Mum, Sis and Bro. Pt. 05

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Siting on the large double bed, I watched as the girl’s excitedly paraded up and down, showing me their new outfits. I think Julie had decided that she needed a whole new wardrobe. She seemed to have bought 6 or more complete, new outfits as well as lots of skirts, blouses and t shirts.

As I watched the fashion show, it was apparent that Julie was enjoying herself as she paraded before my appreciative eyes. Beth had chosen well, her short dresses and skirts combined with various tops were stunning. Both girls had shapely, long legs, with her new 4″ heels, I gasped as my Mother, Julie confidently strode around the bed.

“Hmmm, maybe I’m not too bad for an old women,” she giggled, as she saw the shocked, lustful look on my face.

“Mum, I mean Julie, you are absolutely stunning, wish my legs looked as good as yours.” Beth enthused, a little envy crossing her pretty face.

With a huge smile on her face, Julie was enjoying the attention as she modelled her new underwear. All her panties seemed to be high cut and almost sheer, tight fitting they accented the bulge of her mound, clinging to her damp pussy lips. Her matching bras supported her generous breasts, containing, but not really hiding her large, erect nipples and dark Areola.

Coming close to me, her blue eyes sparkled as she sat on my lap, “here’s your present, handing me a smart looking boutique bag


“It’s good to see your appreciation, but, well, Beth and I would like you to leave us for an hour or so, I promise we will make it up to you.”

Going through the bag I slipped into the smart grey trousers and crispy white casual shirt. Grabbing my wallet and door card I left the girls and headed down to the bar. Changing my mind, I headed out into the late afternoon sunshine towards the town quay. Turning right, I headed into the small marketplace and started to window shop to try and take my mind of the girls back in the hotel. Stopping at a Jewellers window I saw that it contained mostly second-hand watches, rings etc. Eventually It dawned on me that it was a pawn brokers.

A watch caught my attention, a Tag Heuer Chronograph, pointing to the watch, the young assistant flashed a dazzling smile and retrieved it from the window. Trying the watch on, it fitted me perfectly, the price was 500 CHF, having no idea how much that was, I checked my phone, seeing it was just over ┬ú400. Deciding I loved it, I handed my Visa over. At that moment an elderly man came from the back of the shop, “Aaaahhh Harry’s grandson, I will make you a special deal,” he said in broken English. Entering my pin into their machine I saw that he had reduced the price to 400 CHF, about ┬ú320, it seemed that Harry had a lot of friends.

Putting the original box, into the bag I slowly walked up the small cobbled street. Turning back towards the hotel, I saw the young assistant from the pawn shop walking towards me. The sway of her hips and the seductive wobble of her large breasts really made me wish I could speak German.

Looking at my watch I saw I had been gone for over an hour. Deciding I would go back to the hotel bar and wait for the girls to come down for dinner. Stopping at a cash machine I got some cash and strolled into the small lobby bar. Ordering a small beer, I chatted with the barman, who spoke perfect English. After another hour and several beers, the girls came into the bar.

Looking radiant, Beth kissed me as Julie ordered their drinks. Grabbing my wrist, she admired my watch, “Wow, you won the lottery” she giggled. As Julie sat down, I noticed how alive she looked. All the stress and worry of the last few months had gone, her skin was flawless, her eyes sparkled as she smiled at me. Feeling my cock stir, I hoped that they still had energy for me.

“Did you have a nice time,” I asked Beth. “Oh yeah, girl sex is fantastic, really need some cock though,” she grinned.

Going into the dining room, we had a fantastic meal, washed down with a bottle of local white wine. Feeling full and sleepy we headed upstairs, I felt very pissed. Falling onto the smaller double bed, I was asleep in seconds. Waking early, I noticed I was undressed and under the bed clothes, bursting for a piss I got up. Smiling as I noticed my sister and mother nude, snuggled into each other on the large bed, I staggered ┼čirinevler t├╝rbanl─▒ escort to the bathroom.

Standing at the toilet I relieved my aching bladder, I jumped at Julie’s sleepy voice, “used to love watching men taking a pee” she giggled. Finally, the flow stopped, shaking my dick dry I reached to flush the loo,

“No don’t I need to go as well; you can watch if you like”

Leaning against the bath I watched as my mother squatted over the toilet, trying to show me all she could. Rubbing a finger along her slot to part her lips slightly, her urine flowed freely, I had never seen a woman pee before, finding it strangely attractive, I looked on as she wiped herself clean.

Stroking my rock-hard cock as she turned to flush the toilet, I moved behind her. Sensing me, she bent over the loo, arching her back as I guided my cock to her entrance. Feeling my cock part her delicate pink folds as I plunged into her silky wet softness was heaven.

“Oi make sure you leave some for me” Beth said as she walked into the spacious bathroom.

Settling herself on the edge of the bath, she started to finger herself, as I watched she twirled her clit and slipped 2 fingers into her hole, I knew I wouldn’t last long. Grabbing Julie’s hips I took long fast strokes, my stomach slapping against her arse. As I rammed my cock as deep as I could into her sopping wet pussy, she groaned with pleasure as her pussy started to grip my rigid cock. Soon I felt her pussy contract as it poured girl cum on my cock and she flopped forwards.

Looking at Beth, she was getting close, throwing her head back, her legs started to shake as she launched into a massive orgasm. Withdrawing from Julie, I moved over to Beth, kneeling in front of her, I pushed my cock, balls deep in her soaking wet pussy. Beth’s Pussy wasn’t as tight as normal, because she was so wet. Pulling her legs over my shoulders I lifted her onto the floor and banged her sweet cunt as hard as I could.

Within a few seconds, my cock spurted my load deep inside her. Whining, Beth reached between us and scrabbled at her clit. As she came for the 2nd time in just a few minutes her pussy spasmed and ejected my softening cock. Flopping on the floor, I looked across to Julie as she sat on the toilet. Her legs spread as far as they would go, she was ramming a water bottle in and out of her gaping pussy.

As she worked the bottle in and out, I could see her pussy lips stretched around the clear sides of the bottle. Managing about ┬Ż its length into her grasping pussy, kneeling she put the bottle top on the floor to force it deeper.

As it smashed into her Cervix and crashed into her pelvic bone, she wailed as she launched into a massive orgasm, her whole body shaking and trembling. Slowly pushing the bottle out of her, she fell to the floor, breathing heavily.

Laying on the floor panting, we gradually recovered and grinned at each other like school kids. Going to the shower I switched the water on, soon all 3 off us were in the shower, washing and caressing each other’s tired and sweaty bodies.

Getting dressed, we headed downstairs for Breakfast. The girl’s opted for fresh smoked mackerel, I just had cereal and fresh fruit. Moving out to the patio we were surprised to see the boat arriving at the small landing staithe. The mechanic said that everything was good, they had repaired the leaking drive.

Finishing our coffee and going back to the room, we gathered our gear together and checked out. The bill was about ┬ú200, not bad for 3 of us, a delicious evening meal and lots of drink. I assumed Harry’s influence worked here as well. Loading our gear onto the boat, I started the engines, and waited for the girls to come back on deck. After a few minutes I went downstairs, both girls were fast asleep, cuddled up to each other, they were dead to the world.

Chapter 2.

Untying the mooring lines, I pushed the bow out, jumping into the stern I ran up the ladder, settling into the comfortable seat I Eased the throttles forward. Following the shoreline around the small bay. The lake was as flat as a mill pond and quiet, the only sound was the murmur of the engines. Barely making 10 mph I admired the scenery of this beautiful lake.

Taking my shirt ┼čirinevler ucuz escort and trousers off, I smothered myself with sun oil. Grabbing a litre carton of ice-cold milk from the fridge, coming back to the wheel I noticed a speed boat towing 2 skier’s heading straight for me. Opening the throttles slightly, I steered towards the centre of the lake to give them plenty of room. They passed about 300 yards to our stern, causing the boat to ride up and down on their wash, slopping my milk. Mopping it up with a rag, I realised I was using, Julie’s Panties. Sniffing her scent, from the crotch, I grinned and shook my head in disbelief, unable to belief my luck as I tossed them in the bin.

After an hour or so, Julie came up on deck,

“Guess last night and this morning, took more out of us than we realised, Beth is still fast asleep.” she said with a sheepish grin.

Assuring her it was ok, she went below to make coffee. Returning with 2 mugs of coffee, I couldn’t help but admire her, it was hard to belief this gorgeous creature was my mother. As she stood opposite me in a green mini dress I started at her ankles and worked my way up her sculptured legs, over her flat stomach, past her breasts, I met her blue eyes, she looked worried.

“Do I look ok, am trying hard to look good for you 2.”

“Oh Julie, you really don’t have to try, you look stunning, honestly you look about 26.”

Breathing a huge sigh, she was suddenly in my arms, kissing me urgently, her tongue probing mine. “Thankyou, Mike I love you so much”

Settling onto my knee, we drank our coffee in silence, enjoying the scenery and each other’s company.

“Have you ever done anal” she suddenly asked.

“No, always been to busy with pussy” I grinned.

Looking thoughtful she reached into her bag and produced a bottle of baby oil. Getting off my lap she reached inside my boxers, pulling them down my cock was only semi stiff.

Pouring some oil into her palms she proceeded to wank my cock, smothering it in oil, soon I was raging hard. Lifting her dress, she pulled her panties down and slipped them off her feet. Pouring oil into her hand she rubbed it into her puckered arsehole. Returning the throttles to idle, I got behind her, flipped her dress over her butt and aimed my cock at her anus.

As I started to enter her backdoor, I slowly overcame the resistance and started to slide into her, “Slowly does it, “she gasped. Backing off a little I pushed back into her, as my full length slipped into the hot little tube of her arsehole. She started to frig her pussy as I took long slow strokes. Her arse gripped me tight and I could feel her pussy working through the thin wall of skin as she started to come.

“Oh my god, that is fucking amazing” she squealed as she launched into another shuddering orgasm.

The feelings on my cock were amazing as her body convulsed, but I knew I wasn’t likely to cum soon and my cock was getting sore in her tight arsehole.

Returning to our seat she sat on my lap and we just cuddled as she appeared to still be in the afterglow of orgasm. After a while she said,

“I’m sorry baby, your cock looks sore, have always wanted to do that, to be honest, I would love to try 2 cocks at some stage. Laughing, I assured her it wouldn’t be a problem to find volunteers.

“Oh, you are so good for my ego.” She laughed as she kissed and hugged me.

Getting a bucket of water from the lake, she gently washed my cock, before slipping the dress over her head, and gingerly washing her arse. Drying herself she put her panties on and slipped her dress over her head, grinning at my intense gaze she grinned.

“You can have all you want, later, when my holes have cooled down!”

For the next hour or so we cruised slowly around the lake shore. As we spotted a small harbour, Beth came up the stairs, she looked stunning. Her hair was pinned up into a bun and her make up subtle and perfect. Dressed in a skirt and blouse with a wide belt, it really accented her figure. Laughing at our murmurs of approval she kissed me, tasting as lovely as she smelt and looked. I had trouble dragging my attention back to the quay as she moved to deeply kiss Julie. Stepping off the boat, Beth showed Julie how to tie a ┬Ż hitch ┼či┼čli escort as they secured the mooring lines.

The place we had moored, wasn’t on the map and turned out to be a small Hamlet. The only pub didn’t serve food, finishing our drink, we returned to the boat and had another of Mabel’s, delicious creations. Feeling tired I went for a snooze, leaving the girls to wash and tidy up.

Waking up an hour later the boat was quiet, glancing around confirmed the girls had gone ashore. Turning the shower on, I let the hot water stream over my tired body, gently washing my tender cock and balls. Washing my hair, I started to feel better, mindful of our water usage, I turned the shower off and started to dry myself.

Pulling my shorts and t shirt on, I headed to the lower deck. Thinking about my sore bell end and tired body I had to grin. Only a few weeks ago, I was a virgin, now I had 2 beautiful women, who seemed to want sex, enjoying my body as much as I did theirs. Falling asleep in the comfortable lounger, it seemed like 5 minutes before Beth was gently shaking me awake and giving me coffee. Looking at my watch I saw it was 17.00, I had slept all afternoon.

Chattering happily the girls cast us off, heading for an area marked on the map as stunning. I pushed the throttles forward, soon the boat was on the plane and we were doing over 30mph, easily passing the ski boat that had passed us in the morning.

Looking over to Julie, she was obviously enjoying the speed and feel of the boat as we hit a few small waves. Her blonde hair was blowing in the wind, almost horizontally, turning to look at me her smile was incredible, her eyes sparkled.

Arriving at a small cove I dropped the anchor and shut the engines down. After dinner we decided to cuddle naked on the bed as it was very hot and sticky. As we watched a film on Julies laptop, Beth’s small hand cradled my balls. Moving her hand up my flaccid shaft, caused me to wince as she rubbed the sensitive skin on my bell end.

Oh, I’m so sorry, just feel a bit horny.”

Smiling I worked my way down her body, while Julie moved to her tits. Beth was absolutely soaking. Her long lips were swollen, I could see the pearls of juice running out of her hole. Remembering Julie enjoying the water bottle earlier, I decided to push it into her while I licked her clitty. Thinking that maybe I should start with the smaller end of the bottle I watched as it easily slid into her, stretching her pussy wide open as she took the widest part of the neck.

With Julie licking and nibbling her nipples, while I licked and sucked her clit as I rammed the bottle into her, she soon started to cum. As her orgasm swept through her, Julie nudged me, telling me to carry on. Not allowing her to come down. We kept her cumming for several minutes, until she begged us to stop.

Ramming the bottle deep into her pussy, I was transfixed as I gazed at the pinkness of the inside of her pussy through the opaque sides of the bottle. Her clit was completely de-hooded, swollen and bright pink it looked hot and very delicate. Moving in for a closer look, I blew gently on to it.

“No please, no more she begged.” Reluctantly, I pulled the bottle from her sopping pussy, looking at her pussy as I pulled the bottle from her, I felt drunk on her scent as I watched her pussy slowly close. Settling on the bed, Julie and I snuggled into Beth’s still trembling body.

“That was fucking incredible,” Beth said sleepily. In just a few moments we were asleep.

When I woke it was still dark, the luminous hands on my watch said 4.45 am. Feeling hot and needing a piss, I went onto the deck and pissed over the side, to avoid waking the girls. Relaxing in the lounger, I enjoyed the cooling breeze from the lake. As it started to get light, I went into the galley and made coffee, going back on deck I watched the sun slowly climb over the horizon.

Hearing footsteps I watched as Beth walked on the deck, cuddling on the lounger we snoozed as the sun warmed our bodies. Waking up, I reached between Beth’s thighs. Squeezing her legs shut.

“It is so delicate can we leave it till later?”

At that moment Julie came onto deck, “Reckon its my turn anyway” as she straddled me. Guiding my cock to her entrance, she was soaking wet and I slid into her silky depths. Riding me long and slow, she teased me, flexing her pussy she milked me. Eventually I shot a much-reduced load deep inside her.

Agreeing that we should have a no sex 24 hours, Julie and I showered together as Beth cooked breakfast.

Hope you enjoyed this part. Comments welcomed as I consider part 6.

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