Mothers , Sons Ch. 3

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I had trouble falling asleep after my sister had dropped her bombshell that she and her son Tommy were having sex. My mind raced in a million directions until I finally fell asleep. Now it was morning, the bright Florida son peeking through the window and I was still as horny as hell.

Tina was already up and I could smell the coffee coming from the kitchen. I slipped on a short robe and went out. She was bubbly as usual ( she had always been a morning person unlike me). I poured myself a cup and joined her at the table. We made small talk for a few minutes and then I told her the two of us had some talking to do regarding what she had told me the night before. She said in a few minutes we could talk since the kids were getting ready for another day at the beach. She said she and I would spend the day talking and sunning by the pool.

The boys joined us in the kitchen a few minutes later already in their trunks and t-shirts and Lucy followed a few minutes after that. My sister raised her brow when Tommy told her the beach he was taking them too. It was almost an hour away in another city but it was a private nude beach. Turns out my sister and her son are members. By the time they left I was so wet just thinking about these three young beauties nude at the beach.

Tina nad I spent the next hour talking about her and Tommy and my desires for my own son. The idea of incest had always been so wrong and I was truly torn. If anything was going to happen between my son and I was going to be sure that it was well thought out. I didn’t want to destroy our bond. Tina assured me that her relationship with Tommy was fantastic.

Later by the pool I dozed and had the most amazing fantasy concerning not only Peter but my daughter and my sister and my nephew. I was dripping wet when I opened my eyes. Tina smiled at me and asked me what the hell I was dreaming about because I was rubbing esenyurt anal yapan escort myself in my sleep. I told her I didn’t remember but I decided right then that Peter and I had to get this out in the open.

It was almost four o’clock by the time the kids returned home. All three of them seemed giddy, extremely happy and playful. My two seemed amazed at being in a nudist club and Pete mentioned how he couldn’t understand how the guys didn’t have hard-ons. I asked him if he had that problem while he was there and he smiled and said he had to lay on his stomach a lot. Lucy said the boys attracted a lot of attention from some of the ladies at the club. I asked if she had met any guys and she said no, she said other guys had to be intimidated since she was with the two cutest well hung guys in the place. My sister had already told me her son was also well endowed as was my Peter.

I excused myself and jumped in the shower. The dream I had earlier replayed in my mind of the five of us sitting around naked, fucking and sucking like wild animals. My sister said if I was unsure how to get things started with Peter that she would fire up her Jacuzzi and the five of us could relax and talk sex and see what happened. I liked the idea of the Jacuzzi and Tina had it in an enclosed porch area. It was one of her favorite spots for fucking and sucking with Tommy.

I took time in the shower to trim my thick bush. I didn’t shave it but I used scissors to give it a healthy trim. My large outer lips protruded and looked sexy as hell, my clit was large and right now it was swollen as well. I rejoined the family in the living room. They were watching a movie on Tina’s big screen TV. I asked Peter if I could see him for a minute. Tina gave me a knowing smile and told Lucy and Tommy to take a ride with her to the market to get dinner. I trembled esenyurt escort as I walked into the kitchen. I poured a glass of wine for myself as the other three waved and headed out the front door.

I asked Peter to come into the living room where we could talk. I didn’t want to invite him to the bedroom…yet. We sat down and he had a concerned look on his face. I leaned back and my robe opened a bit and he gave my cleavage a good looking. I saw him shift a bit. I told him to relax, that there was nothing wrong and that I just thought the two of us should talk.

We began talking and I asked him about the panties incident. I wanted to make sure that it was me he lusted after and not just the smell of a woman’s panties. He shifted uncomfortably and looked away. I told him I wanted us to be completely open and honest with each other. He finally relaxed a bit and told me how sexy he thought I was and how he was always trying to sneak peaks at me but I was so careful and never left a door or curtain open. He imagined what I would look like naked and he said he jerked off a thousand times trying to picture what it would feel like to lay naked beside me.

I stood and held out my hand to Peter. He stood and I led him to Tina’s bedroom. We sat on the bed and I had Peter tell me about the nude club. I asked him how he felt seeing Lucy naked and he raved about how beautiful she was and he had never seen a woman shaved down there, not up close. He told me Tommy kept rubbing his dick against Lucy. He said she seemed to like it. He also said it was as big as his, but fatter.

“Take off your shirt” I said to him. When he did I stood and let my robe fall to my waist. His eyes became wide as he looked at my breasts. My nipples were already hard and brown areola were wrinkled and tight. He told me they were better than in his fantasies. We hugged and pressed esenyurt eve gelen escort our naked chests against each other and swayed slowly like we were dancing. I felt his hardness pressed against my belly and it was making me drip. I lowered my hands to the waist of his trunk and pulled them down. I looked down and saw his huge hardness. I hugged him again. He reached between us and untied the knot in my robe and it fell to the floor. Now we were both completely naked.

“I want to watch you masturbate” I said. He kissed me on the mouth and said he would like to watch me do the same. So we sat on the bed, he was leaning against the foot board while I sat back against the headboard. I rubbed my tits as he held his big, beautiful cock in his hand. It was so swollen it looked angry. He opened his legs and showed me his lovely cum-filled balls. I opened my legs and showed him my wet pussy. It could all my strength not to lean forward and do what I love best… suck that perfect cock only a few feet away.

So we masturbated and I was the first to orgasm. It hit me so fast that my entire body trembled and I let out a loud moan. He stopped stroking himself and just watched me cum. When it was over he moved up between my legs and I wondered if he planned on fucking me right then, I wondered if I would stop him. But that’s not what he wanted. “Mom, can I cum on your breasts?”

“Mmm, I’d like that.” He started pumping again slowly and the sight of his throbbing cock was making me wet all over again. “Do you want to fuck mommy’s tits?” I asked him. He moved forward and I quickly took hold of him. He held my tits together and slid his cock between the soft flesh. He pumped maybe a half dozen times before his cock erupted. I have been fucked by many men, and I can honestly say none of them were so generous with their cum. I helped him pump his cock and was sprayed down, all over my tits, my neck and chin as well as my hair and who knows where else as some of it shot right passed me.

He was covered in sweat as was I. I leaned forward and took his softening cock in my mouth and licked it clean, tasting his sweet cum. I lay back and looked up at him knowing that this did feel good and that I couldn’t wait for him to fuck me…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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