My Big Futa Sister Ch. 04

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Big Tits

Author’s Note: Be sure to read the previous chapters or at least the last one.


I texted back to Allyson. “Sure, about what?”

“I’ve been thinking ever since I saw you the other day, how much I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too. I know I’ve made mistakes when we were together, trying to move things faster than you wanted to. What really upset me the most was at the time I thought our friendship would’ve been ruined after this since we were great friends beforehand.”

“We still are friends at least :). It’s only natural exes don’t talk to each other for awhile. Say, do you have time later today to like grab a drink or something at Jack’s and catch up?”

“Not today unfortunately. I just got back from my Aunt’s wedding in Philadelphia and I’m pretty beat. I’ll definitely be able to tomorrow. Is that ok?”

“Yeah that’s fine. Around 7?”

“Sounds good. ­čÖé See you then.” I ended the text conversation. “Well, we’ll see where that goes. Plus I haven’t been to Jack’s in a good while.” I already said to Allison I’d have a life with her after what we had at the wedding and afterward but now with my ex girlfriend, she may want to get back together. I may be getting ahead of myself on that second part though. I don’t want to get my hopes up. “What am I gonna tell Allison? Or even tell Allyson? I’ll talk to Allison about it tomorrow. It may just end up with me and Allyson just staying friends. We’ll just have to see.”

It truly was frustrating to think about. Potentially choosing the girl that once meant the world to me or my sister who who I long had a crush on since I was a teenager, share a mutual romantic attraction and currently starting to build a life with now. I try to take my mind off of it by continuing to pack my things, watch some TV, then I go to sleep.

I had a little trouble sleeping for awhile thinking about my potential dilemma but eventually went back to sleep. I woke up around 9am, ate some cereal and then get ready to go to the bank for a small loan to pay off the rent I was behind on. I dressed myself in a nice dress shirt and slacks and wore a tie so I can look presentable and not look like a bum. I then drove to the bank. The loan officer asked why I needed a loan and I told him the situation I was in. “My job hours were cut a bit and caused me to get behind on rent. I’m moving in with my sister til I can get back on my feet with either a better job or my hours will get restored but I will still be able to pay off the loan as I’m living with my sister.” Obviously I didn’t say fully why I was really moving in with my sister. The loan officer ended up giving me the loan and I was set for that.

Once I got home, I gave the landlord the money to fully catch up and let him know I was moving once the lease expired tomorrow. The landlord was a fair man but also obviously a little strict and honestly I was lucky I wasn’t evicted awhile ago. I got along with him fine and he knew my situation with work and I always have paid him rent on time before the last three months. He said he’d check the apartment for damages that may have happened while I was renting it but I know nothing broke.

I then text Allison to see if I could start moving my stuff to her house. She said I could start bringing the stuff anytime today. I can also use the opportunity to talk to her about Allyson asking me on a “date” so to speak. I pack my car full of my stuff to head over to Allison’s house. It was almost everything that I had minus a few more boxes which would just be another round trip and that’d be it. I went to knock on the door and she let me in. “Hey Nick!” She said excitedly while reaching out to hug me and then we kiss. We then go inside the house to talk a little bit before we bring in my stuff. “Is that all your stuff?”

“Almost. There’s just a few more things left and that’ll be it.”

“That’s good. Is the rent taken care of now?”

“Yeah. I had to take out a small loan but it won’t be too hard to pay it back since I’ll be moving in with you and I’ll have more money.”

“Good but if you need any help with that, you know I’m here.”

“Thank you Alli, but hopefully it won’t come to that.”

“Anytime little brother.” She said as she gave me a peck on the cheek. “Now that we’re gonna have a life together, I’ll always be here for you. Now let’s get your stuff in here. I’m getting blue balls waiting for the move in to be done.” She said that laughing a bit.

“Well tomorrow will be the day. The lease expires then and I’ll be able to officially move in.”

“Great. I can’t wait. I’m still saving up every bit of cum I can for our special night.” She winked.

“It’ll be great sis.” We then proceed to move boxes from my car to her house be┼čikta┼č mas├Âz escort in her spare bedroom to unpack later. It took about 20 minutes to get everything in.

“Wanna stay for lunch Nick?”

“Sure.” I said. This would be a good opportunity to bring up Allyson asking me out to catch up. I help Allison make lunch.

“You know, when you move in, we should have a nice dinner here too. To fully celebrate your moving in with me, a nice meal, a nice dessert and such. Any ideas on what you’d like?”

“Anything sounds nice. It’ll be wonderful either way. I’ll help you shop tomorrow and help with the cooking.”

“Sounds good. Looking forward to it.” We get done with making lunch and now eating. We talk a bit more about the move in then after a bit I bring up my conversation with Allyson. “My ex girlfriend Allyson texted me yesterday not long after we got home from Philly.”

“That’s interesting. What did you two text about?”

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about actually. The other day when I left your house before we went to Philadelphia, I bumped into her at the gas station for the first time since we broke up six months ago. We just only talked for a minute or so, nothing unusual. After we got back and I got home, she texted me saying how much she missed me after we saw each other. She then asked me out to catch up on a drink or something. I don’t know for sure if she wants to get back together or not but if she does, I don’t know what to say to her if she does.”

“I see.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I love you and I’m wanting to build a life with you now, I just don’t know how to let her down and still be friends.”

“Nick, you don’t have to.”

“What do you mean?”

“You don’t have to turn her down if she does want to get back together with you. You can be with her. In all honesty, we have to keep our romantic relationship a secret anyway because it’s so taboo. It kinda makes this exciting at the same time to be honest.”

“Wait, what?” I said surprised at what she said. “Are… are you sure? It just doesn’t feel right. For either of you.”

“Yes I am. Based on what you told me about her, you really cared about her and she means a lot to you and she sounds she cares about you still. I know deep down you really don’t want to turn her down.”

“You’re right. A part of me would always care about her no matter what. But are you sure you’re okay with it? You’re not gonna get mad or jealous or anything?”

“Well, maybe I’ll be a little bit jealous of me sharing you basically, but you know, I’d also like to get to meet her myself and… get to know her. If you know what I mean.” She winked. “If that were to be a possibility. All three of us could start a life together. I wouldn’t mind.”

“That would be amazing honestly. My two favorite women in the world sharing a life with me. It’d be a dream come true. You sure you don’t mind?”

“No, I don’t mind. It’ll be great.”

“Thank you Alli.”

“You’re welcome Nick. You’ll always be my little brother and now my lover and I think this’ll be exciting. When are you meeting with her?”

“At 7 today. At Jack’s”

“Let me know how it goes.”

“I will. I don’t know how I’m gonna eventually talk her into being in essentially a 3-way with me and you, my sister.”

“The chance will come eventually. We can’t rush it.”

“Right.” We talk a little more then we start unpacking some of my stuff then I’d get the rest of my stuff that was packed up. Allison then came across an old backpack I had from my early years in high school I kept just in case I needed the spare to the one I was using for my senior year.

“Is this your old backpack from high school?”

“Oh yeah. It is. I kept it in case I needed a backup.”

“Mind if I look in here Nick?”

“Nah I don’t mind. I don’t think there’s anything in there aside from old school papers or something.”

She unzips the first part of the bag. “So that’s where this went. Right little brother?”

“Where what went?”

She then pulled out an 18 inch long pink translucent dildo. “I was wondering where this was before I went back to college.” She said as she was lightly wiggling it at me.

It took me a minute to remember but I then recalled what happened. It was not long after I watched Allison in the shower when she stroked her cock. Later that summer, I was still fantasizing about her and was walking by her room where the door was open and noticed the said dildo on her bed. Due to me still being attracted to her and fantasizing about her, I took it from her room and hid it in the old backpack. Everytime I was alone in the house, I’d practice deepthroating it imagining be┼čikta┼č otele gelen escort it was Allison’s huge cock. I stopped using it awhile after Allison went back to college when I kinda grew out of that phase since futanari porn and her pink dildo weren’t the same as seeing her real life cock.

“Oh yeah… I kinda forgot I did have that.” I said in a nervous laughing tone.

She then walked up to me and put the dildo head on my mouth as if it was a finger telling me to shush. “Well, I don’t think you’ll be needing this anymore since you have the real life thing now.” She said in a seductive manner. “So I’ll be taking this back. You’ll need to be punished though. I really missed having that. I’ll think of something. You’re such a dirty little boy brother.” She giggled then gave me a kiss. Words can’t describe how hot that was to me. We continue to unpack more until about 6pm.

“I better get back to my apartment and get ready to meet Allyson. I left some of my clothes back there. I’ll see you later sis. Love you.”

“Love you too Nick. Let me know how it goes.”

I left and went back to my apartment to take a shower and get ready to meet with Allyson. It seems like all the scenarios were going though my head of what could happen tonight as I was getting ready. What if she did want to get back together, what if she just legitimately wanted to catch up and be friends like we used to be, among other things. It was a lot to think about. I get dressed in a nice black button up shirt and jeans. It was 6:45pm when I was getting my white tennis shoes on and I started to head out to the car. It was about a 10 minute drive to Jack’s, which is a nice little restaurant/bar that was owned by the same family since the 1950s. I haven’t been there in about a year and a half. I get there about 6:58pm and I get a table and just wait til Allyson gets here.

It wasn’t very long however since she arrived a little more than a minute later. I waved her down to show where our table was and she walked towards me. Allyson, a 5’11”, petite, brown eyes, long shiny light brown hair, C cup sized breasts and a lovely smile. She was almost as tall as I was with me standing at 6′ and taller than Allison who is 5’10”.

“Hey Nick.” She said smiling at me as we hugged.

“Hey Allyson. It’s great to see you again.” I said hugging back. “Here, allow me.” I say I pull her chair out and push her in.”

“Still the gentleman I see.” She said smiling again.

“Hey, chivalry isn’t dead yet.” I chuckle a bit. I sit down myself, order a couple drinks and we begin to talk as we look at our menus. “How have things been Allyson? It’s been awhile.”

“I’ve been alright. School and work are a pain but I’m hanging in there. You?”

“Some things could be better but I’m doing alright too. I’m moving in with my sister tomorrow because I was falling behind on rent in my apartment and I had to get a small loan to pay it back and I’m living with Allison until I can get either a better job or the hours come back.”

“Oh that’s too bad. I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Eh, it’s not all bad. At least I can reconnect with my sister who I haven’t seen in a few years since she lived in another state for college and her job.”

“Yeah that’s true. Why’d she move back?”

“Her new job. It’s much better than her old one she had prior.”

“That’s nice. I don’t think I’ve met her other than at your parent’s funeral. Wish it was under better circumstances.”

“Yeah. I believe that was it and yeah I understand. Do you wanna share a meat lovers pizza?”

“Sure, I haven’t had a pizza here in a long time.”

Our drinks come and we order a meat lovers pizza which is one of Jack’s specialties. “I haven’t been to Jack’s period in awhile. I think the last time was our second date. Wow that so long ago.”

“Same. Speaking of dates, are you seeing anyone?” She asked.

“No, I’m not.” I said lying even though unbeknownst to her me and my sister are now lovers. “I guess I was kinda doing what you were doing and just focusing on other things like work and school. Are you?”

“I’m not either. I thought I was doing what I thought was better and just wanting to focus on things but after awhile it just wasn’t the same without you around. All the fun times we had, you always being there. I just really missed it.”

“I’ve really missed you too Allyson. There was barely a day that went by when I didn’t think about you.”

“Do you want to pick our relationship up where we left off?”

“Yes. I would love that.”

“After we eat our pizza, do you want go back to my apartment and hang out more? Watch some Netflix or something, like we be┼čikta┼č rus escort used to?”

“Yeah, I’d love to.” So we continue to talk a little while longer until the pizza came to us. Then we ate while still talking and having another drink. I then paid and followed her car on the way back to her apartment around 8pm. We then cuddled on her couch together and binged on Netflix for a few hours and had a few more drinks while we’re there.

“Hey Nick, you wanna stay the night? It’s pretty late and you had a few to drink.”

I didn’t have a whole lot where I would have impaired judgement or anything, just to where it probably wasn’t safe to drive. “Yeah, it’s probably best. I guess I’ll crash on your couch then?”

“You can… sleep with me in my bed if you want.”


So around 11:30pm we get in bed together and we spoon and cuddle. “Hey Nick.” She said then turned around to face me.


“Tonight was really nice. I’m glad we’re reconnecting and continuing our relationship. Sorry I was kind of selfish and broke up with you like I did then.”

“No, no don’t apologize. I completely understand. You did what you thought was best and I admit I was wrong in pushing it too fast then.”

“No, it wasn’t at all that. I just wanted to focus on other stuff so we can go that direction. I wanted to but I thought I wasn’t ready. I know it’s only been six months but I’m in a better place with school and work and I think I am ready to now.”

“Hey, it’s all in the past now. Right now, we’re back together and I’m happy with that.”

“Oh Nick, I love you.” She said then kissed me.

“I love you too Allyson.” I said kissing back.

After we kissed, I just gazed into her beautiful brown eyes for a few seconds as she too was staring into my eyes. We started kissing each other more passionately. She started unbuttoning my shirt and I took off her top revealing her pink bra covering her breasts. She took her bra off to expose her bare breasts. I started cupping her in my hands. Obviously she wasn’t as big as my sister’s breasts but they’re still pretty nice. I kissed her neck softly while I worked down to her erect nipples to lick and suck them while still holding the breasts. She moaned softly as I was doing so. I kiss all the way to her stomach then stopped to take her pants off to reveal her matching pink panties to her bra. I take them off to then start eating her out. Licking her folds and her clit. I slid a couple fingers inside her to finger her as well. Her moaning grew louder and louder as time went by and then she squirted in my mouth and tasted sweet.

We switched places after she caught her breath and she was taking my jeans and then my boxers off. She kneeled down next to the bed and I sat on the edge of it. She started licking my shaft and stroking it slowly. After teasing me doing that she put my cock in her mouth and started bobbing her head slowly on the entire length of my cock, deepthroating it. She was amazing at this. I was brushing through her hair with my fingers as she was blowing me. She was getting faster and almost made me cum but she stopped.

She held her breasts together and surrounded my cock slowly moving them up and down and licking the head. The feeling of her soft breasts surrounding my cock felt wonderful. She kept going and going to where I was mesmerized by the movements and was once again close to cumming but she stopped. She got back in bed and got on her back and spread her pussy. “Fuck me now. I can’t wait anymore.”

I rubbed my cock on her entrance and slowly went in and began thrusting. I watched as her breasts were bouncing around due to my thrusts. She moaned and moaned the more I fucked her. I was really close yet again. “Cum on my tits.” She moaned. I pulled out and came on her tits. I unleashed a huge load since I haven’t had sex since the day I was with Allison after the wedding. Allyson then licked up all the cum off her tits.

We both laid back down on the bed. “Oh Nick, that was great. I’m so happy we’re together again.”

“Me too Allyson. I’ve been wanting that for six months.” We both made out, cuddled and shortly after, went to sleep. As I was heading to sleep, I was thinking in the back of my head. “I wonder how Allison will think of this?”

Author’s Note: Hey all, sorry this got out after so much time but being Christmas Season and all the hectic days that ensues annnnnd a little bit of procrastination due to Red Dead Redemption 2 (awesome fucking game by the way.) But anyway, sorry again that this was a long time after Ch. 03 and hopefully the next one won’t take nearly as long. I’m literally making this story up as I go. Once again, constructive criticism is always welcome. I did try to make this Chapter longer as that was the most requested thing and I hope this wasn’t boring or anything but it’s kinda backtracking to a little bit more buildup as we potentially see a love triangle with Nick, Allison and Allyson. I do have somewhat an idea what Ch. 05 will be and hopefully that’ll be up within a reasonable time. Thank you for reading!

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