My Bestfriend Pt. 03

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**All characters in this story are 18+ years old**

“Aren’t you horny at all?” she demanded with a coy smirk on her face. I blushed, the heat surging through my body now feeling like an inferno. I had ignored my desires to make her feel good. But that simple question had me quivering with need.

“Maybe a little bit,” I admitted and she smiled.

“Lie down, it’s your turn!” she insisted, her hands yanking me down. I was stunned. She crawled on top of me, sitting on my thighs as she pushed her hands up under my shirt. “Have I ever told you how jealous I am of your tits?” she demanded as I felt the heat of her hands pushing and squeezing them eagerly.

“Please, they look so weird on my body,” I grumbled and she shook her head, biting her lip as she pushed my shirt up. I blushed covering my face as she leaned down. Her hair brushed my skin first and then her breath. I shuddered with the thrills that ran up my spine.

“They look so plump. Even your nipples when I’d see them through your bathing suits or thin bras,” she grumbled then, shoving my bra up over my breasts. I gasped then whimpered when her soft hands cupped them. “Wow. Penelope your tits, these nipples?” she demanded softly, pinching and tugging on them. I felt jolts shoot through my body, my eyes opening as I bit my lip.

“Lauren please, it’s embarrassing!” I went to stop her and she sighed, ignoring me as she leaned down and kissed one of my nipples.

“These tits look like natural porn tits. Like the kind of tits women try to pay good money for,” she muttered. Her lips and her breath tickled my skin and I could feel the goosebumps and my hair standing up. “Hell I’d want my tits to look like these!” she grumbled and I scoffed, looking at her chest. Her breasts were jiggling cutely between her arms as she groped me. Her nipples looking like little pink rosebuds.

“Yours are amazing though,” I insisted, reaching up to touch them again. She giggled leaning into my hands as I groped the squishy flesh. Her teeth dug into her lip, her eyes droopy and burning with need.

“Stop distracting me. I want you to have a great orgasm too,” she grumbled sounding out of breath. I sighed and pulled away ruefully. “But I’ve never been with a girl,” she looked worried suddenly, her brows pulling together slightly as her hands slowed down.

“I mean, you have,” I muttered and she giggled, licking her lip.

“Well yeah you’ve given me incredible orgasms. But how do I do that for you?” she mused and I shrugged.

“Just do what you think feels good. I’m sure it’ll come together,” I muttered escort kocaeli shamelessly. But that was the truth. It’s all I did to her. She pulled off me then and felt a bit defeated until her hands gripping my pants. She wasted no time stripping me from the waist down, crawling back up between my legs decidedly.

“Wow Penny, your pussy looks so mature too!” she sounded jealous. “Do you always trim like this?” she reached out to caress my patch and I whimpered. My legs pulled up, opening eagerly for her as I bit my wrist.

“Uh yeah,” I huffed still throbbing with need. The fire was dull but now my body was burning almost painfully.

“And your legs are so long,” she reached her hands out, sliding them from my ankles up along the calves and down my thighs. She gripped my ass gently and I exhaled happily, my thighs and stomach quivering. “You are really beautiful Penelope,” her voice was heavier and a bit labored. My ears and neck were on fire as I looked down to see her face flushed as well. Her hands slid to my hips, gripping them tightly as her eyes ran over my body.

“So are you,” I whispered weakly, her eyes darting up to meet mine. She smiled, her cheeks rosy as she giggled.

“You’re going to turn me into a lesbian too,” she teased then and I laughed, covering my mouth and shaking my head. Her hands slid down between my thighs, pushing them open. I felt her hair first and then her lips. I groaned, choking as I bit my hand and trembled. I could feel her lips pressing and sliding along my slit, her tongue poking and gliding against me as her mouth would open.

“Oh god!” I gasped when she ran her tongue from my hole up over my clit. My body was an inferno again, my head dizzy as I reached down and slid my hands into her hair. Her arms pushed up under my thighs, wrapping around my hips as she laid down onto the bed. “Fuck Lauren, that’s so good!” I whimpered when she started sucking and kissing at my lips and clit.

“You’re so wet and swollen Penny,” she murmured, her hot breath swallowing me up. My hips jerked on their own, my clit trembling with excitement. I felt her mouth again, her tongue rolling and sliding all over as her lips closed around me.

“Yes!” I hissed eagerly, pulling her face into me. “Oh god Lauren yes!” I panted, my head swimming with lust. I pressed my heels into the ground, holding her steady as I rolled my hips against her mouth. She groaned, clawing at my waist. “My clit, please, suck on it! Something!” I pleaded desperately, my stomach convulsing as I panted and tensed. My clit was twitching, my thighs throbbing gölcük escort as her tongue devoured me. I felt her lips then her teeth tease me, nipping my nub and that was it. “Ahhh!” I threw my head back, my body locking up as my hips jutted up into the air. I panted, sparks flickering across my eyes as my body trembled.

“Fuck I want to cum again,” Lauren grumbled and I bit my lip. Was that an invitation? I sat up, prying my shirt and bra off as I smiled at her.

“Do you want more?” I reached out to her, pulling her toward me. Our lips touched, my tongue eager to taste her. I could taste my pussy all over her tongue and lips. That drove me crazier. “Because I could go for more,” I panted when she pulled away, gasping for air. Without a word she took her shirt off and dropped down to the bed.

“Get on top of me like you did last night,” she whimpered and I smiled, pushing her legs apart. I crawled in between them, straddling her eagerly. Our pussies touched and we both groaned. I leaned down, pulling her up by her neck. She held herself up, her lips wet and hot as they slid and rolled against mine. I sucked on her tongue, teased the roof of her mouth, and enjoyed every inch of her tongue with mine.

I felt her hand grab my waist before sliding down to my ass. She gripped it eagerly, pulling me into her. I hugged her thigh to my stomach as both of us started rocking desperately. Our skin was slapping and squelching crudely, both of us moaning and panting as I humped her pussy greedily. “God I think I’m gonna cum,” I whimpered, sucking on her bottom lip. She pulled away, adjusting to lie down under me. Both her hands gripped my ass, my hands on the bed by her waist.

“Me too,” she moaned, her face wrinkling with pleasure. I started going faster and she groaned, her head rolling back as she lunged her hips up into mine. “Don’t stop!” she croaked, her neck straining as her tits jiggled slightly.

“You’re so sexy,” I muttered and she blushed, crying out as her hips jerked up. Her body was tensing under me, her fingers clawing at my ass as her thighs quivered. “Oh fuck, Lauren you’re so wet!” I groaned, my head dropping as I panted. I looked down to see my pussy gliding against hers. She was soaked, I was soaked, and all I could hear were her moans and the lewd slurping sound of our pussies mashing together. My clit was aching, still so sensitive.

“Oh shit!” she cried out, her hands clawing at my ass as her body jostled again. “Oh fuck don’t stop! Penelope!” she practically screamed and then I felt it. A hot liquid shot up against izmit sınırsız escort my pussy, my clit burning and quivering.

“God Lauren! You’re squirting on me!” I groaned, clinging to her as my hips jerked violently. My climax ripped through me, my body shaking as I panted and moaned, clawing at her leg as I lost my rhythm and just started bucking wildly against her. I don’t know how long it lasted but we both collapsed, my body falling on top of hers.

“Holy shit,” she gasped, swallowing hard as she reached up and pushed her hair off her forehead. I bit my lip, breathing heavy as I eased off her and laid next to her. She rolled over slowly, both of us blushing and looking uncertain as we stared at one another.

“Lauren I think I’m a lesbian,” I whispered and she hesitated before laughing happily.

“I’ll say,” she breathed, smiling then as she reached out and pinched my cheek. “Wait, I’m your first time right?” she gasped and I sighed, nodding slowly. “And we have all week to share this bed together,” she muttered, her eyes looking mischievous as she let the thought hang there.

“Is it a good idea to keep doing this?” I demanded and she pouted. “What if one of us catches feelings?” I offered and she hesitated then pouted.

“You’re my best friend Penelope. Nothing is going to change that. If my best friend can give me world rocking orgasms from time to time what’s the harm?” she shrugged and I laughed.

“But I don’t want to date you,” I admitted sheepishly and she smiled, seeming relieved.

“I don’t want to date you either. So why don’t we just love and appreciate each other as we have been, and help each other out in our desperate times. Until we find the ones for us,” she held her pinkie up to me and I sighed, unable to argue. I could never say no to her ideas.

“Until we find the ones for us,” I agreed, locking my pinkie with hers. We both hocked a loogie and spit sealed out promise.

“Maybe we’re too old for this kind of thing,” she made a face, wiping her hand on her side and I shrugged.

“Maybe we are. But it still feels like a real promise that way,” I insisted and she giggled. “How much longer do you think we have?” I muttered then, glancing down at her tits.

“Well, the door is shut and as long as we’re quiet we can hear the car pulling in. So does it really matter?” she asked then, reaching out to pull me in for a kiss. I sighed, kissing her happily as I rolled on top of her.

“You should work on staying quiet then,” I teased, reaching down to tug on her nipple. She gasped and then giggled, kissing me again. “And we’ll do this until they get back,” I muttered, loving the delicious throbbing sensation that overwhelmed my thighs and clit as my tits pressed against hers. A lifelong, as needed fuck buddy? There couldn’t be any downsides.

The End.

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