More Exciting Than Economics

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Author’s note: Here is my first attempt at putting smut on Lit. It is kind of a paean to the great erotic writers of Lit who have invested so much of their time to share their fantasies and experiences. I have frequently enjoyed the fruits of their/your labor, and hope the following story expresses my admiration sufficiently. Anyways, hope you enjoy and please feel free to praise what you liked and suggest changes to what you did not.


I was halfway through my macroeconomics class when I got the itch. It was not an itch that good Chinese girls like me were supposed to get, that tingling in my pussy as I felt it moisten. Shifting my weight, I crossed my legs and tried to type more notes on aggregate supply and demand. My fingers nervously pecked at the keys, desperately wanting to access the internet and head to my favorite sites. I was sitting in the back; no one would see or care if my fingers happened to brush my…cunt. That is what the stories I read always called it.

“According to the Keynesians, changes in the aggregate demand….” droned the professor.

Just a little peak, a tease, I promised myself as I started accessing the network. I glanced around the lecture hall, most of the students were half asleep, no one was looking my way, and the professor was equally disheartened taking refuge in her notes. No one saw me as my hand slipped under my jeans and panties, feeling the sparse tuft of smooth dark hair, then sliding one delicate finger along my pussy lips, sucking in a little breath as I felt that familiar tingle.

I still remember the first time I masturbated, the first few tentative tickles giving way to frantic rubbing, the occasional gasp becoming bahis firmalar─▒ deep moans. At first I kept looking at the door, afraid my mom would open the door and see her precious little girl doing such naughty things, but the more I stroked myself the more I needed to stroke myself, closing my eyes and letting my fingers dance around my clit with abandon. Soon my hand had found it’s way to my budding breast and squeezed, and I felt the tension building. Then all that tension exploded in glorious orgasm. My back arched and I moaned like a madwomen, then collapsed, quaking slightly with my mouth hanging open, still in shock. I had known of such things only from hushed, giggle filled conversations with my friends, huddled around to share our most intimate thoughts. They had not done it justice. Soon I began to adventure online, dirty chat rooms (where I might have been the only real girl), story sites, always remaining anonymous. I loved the dirty feelings it brought up with in me, a release from my structured, clean, ambitious life. I explored farther and farther, until I got here, surrounded by peoples and still covertly touching myself.

“Supply siders, on the other hand, argue that…”

My breath was quickening between my full lips as my fingers traced my labia, spreading them gently and brushing over the moist flesh in between. A few quick clicks and I was reading one of my favorite stories, about an Asian girl getting fucked by a Black man with a large dick, cheesy and racist I know, but well written and gave me that wonderfully dirty feeling. I lifted my hand and brought it up discreetly, giving my breast a light squeeze on the way, dragging my palm over my shirt and ka├žak iddaa bra covered nipple. It rested on my collar bone fingers lightly caressing my smooth skin, sending chills through me. My eyes skimmed words about how the woman was taking his cock in her mouth, and the details of all the things she was doing with her tongue, sliding it along his shaft, kissing the bulbous head. I don’t know why it turned me on so much, but my breaths were getting shallower and I could feel the flush spreading across my face. I darted off a few quick looks and saw no one looking back. Thank God, I thought, I need this. I need it so bad. He was sliding that huge dick down her neck now, leaving a trail of her saliva and precum, and then circling one of her nipples with it. My fingers followed his path on my own body. I started rubbing my pussy harder as I circled my nipple, feeling it become painfully stiff against my bra. I dared another look over my monitor, no one was looking, but my gaze lingered a bit, seeing the world with lust tinted glasses. The guy in

front of me was well built; I wondered what he would do with his dick if he had unhindered access to my body. The girl sitting next to him was a cute, curvy Hispanic woman and I wondered what it would be like to lap at her cunt. Even the professor, with her gray hair was starting to look good. She had big tits, and I wondered what it would

be like to tear open that blouse she wore and suck them, even if they probably sagged.

I went back to the story as the big black man was lifting up the petit Japanese girl, his dick sliding down her taught abs. I could almost feel that warm lump of manhood moving down me. As he started to kiss his ka├žak bahis Asian lover I felt my tongue slide over my own lips, realizing that they were parted. Shit I am horny, even if someone looks ups at this back corner I don’t think I could stop.

He was at her entrance, the head about to pump into her. She was begging for it, as desperate as I was. As he slammed into her, my fingers slid into my cunt and I began to fuck myself with the same rhythm as he fucked her in my head. In and out. In and out. The tempo was increasing as I moved towards orgasm. My thumb found my clit and circles it as best it could while the rest of my hand kept pumping. I clenched my other hand into a fist to keep from squeezing my breasts.

Shit shit shit, I thought with each thrust into myself. I had to finish, but I had to finish quickly, before anyone happened to see me working myself.

The characters in the story were declaring that they were going to cum, and I knew I was about to as well. My hand slid out of my pussy and started vigorously rubbing my clit. My juices flowed around my fingers and my breaths became faster and sharper as my muscles tensed and I began to quake slightly

Almost there.

I worked my self so fast my wrist felt strained, but I did not care, I could feel it building, the tension seeming to slow everything down. Then it released, like a rubber band snapping I felt the orgasm hit me. An explosion of pleasure washing over my whole body, it was more powerful than any orgasm I could remember since the first. I let out a

little “uuh” through clenched teeth, trying to conceal it, but I knew I twisted tensed for the few moments it had me in its grasp. When it left I felt my body go limp, taking a few moments to collect myself. I surveyed the room and did not notice anyone giving me any weird looks, and then I saw her, a girl a few rows in front of me, looking back at me grinning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
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