Morning Pleasure

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I was awake. Blinded by the slivers of sunlight that escaped the bedroom curtain. It wasn’t the sun that woke me though.


Is there anything more beautiful than a woman aroused?

It was clear she was trying to be discreet. I guess a moan got loud enough to wake me. If not that then a slight thrumming against the bed. I stare at her, eyebrows raised.

“Sorry-” she mouths.

Pillows prop her half up on the head board, the tiniest beads of sweat beginning to form on her brow. The most adorable blush spreads on her cheek.

“Never apologize,” I whisper, turning to my side so I can see her better. I turn my face up to kiss her.

“Andy- I-” she throws her head back briefly and her shoulders flex while she lets out a soft “ah!”

“Don’t stop.”

I lift the heavy comforter off to find Maddie’s fingers churning between her legs. Under her panties they beat a rhythm and slice a rhyme into her wet sex. She was always a morning person. I kiss her again, tasting her tongue, cupping breasts with their small hard nipples and feel her upper body arch against my hand.

“Can I join the party?”

She smiles. And nods. Eyes closed. Biting her lower lip.

Is there anything more beautiful than a woman in heat?

I let my hands roam over Madeline’s skin, leaving goosebumps in my wake. I make no patterns and touch her randomly, knowing that this would tease her more. I lick her neck and she hisses. I bite on her earlobe and she moans. I snake an arm down her body and place my large hand on top of her own wriggling one. The cloth is damp, the sound within, sloshy. Perfect.

“Mmmmm,” I say, “someone’s having a good kartal escort morning!”

I bear down on her hand. She doesn’t like that I disrupt her system, her orderly way of touching herself.

“Andy… Andy please. I’ll be done- I just have to have to- get- want to get-“

My fingers grip the waistband and pull down. I slip the panties off, revealing slick lips. My fingers lace into hers so I can learn this beat, this tempo, this way to bring her to madness. Her eyes flutter open. She sighs.

“This- this might take a while,” she gasps. Her eyes are lidded. She wants me to leave her alone, and not. Women are strange in this way. After all, she knows her body best and I am still learning. She is worried I would get impatient, or give up. But I am not like that. I cannot resist the challenge.

“We have all day if you want.”

“But I don’t want to- what about-“

Maddie’s a Libra. She’s all about being fair. If she gets off she wants me to get off too. If I am touching her, she should be touching me as well. Doesn’t she realize that pleasuring her also pleasures me?

Is there anything more beautiful than a woman who loves you?

“Shhh-” I say, lifting the knee closest to me, bending it so my flower is now a star, open and exposed. My fingers have taken over the assault on Maddie’s pussy as her hands clutch the mess of bedcovers at her side or reach back on the headboard to give her leverage to arch into me. Figure 8s on the tip of her clit. Lazy circles, gentle but forceful. Just the way she likes.

Her breath becomes shallow, labored. Her eyebrows stitch together. I take a breast in my mouth and let my tongue laze over a maltepe escort bayan nipple. Lazy circles, gentle but forceful. Just the way she likes. A bit of teeth to graze her flesh.

Maddie stiffens, her thighs tremble and her eyes squeeze shut. I dip into her opening, spreading the moistness on her pussy lips.

“Did you cum?”

“I- I think so-” a labored whisper. Her eyes remain closed as she floats in a sea of pleasure.

“If you have to think about it, you probably didn’t,” I smile.

“Andy, it’s ok it’s- you don’t have to do any-“

But I do.

I brace my shoulders into my lover’s thighs, kissing the trembling flesh. I wrap an arm around each opening her to me. Her pussy unfolds, the nub peeking out of its hood both inviting and challenging me to approach. At first contact, Maddie jumps and I am glad I chose to brace her legs. She whimpers as I continue.

Soft licks travel on hot flesh to the wetness of her center. She tastes of cinnamon. Musky, rich, earthy sexual honey that only feeds my appetite. The flat of my tongue discovers the terrain of her cunt, of fat hills and a valley of folds.

Her hands direct my head, changing the angle until I am right where she wants me.

“Right there. And no teasing,” she warns, settling back into the pillows. Her heels dig into the bed as she offers herself to me.

Isn’t there anything more beautiful than a woman who knows what she wants?

My name is spoken as a litany. I navigate by pitch and sound. At first she is instructive, punctuating her Andys with yesses and ohs. She trembles against me and I struggle to keep aim. Her pussy is wetter now, the fluid escort pendik thick and dripping.

“Faster, Andy, please faster,” she moans in supplication, lost in a haze of good feelings from the thousands of nerve endings shooting from her core. I quicken the pace, lapping up her juices, and concentrating on her bud. I feel giddy, lightheaded with the smell of musky cunt and delightful sounds of pleasure. Maddie’s thighs clamp against my head and she arches again.

She chants my name as she lifts her hips. I hear-

Andy. Andy. Oh Andy. Fuck. God, Andy. Andyandyandy-

as she bucks against my mouth. I purse my lips, trapping her clit and suck gently as she explodes.


Is there anything more beautiful than a woman about to orgasm?

Two fingers easily enter her and saw in and out as I hum against her throbbing pussy. Her cum splashes against my chin, her hands frantically claw against my head trying to get me off of her. I am not done. My tongue continues to trace circles around her clit as my fingers pump into her. Maddie’s incoherent guttural groan coincides with her pussy walls squeezing against my fingers. I let her ride the wave, slowing down until she reaches earth.

There is a buzzing in my ears as my head is set free from its cage of thigh and leg. I feel an an involuntary jerk now and then as Maddie floats down from her peak. Her limbs are splayed, heavy. When she tries to speak no words come out. I don’t need to ask this time.

I kiss my way up to her belly, under her breasts, to her neck. She tastes herself on my lips and I mold my body to hers, covering her like a blanket. Her skin is damp against mine. Her breathing calms.

“Andy?” Her whisper is soft, adoring, searching. I hold her head against my chest so she can hear the beating of my heart. When her eyes open they are glazed over. I hold her until she is heavy in my arms asleep.

Is there anything more beautiful?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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