My Best Christmas Ever

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My name is Tamika. I’m 18 years old and a freshman at Boston College. I was driving home from school for the Christmas holiday break and had just parked the car in the driveway when all of a sudden my mother came out to give me a nice hug. My mother was in remarkably good spirits despite her recent divorce from a husband (my father) who left her for some young 18 year old floozy. It was obvious that she didn’t miss him.

When I asked her why she was so happy, she told me why: She found a new love in her life and she had never been so happy in her life.

At first I thought: What was he like? Was he a nice fellow? Does he treat her nice?

And then came the bombshell:

HER name was Antonia!!

WHAT? My mother’s new lover was a lesbian? When I admitted to her before leaving for college that I was a lesbian she didn’t think it was much of a big deal. Now I know why. She was seeing this woman named Antonia and fell head over heels with her. WOW!! this would make for an interesting adventure.

After we said our hellos and embraced each other, I went into my old bedroom where I unpacked and relaxed. That evening we both celebrated with a nice pizza and soda and reflected on what had happened in our lives since I left home for college.

We put the tree up and after we decorated it, we put some of the presents under the tree and talked about what we would do together for the holidays.

On be┼čikta┼č escort Christmas eve, mom and I had a light supper and then went to Christmas eve services at the local church. It was my way of thanking god for bring good to us all year and to watch over us in the new year.

The next morning, Christmas Day, Mom and I went down the stairs and opened our presents. In addition to the presents that were under our tree the night before, there was this huge package that was big enough to hold either a washing machine or a refrigerator.

After we opened our packages, I asked mom if I would open the big box. She said I could.

I couldn’t believe what I just saw.

I no sooner opened the box than I saw my beautiful and sexy Aunt Keisha naked, rubbing her huge breasts and wearing a seductive grin on her face.

“What is this?” I asked mom.

“Well, Tamika, your Aunt Keisha and I are going to give you the best Christmas that you ever had-an orgy with you mother and your aunt.”

I was shocked!! Both my mother and my aunt are BOTH lesbians, like me. And with that, my mom came over and took care of her sister’s beautifully large E-cup tits while I went under and slurped away at my mom’s pussy. Mom took her mouth away from Aunt Keisha and she sat down on the floor to give me access to both her tits and Aunt Keisha’s at the same time. I then went be┼čikta┼č eve gelen escort down to Aunt Keisha’s pussy and licked some of that sweet smelling pussy juice of hers. Mom and i kissed together in order to lick some of her sister’s juices.

Our little orgy lasted just a few minutes more. We then pause to have breakfast-the conventional kind-and we decided to resume later. Since I had the whole holiday period off, it was a great way to pass the time away.

Little did I know.

About 10:00 on Christmas night, we all went upstairs into mom’s bed and we let all of the hormones take us to places that we wanted them to go. It delighted me that I was able to lick the pussies of the two women that I loved and not to worry anything about it. I was licking mom’s pussy and and listening to her moan while Aunt Keisha was giving me a good fuck with the strap-on that she brought from home. We were going on like this for what seemed like forever when all of a sudden, Mom was starting to cum inside.

After she came, the three of us were licking pussy together. I licked my mom’s pussy while mom licked Aunt Keisha’s. It was a beautiful session until we all came at the same time.

I feasted on all the cunt juice that was there to taste.

Our sessions would continue like this all week until New Year’s Eve. That was when mom called her lover Antonia be┼čikta┼č grup yapan escort and asked her to come on over. When Antonia first heard of the family orgy, she came right over as if there was no tomorrow.

And when she came over, was she a knockout!! Big and chunky with DDD sized tits, Antonia was the kind of woman anybody would like to have for a lover, man or woman. When she arrived, the four of us all went upstairs to mom’s bedroom where we all got out of our clothes and plopped together on the bed.

When Antonia got out of her clothes and revealed her big body to the three of us, only one word described the experience-JACKPOT-I knew this was going to be fun.

Mom and Antonia were making love while Aunt Keisha and I were French kissing ,then her whispering in my ear that she loved me and that she wanted to lick me. I told her that it was all right and so I decided to lick her beautiful pink pussy. It made her so horny that her screams of delight could be heard all over the house.

I later got a chance to get it on with Antonia. Mom meanwhile got into it with her own sister where they proceeded to lick the heck out of each other. Once again our daisy chain: Me licking Antonia who was licking Aunt Keisha who was licking mom. I’ve had may fun time during the holiday period over the years but this was by far the best holiday I ever had.

Later we fucked ourselves with the dildos mom got me for Christmas. We went on for a while until we all came together orgasms galore. When we got up and took showers, we never felt so good in our lives.

Three weeks later, I returned to school for the winter semester. I could not help but think that this was indeed the best Christmas I ever had.

Thank you, Santa.

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