Mom’s New Addiction Pt. 04

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After bestially fucking my sister I got dressed and went downstairs to breakfast. I realized as soon as I got downstairs I saw that Kara and Mom were naked at the breakfast table.

Mom smiled at me, amused. “I figured after what you did to your sister in the bathroom you’d know by now that clothing in this household is optional.”

I smiled and undressed, my boner popping out obscenely as I sat at the table. Mom placed food on everyone’s plates and then ate so fast I hardly had a slice of bacon in my mouth before she was done.

“Okay,” Mom announced after she finished her meal, “now for what I’m really hungry for.” And with that, she slid under the table, and not a second later I felt as Mom sucked my cockhead into her mouth.

It was a weird sensation getting a blowjob while you were eating, but it was a feeling I felt I could get used to. Mom started moaning too and it was like I could feel her being touched on the other side of the table through her lips wrapped around my throbbing dick. I glanced up at Kara who gave me a devilish smirk and I knew that she was finger fucking Mom’s pussy on the other side of the table. God, this was so fucking hot.

I quickly finished eating, hardly even tasting my food as Mom continued to suck my dick under the table. Once I was done we changed position and Mom got on the now clear table and I fucked her on her back while Kara road on Mom’s face, I ended up depositing a huge load deep in Mommy’s cunt. Then we changed to the living room and Mom and Kara leaned on the coffee table with their asses up so I could switch back and forth between fucking both of them while we watched the morning news.

Mom wanted to straighten up the house after that so she put on an apron that didn’t even cover up her nipples properly and that was all as she ran the vacuum around. As she did this, Kara and I continued making love on the couch, Kara slowly grinding her pussy into my cock as we fucked. As Mom walked by with the vacuum, I grabbed her around her waist and made her sit on my face while I licked her pussy under her apron and the vacuuming was soon forgotten. We began fucking on the newly cleaned living room floor while Kara watched and masturbated from the couch.

We had a quick lunch, which led to a quick threesome fuck on the dining room table. Kara and Mom bent at the waist with their tits on the table and their hips out so that I could fuck them both from behind, switching between fucking Mom and Kara’s pussies and assholes as they screamed in orgasmic bliss. As I came they both spun around and got on their knees, both totally addicted to my cum as I splattered their faces in turn. My mother and sister staring up at me the whole time with their mouth opens and their tits in hands as I covered them in my white goo.

We all needed a shower after that which only led to a group threeway standing in the hot water. We had definitely thrown all sense of decency out the window and none of us cared. After that, we all took a break on the couch as Mom and Sis went gave me a duel blowjob while we watched Netflix, but that got Mom overly excited again and soon she was riding me and I couldn’t see the TV with Mom’s giant boobs in my face. Not that I cared at that point.

Mom, Kara, and I fucked took a break, fucked again, ate dinner, took another shower, where we fucked, and finally, Mom and Kara 69’d on Mom’s bed while I fucked one in the pussy or ass and then went around the bed to fuck the other until I came in both their mouths twice. It was a glorious day and I was certain it would continue like that tomorrow, but by that point, I had completely forgotten that Aunt Wendy was coming over…

I woke up to an empty bed but heard voices coming from downstairs. I got tuzla escort up, completely naked, and letting my boner leading the way. I walked down into the kitchen, only to walk right into Kara, Mom, and Aunt Wendy talking at the table.

Aunt Wendy did a double-take at my boner as I walked in the room, “What the fuck David?!” She practically shouted at me, “What the hell are you doing walking around naked with, with that sticking out?!” She gestured towards my hard cock as she said this.

“Don’t you dare talk to my son that way!” Mom shouted at her sister, “If you must know David has been helping his mother quit cigarettes and doing a great job of it I might add.”

Aunt Wendy was almost as hot as Mom, she had blonde hair and blue eyes and tits almost as big as my sisters so nowhere near as close as Mom’s humongous breasts. As I stood there, doing nothing to cover my nakedness, I began imagining what Aunt Wendy looked like in the throes of ecstasy and wondering if I was about to find out. True, I didn’t really like Aunt Wendy because of how she treated my mother, but she was still as hot as fuck and I would tap that in a heartbeat.

Also, as Mom scolded her, Aunt Wendy’s gaze was locked on my hard dick staring right back at her. I felt that she was suffering from the same cock-lust Mom had been for the last three days. “What do you mean, he’s been helping you, Danielle?” Wendy finally asked after another moment of staring at my cock and licking her lips as she fantasized about something.

Mom suddenly grabbed my dick, making her sister gasp, she started jerking me off hard and fast as I moaned out in surprised satisfaction, “The only thing,” Mom explained to a shocked Aunt Wendy as she continued jerking me off right in front of her, “that I like more than smoking is fucking. Something I had forgotten about since my husband left ten years ago. And David has been helping me-“

“By fucking you!” Aunt Wendy said totally mystified by what her sister was telling her, “But Dani! That’s incest!” She shouted. However, Wendy was still staring right at my dick as Mom jerked me off. Even as she was scolding her sister, Wendy couldn’t keep her eyes off my huge cock.

Mom smirked and stopped jerking me off to push my ass so that I took a step forward. This put my cock right in Aunt Wendy’s face. The tip of my dick was just barely touching her lips. Pre-cum leaked from my cockhead and dripped down onto Wendy’s luscious lips. She licked them, unconsciously, at the same time licking the tip of my cockhead. And then something inside her seemed to change, she looked up into my eyes with one of the sexiest looks imaginable and then opened her mouth and let me push my cock into her talented mouth.

Aunt Wendy almost immediately started deepthroating me. It felt so good I had to moan out, “Oh God! Aunt Wendy, you suck dick almost as good as Mom!” What a depraved thing to say and hearing myself say it turned me on even more. So much so that I then grabbed Aunt Wendy’s ears so I could start roughly fucking her face like a maniac, my only care was cumming at that point, partly because I had just woken up with massive morning wood.

“Wow,” Kara said, amused in the seat beside her aunt, “Aunt Wendy you can really take a cock down your throat. I wish I could get David’s cock that far in my mouth.” Aunt Wendy gave her a questioning look but couldn’t’ say anything as I roughly assaulted her throat with my dick. Kara giggled, “Haha, yes, Aunt Wendy, I’ve sucked David’s cock, and Mom’s pussy, and we’ve all fucked.”

“I want David to fuck you too,” Mom said with a devilish grin on her face as Aunt Wendy seemed to look from Mom to me to Kara in fright, all the while getting throat fucked my humongous dick. Mom continued, pendik escort “I think it will more than make up for all the years you’ve been a horrible sister to me. Thinking about it right now makes me want a cigarette so badly that I think I’m going to eat your pussy, Wendy, while my son fucks your mouth.”

Aunt Wendy seemed to moan a complaint around my cock but did nothing to stop either of us as Mom crawled under the table. In fact, when Mom started removing my aunt’s pants, Wendy wiggled back and forth to help her sister get her pants off, and then she moaned in complete pleasure as Mom started licking away at her cunt under the table.

Kara wanted to get in on the action so she came over and opened Wendy’s jacket and pushed her shirt and bra up so she could start playing with her nipples. She sucked on one and then the other as I roughly fucked our aunt’s face directly above her. My balls even slapped against her back a few times but my sexy sister didn’t seem to care.

After a while like that I could feel my balls starting to boil as I fucked Aunt Wendy’s mouth. But that’s when Kara said, “Why don’t you fuck Aunt Wendy’s tits David? That way you can give her a pearl necklace!” God, Kara could be a real slut sometimes.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth and immediately stuck it between her glorious globes. It was the first time Aunt Wendy was able to speak or raise complaints about anything because she had my cock in her mouth. But as I started fucking her tits as my sister held them together around my dick and Mom lapped away at her pussy under all three of us, Wendy cried out as she came on her sister’s mouth, “FUCKING CUM ALL OVER YOUR SLUTTY AUNT NEPHEW!”

I did as she commanded. It was my first orgasm of the day and I could tell right away it was going to be a huge one. I grabbed my cock as cum spewed forth and splatter all over her pretty face. I aimed downward, cumming on both tits and on her belly before finishing all over her pussy where Mom was still licking away soI came all over her face and mouth as well. It was a very hot scene of Aunt Wendy sticky with my sperm practically from head to foot.

“Holy shit,” Aunt Wendy said as she ran a hand through her cummy belly, “This is the most amount of cum I’ve ever seen at one time.” She said dreamily as she watched the strands of semen stretching out between her fingers.

Mom stopped eating Aunt Wendy’s cunt long enough to say, “Now, let’s clean her off so David can fuck her!” She said.

“Clean me, what do you-OH!” Aunt Wendy said, surprised as Mom and Kara started licking her whole body, eating all my sperm in the process. Several times they would come up after getting a mouthful and swap my cum with Aunt Wendy as they made out. Aunt Wendy moaned in pleasure, not doing anything to stop it despite her complaining and actually seeming to love making out with her niece and and sister. I guess Aunt Wendy is just as bisexual as my mother and sister are.

After that Mom and Kara picked up Aunt Wendy by her arm and leg on each side. They carried her over to the couch in the other room. I followed, my cock already rock hard again after watching such a depraved sight as Mom and Kara licked all over Auntie’s body. And as they gently placed Wendy on her back, she looked up at me in her beautiful blue eyes and said to me, “Please, nephew, fuck me. Fuck me with your huge cock!”

She moaned as I obliged her, lining up my bulbous cockhead and sinking right into Aunt Wendy’s sopping wet hole. “Oh fuck!” She said in total ecstasy, “this is the best thing I’ve ever felt in my life!” She then turned to Mom even though I was royally fucking her she spoke in a civil tone as if they were having a totally normal conversation, “My aydınlı escort God Danielle, your son is probably the best fuck in the whole fucking world. I can see why you use him as a sexual tool to help you get over your cigarette addiction.”

“Quite.” Mom said, matching her sister’s tone before bursting into laughter at how ridiculous it all was.

“I’d like to add,” My aunt put in as I totally fucked her pussy as if my life depended on it, “Ugh, oh, fuck yeah. Um, I mean, sorry. I’m sorry for being such a lousy sister all these years and coming over here to try to make you smoke cigarettes again, just to make up for my lousy, sexually frustrating life. But hopefully, you can forgive me enough that you’d let me keep using your son in this way?” I noticed that Aunt Wendy changed that into a question only by raising her voice right at the end, then remembered I didn’t care about semantics while I was balls deep in my stacked aunt.

“How’s this for an answer.” Mom said as she stripped out of the rest of her clothes and jumped up on Aunt Wendy’s face, immediately grinding her pussy all over my aunt’s face. Soon, Kara came up too and started sucking on my balls from behind as I fucked our aunt.

For the rest of the day, the four of us fucked in all the ways one could imagine one man and four women could make love. We fucked in the shower after I came all over my mom’s, aunt’s, and sister’s faces. Even though it was totally cramped and we ended up making love on the bathroom floor and didn’t really get much cleaner in any way. We fucked while we ate lunch, Mom shoving spoonfuls of food in my mouth as I switched between Aunt Wendy’s and Kara’s pussies, shoving my cock between then as all three of us ate. Then Mom ate…Aunt Wendy’s pussy while I fucked as she had already eaten lunch in hyper-speed as she had been doing all three days of quitting cigarettes. The rest of the day we fucked in every room of our small house. Aunt Wendy was as excited as Kara and Mom for this new family relationship we all had.

The rest of the day was a blur of sex and by the next, we all woke up in Mom’s bed. Apparently, I woke up last and Mom was fucking my cock without a care in the world while Kara and Aunt Wendy 69’d on the bed beside us. I grabbed Mom’s tits as they bounced above my face, and I started sucking on her nipples, only wanting to fuck more.

A week later, I started going back to school. It was weird, I had left with almost no sexual experience to one who was now having daily foursomes with three incredibly hot and sexy women. Of course, I was also having sex so much that it felt weird having to wait to fuck for 7 or 8 hours every weekday. I started texting Mom in the middle of school, she’d take her lunch break from work and drive over so we could fuck in her car in the parking lot. Sometimes she’d pick up Aunt Wendy along the way, who had sold her house and moved in with us without any fanfare as she was already there all the time anyway, and the three of us would fuck in mom’s backseat. However, one day while we were in the passions of our lovemaking, we got caught by the principal.

Principal Victoria Sanchez was one of the hottest women I’d ever seen in my life but there was some kind of stick up her ass about rules and regulations. However, when she saw how huge my cock was, along with the depraved and perverted nature of the incestuous scene before her, and something in her seemed to snap. She rushed the car and practically raped me as she ripped her clothes off and fucked my cock into her pussy while my aunt and Mom sucked her nipples and suddenly there was the fourth woman in my harem.

Now that Mom was completely addicted to sex, just as I was, she decided that me fucking my principal was one of the hottest things she’d ever done and wanted to corrupt all my other female teachers. Soon, Parent-Teacher conferences became some of my favorite days of the year…but that’s a story for another time.

THE END (for now…)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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