Mother’s Love for her Son, Ch. 06

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“What would you do for me James?”

As if in a hypnotic state, he just sat there staring at me with his cock in his hand. I asked again when he didn’t answer me. Then, instead of looking up at me, he continued staring at my pussy. As if I was a decadent dessert that he was about to eat, he had a sexually excited expression on his face.

“Sorry Mom,” he said looking up at my face instead of staring down at my pussy. “Did you say something?”

“What would you do for Mommy?” I asked him again this time in a sexier voice that was filled with incestuous lust while slowly lifting the hem of my nightgown and seductively spreading my legs, in case he needed a hint.

He watched me revealing my trimmed, blonde pussy to him as if I was opening an expensive gift box and I was. By lifting up my nightgown and spreading my legs, I was opening my own personal box to offer him entry to his own private playground. Mommy’s pussy was exposed right before my son’s horny eyes. I felt so wicked. I felt so aroused. As horny as he was, no doubt, I couldn’t wait for him to touch me, finger me, and lick me.

“I’d lick you,” he said staring at my exposed pussy while watching me finger myself.

Glad that he took the obvious hint, I was teasing him. It was so easy to tease my son. Only, what I did in flashing him my panty before, I escalated the teasing in flashing him my pussy now.

“Have you ever licked a pussy?” I asked continuing touching myself while watching his big cock throb in his hand.

“No,” he said looking from my cunt to my face before looking back at my cunt again.

It aroused me that I was flashing my son my pussy as much it aroused me that my son was staring at my pussy.

“I’ll be your culingus learning model,” I said with a sexy laugh. “You may use my pussy as your tool to practice before leaving Mommy’s nest to make love to other woman. We all must learn somewhere,” I said watching his reaction to my offer of sexual education before confessing my lurid, incestuous past.

“I’d like that,” he said.

“Forcing me to suck them, my uncle and my cousin taught me how to suck cocks when I was only 18-years-old and still a virgin. It’s only fair that I return the favor and teach my son how to lick his first pussy,” I said looking at him while waiting for him to respond. “Would you like me to teach you how to lick a pussy James?”

“Yes Mom,” he said. “I’d love for you to teach me how to lick a pussy.”

With me looking at him and him staring at me, never removing my fingers from pleasuring myself, he sat there so silently while watching me. Obviously, by the shocked look on his face, he was stunned that this incestuous, sexual exchange was finally happening. A long time coming, I was stunned myself that I finally found the courage to seduce my son. All it took for us to have forbidden sex was for him to finally take his first step across the incestuous line for me to do the rest. I couldn’t do it all alone. I needed him to willingly take this mother and son incestuous journey with me. Not wanting him to have disturbed memories of a mother seducing her son, with both of us going into this forbidden, sexual affair with our eyes wide open, I needed our first time together to be consensual.

“Something that will take you years to discover and something that most men never learn, I’ll show you want woman want James,” I said looking at him with as much sexual excitement as he was had on his face when looking at me.

“Thank you Mother,” he said meaning it.

“The first lesson is to put what you want aside to please the woman. The woman’s sexual pleasure comes first and you come second. Once you please her, she’ll please you. Once you give her what she wants, an orgasm, she’ll give you all that you want and more,” I said smiling after giving him my motherly advice.

“Thank you mother for teaching me,” he said.

“You’re welcome James. Now make yourself comfortable in front of Mommy,” I said spreading my legs even wider and wide enough to show him some pink.

“Even in dirty magazines, I’ve never seen a pussy in the light and up close before,” he said.

As if I was an artist’s model and he was an artist, I positioned myself in my chair so that the overhead light was shining down on my pussy. I looked down and my cunt was halkal─▒ eve gelen escort glistening with my secretions. Our first sexual time together, I couldn’t wait to feel my son touching me, fingering me, and licking me.

“Can you see?”

“Yes,” he said.

“Give me your finger,” I said taking his index finger in my hand. “Now touch me like this gently, not too rough, and not too fast. Yes. Good. Just like that. Do you feel that little bump right there?” I rubbed my bean with his finger before pressing his index finger down on my bean.

“Yes. I feel it. I feel it Mom,” he said with a nervous albeit sexually excited little laugh.

“That’s my bean. When you gently rub it like this,” I said gently rubbing my bean with his finger, “it makes me hot. Yes, just like that James. Rubbing Mommy like this is akin to having Mommy stroke your cock,” I said staring at his big prick.

Suddenly my mind was filled with the image of me touching his cock and stroking his cock. I couldn’t wait to touch him and to stroke him but I wanted him to do me first. I didn’t want to rush our first time together with him cumming all over my couch and falling asleep before sexually satisfying me. This was more about me than about him after all. I’m the one who lusted over him. I’m the one who wanted him. I’m the one who’s been teasing him for years. This was my chance to get all that I wanted from my son before he finds some woman and leaves me alone with my bad self.

“Let me try rubbing your bean myself without you holding my finger,” he said. “I like staring at your pussy while touching your pussy,” he said.

“And I like you staring at my pussy while rubbing my bean,” I said with a sexy laugh.

I watched his eyes staring at my big tits through my sheer nightgown. Already fully erect, my nipples were pushing hard against the thin, sheer material of my nightgown. Wanting to give him all that he wanted, I needed to make him even more sexually excited than he was so that he’d pleasure me before I pleasured him. With him staring at all that he wanted to see and all that I wanted to show him, I couldn’t want to remove my nightgown to show him my tits.

“May I feel your breasts through your nightgown mom?”

Being that he asked my permission to feel my breasts, going one better, I couldn’t wait to show him my breasts.

“Wait,” I said. “Most men enjoy playing with a woman’s tits and fingering her nipples while fingering and licking a pussy and I see that you’re no different,” I laughed.

I put my legs down, sat up in my chair, and lifted my bum to remove my nightgown. Slowly, teasingly, and lovingly, as if removing a shroud from an expensive painting at an art gallery, I watched his excited eyes go from my pussy to my tits when I removed my nightgown. I sat there, a proud mother as if teaching her son to fly and to soar, while my son stared at my naked body. Having seen glimpses of my naked body before, this was different now and much more exciting. Purposely naked in front of him, not more than two feet from one another, I was within reach of his horny hands.

“You have awesome tits Mom. They’re so big. They’re so shapely. They’re too perfect to be real,” he said looking up at me. “Are they real?”

“Of course they’re real,” I said with a laugh that my son would think I had breast implants.

“You have beautiful breasts Mom. The most beautiful breasts I’ve ever seen,” he said.

“Thank you,” I said. “So I take it that you like Mommy’s tits?”

I stared down at my breasts to see what he was seeing. I watched him staring at my tits before looking down at my breasts again with sexual excitement and incestuous naughtiness that I was sitting there naked before my son. Waiting to be sucked, my nipples were already so very erect and hard.

“I love your tits Mom,” he said withdrawing his finger from rubbing my bean to stare at my tits.

“Don’t be shy James. You may touch them, feel them, and squeeze them,” I said watching his hand reach out to touch, feel, and squeeze my breasts. “Yes, that’s right. Feel Mommy’s tits James.”

“They feel so firm,” he said touching them as if he was sticking his finger in dough. “Something I always wanted to do, I never thought I’d be feeling your tits halkal─▒ grup yapan escort Mom.”

“Don’t be afraid. They won’t break. Go ahead and hold them in the palm of your hand. Feel them. Fondle them and caress them. I enjoy having my breasts touched in that way, especially when it’s you, my beautiful son, feeling my tits,” I said looking down to watch my son’s hands have their horny way with my big tits.

“Oh my God Mom, a sexual fantasy come true, I never thought I’d be sitting here seeing your pussy, fingering your pussy, seeing your tits, and touching your tits,” he said ignoring my pussy to run his hands all over my tits. “You’ve made me so happy.”

I looked down to watch my son’s hands having his way with my tits. It was so exciting to finally have him see my breasts and now for him to touch and feel my breasts was something that I’ve imagined for so very long while masturbating over the thoughts of this day.

“I like having my nipples fingered James,” I said while watching him touch my nipples with his fingers.

“You have big nipples Mom,” he said while fingering my nipples.

“You can pull them, turn them, and twist them. You won’t hurt me, so long as you don’t pull, turn, and twist them too hard. That’s good. Just like that,” I said. “Now while you’re fingering my nipples, finger my pussy,” I said while directing his finger to my hole. “Touch Mommy where no son should ever touch his mother,” I said with a dirty laugh that made him laugh too.

I watched him touch and finger me before closing my eyes to enjoy the sensation of my son having his way with my naked body.

“If only my friends could see me now, they’d be jealous,” he said removing his star from my pussy to look up at my eyes before refocusing his stare to my breasts. “They’d wish that they could touch their mothers in the way that I’m touching you,” he said. “No doubt, they’d wish that they could see touch you in the way that I’m seeing and feeling your naked body now. You’re way hotter than all of their mothers.”

“Thank you James,” I said opening my eyes while suddenly thinking about my sons’ friends seeing me naked and feeling my body before gangbanging me. “That idea that you had about a mother and son sex club is a good idea. Maybe one day your friends can touch their mothers in the way that you’re touching me now,” I said with the imagined excitement of hosting a mother and son sex club. “Maybe one day you’re friends can explore my naked body in the way that you’re exploring my naked body now.”

“That would be so hot Mom for my friends to have sex with you while I had sex with their mothers,” he said. “I’d like to see that.”

“I’d like that too,” I said hoping that my telling him that I’d like to have sex with his friends and would enjoy watching him having sex with my friends would reinforce the idea in his head enough for him to do more than just talk about it.

“You’re so slippery wet Mom,” he said pulling his finger away.

In the way he’s been sniffing my panties while masturbating over my sexy lingerie, I was half expected him to lift his finger to his nose to sniff me. I couldn’t wait for him to lick me.

“Don’t be afraid James. It’s just a pussy. Touch me. Touch me deeper. Finger Mommy, James,” I said. “If you make me cum, Mommy will make you cum too.”

I watched him fingering me. I allowed him to experiment touching me with his fingers before showing him where and how to touch me again by holding his finger with my hand and redirecting it. I could feel the first signs of fire burning inside of me. My son was going to make me cum. My son was going to give me an orgasm. My son was making me his woman and I was making him my man.

“I’m not hurting you, am I Mom?”

“No not at all. What you’re doing feels good, really good. If you continue touching me in that way, you’ll make Mommy cum,” I said. “Would you like to make Mommy cum?”

“Yes, Mom, more than anything, I’d love to watch and hear you cum,” he said continuing to finger me.

When I said that he was going to make me cum, he continued rubbing me a little harder and faster while fingering a little longer and deeper. My sexual fantasy come true, I couldn’t believe my son’s fingers were inside of me. I couldn’t halkal─▒ mas├Âz escort wait to suck his cock. I couldn’t wait for him to make love to me before fucking me, really fucking me.

“Look how big my nipples are,” I said looking down at my nipples before running a slow palm across them. “Suck my tits James. Suck Mommy’s tits. Mommy loves having her tits sucked while you finger her cunt. Take Mommy’s big nipples in your mouth and suck them,” I said putting my hand behind his neck and pulling him to me.

“Your breasts are so big Mom,” he said taking one nipple in his mouth before sucking the other nipple.

“Yes, that feels so good,” I said when he finally took my nipples in his mouth, first one and then the other before starting the sucking process all over again when taking turns with my nipples.

Something I so wanted to do but debated about doing, I feared I’d ruin the moment. It was one thing for me to flash and tease my son and quite another thing for me to expose myself to my son while showing him my naked body but it was quite another thing for me to kiss my son. It was one thing for me to masturbate myself while watching him masturbating himself but it was quite another thing for me to allow him to masturbate me. Now, taking it a step further, I wondered how he’d react to me kissing him.

Would he allow me to kiss him? Would he recoil when I slipped him my tongue? Would he return my kiss? Would he slip me his tongue? Wanting to kiss my so for so long, there was only one way to know.

I leaned down to kiss him. Before closing my eyes, I looked at his face. His eyes were wide open in the way that he looked the first time he saw me naked when barging in the bathroom as I was getting out of the shower. Then, when I parted his lips with my tongue, I closed my eyes. I was kissing my son. As if I was dreaming, I couldn’t believe I was kissing my son.

Then, when I felt his tongue against mine, I couldn’t believe it. I was French kissing my son and he was French kissing me. Our long, wet kisses heightened my lust for him. I couldn’t get enough of him. Obviously by the passion of his kisses, he wanted me as much as I wanted him. I couldn’t stop kissing him. He continued feeling my tits, playing with my nipples, and fingering my pussy while kissing me. I was actually making out with my son.

“Would you like to taste me now?” I asked pulling away from his lips.

“Yes,” he said with a face full of nervous trepidation.

“Move closer and bring your head down lower,” I said watching him more his face so close to my cunt that I wanted to hump his mouth. I just wanted to grab him by his hair and mash his face in my pussy. Only, I didn’t want to frighten him. I didn’t want to ruin our first incestuous time together by rushing the sex. “Now flick out your tongue and lick me. Don’t be afraid. Lick Mommy James. Lick my pussy,” I said while watching my son licking me. “If you make me cum, I’ll suck your cock. Would you like Mommy to suck your cock James?”

“Are you kidding me? I’d love for you to suck my cock Mom. I can’t wait for you to suck my cock. Only…”

“Only what?”

“May I cum in your mouth?”

“Of course you may cum in my mouth,” I said with a laugh. “I’d love for you to cum in my mouth. I’ve love to taste my son’s cum,” I said dizzy with the thought of sucking my son to such sexually excitement for him to ejaculate in my mouth.

“And will you swallow?”

“Will I swallow you? Of course, I’ll swallow you. It wouldn’t be much of a blowjob if I didn’t swallow you,” I said with a sexy laugh. “Now don’t talk. Just lick. Lick me James. Lick Mommy.”

“Okay,” he said.

“Lick my entire pussy before sticking your tongue inside my hole and continue doing that several times. Then, while licking me, use your finger to fuck me. Fuck Mommy, James, with your long, stiff fingers as if you were fucking me with your cock.”

“Like this?”

“Yes, that’s right, lick and finger fuck mommy and use your other finger to rub my bean. Oh baby that feels so good,” I said leaning down to whisper my sexual pleasure in his ear. “That’s it. Right there baby. Right there James. Rub Mommy’s pussy while fucking Mommy’s pussy and fingering her nipples.”

“Oh my God Mom, I can’t believe I’m doing this. I can’t believe I’m going to make you cum,” he said.

“Don’t stop licking me James. Lick my blonde, trimmed pussy James. Don’t stop. Don’t stop licking me. I’m nearly there. Finger fuck me while rubbing my bean and, with your other hand, reach up to finger my nipples. Pinch them, pull them, turn them, and twist them. Mommy loves having her nipples fingered.

To be continued…

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