Mum’s New Body

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I don’t always know how to start these things off. I guess telling you about me would be the best thing. My name is Alex, I’m 24 years old and I’m a computer science graduate. I live in London where I work for a big tech firm as a programmer. But none of that is really relevant, because you’re here to find out about my sexual relationship with my mum, aren’t you?

For the longest time it was just me and my mum against the world. My dad had come out as gay when I was 8 and moved in with his boyfriend shortly afterwards. I was an only child so it was really only me and mum. I was there whenever anything happened. She’d meet a new guy, it would start out well but then they’d inevitably break up and it would break her heart. I was always the shoulder to cry on, her best friend and her confidante. Mum shared everything with me, within reason, and I did the same with her. As I grew older I became fiercely protective of her and tried my best to make sure she was always happy, just like good sons do.

By the time I was 15, mum had not long turned 40 and something changed in her. She kind of gave up. She stopped going to the gym, cared less and less about her appearance, she became quite depressed. She’d had no luck with men since Dad left and I think that realisation of being 40 and single was just the final straw. She gave up and succumbed to a life destined to be single. If I’m honest, it broke my heart but there was nothing I could do to help her. After all, as her son I could do a lot to make her happy, but I couldn’t fill that void that only a lover could.

When I was 18 I managed to secure a place at a great university but it would mean leaving home to live in student accommodation. Mum naturally encouraged me to go but I could see in her eyes that she didn’t want me to. I tried my best to convince her I was happy to stay at home but she was having none of it. So I went off to start my university life of studying, drinking, partying and (on the rare occasions) hooking up with other students. To be honest, I’d never had so much fun in my life.

Mum and I would talk on the phone nearly every day, I still kept in very close contact with her as best I could. She was so proud of me that I was living my dream and getting excellent grades. I could still hear an inherent sadness in her voice though. She missed me and if I’m honest, I really missed her too. As the first semester ended just before Christmas and I had a generous four week break, I’d made arrangements to come home for the holidays. Mum was beside herself with excitement to see me.

On that cold December day I drove my little car up to the house, grabbed my bags and let myself in.

“Mum?” I called out, “are you in?”

“Alex!” she called down from upstairs, “I’ll be right down.”

I went into the kitchen and put the kettle on, the heater was broken in my car so I was frozen to the bone. I heard mum coming down the stairs but I really wasn’t prepared for the sight to befall me. She had put on so much weight, easily 40lbs while I was away. She was dressed in sweats, her hair was a mess and there was not a hint of the makeup she used to wear daily. She threw her arms open and beckoned me over.

“Oh, I’ve missed you so much, sweetie, give your mum a big hug.”

“I’ve missed you too, mum,” I said hugging her tightly. I decided not to say anything as I didn’t want to upset her.

We spent hours catching up with each other. I told her of the girls I’d been seeing, the classes I was taking and essentially regaling her with the fun life I was leading. Mum seemed happy and sad at the same time, I could tell she wanted fun in her life. Since I’d left all she really did was go to work, watch TV then sleep on a daily basis. I felt so bad for her.

A few days into my stay, mum had gone out shopping and I was feeling particularly bored. Mum lived in a small village and there was not much to do. I could have jumped in the car and driven somewhere, but the idea of being in that freezing metal box wasn’t particularly appetising. I sat myself on the sofa, made myself comfortable and opened my laptop. I had thought of doing some Uni work, but who was I kidding, I was going to look at porn. It didn’t take me long, but I found a video of a buxom MILF taking two cocks at the same time and it was certainly doing the trick. I was hard in seconds. I unbuttoned my jeans, slid off my boxers, took off my t-shirt and grabbed some tissues from under the coffee table.

Before long I was at full mast and quite happily jerking myself off. I had my headphones on with the video audio loud, so I didn’t hear the car pull up in the driveway. The first I knew that mum was home was when she clipped me on the back of the head (the door to the living room was behind the sofa, so I’d have never seen her coming). I freaked out, slammed the laptop shut and tried my best to cover my erection from her.

“Oh god Mum, I’m so sorry,” I blurted out.

“Porn? In my living room?” She sounded hurt, “how could you, Alex?”

“I’m so sorry, ┼čirinevler escort I didn’t realise you’d be home so soon…”

“And you think that makes it okay?” she said, cutting me off, “it’s okay to jerk off on my sofa because you’re home alone?”

“IÔÇö err–“

“No, you don’t speak now,” she said with full fire in her voice, “and what on earth were you watching? That woman must have been as old as me, if not older!”

Before I could hazard an answer, she clipped me again, “get out of my sight, I don’t want to see you until dinner time!”

I sloped off upstairs, feeling very ashamed of myself.

Dinnertime came and I came downstairs, expecting another verbal dressing down, but nothing came, she talked to me as if nothing had happened. The same happened the next day, and the day after that, in fact the entire time I was home not a word was mentioned about the incident. I kept waiting to be yelled at, or told that I was a disappointment, but nothing came of it. Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I of course said nothing but when I left back for Uni in the January, still nothing had been said and I was slightly puzzled by it.

Fast forward a few months and the second semester had finished. I had called mum to arrange to come home for the two week break but she said she wasn’t going to be home, that she’d booked a holiday with one of her girlfriends and she was going to Turkey for the two weeks I would be home. As the spring had come, she’d been sounding more and more chipper and more like her old self again. She hadn’t told me why, but she just seemed to be happier. So off she went on holiday and I hung around the student accommodation on my own for two weeks. It wasn’t all bad, after all not having flatmates around means you can pretty much do as you please.

Before I knew it, it was June and my first year of uni was over. I’d aced my exams and coursework and passed the first year with a First Class Honours. When I’d told mum about this she was ecstatic with happiness, I could hear her bursting with pride down the phone. Months had passed since her holiday and she was still sounding happier and happier with each passing day. I suspected she must have gotten a boyfriend or something, but I wasn’t going to argue. Mum being happy made me happy.

After two days of packing and an 8 hour drive, I finally reached home for a long, 12 week summer holiday and I was planning on making the most of it. I’d been really stressed for the last semester, working hard to get my work completed and handed in as well as holding a part time bar job in the student union to just keep the money trickling in.

After dumping the majority of my bags in the garage for sorting out later, I walked into the house and was immediately hit by the aroma of my favourite meal, my mum’s home-made shepherd’s pie. She was such a good cook and after weeks of living on cheap ham and ramen noodles, I was ready for a good hearty meal.

“Hey mum!” I yelled out, “I’m home!”

“Just in time, sweetie,” she yelled back from upstairs, “dinner’s on the table, I’ll be right down, get stuck in”

She didn’t have to tell me twice. I dumped my last remaining bag, went straight for the dining table and started serving dinner. I sat down and commenced shovelling as if I’d not eaten in a year. I heard mum coming down the stairs and I remembered the shock I had at Christmas and prepared myself for the worst. I still wasn’t prepared for what walked in the door though.

Mum had completely transformed. At Christmas she was overweight, looking rough and nothing like my mum, but when she walked through the door I couldn’t believe my eyes. Gone was the weight, she’d slimmed right down, in fact she was slimmer than I ever remember her being. She was wearing a tight black dress that hugged her figure so tightly I could see her toned abdominal muscles and belly button. Taking in the rest of her new body, her legs seemed long and shapely, probably due to the expensive looking platform heels she was wearing. I moved my eyes back up and I noticed that her chest was bigger than I’d ever remembered, did she have implants?

Carrying on looking up, her collarbone was now perfectly defined, her double chin had gone and I could see her soft jawline. She was wearing makeup again and her hair was long, straight and blonde! She’d never been blonde in all the time I’d been alive.

“Judging by the fact that your mouth is hanging open, I’d say you approve?” She said with a cheeky smile. I quickly closed my mouth and swallowed the mouthful of food I had.

“Wha-?” I tried to say, but failed, “Mum? You… you look incredible!”

“Thanks sweetie,” she said, beaming a wide smile at me as she sat down, crossing her legs. I could see right up her thigh from where I was sitting.

“When did you do all this?” I said, not even bothering to hide the surprise in my voice,

“Well, since you went back to Uni in Janurary,”

“You didn’t say anything,”

“Well, ┼čirinevler elit escort without being funny, but it wasn’t any of your business.” She poured us a glass of wine each and started her meal,

“What spurred this on?” I asked, pressing the issue slightly,

“Do you really want to know?” she asked, raising an eyebrow,

“Yes,” I replied slightly too eagerly, “You look so good, I just can’t believe the difference in you.”

“Well, do you remember when I caught you watching porn?” she said. The words alone caused an instant knot in my stomach, remembering the embarrassment of it,

“Err… yes.”

“Well, after you ran away upstairs I reopened your laptop and I watched some of the video. I don’t blame you for enjoying it, it was very hot,” she said in a very matter-of-fact way, “and it dawned on me, I’m not getting any younger and this woman in the video must be my age and she has men around the world drooling over her.”

I stayed silent, not really sure where the story was going.

“So I joined a gym,” she continued, “I started running, doing weights and cardio. Then my friend Anna recommended me the place where she had some work done and I went in for a consultation.”

“You had plastic surgery?” I said with some tone of surprise. Mum had always hated doctors.

“Yeah I did,” she replied, still in the matter-of-fact tone, “I obviously had a boob job, then I had some nips and tucks and a little bit of a lift on my face. It wasn’t much work, but enough that I feel years younger.”

“Wow, you do look incredible. I just can’t believe the change in 6 months,”

“Well it’s all thanks to you, sweetie,” she said putting her hand on mine, “If I hadn’t caught you watching that video I’d have had no idea that younger guys like older women and I’d have not realised that I needed to change”.

Still feeling strange about everything, I carried on eating. We started talking about university, my grades, Mum’s new job and the upcoming holiday she’d booked to Antigua with my aunt.

After dinner, we sat in the back yard, enjoying the summer evening and polishing off more wine. I’d lost count of how many drinks we’d both had but I knew we were both a bit drunk. As the light was starting to fade, Mum chipped up,

“Oh, why don’t we have a dip in the new hot tub?”

“You bought a hot tub?” I asked, “Have you won the lottery or something?”

She laughed, “No, sweetie. I’m making more money now and I’ve always wanted one, so I bought one.” I couldn’t argue with the logic.

“I’ll go up and put a bathing suit on,” she continued, “You get it started and get comfy”.

I walked over to the new structure in the corner of the yard. The tub’s controls were beautifully simple: ON or OFF and JETS ON or OFF. Perfect. I turned it on and it started to warm up. I poured another couple of glasses of wine. I took off my shorts and t-shirt and in my boxers climbed into the nicely warm water. It was very pleasant.

Mum walked out of the house in an amazing two piece bikini. I’d expected a swimsuit but no, it was a proper string bikini. As she sauntered over to the hot tub I couldn’t help but think of how sexy she looked. Her flat, toned stomach, shapely legs, that cleavage, she had become the definition of a MILF. The problem was, she was MY Mum, but that didn’t stop me from getting rock hard as she walked closer towards the tub. I hit the on button for the jets to obscure my lower half so she couldn’t see that I had a raging erection.

She climbed into the hot tub with effortless grace, sitting right next to me. She let out a pleased hum as she got in and felt the warm water around her body. The waterline came up to just below her chest and did nothing to help distract me from her glorious new figure. I handed her a glass of wine and she snuggled up next to me.

“This is nice,” she said, “Just what the doctor ordered.”

She leaned her head against my right shoulder and motioned for me to put my arm around her. Like a good son, I did as I was told and she cuddled up under my arm and sipped at her wine.

“I love you, Alex,” she said, slightly slurring the words, “I’ve missed you so much this year.”

“I’ve missed you too, Mum. It’s good to be home.”

“I’ve been so lonely without you,” she continued, sounding a little upset, “This house is so big and empty for just me.”

I hugged her tight, “You’ve got three months of me, you’ll be glad to have rid of me come September.” She laughed with me at that.

“I could never get sick of you, sweetie.” She looked up at me and smiled, he big blue eyes looked so beautiful in the twilight. I could feel my heart racing, my cock was hard as ever. She’s my Mum, I kept thinking to myself. Why am I having these urges?

I looked back down at her and without warning she moved up and kissed me. Not on the cheek, not on the forehead, but on the lips. Her soft, warm lips felt so good and the wine was fuzzing my head up. I kissed her ┼čirinevler escort back, softly at first until she increased the pressure and started kissing me harder. After a few seconds we broke the kiss and she turned away from me. We were both panting. I could tell she was furiously trying to work out what had just happened because I was doing the same. She kissed me, my mum kissed me. My head was in a spin.

Before I could say anything, she turned back around, a big smile across her face.

“You’re a good kisser, sweetie,” she said. Not exactly what I expected her to say.

“Did you know, that’s the first kiss I’ve had in years?”

“I did not, mum, no.” Where was she going with this?

She placed her wine on the edge of the tub and took my glass from my hands.

“You’ve always been the one man in my life I could rely on,” she said, still smiling, still looking deeply into my eyes, “you’re smart, funny, handsome and I love you so much. Do you love me?”

“Of course I do, mum. What kind of question is that to ask?”

“Then don’t judge me for what I’m about to do,” she said as she submerged her left hand under the water. A second later I felt her grasping the bulge in my boxers,

“Oh shit!” I yelled out in surprise.

“Well, well. What do we have here,” she purred, her voice full of desire.

“Mum! I–” before I could finish she was kissing me again, this time passionately. Her tongue was exploring my mouth and before I knew it I was kissing her back, darting my tongue in and out of her mouth. My cock was straining with pressure and her hand grasped around it wasn’t helping things.

Her hand moved from the outside of my boxers to the waistband. She slid her fingers in and wrapped them slowly around my cock. Gently she started to jerk me off. I couldn’t believe it, it felt so damned good I almost forgot entirely that it was my own mum’s hand. I broke the kiss and she looked at me with nothing but lust in her eyes. She wanted this badly and if I’m honest, I was beginning to want it too.

I leaned back in but instead of kissing her lips I kissed down her neck. She moaned in pleasure and started to jerk me faster. I reached up and placed a hand on her breast. It felt so firm and full. I kept kissing her neck as I cupped my hand and moved it inside her bikini, feeling her tit against my hand. Her nipple was hard. I pulled it out from the bikini and moved to kissing the nipple. She moaned as I tickled the nipple with my tongue and gently bit at it.

I moved from her left to her right and did the same with the other breast. She was constantly moaning now and I was loving the feel of her touch on my dick.

“Ohhh Alex,” she moaned, “Stand up…”

Like a good son, I stood up in the centre of the tub. She slid the boxers down, unleashing my 8 inch cock. She smiled as she leaned over and kissed the head of it. I felt so much excitement rush through me, I almost came there and then. She opened her red lips and took me in her mouth. Her warmth was amazing, her technique was superb. She sucked so hard I thought she was going to cause me a hernia. She looked up at me with her big blue eyes as her head bobbed up and down on my cock. I was in heaven, she was superb at this.

She then took my cock out of her mouth and started jerking me while sucking on my balls. I’d never had a girl do this to me before, it felt amazing.

“Oh God, Mum, that’s so good!”

She mumbled something which I couldn’t hear. Her mouth was full after all. Soon I could feel myself about to cum but I didn’t want this to end. At a point where she didn’t have my cock in her mouth, I stood her up and kissed her deeply again. As we kissed I grabbed her firm ass, noticing that it was actually a thong bikini she was wearing. My mum, the whore.

I slid the thong down and sat her on the top edge of the hot tub. Her pussy was neat and completely bald, not even the slightest hint of pubic hair remained. I leaned forward and licked at her clit. She shook with excitement. Despite her being half submerged for most of the time I could taste her pussy, she was delicious and she was so wet.

She held my head as I continued to lick her out, my tongue reaching from her clit and deep inside her,

“Oh fuck, Alex you’re so fucking good at this,” she said, grasping at the back of my head with excitement.

As I moved back to licking at her clit I slid two fingers into her tight pussy and started to finger fuck her. Within seconds she clamped down hard on the back of my head, screamed out and came. I could taste the rush of orgasm and it was beautiful. I came straight up and kissed her hard, making sure she could taste her own pussy on my tongue.

“No more fucking around,” she said between pants, “fuck me. Fuck me like you mean it!”

She didn’t have to tell me twice. I moved up and in one motion slid my cock into her waiting pussy. I started off slow, gentle thrusts as she started to kiss me hungrily. One of her hands was on the back of my head, the other on my ass check trying her best to guide my rhythm.

I started to speed up, fucking her harder and harder. Mum was yelping in time with each thrust, I was moaning like I’d never moaned before. Within minutes I felt her pussy lips tighten around my cock and she screamed as she succumbed to the most almighty orgasm.

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