Mother In Law’s Gift

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One cold February morning Rick and Jill’s phone rang. Before either of them had a chance to look outdoors, Jill’s mom Karen informed them that there had been a massive snow storm that night. Karen was in a panic. Ever since having an accident years before, driving in snow mortified her. Jill calmed her mom down and assured her Rick would be glad to drive her to work.

“He’s off on leave today anyway mom.” Jill told her

Karen told Jill to express her thanks and relief to Rick. He could pick her up around 11:00 A.M.

When Jill hung up she said, “Damn! It’s February 14th. Not only is today Valentines Day but its mom’s birthday too. I forgot to wish her Happy Birthday. It sure means a lot to me that you’re willing to get out in this weather and take mom to work.”

Rick said, reaching for Jill’s tits, “Why don’t you show me just how grateful you are.”

Jill giggled as she felt Rick’s hot tongue on her hard nipples. She pushed him back on the bed and went to work on his already stiff cock. Rick moaned and pushed her head down as she tried to deep throat him. He could tell by the way Jill was squirming that she had her hand between her legs rubbing her clit. Rick sat up and enjoyed the show. His eyes went from Jill’s undulating ass to watching her tongue swirl around his cock head. Jill squeezed his balls to keep him from coming to soon.

Pulling his cock from her lips with a pop, Jill lay on her back and said, “It’s my turn now!”

Rick lay down between her outstretched legs and licked her from her puckered asshole to the tip of her clit. Jill grabbed his head and steered him directly onto her throbbing clit. As Rick began the rhythm that she enjoyed so much, he also reached up and began rolling her nipples. He knew this wouldn’t take long. How right he was! Jill began humping his tongue, perfectly matching his strokes. Rick new the closer she got the more abuse her nipples would take. He was twisting and rolling them good as Jill went over the top.

“Oh God Yes!” Jill screamed as she ground her mound into Rick’s face.

He kept his tongue right on her clit no matter how much she jerked and shook. When she became too sensitive he lightly grazed her clit with just the tip of his tongue and she had another quick orgasm.

As he looked up from between her long legs, Jill smiled mischievously at him and said, “Now I want fucked! And fucked hard!”

She rolled over on her knees and elbows and stuck her pretty ass high in the air. Rick quickly got behind her. He drug his cock through her wet slit a few times and plunged up her snatch in one thrust.

“Oh Yeah Baby, fuck that wet pussy.” Jill commanded

Rick smacked her upturned ass and began hammering away.

Jill cried out, “Your balls are smacking my hard clit!”

Rick pulled her up from her elbows for a good old doggie style fucking. He reached down and grasped a swaying tit in each hand. Jill told him if he kept hitting her clit with his big balls she was going to come again. This made Rick pick up the pace. When he started rolling Jill’s nipples he felt her start to let go. As she screamed through her third orgasm of the morning, Rick pumped a huge load of scalding jizz deep in her pussy.

Rick played with Jill as she prepared for work. He stood behind her at the mirror and teased her nipples as she tried to put on her make-up. When she sat down to pull on her panty hose he was there sticking his tongue in her pussy. If it was possible Jill left for work that morning hornier than she was before they had sex.

After he showered and killed a little time, Rick climbed in his 4×4 truck and headed out to pick up his mother in law. Karen was so grateful for the ride she told Rick to stop by a restaurant and she would by him brunch.

As they were eating their food Rick said, “I almost forgot. Happy Birthday mom.”

He leaned over and gave her a peck on the cheek. It was a few seconds later he noticed Karen was halkal─▒ ucuz escort fighting back the tears.

“What’s wrong Karen? Is it something I’ve done?” Rick asked

Karen replied, “No don’t be silly. You and Jill are the perfect family. You are there in a flash if I need you. It’s me that’s wrong. Here I am 44 years old today. Divorced, alone, and looking older by the day! Jill is a lucky girl to have someone like you. She tells me how you two are still like a couple of horny teenagers. Even after being married seven years.”

Rick said, “You are still a beautiful woman Karen. I hope Jill keeps her looks like her mom has. You’ll find someone. You know what they say, “There’s someone for everybody.”

Karen replied, “Maybe, but does it have to take so long to find that somebody. Jill tells me about your and her escapades and it makes me down right horny!”

Rick just blushed as he said, “I hope she don’t tell all of our secrets.”

They finished eating and Rick helped his mother in law climb in the truck. As they headed up the road a plan began to develop in Rick’s mind. By the time he had reached the area he was thinking about he had made up his mind to do it. As he neared small mom and pop motel he turned into the parking lot. He told Karen he needed to use the restroom as he had forgotten to do it at the restaurant. He explained to the old man at the desk that he and his “mom” had been traveling for hours in the snowstorm and needed a few hours rest. The old guy actually gave him a half day rate and told him that room 16 was right in front of where he was parked. Karen gave Rick a puzzled look as he passed by the truck and unlocked the door to room 16. He stepped back out and motioned her to come inside. Assuming something might be wrong, Karen went to the room. Rick asked her to remove her coat as he closed the door.

“Rick honey, is something wrong?” Karen asked

Rick noticed his mother in law was wearing her tight black dress slacks and her high heeled pumps. Her tight blouse did little to hide the fact that it had been a chilly walk from the truck to the room. Her nipples were jutting straight out.

“Mom, what you said at the restaurant really bothered me. I can’t stand the thoughts of you having such a low opinion of yourself. So unless you’re absolutely opposed, I’d like to show you just what a sexy and attractive woman you are.” Rick told Karen

He stepped forward and pulled her to him. As his tongue parted her lips, he grabbed her ass and pulled her against his crotch. Karen moaned as she returned her son in laws kiss.

However she quickly pulled away and said, “Rick this is wrong. Jill would never forgive either of us if anything happened.”

Rick explained how Jill was always talking about her mom’s loneliness and he believed she would be glad her own husband was tasking care of matters. Rick began unbuttoning Karen’s blouse. He removed it revealing a pink lacy bra, which he wasted no time in removing also. Karen’s tits were no where near as big as her daughter’s. But Karen had the biggest hardest brown nipples Rick had ever seen. Karen moaned and took hold of his head as he began his assault on her tits. While he was busy with her nipples, he unfastened her pants and slid them down. Much to his delight, his mother in law’s lacy pink panties matched her bra. The info that Jill had teased him about for so long was true! Karen had a gloriously thick bush. Rick reached in her panties and ran his fingers through her thick tuft of hair. Karen stepped back and kicked off her shoes and removed her pants and panties.

“Would you care to do me a favor?” Rick asked

“Name it sweetheart.” Karen said

“Put your heels back on. I’ve always drooled over your ass. It will look even better with those heels on.” Rick told her

Karen laughed lustily as she complied with his request. As she stood and watched, Rick got undressed. He noticed halkal─▒ ├╝niversiteli escort Karen staring at his hard cock as he removed the last of his clothing.

“What are you looking at mom?” he asked Karen

Karen just gazed at him as she said, “Jill told me you had a big cock. I see she wasn’t lying! I haven’t had any of that in a long time.”

Rick reached down and stroked his 9 inches a few times for her benefit. He stepped behind Karen and nestled his cock in the crack of her ass. When he cupped her tits and began kissing her shoulders and neck he felt a shiver go through his mother in law. When she began making soft groaning sounds and pushing back against his cock, he lowered his hand to her pussy. Rick found her practically dripping. She ground her ass harder as he stroked her engorged clit.

“Fuck me, Fuck me now!” Karen demanded

“All in good time” Rick replied

He led her to the bed and lay her face down. He stood back and admired her legs and ass. When he knelt behind her and parted her legs, Karen wanted to know what he was up to. With her legs slightly apart and her ass upturned slightly, Rick buried his face in her ass. He could have sworn the manager heard her moan. He started at her clit and worked his way to her asshole. After doing this several times, he stabbed his tongue in and out of her ass a few times.

“Damn! I’ve never had a tongue in my ass before! I never dreamed it could feel so good.” Karen said

As he did it once more Rick felt Karen push back, try to get his tongue deeper in her ass. After several minutes of tongue fucking her sweet puckered hole, he rolled her over and went to work on her clit. Karen obliged him by holding her legs up and open while he buried his face in her bush. Probably due to the fact she had been celibate for so long, Rick got her off quickly. Much to Karen’s pleasure he didn’t let up either. She had three orgasms in quick succession.

When he finally let his mother in law catch her breath she said, “Now momma’s gonna suck your cock.”

It was a shock to hear Karen use language like that. A shock that made Rick crazy with lust. He laid back and watched Karen run her tongue over and around his cock. Rick thought good cocksucking obviously runs in the family. She licked his balls till they were dripping with saliva. Then in one swift motion she swallowed Rick’s cock to the hilt. Rick groaned and reached for her hard nipples once again. Seeing the effect this had on him, Karen swallowed his cock again and again.

“I bet Jill can’t do that, can she?” Karen asked with a gleam I her eye

“No But you can bet I’m going to get her to learn how.” Rick answered

“Do you want to shoot your load down my throat?” asked Karen

Rick replied, “As good as that sounds, I’d rather pump it deep in your pussy!”

Karen was on her hands and knees in a flash. Rick took hold of her slim hips and pushed his cock all the way up her pussy.

“Oh yeah! Give it to me good!” Karen said

Rick did as he was told. He fucked Karen hard. He fucked Karen easy. He gave her just the head of his cock at times. And he plowed her deep at times. Rick squeezed the base of his cock several times to keep from coming. He was determined to wear his mother in law out. As she was sitting on Rick riding his cock, it was his turn to be surprised. Karen got off his cock and walked over to her clothes and pulled her pink panties back on. Rick thought her conscience had gotten the best of her and now everything was going to hell.

Karen said, “Now will you do me a favor? “

Rick said, “Sure mom, anything you want.”

Karen said to him, “You admitted to always looking at and lusting after my ass didn’t you? Well now I want you to do what you would have done if you could have gotten by with it!”

“What do you mean?” asked Rick

“I want you to tear my little panties off and TAKE haramidere escort IT!” Karen instructed him.

Rick smiled and jumped from the bed. Karen played the part perfectly. As Rick reached for her panty covered ass, she smacked his hand away. When he grabbed her tits, she squirmed free. Finally Rick spun her around and shoved her on the bed with her ass in the air. He ripped her panties off in one tug and buried his cock in her in one thrust. He couldn’t help but notice how wet she was playing their game.

“What are you doing to your mother in law? ” she asked with feigned innocence

“I’m fucking her hairy cunt!” shouted Rick

“And I’m getting ready to fill her full of my jizz!” he said

As he said these last few words, Karen pushed back and felt his cock throb and pulse as her son in law gave up his load to her. They both collapsed from exhaustion amid the bed clothes and torn panties.

After a short rest period Rick found himself stroking Karen’s ass and legs and getting another erection.

“Jill is right about something else too. You’re insatiable!” Karen giggled

“Would you care to try something new with your son in law?” Rick asked

“Depends what you have in mind.” said Karen

“Id love to fuck that sweet ass!” he told Karen

“You mean fuck me up the ass?” questioned Karen

Rick just grinned and squeezed her ass cheeks.

Karen looked scared and said, “I don’t know about that. I’ve never done that before.”

Rick said, “You’d never had your ass tongue fucked till about an hour ago either.”

Karen asked several questions and if it hurt too much would Rick stop. He assured her she would be in total command. By the time they got ready to proceed, Karen was giddy with excitement. Rick had her retrieve a bottle of hand lotion from her purse. While he leisurely applied this to her asshole, he began working first one then two fingers in and out of her ass. He used his other hand on her hardening clit. Karen sucked and licked Rick’s cock while he was preparing her. The combination of her wet pussy and the lotion soon had her primed. She got on her hands and knees on the edge of the bed as Rick stood on the floor at the end. She hesitated a bit as Rick touched her ass with his cock head. Ever so slowly he pressed on. When his cock head passed her sphincter muscle, she tensed up. A few strokes on her clit and erect nipples soon had her at ease. Before she knew it, Rick was buried to the hilt. She had no idea he was that deep until he pulled back and pushed in again.

“God, I’ve never felt anything like it!” moaned Karen

“I feel so weak in the knees. I can feel every vein and ridge on your throbbing cock.”

Karen made noises Rick never imagined she was capable of, as he began pumping her ass. After a while he had her lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide. He placed the bend of her knees in the bend of his elbows and buried his cock up her ass once again.

“Does my hot slut mother in law like to be butt fucked?” he asked Karen

“Oh yeah, fuck momma’s ass. Fuck it deep. Karen screamed

Karen reached down and rubbed her clit furiously as Rick pounded her ass. When he felt Karen let go, he let his own load go.

“Shit, I can feel your scalding juice fill my ass!” Karen shouted as her own juices soaked the bed

After lying together for a while, Karen realized just how late she was for work. They hurriedly dressed and ran to the truck. Rick laughed out loud as he saw the puzzled look on the old manager’s face. Karen laughed too when Rick told her he had checked them in as mother and son.

“Guess he’s wondering what kind of a mother I am!” said Karen

“The best kind!” replied Rick

After Rick dropped Karen at work he did a few errands and was headed home as his cell phone rang. Karen laughed as she whispered to him that it was the first time she had been at work without panties on. And it was definitely the first time her pussy and ass were leaking her son in laws jizz. Just as he disconnected his call from his mother in law, Jill phoned. She asked if Rick had gotten her mom to work ok. When he assured her everything was fine, Jill told him she was so grateful for the way he took care of her mom.

Rick said, “Oh Yeah, Just how grateful are you????”

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