Mother , Son: A Love Story Pt. 01

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Part 01: Spring Break with Mom

This story is a continuation of “Christmas with Mom” and “New Year’s Eve with Mom.” To give it some semblance of continuity from here on out, all future parts will run under “Mother & Son — A Love Story.

Sorry that continuing this tale has taken so long to get out to you. This proved to be a difficult part to write. What often hurts an incest story’s credibility is how so many people suddenly get brought into the incestuous relationship. Whether the story is thinly disguised truth or simple fiction, the trickiest part is conveying a sense of reality. What I hope is to keep you wondering if many of the people and the places within this story are or were real. In the end as with all things, you decide. Either way, I hope you enjoy. I look forward to your comments and critiques. My inspiration is y’all.

P.S. Consider this a shameless plug, but if you didn’t read “The Mark of Danteshwari” please give it a try. I think it was one of my better stories, but very few gave it a look. I really want to know what you think of it.


Isn’t it funny, the little things that can keep you sane? At Christmas, my world was turned upside down as my greatest fantasies and desires came true. In a snow locked Chicago, my mother and I finally succumbed to our unrequited love and become soul mates, joined in body and heart. By New Year’s Eve, our bonds were cemented permanently and we both know that, although it will take some years, eventually we will be able to carve out a life that will never again be lived separately.

But for the time being, we both ached from the physical distance that separated us. Mom and I had hoped to get together for a few brief days at the end of January or by St. Valentine’s Day at the latest, but alas, that was not to be. One of my younger twin brothers took a bad spill on a ski slope in mid January. He fractured his leg in three places. Oh, he would recover, but he needed a lot of care. Mom knew her place was there, and I understood that — it was after all, her caring, loving soul that drew me to her. But I hated the separation anyway.

The thing that kept me sane was a picture taken of us on New Year’s Eve. We were at the Dinner Club and an employee was taking pictures for sale. I popped for the photograph and it arrived in the mail a couple of days after Mom went home. It shows two people who are intimate and very much in love. We are sitting on a divan where we were sharing a drink and resting for a moment from having danced most the night away.

Mom is curled up next to me, her short dress showing off a lot of thigh. Mom is leaning into me, her right breast almost spilling out her strapless, low cut dress, my hand cupping her left breast as only a lover can. Mom’s hand is high up on my thigh. I remember that moment perfectly. We are happy and I am aroused. Slow dancing with Mom has kept me hard most of the night and at the moment she knows that her hand is dangerously close to the bulge in my pants. She is grinning mischievously into the camera. I can close my eyes and still smell her. Sweat mixed with that ever present hint of jasmine, with the scent of her arousal delicately mixing in and wafting around us.

Whenever I started to feel too blue, I took the picture out. I studied it as I grew hard, remembering the feel of Mom’s soft skin, the taste of her mouth as we kiss. I would remember the utter perfection of Mom’s body against mine and the way we seem to fit perfectly body against body, mouth to mouth and cock to pussy. I usually masturbated then, calling out to Mom as I ejaculated. I missed her so bad. The winter and the cold went hand in hand with my misery and I knew it was even harder on her.

I at least could sit here and look at this picture and masturbate and call out to her. Mom was stuck in a house that held the ashes of a dead marriage. She loved and loves the twins, but they were much like the old man in their attitudes and behavior. I have no doubt they love Mom in their own way, but for too long, they have viewed her more as a convenience and live-in servant than a mother and woman. I cannot imagine how lonely she must have been.

Winter was long and passed slowly. I went to class and to work. I did what I must, but my mind and heart were not in it. My thoughts lingered on my mother and the question of when I would see her again. I called home once a week, but she was never really able to talk. I couldn’t write for fear that the old man might open the letter by accident. Mom haunted my dreams, beautiful and often naked, but almost always just out of reach. Winter was long and it passed slowly, but Spring was coming and I knew with Spring, my one true love would be with me again.


My dearest love,

There aren’t words to describe how much I love you and how much I miss you. I know you’re lonely, son. I’m lonely too. Each morning, I wake up, the need to be in your arms so great, I almost cry when I roll over and you’re not there. In the evenings, sleep comes esenyurt ucuz escort hard because I am not curled up with you, feeling your body warm against mine, our sweat slowly drying after making love and your seed inside me, reminding me of my sweet son and lover.

Stay strong, John. I know that our day will come. We will steal our moments in the meantime and they will be all the sweeter for the rarity of their occurrence. I miss you so much, sweetheart. I roam through this house that is no longer my home, aching to turn and see your smiling face and rush into your arms and kiss you and let our love sweep us away.

When your brother’s asleep, I steal into your bedroom, trying to absorb your presence there. I step into your closet and hold your clothes to my face, inhaling your scent and remembering us intertwined on your bed, joined together, you swollen inside me. When I can, I lie on your bed and imagine you here with me, making love to me, making me moan and squirm. I play with myself, pretending you are deep inside me until I find some release. It is never fully satisfying, but it will have to do until I am in your arms again.

Soon, darling, it will be soon. Your little brother mends quickly and arrangements are being made. Your spring break is coming and I have such plans for us. Be patient, my love, I will be with you soon.




I read Mom’s letter again, my body rocking a bit as the El rolls along.. It came two weeks ago and Spring Break was now upon us. I haven’t heard from Mom since the letter. My last call home, my brother answered and told me Mom was out shopping. I chatted with the dork for a while, but hung up finally, frustrated that I didn’t even get to hear her voice. I finished my last mid term and collected my check from the bottling company. My supervisor kidded me about taking a week off and “goin’ down to Florida and sniffing out some young tail,” as he passed me my paycheck.

I got off the train at my stop and walked down the street to my apartment building. The weather of early April was still cool enough to wear a heavy sweater, but you could smell Spring in the air — like the world was coming back to life after a too long hibernation.

I walked upstairs and stopped at my door. It is open. It had been locked when I’d left. Either my heart’s desire was about to granted or my television would be missing! I let my bookbag slip from my shoulder so I could sling it at a dope addict and stepped warily in the room. It was dim, the shades drawn and utterly quiet. And then I heard her voice — to my soul it was like a drink of cold water to a man dying of thirst.

“Hello, my love.” I turned and saw my mother leaning against the kitchen counter, lovelier than I remembered. Another man passing her on the street might note a pretty, middle aged woman, but to me, my mother was the most beautiful woman in the world. Mom stands five foot, four inches tall and has black hair. It had been longer the last time I saw her. She’d cut it shorter, almost a pageboy and very becoming — it framed her lovely face drawing attention to her big, brown eyes. Mom had on a tight, V-necked sweater that showed off her tremendous cleavage as the material molded itself to her heavy gourd-like breasts. Her bra did little to hide her erect nipples. She was wearing a knee high skirt that emphasized her shapely calves. My cock began to swell just at the sight of her.

“Mom!” I said softly and then I was moving and we were in each other’s arms, our lips pressed to each other as our tongues became reacquainted. Her body felt so right pressed against mine. The flames of passion raced through us as we hugged each other tighter. My hand caressed her ass cheek over the material of her skirt and then I started to bunch the material up until I could feel the soft as butter skin of her ass. I squeezed and then ran my finger upwards until I touched her panties.

Mom broke the kiss, giggling and trying to wriggle out of my groping grasp. “Stop it, son! We don’t have time.”

I pulled her close and nuzzled her throat and whispered, “Then we need to make the time. We need to make up for all the time we’ve been apart.”

Mom replied with a deep throaty moan and pressed herself against me as I again squeezed her ass cheeks. I ran my tongue along the curve of her upper breast and with my free hand, placed her hand on the jean covered bulge in my crotch. Mom sighed again and after briefly squeezing my blue jean covered cock, again pushed me away.

Mom’s face was flushed as was her upper chest. Again she laughed and shook her head. “I’m serious, John. We have to go. We’ve got a plane to catch!” She picked up an envelope from the kitchen counter and waved it at me. I could see the symbol of a major airline on the envelope.

“A plane, Mom? What plane?”

Mom giggled again and hurled herself back into my arms. “The plane that’s taking us to Florida, you silly boy!” Mom was having fun esenyurt ├╝niversiteli escort teasing me and enjoying every minute of it. “It’s Spring Break and Momma is taking her lover son to Florida.” Mom kissed me, rubbing her breasts against me as she did so and then slipped one last time away from me.

Bending over, she lifted up my duffel bag and handed it to me. “I packed for you, son. Let’s get moving before we miss our flight.”

In the car, on our way to O’Hare, Mom laid it out for me. “Your brother is able to get around pretty well now and I told your father I was going to take a break and visit your Aunt Debbie.” Mom grinned like the cat that ate the canary. “I think your father was suspicious until I told him I was taking you along to get some sun.” Mom stuck her tongue out at me and gave me her best naughty look.

She went on. We had a 1:00 flight to Tampa and would pick up a rental car there and drive on to Aunt Debbie’s home on up the coast. “I figure we’ll be at Debbie’s by six o’clock,” Mom said. “We should have just enough time to walk on the beach before dark, son.”

“Sounds great, Mom,” I replied, trying to sound enthusiastic. I gave Mom a half-hearted smile.

Mom looked at me curiously. “John, is something wrong?”

I shrugged and tried not to sound disappointed. “If we’re staying with Aunt Debbie, we won’t have many chances to be — uh, be together, will we?”

Mom responded with a loud, amused, “HA!” She eyed the traffic ahead and then reached over and trailed her fingernails over the bulge in my jeans. “John, your Aunt could care less if I fucked you right on the living room rug. I’m going to have more trouble keeping Debbie away from your big cock, son.”

Mom had to work hard to keep from laughing. I guess my stunned look was pretty comical looking. Mom patted my thigh as she navigated traffic. “I thought you knew, son. Your Aunt Debbie is a slut.” She winked at me and added, “I guess it runs in the family!”

I tried to get Mom to expand on her comments, but she stalled me just as she had about the comments at Christmas about incest running in the family. As we parked at O’Hare, Mom simply said, “It will be easier to explain once we’re at your Aunt’s in Florida, sweetheart. Be patient a little longer, son and Momma will make it all clear!”

We spent our time on the flight, cuddled up, drawing some raised eyebrows as we kissed and made out between bouts of catching up. Just to kiss Mom again was like finding religion. I knew that the world still turned and everything would be alright.

Off the plane in Tampa’s humid weather, Mom ducked into a restroom and changed tops, trading her sexy sweater for an equally sexy cotton pullover with a deeply scooped neck. I instantly recognized that Mom has shed her bra as well and the light green cotton blouse molded itself tightly to her tits. As Mom noticed my appreciative stare, she blushed slightly and I watched as her nipples swelled and stood out prominently. The blouse was so tight I swear I could see the little bumps covering her areoles. My mouth watered and it was hard to drive our rented car up the coast as my eyes kept drifting over to Mom who was sprawled sexily in the passenger seat, flashing her panties at me whenever she got the chance. There was a very dark wet spot in the middle of her crotch and I realized Mom was just as horny as I was.

It was a two hour run up the coast to Aunt Debbie’s. She had a two bedroom bungalow two blocks from the Gulf Coast shoreline. She lived in a little bitty town, populated by graying hippies and other refugees from the 1960s. In those days, the area was extremely liberal, not yet having succumbed to Reaganomics. It would eventually get the tourist treatment and all the residential neighborhoods are long gone, replaced by fern bar restaurants, T-shirt shops and ugly, multi story hotels. But back when, it was a helluva place for a private vacation.

Only getting lost once, we found Aunt Debbie’s street and pulled into her driveway, stopping behind a vintage 1965 convertible Mustang. We had barely climbed out of our rental when the front door opened up and Mom’s sister came bouncing down the drive, crying out, “You’re here, you’re here!”

Aunt Debbie is a piece of work unlike any other. She was then forty-five years old, almost three years older than Mom. She was a lanky five foot, nine inches tall and had a finely sculpted body — not a spare ounce of fat on her aside from what Mom later confirmed were almost authentic tits. Like Mom, Aunt Debbie is big breasted, but where as Mom was satisfied with an all natural appearance, Debbie had work done to perk them up. She paid well for good work and they were light years beyond the bowling ball look that so many get with plastic surgery. Her hair was bleached blonde which suited her personality and appearance.

Aunt Debbie came running down the drive wearing a bandana halter top and the shortest shorts I have personally etiler escort ever seen on a woman. Her long legs were perfectly sculpted and toned, accentuated by stiletto heels, her stomach was flat and she was almost every man’s wet dream. If Mom wasn’t around, I’d have found her incredibly hot. (Okay, I did find her hot, but to me, Mom was the ultimate woman, everyone else came in a far back second place).

Mom ran up to meet her sister and they jumped into each other’s arms. They locked lips and it took me a minute to realize they were French kissing while hands roamed freely over both bodies.

When they finally stepped apart, Mom turned with her arm around Aunt Debbie’s waist and gestured to me. “I know it’s been six years, Sis, but you do remember your nephew John, don’t you?”

Aunt Debbie looked at me with such frank lust that I felt my face begin to burn. She slipped from Mom’s embrace and moved towards me. “Oh My God! This little boy with the glasses grew up to become a fucking hunk of man! Damn, Carrie, you hooked yourself a stud!” Aunt Debbie threw her arms around me and ground herself against me, throwing one leg up and wrapping it around my back, lifting herself up to kiss me.

Like she did with Mom, she wasted no time offering me her tongue and out of surprise more than anything, I accepted it and offered her my own. We kissed passionately for what seemed at least a minute, her rubbing her crotch against my jean covered cock which was swelled to the point of being uncomfortable being constricted by all that denim.

It was only when Mom growled, “Down, you slut, this man’s mine!” that my aunt let me go. Suddenly, I was one horny and confused young man. Mom and Aunt Debbie moved off towards the house holding hands while I lugged in the bags.

Inside, I found both of them cuddled up on a leather couch, hands fluttering as they chattered excitedly. Mom looked up and said, “There’s my motherfucker!” in a voice that conveyed her lusty delight at having her son being her lover.

Aunt Debbie grinned lewdly at me and I said in a ragged voice, “So, um — Aunt Debbie knows everything about us?”

Mom nodded and replied, “I’ve never kept any secrets from my big sister, son. I called her up and told her about us the day after I got home.”

Aunt Debbie chortled and said, “Of course, it runs in the family, so it doesn’t come as any surprise.”

Before I could follow up that remark, Mom gently elbowed her sister and said, “Well, John and I haven’t discussed that yet — maybe we can talk about some of it later tonight or tomorrow.”

My aunt snickered. “You’ve at least told him what a slut you were when you were younger, haven’t you?”

Mom began to blush herself and grinning like a little girl caught with her hand in the cookie jar, replied, “Well — no real details.” Mom looked up at me and said, “Maybe tonight, we can talk about it.”

Laughing, Aunt Debbie climbed off the couch and said, “This is gonna be so much fun!” She pointed at a big sun shaped clock on the wall and said, “But if you’re going to visit the beach today, you better start shaking those asses. You’ve got maybe two hours of sunlight left.”

Mom began hurrying about. She dug into one of her bags and pulled out two bags. Handing me one, she said, “Here, baby! Run in the bathroom and change!” Then she turned around and headed to what I guess was the guest bedroom. She paused at the door and gave me a mischievous grin that made my heart pound and said, “Hurry! Momma’s got a big surprise for you!”

In the bathroom, I discovered to my horror, that Mom had bought me a Speedo bathing suit. I opened the door a crack and hollered, “I can’t wear this in public. I’ll get arrested!”

Aunt Debbie laughed and said, “Honey, around here, you can wrap your boner in a band-aid and it will be legal.”

I pulled the Speedo suit on and looked at myself in the mirror. I’m glad I keep myself in good shape, but I had to blanch at seeing so little of myself covered up. I basically covered my balls and cock and for the first time, I had a vague idea of how a thong must feel! In my embarrassment, my cock had dropped to about half mast. I was worried that if I got hard in this thing, it was going to be very snug! I’d have to be careful or something might decide to peek out!

Feeling my face blushing, I stepped out of the room. Aunt Debbie was sitting on the couch and gave a long wolf whistle. “Hey, hey, little sister, you need to get out here and check out the package on this stud!” My aunt winked at me and palmed her crotch, rubbing it vigorously until we heard the door to Mom’s bedroom open.

“Well, what do you think?” Mom asked in a voice that held both naughtiness and uncertainty. I turned and was almost floored. I had seen Mom scantily clad to the point of scandal before and I had seen Mom naked. Nothing had prepared me for the incredible carnality that Mom now put on display.

Mom had on a bikini or at least it would have been a bikini if there had been more cloth to it. As it was, it was a bikini top consisting of two triangular pieces of light green cloth and some string. The top barely covered Mom’s nipples, leaving much of her areolas exposed. Tit flesh jiggled and overflowed the material. I would not have covered a dime bet that the strings would hold up for more than 10 minutes.

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