Musa Ch. 02

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You are amazed at his length and girth and are somewhat staring with your mouth open. You start to drink her drink and Musa asks you: “Did you bring that for her?”

“Oh yea, thanks! I did. Here honey, your drink…”

“Mmm? She says. “Oh thanks!” and she takes the drink from you with her left hand while directing his long schlong with her right. She brings her Champaign close to her work and actually dips the lower area of his dick into her drink and brimming the glass as she does this. Then she quickly slurps his dick of all dripping Champaign.

“Oooh Miss!” he says to her, “What are you doing to me?” Next she leads him into the non-carpeted area and pours her drink all over his jewels, and proceeds to slurp and lick ever where she can find reason to, as she turns him on even more.

“Come.” Musa says to you; “can you busy this fine lady while I inspect her lower regions?”

“What?” you ask.

“Give her mouth your dick!” I tell you as I try to assist you with his request.

“Oh, sure! Here babe give me a little of that tongue will you?”

Well she responds gladly, bending over and mouthing your already enlarged penis. Her ass is flagrantly pointing at Musa. As she tugs on your balls she wiggles her ass and Musa finds it with both hands. Softly he caresses it round and round with his fingertips. “Do you know?” he asks: “you are a very luck man!”

“I sure am Musa!” you reply.

“And she too is a very lucky woman!” He exclaims to the room as he slides a surprise thumb into her ass!

“Whoa!” She says as she grabs at your legs. “He’s got his dick up my ass!”

“No, no, no! Miss that is just my thumb, that is all!” he says to her. He pulls his thumb out only after she is constantly saying “Oh Jesus! Oh Jesus! Oh God!”

“What is it?” I ask, not knowing as I watch some TV program glancing back to your action now and then.

“I don’t know! Musa says, “Maybe she has a virgin asshole!”

He looks at you and asks you: “You don’t fuck this asshole?!?” Then he says konyaaltı escort in sheer surprise: “This beautiful asshole! You don’t fuck this?”

“Well no I don’t” you tell him.

“Why?” he asks you.

“I don’t know I just don’t think she likes it man. What can I tell you?”

“I will show you how to fuck a woman’s ass so she likes it!” he says to you.

“Wait just a minute!” She speaks up. “You’re not going anywhere NEAR my ass with that huge dick!”

“You will like it Miss!”

“No I won’t! She argues back!

“O.K., O.K”, He says. And then he says; “Come here, I won’t hurt your bum. Come here!”

She turns toward him and he places his hands under her boobs and she thinks he wants to fondle them for a bit as he seems to squat to reach them with his tongue. So she thrusts them out at him.

His hands slide right past her boobs and to her rib cage and up she goes lifted off the floor and into the air above everyone! She gasps out loud as she keeps going up!

“Hey!” you say to him, “What are you doin’ Musa?”

He lifts her so high that her knees are on his shoulders. His dick is just huge and standing straight out about 14 inches from his trunk.

“Come to me puss puss!” He says to her pussy. And then he lowers her on to his clean-shaven face. “MMMmmmmmmm!” He says aloud as we watch in disbelief. He has to be strong as hell to lift her like that!

“Oh my god! Oh my god! Don’t drop me!” She says: “Oh my god OH MY GOD THAT”S MY ASS AGAIN! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH SHIT! OH! OH! OH! OH YES! OH YES! OH SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! JESUS! Put me down! Put me down!”

“Musa! Musa!” You tell him. “Take it easy there man! Maybe you’d better put her down here.”

Just then she’s hollering “NO! No don’t put me down! Oh GOD! Oh he’s in my Pussy Oh God! Oh God! Oh shit! Oh SheeOhshee Ohshee! I’m comin’ I’m comin’! OH don’t drop me! OH! Oh! Shit that’s a big tongue! JEEEESUS!” She says to where you’d think the neighbors would hear.

Carefully she is brought down from Musa’s kültür escort shoulders but not to the ground. He suspends her by her armpits right above his dick. One leg comes up while the other arm holds her up. His opposite hand takes his dick and he guides it at her bottom and wiggling it across her pussy. Now his leg comes down and his arm goes back to her armpit. Her arms and his dick are holding her there.

She wraps her legs easily around his back while he moves both of his hands down to her ass. One hand grabs her well while the other hand drills his huge cock right up and into her pussy!

“OHHHHH! GODDD! She says! AURG!” Good god that’s big!” She says.

You can see that it’s actually going in. He has made her pussy so wet and he is using her own weight to slide into her. She can’t help but to descend down onto this oversized mammoth cock and she knows it. He’s not forcing it she’s almost attacking it as her pussy swallows almost half of it right in front of you.

“I can’t take that whole thing!” she says to him. And then she repeats the same thought to you. “That thing won’t fit in me!”

“Here you go he says as he lifts you back up to almost off of it then he lets you slide back down his now very slippery member.

“OH Shit! It’s goin’ in further!” She says to everybody in the room.

He repeats this lift and he holds his hands out away from his body offering her to either hold on desperately to his neck or to slide down even further onto his cock. Then he starts to move his weight up and down as though he were jumping. This makes her body fall inch by inch down on to his cock and she has no way of pushing off of it so she keeps getting it deeper and deeper. The he lifts her up again but again not far enough to come off. Out go his hands again and he laughs as she slides down his now juiced up member.

You and I can’t believe what we’re seeing as his enormous cock disappears right up her pussy! If he truly had fourteen inches he has only four to go!

She looks so wide-eyed markantalya escort as though she doesn’t know what to do. She keeps repeating: “Oh yesssss! Oooh Yessss!” Can she take this whole thing?

You alright honey?” and you call her by name. And then: “Sweetie? Do you want to stop?”

“NO! NO! GOD NO!! Leave me alone! Leave me alone! Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me! Leave me alone!” she keeps saying. Then: “JUSUS CHRIST THAT’S GOOD!” comes out of her like a gunshot!

Oh my god I’m coming again! Oh my god! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! YES! YES! Come on fuck me with that thing! Shit! Harder! Harder!” She’s going on and on.

With that he does! He lifts her again and drops her on his cock as he leans back and we both watch his entire cock disappear all the fucking way into her hole!


“He’s in! He’s in!” she says!

Oh Jesus! Oh Jesus! That’s feels so, so, so, Oh my god!”

He places is finger into her mouth and she sucks it with all the sexual undertones she can muster. She’s pumping that finger and her pussy at the same time as she continues to sound as though she is in heaven. He slides the finger out and places it at her ass hole again!

“Oh no Oh no! She starts to say and whoop! It’s in again!

“Jesus Christ! Oh Shit! OH Shit! Both of my holes honey! Both of my holes!” she shouts to you. Well he is just banging away at both her ass and her pussy, and she is just going on as though she were speaking in tongues!

Then he calls you over and says:” Here place your dick right in here right now! Right now!” He is pointing to her ass hole and she is looking back to see who he is talking to. She says: “No! No! His dick is too thick! NO!” She keeps repeating.

“O.K.” Musa says you want me to do this and loosen it up?”

“No she says!” Then Who?”

“He’s O.K. she says and points to me “Let Pencil-dick there do it.” She says

“You watch!” she says to you and wags her finger at you. Like, don’t YOU dare!!

So I get behind her, not believing what I’ve been told to do and she says “Fuck me now! Up the ass! NOW!” Well I can’t believe my ears!

I dampen my rigid cock with as much saliva as possible …

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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