock stiffens, of course, but really doesn’t gain much (if any) in either length or girth.

Anyway — I was now toying with my brother’s hot, stiff pecker, and gently stroking it, when I felt it leaking pre-cum onto my hand. I was getting terrifically excited, and I took a quick lick of his pre-cum from where it had oozed onto my hand. I realized I’d better “go for the whole banana” while I had the chance. I slowly bent over and for the first time ever I let the big, mecidiyek├Ây escort ugly circumcised cock-head of another guy pass my lips. I started laving the mushroom-like head with my tongue, paying particular attention to the frenulum (even though we’re both circumcised, the doc left the ultra-sensitive frenulum intact on both our cocks, thankfully), while I continued the slow, rhythmic hand-stroking of my bro’s thick male tool.

As I continued my assault on Kris’s dick, I was listening intently for any change in his breathing .. which would be a warning that he was waking up and would discover that he had become my boy-toy. Eventually he started softly moaning and I heard him mutter “shake my nuts”, almost like he was in some sort of a trance. I continued mouthing his dick-head, and slowly stroking his rock-hard shaft. With my free hand I stuck a couple of fingers into his fly, and started softly tweaking and teasing his heavy ball-sac. After a bit of this, I felt his prick stiffen up more, and his cock-head flared and throbbed in my mouth. I heard his breath start to get raspy, and I pulled my mouth away from his dick. I felt his pecker start to spasm, and I watched as he shot wad after wad of his thick, gooey cock-snot up onto his chest and belly.

I was pretty ramped-up by all of this, and my own pecker was rock hard and throbbing. I scooped a bit of Kris’s jism off his belly and tasted it (salty, slightly bitter .. it tasted similar to my own). I then scraped more of his ropey splooge into my hand, and used it as a lube on my own stiff rod, as I stroked myself off to an enormous orgasm.

The next morning I wondered if merter escort Kris would have anything to say, but I think he was hung over from the beer and stogies .. and if he thought about the logistics of how he had dried cum all over his belly, yet not in his Jockey Shorts, I guess he just figured that his dick had somehow popped out of his fly and he had had a massive wet-dream which left his chest and belly covered with the residue of his sticky man-sauce.

Over the next year, I repeated this scenario many times [me playing with Kris’s sexual equipment while he slept]. I never knew for sure if he was oblivious to what was going on, or if maybe he knew, but liked the fact that his little bro was a handy little cock-sucker.

I suspect that he knew, as there were several clues to indicate that he did . . . one time when he was under his bed sheet snoring softly, I snaked my hand around feeling for his Jockey Shorts, and when I couldn’t find them .. I realized he was in bed nude. I suspected that he was counting on me to “get him off” that night, as when I started playing with his dick, he moved around some and managed to push his sheet down around his knees. When I was happily sucking and stroking him, just before his body uncontrollably gave away the fact that his ejaculation was imminent, he put an arm across the back of my neck, which forced me to keep his cock in my mouth when he came … for the first time ever I was fed his seed directly from the source. I suspect this was an act of him trying to humiliate me.

The only other clue I ever had as to whether or not he knew what was going on: just before he moved out for the final time, I went to use him as a sex-toy, and as I was freeing his cock from his underwear he said [sort of gruffly]: “Not tonight, Kurt” and rolled over to where I couldn’t get at his cock. Unfortunately, I never got to play with my brother’s male equipment again, but I sure do have fond memories of the excitement I had for a while!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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