Mother’s Friend Ch. 08

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Ron was afraid when he woke the next morning in an empty bed that everything had been a dream. He immediately recognized that he was in a strange place but also knew that he was alone in the bed. It wasn’t until he looked over at the couch that he saw his mom sitting quietly sipping on a cup of coffee.

“Morning,” she said quietly with a warm smile. “I didn’t think you were ever going to wake up.”

“I guess you wore me out,” Ron happily said.

She responded with a sly, sexy grin and it was then that Ron noticed that she was wearing his shirt from the previous night. Seeing women dressed in men’s shirts like this had always been appealing to him but he couldn’t believe how hot she looked as she lounged on the couch reading the paper in his dress shirt.

He slipped out of bed and went into the bathroom to relieve his bladder and splash some water onto his face. He finished by brushing his teeth and then stepped back out into the room. Before he got back under the covers he thought he noticed his mom glancing at his naked body as he walked but he couldn’t be sure.

“Would you like some coffee?” she asked.

“That would be great,” Ron said appreciatively.

He stared at her openly as she rose from the couch and walked to the far side of the room where the small coffee maker was located. His shirt hung down nearly to her knees and his cock began to stir at how hot she looked.

When she turned around with the coffee he saw that the shirt was only secured with about half the buttons leaving it wide open exposing her chest and much of her cleavage to his hungry stare. Her tits wobbled exquisitely and Ron immediately knew she wasn’t wearing a bra. Based on the way her ass looked he guessed she was naked under the shirt and Ron again felt his cock stir.

He tried to look down the shirt at her tits when she leaned over and handed him the coffee but he couldn’t see anything. After he took the coffee he looked up at her face as he said thanks and her grin let him know that she was aware of his lustful gaze.

She sat back down on the couch and they sat sipping their coffee and talking. Ron couldn’t believe how normal this moment felt despite the heavy sexual tension in the air and the fact that he was naked with the bedsheet the only thing covering his lap as he leaned against the headboard.

A while later Ron let out a long yawn and again said, “Mmm, you wore me out.”

Nancy smiled a sexy grin and replied, “You? You’re supposed to be the young one with unlimited recovery.”

“No worries there,” Ron grinned devilishly as he tossed the sheet aside and revealed his semi-rigid cock to her.

For a moment neither moved as Nancy stared directly at her son’s semi-hard cock. She then smiled wickedly and stood up from the couch. She walked slowly and deliberately over toward the bed as she began to speak. “So tell me,” she whispered as stopped next to the bed and brushed her fingers over the side of his face, “was last night everything you hoped?”

“Absolutely,” Ron answered. “You are so amazing.”

“Any regrets?” she asked.

“Only that I didn’t convince you to do it earlier,” he said. “How about you? Are you still OK?”

“Honestly,” she answered, “it still feels a little weird. But last night was so…amazing.”

“So we can do it again?” Ron asked.

Nancy laughed and teased, “Honestly Ron, is sex all you think of?” Her voice was playfully scolding but he knew she didn’t mind his question. He asked her again and finally she replied, “Yes, as long as it is OK with you, I would love it.”

They kissed deeply and when they parted the kiss she looked at him with a playful, sexy expression on her face. Finally Nancy spoke in a quiet, sexy tone as she asked, “Did you fantasize about us often?”

“Yes,” Ron said. He couldn’t believe they were now talking so openly about this, but he figured if she was game he wanted to see what she had in mind. “I’ve fantasized about you more times than I could count,” he added. Ron noticed that Nancy smiled at the idea that her son had been fantasizing about her.

“Do you jerk off while you think about me?” she asked.

“Yes,” Ron answered.

Again Nancy smiled and her eyes gleamed with lust. “Show me.” Her look radiated lust and Ron immediately knew she was very serious. “Would you like me to watch?” she asked.

“Yes,” he answered still not believing what she was asking.

“Show me how you jerk off,” she softly urged. “I want to watch.”

She sat on the edge of the bed as Ron wrapped his fingers around his cock. His cock almost immediately regained its full size under his touch and her intense gaze. He stroked himself slowly while watching the intense lust building in her expression and in her eyes.

After he had been stroking for a while she asked, “Do you like using a lubricant?”

“Yes,” Ron answered. He continued stroking for a short while longer and watched excitedly esenyurt ucuz escort as she leaned over as if to suck his cock into her mouth. Instead she stopped with her lips just inches over him. He stared in surprise and excitement as her lips parted and a large ball of her spit dropped down onto his cock.

Immediately the friction under his hand lessened as her saliva spread up and down his cock. He groaned at the different feeling and at the visual of his mother again letting a large ball of her spit fall onto him.

She sat up and looked up into his eyes clearly very excited about what had just happened. Ron’s hand was now sliding easily up and down his hard shaft as both his hand and shaft were completely coated in her spit.

When Ron noticed her nipples pushing through the material of his shirt he focused his gaze upon them as he started stroking faster. He held himself in control and had been jerking off for a long while when Nancy whispered, “Cum for me. Show me how you cum all over yourself when you think about fucking me.”

Ron moaned at her words and adjusted his stroking style. Soon he gasped and then groaned, “I’m cumming,” just as the first thick jet of his cum shot out of his cock and fell onto his stomach. He stroked steadily until all of his cum was spent and several lines of his white cum lay on his stomach in addition to the cum that had seeped out of him and down onto his hand and shaft.

“Oh fuck,” Nancy moaned almost to herself as she stared down at his cock and cum. Without another word she leaned down over him and began to slowly lick his cum off his stomach. Ron groaned as her tongue and lips skimmed over his skin and she collected all of his cum.

When she finished she sat up and moved her hand to his as he was still holding his shrinking cock. For a few moments their hands rubbed together until hers too was coated in the mixture of her own spit and his sticky cum.

Despite having just cum Ron was out of his mind with lust and quickly sat up. He gripped her shirt near the buttons and yanked it open forcefully sending several of his buttons flying across the room. Nancy gasped at the urgency of his actions and then moaned as he started fondling her tits.

After a short while he pushed her down onto her back and easily moved between her legs. He never bothered fully removing his shirt from her as the sight of her bare tits and body with his shirt over her shoulders was driving him wild. He dropped his mouth to her pussy and she let out a long sigh as he started licking at her wet pussy.

His desires had already been quenched so he focused completely on exploring her pussy once again. He slipped his tongue through and over the many folds of her pussy and occasionally teased her clit. He never lingered for long as he wanted her to last a long while before she came.

He continued licking and kissing her pussy as she lay under him moaning and relishing his touch. He began letting his tongue slip downward from her pussy and licked at her tight asshole each time drawing an excited moan or gasp.

When she finally did explode into her orgasm she gripped the back of his head tightly and pulled him into her body. Her hips shook and his face was coated in a fresh layer of her juices as she cried out.

He lingered between her legs for a long while after she came and she moaned contentedly. Ron probably would have stayed there for a long while more except for the knock at their door.

“Housekeeping,” the muffled voice called through the door.

“Shit,” Nancy said as she rose off the bed and hurriedly wrapped the sheet around her body. Before she even got to the door the maid had keyed it open and stepped inside.

“Oh!” the maid gasped, “I am so sorry!”

“It’s OK,” Nancy replied in a calming voice that seemed to let the maid regain herself. “We’ll probably be leaving in about an hour. Can you return then?”

“Yes ma’am,” the maid replied before adding, “enjoy your morning.” It almost looked as if she didn’t really want to say that last part and she looked a little embarrassed once she did say it. However, it was clear that she knew she had caught them fucking and wasn’t quite sure how to react.

“That was odd,” Ron commented after his mom shut the door and began walking back to the bed. She smiled at him and he added, “I guess she’ll have a good story for the girls after work tonight.”

Nancy let the sheet fall away from her and crawled into her son’s waiting arms. “If she only knew,” Nancy said as they both laughed and shared a long kiss.

They remained in bed kissing and holding each other for a while before Nancy suggested they get cleaned up and get something to eat. “Do you want the first turn or should I go first?” she asked casually.

Ron caressed her ass and replied wickedly, “I was hoping my mommy would give me a bath.”

Nancy moaned excitedly and they esenyurt ├╝niversiteli escort kissed wildly before rising and walking together to the bathroom. Once there they quickly decided to try a shower instead as the tub was barely big enough for one let alone two. They adjusted the water and both stepped inside the curtain.

They took turns lavishly washing each other’s hair and bodies. Ron lingered over her tits and at her pussy and ass. She too seemed to spend more time on his ass and cock than otherwise but when he tried to kiss her and become more intense she stopped him and whispered, “Save some for later. Let’s just be together now.”

They stayed together softly kissing and touching each other under the warm water for a while longer. They toweled off together and then each got dressed. On their way down the hallway they again met up with the maid. “We’re out now, so you can get back to our room whenever you want,” Nancy said. The maid didn’t reply but her embarrassed smile showed that she was thinking about the secret she shared with Nancy and Ron. “If she only knew,” Ron thought to himself as they stepped into the elevator.

Nancy took Ron out shopping and told him to pick out something for himself as a birthday present. He leaned close to her and whispered, “You’ve already given me what I wanted the most.”

She smiled and excitement danced through her eyes. Ron had to resist the urge to embrace her in a deep kiss right there. As remote as the chances were he was afraid someone who knew them as mother and son would see them.

The rest of the afternoon and evening passed fairly quickly as they shopped and generally just hung out. Despite Ron’s protests Nancy took him to a nice restaurant for his birthday. All he wanted was to go back to the hotel and fuck and she knew it. “Patience is a virtue, my son,” she teased in response to the wanting in his eyes.

Dinner was torture for Ron as Nancy’s subtle touches on his legs under the table were driving him wild. The restaurant had long table clothes and they perfectly concealed her feet as she started to run them up and down his lower legs. She loved watching him squirm and struggle to remain composed as she teased him.

He had to walk carefully to conceal his hard cock on the way to the car and through the hotel lobby as they went back to her room. As soon as the door shut behind them he grabbed his mom and began kissing her wildly as she hungrily responded to him.

Before long they were both naked as Ron excitedly sucked on her tits. Nancy loved the way he took charge when he was really excited and moaned as he spun her around and bent her down over the bed. He positioned his cock at her pussy and thrust it firmly into her as he started fucking her from behind as they stood with her leaning over the bed.

Ron held her hips and used them to guide her as they fucked. His lust was already so great that it didn’t take long for him to fill her pussy with his cum. She moaned deeply as he filled her and soon after he finished cumming they crawled into bed together.

Now it was her turn to take charge and, as he lay flat on his back, she crawled over him until she was straddling his face. She moaned even before his tongue touched her pussy out of the simple anticipation of what they were doing. He started licking and sucking her pussy and she reached out in front of her to hold the headboard for support as she sat on her son’s face.

A combination of her juices and his cum seeped out of her pussy and down over his face as he licked at her. He teased her clit just up to the point where he thought she might cum and then stopped wanting to prolong the moment. She moaned wildly as he moved his tongue away from her clit but then gasped as he started fucking her with it.

He teased and excited her for several more long minutes until she pushed her pussy down even harder on his mouth and began to moan from deep in her throat. He sucked at her clit and flicked it with his tongue as she began cumming wildly on his face. The intensity of the closeness they shared at that moment was beyond anything that Ron had ever felt.

Nancy climbed off him and lay down next to him as they started another long, deep kiss. Ron marveled that something so forbidden and wrong as incest could feel so absolutely right when it was happening.

The rest of the night was an absolute blur of pleasure for Ron. They fucked several times in many different positions and Ron never failed to be amazed at how deeply satisfying or intense the sensations were.

Clearly the experience had been the same for Nancy as his mom playing with his cock awakened Ron Sunday morning. He moaned as he started to wake up and then looked at her as she expertly teased his cock hard once again.

Pam was the only other woman significantly older than himself that Ron had ever fucked, but even she didn’t etiler escort seem to have the smooth, practiced hand of his mom when it came to sex. It seemed that Nancy knew intuitively just how to move or to touch him to maximize his pleasure.

“Do you have one more for me?” Nancy teased as his cock had already regained nearly its full size.

“Anytime,” Ron answered.

He gasped as she lowered her mouth to his cock and began sucking on it. She played over his tip with her tongue and then licked him from base to tip over and over before she wrapped her lips around his shaft and started moving her head up and down.

She continued for a long while and then released him as she crawled over him and straddled his waist. She easily guided his cock into her pussy and began to slowly and deliberately fuck him. He merely stared up at her as she expertly rode his cock.

They fucked in silence for a long time as she drove herself to the brink of cumming. Finally she looked down at him and asked, “Is this everything you hoped?”

“Fuck, yes,” Ron gasped. “You are so damn good.”

She smiled excitedly and said, “It’s only because I’m with you. Fucking you is the most amazing, nasty thing I have ever done.”

She paused and Ron whispered, “Cum for me. I want to watch you cum.”

Nancy’s eyes widened in lust and she eagerly fucked her son as he looked up at her. He continued to urge her to cum and kept telling her that she was the best he had ever fucked. He felt her nearing her orgasm and when she finally did cum she cried out passionately as she rocked her hips from side to side with his cock all the way inside her.

When she finished she collapsed on him and they met in a wild kiss. “You’re so fucking good,” she gasped between kisses. “Nobody has ever filled me like you.” They kissed wildly a few more times before she rolled off him and onto her back.

He crawled between her legs and she moaned, “Fuck me hard. I just want to feel you take me completely.” She already had her legs spread widely for him but he took hold of them at her knees and pushed them even wider as he pushed her legs up toward her head. The effect was that her pussy was spread very wide and rotated slightly up off the bed as her hips rolled forward.

She groaned right away at her new position and reached down to guide his cock inside her. Once in position he thrust all the way inside her and pressed tightly against her remembering that she loved having his hard length all the way inside her during their previous fucks.

She moaned appreciatively but then she urged, “Take me! Fuck me hard!” Ron immediately started to wildly thrust in and out of her pussy as she gasped and begged him to continue. Very soon their bodies were slapping wildly together and the bed was creaking and the headboard bouncing against the wall.

Nancy began moaning and grunting in response to his heavy thrusts and he couldn’t believe she wanted him to fuck her so aggressively. He looked down at her as her body bounced and rocked from the force of his thrusts and then watched his cock as it moved rapidly in and out of her wet pussy.

He grunted loudly and kept pumping in and out of her when he started cumming. She cried out at feeling his cum fill her and he kept fucking her until he was completely spent. When he finally released her legs she immediately moved them around his waist and locked her ankles together behind him.

She looked up at him as she held him tightly in her legs with his softening cock still inside her. He lay down over her and they met in a deep, slow kiss as she kept her legs wrapped around him.

Begrudgingly, they finally left the bed. They shared another shower together and as they toweled off afterward Nancy asked if he had plans for the next weekend. Ron immediately said no not caring if he did or not. Whatever had been planned could surely wait.

“Great,” she said, “because I really do have a party planned for you next weekend.”

They laughed and Ron teased her a little about the lie she had used to set up the current weekend. “I know,” she answered, “but I wanted this to be a surprise. Anyway, I truly have a party planned for next weekend so I hope you can make it.”

“Absolutely, who all is coming?” Ron asked.

“Just a few friends,” she answered coyly.

“Do you think we might be able to, umm, be together again?” Ron asked. He very much hoped that she hadn’t intended on their relationship being a one-time thing.

She looked at him and giggled as she softly answered, “If you want to.” They kissed again as lovers and then had to quickly pack up her things as it was nearly check out time.

She drove him back to his place and just before he got out of the car he said, “I can’t wait for next weekend.”

She smiled and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek before she whispered softly in his ear, “I can’t wait to fuck you again.” She laughed at his reaction and then watched in amusement and excitement as he had to use his jacket to cover his hard on poking against the front of his pants as he got out of the car.

He gave her one last wave as she drove away and then immediately went inside and called Sandy on the phone. As soon as she picked up the phone he said, “You’ll never guess what just happened…”

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