Mr. Taylor Ch. 01

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Authors note:

My first submission, let me know what you think!

This is a work of fiction and Everyone in the story is over 18

More chapters to come 😉


“Do you need a baggie?”

Alex jumped, too focused on the massive shit his dog was taking to see the woman approach. Young with pretty eyes hidden behind petit glasses, she was holding out a poop bag to him. Sniffing beside her was a medium sized mutt.

“Uh, yeah thanks.” He responded and took the bag.

As his dog finished up, he leaned over to clean up the mess.

“Your dog is a pit mix, right? He’s handsome like his owner.”

Alex looked up and to find the woman surprised by her own words and blushing heavily. He decided to save her with a response.

“Yeah, they get a bad rep but she’s is an absolute sweetheart. Her name is Leela.”

Thankfully, the woman recovered. “Leela? That’s a pretty name. I’m sure she’s very sweet.”

The girl leaned over, her loose shirt exposing her bra, and let Leela sniff her hand.

“May I?” she asked.

“Of course.” Alex said, quickly focusing his eyes on Leela.

The woman pet Leela for a few seconds before her own dog approached. She stood back up as the dogs sniffed each other.

“She seems to socialize well too.” The woman said smiling.

“Yup, she always wants to make new friends. What breed is yours?” he wondered.

“I think he’s got some Border Collie and Blue Heeler in him, but I never did a DNA test after adopting him. His name is Darcy.”

Alex remembered that to be the name of the male protagonist in Pride and Prejudice but he’d never read the book, only having been forced to watch the movie by his sister.

“He seems to get along well with my Leela. I’m Alex, by the way.” He started extending his hand before realizing he was still holding the now full poop bag.

The woman laughed, “I’m Dani, it’s nice to meet you but we can shake hands another time.”

Alex chuckled, “That’s fair, thanks for the baggie.”

“No problem, do you live in these apartments?”

“I just moved in. I was happy to see they had a dog park.”

“It’s wonderful isn’t it? Makes life so much easier for Darcy and I. Isn’t that right?” she said leaning down to pet her dog.

Alex had to force his eyes away from her exposed breasts. Maybe he’d ask her out another day, but he had to go home and prepare for tomorrow.

“It really is, well I better be off. Nice to meet you and Darcy.”

“You too!” Dani said smiling.

And with that they went their separate ways.


Dani was running late for her last class, but it was only the first day of spring semester, so she didn’t rush too much. She was sure others would have trouble finding the obscure technology building.

She opened the door and stopped walking. Class hadn’t started yet but there were only around 30 people in the room, and most turned to look at her.


Dani was the only girl. She slumped in her seat and pulled out her laptop, attempting to hide behind the screen.

The professor walked in from the back of the room and cleared his throat.

“Sorry students, I’m still getting used to campus. I’m Mr. Taylor and I’ll be teaching Computer Science 1401. Do not call me professor, as I am still in the process of getting my Master’s degree.”

Dani peeked over her computer screen. Oh my god.

She recognized him from the dog mersin escort park. It was Alex; the guy she gave a poop bag to, the guy who she barely had the nerve to approach, the guy she called handsome, the guy she hadn’t stopped thinking about since, the guy. And he was her teacher.

“I’m sure you know the drill. Today we will just be going over the syllabus information. So you can put away your computers.”


Realizing she was the only person with a laptop out, Dani hesitantly followed his instruction. When his eyes met hers, they went wide for a split second before he looked away and cleared his throat again.

“I’m giving you all a copy of it now, but there is also one available on the class page. There is a clause about using your own coding work that you will have to sign and return to me on Wednesday.”

Dani avoided his eyes for the rest of class, but listened to every word he said while fiddling with her pencil.

“That’s all the time we have for today. Download those programs and be ready to start into coding on Wednesday. Thank you!”

Dani stood and collected her things quickly. She glanced at Alex… Mr. Taylor… one more time and found his eyes on hers. She turned and speed walked out of the classroom.

When she got back to her apartment complex, she looked around before getting out of her car and practically ran inside.

“What’s with you?” her sister, Lauren, asked as Dani slammed the door behind her breathing heavily.

“Oh nothing,” Dani responded, the sarcasm almost unnoticeable between her rapid breaths, “I just have the worst luck in the world.”

Lauren looked up from her computer, “What happened?”

“You remember the dog guy? The one I openly called handsome? Well, he’s my coding teacher.”

Lauren laughed for a good few minutes before finally saying, “Oh my god! I’m so sorry.”

Dani collapsed on the couch. “Me too, you’re going to have to walk Darcy for the foreseeable future.”

“Oh, c’mon. It’s not that bad. If he looks like you say he does, then I’m sure he gets it all the time. Just be glad you scared him away before you said something worse.” Lauren said, still smiling at her sister’s expense.

“Why do I always end up in situations like this? I endlessly put my foot in my mouth.” Dani lamented.

“True, at least it’s not as bad as when you told Mrs. Baker how beautiful her daughter was.” Lauren remarked, chuckling.

“It was a baby! How was I supposed to know it was a boy?”

“It was wearing a blue baseball onesie, Dani.”

“You know I hate gender stereotypes, why can’t a girl wear blue?”

Lauren rolled her eyes and asked, “Why don’t you just drop the class if you’re that embarrassed?”

“It’s the only beginning coding class and I really want to try my hand at it. Do you know how much programmers make?”

“Okay then, suck it up and never compliment him again. Actually just avoid speaking in that class, who knows what you’ll say?”

Dani sighed as Darcy walked into the room and greeted her enthusiastically.

“Hi buddy, do you mind if Loo walks you today?” he licked Dani’s face happily, “Good cause she’ll be doing that for a while.”

Lauren rolled her eyes and grabbed his leash.


Remembering Dani sprint out of the classroom made Alex smile. Poor Girl. He decided he’d have to talk to her to make her feel more comfortable around him. Of course he would keep things escort mersin strictly professional, and pray she was wearing something less revealing.

He’d never taught in a college setting before this semester, but he knew there were rules against fraternizing with the students. He was pretty good at hiding any ungentlemanly thoughts, and as long as he kept his distance there shouldn’t be any trouble.

Alex looked through his class rosters and found her name, Daniella Summers. He realized Dani was the only girl in both of his class periods and found himself appreciating her individuality.

Grabbing Leela’s leash, Alex took her outside hoping to find Dani and smooth things over. He saw her as she was walking into the apartment building across from his.

“DAN- oh.” He stopped mid-way through calling her name because he realized it wasn’t her. The girl was walking a dog that resembled Darcy though. Curious about the similarities he wondered if it was Dani’s roommate as he walked Leela around.


It was Wednesday and Dani had successfully avoided Alex. But today, she knew she’d have to face him.

Dani stopped to get a coffee before class, making her late again. She hurried to the tech building but as she went to open the door someone on the other side slammed it into her hand, spilling coffee down her shirt.


She was wearing an undershirt, so she quickly removed the now scalding flannel. The guy who hit her with the door profusely apologized as she tried to mop herself up.

“It’s okay, really. I have to go.”

She hurried to the bathroom. Now she was faced with a dilemma; wear a coffee stained shirt or just her tank top? The tank was more revealing than what she normally wore and it could send the wrong message. But the coffee stain was perfectly centered around only one of her boobs. Running out of time she threw the flannel in her bag and headed to class.

Opening the door, Dani heard Alex already talking, “Doug Peoples?”

A kid in the front responded, “Here.”

Dani quickly found a seat as far from the front as she could find.

“Gavin Rhodes?”


“John Sims?”


“Daniella Summers?”

“Uh, here.” Dani said and raised her hand slightly like the rest of the students had.

Alex glanced up and smiled before calling the next name.

For most of the class Dani was able to hide behind her computer screen as Alex walked them through the basics. She struggled to not stare at him the few times she did look up. Overall, she really loved his teaching, there was only one weird moment during the lecture.

“Mr. Rhodes, is there a problem?” Alex asked.

Dani could see that Alex was staring, almost glaring, at the kid behind her. She glanced up and saw the guy red faced.

“Uh… no sir.”

“Very good, please focus on the lesson.”

Alex’s voice was a little rude, leaving everyone else to wonder what the kid had done.

At the end of class after dismissing the students, Alex asked if Daniella would mind staying behind for a few minutes.

Her heart dropped.


Today was probably not the best day for this. Alex hadn’t realized until she stood up how little her tank top covered. But he also felt he should warn her about the… intrusive… kid that sat behind her. Although he almost didn’t blame the kid for staring at her breasts now… almost.

She slowly walked to the front, mersin escort bayan eyes downcast.

“Hi, Dani.”

Her eyes lifted to his and she looked like a deer in headlights.

“Hello Al… Mr. Taylor.” Her face reddened and she looked away.

“I just wanted to clear somethings up with you. You seem a little uncomfortable in my class and I imagine it’s because of what happened at the dog park?”

Dani gulped and met his gaze. He lost himself in her chocolate eyes for a second before saying, “Well, Dani. There’s no need to be weird about anything. I’m your teacher now and I want you to feel comfortable coming to me with any questions. Let’s start fresh, okay?”

She actually smiled at this, and he knew he’d said the right thing.

“That would be great, Mr. Taylor. I’m excited to try my hand at coding.”

“I’m glad to hear it. Just one more thing Dani,” He paused looking for the right words to say. “Maybe you should… uh… wear something more… Well, never mind. Just don’t sit around that Rhodes kid again, okay?”

She looked very confused but nodded.

“Alright you can go. Have a good evening, see you Friday.”

“Thanks Mr. Taylor.” She turned and walked away.

By the time Alex realized he was staring, she’d already left.

Fuck, I’m going to have to keep my distance.

When he returned home it was late. He’d gone out to dinner with a handful of other student teachers and then hit a bar in town.

Alex drunkenly walked Leela before heading into his room for bed. He sat down on the bed in his boxers and opened his laptop, but movement outside of his large bedroom window caught his eye. He realized he could see straight into an apartment in the building across from his.

There was a girl brushing her hair wearing only a towel.

She should really get some blinds.

Walking to his window in the dark, Alex checked to see if there were any creeps watching the girl. He realized the window he was looking through would be hard for anyone on the ground to see into, and his was the only apartment that had a good view of it.

And with the buildings relatively close to each other, he could see the girl clearly.

The girl was Dani.

His pace quickened. Alex needed to look away but he didn’t want to. And quite frankly, he’d been horny ever since class today. The booze had made the situation worse, and he had planned to “take care of it” before this turn of events.

Alex was about to look away when Dani removed her towel.

Good god.

He felt his dick harden in his boxers.

You’re better than this Alex.

But he wasn’t. Dani was walking around her room naked and she was perfect. He continued to stare and as he lost the will to fight it, he let himself fully grow. She searched in her top drawer and her hand emerged with something long and purple. Alex was confused until she laid down on her bed, in full view of the window, and started rubbing herself.


Now he couldn’t look away and his hand was resting on his erection. Dani slowly pushed the dildo inside of her, and Alex slowly stroked himself. She worked at a leisurely pace at first, gently pushing it in and out with one hand, rubbing her clit with the other.

God, he wanted to be inside of her. He wanted to be stroking those perky nipples, thrusting into her wetness, and making her moan. Alex was mirroring Dani’s pace and as she sped up so did he. She was close, he could tell. As her back arched and her mouth fell open, he came.

Breathing heavily, he realized he’d covered the window in cum.

“Shit.” He mumbled and cleaned it up. When he looked back to Dani’s window, her light was off.

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