Missing Daddy

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Oh I miss daddy. I miss him with a passion. He is… I don’t anyway to describe it other than saying he’s my everything. He’s a king to my universe. I am sitting here in my Vickie’s thinking of his strong yet gentle hands cuddling me. Making me feel secure, loved, adored. He makes me literally feel like I am the only woman for him. I only want to serve him and help him in his endeavors, because he gives me everything I need and more. As I find myself stretched out across this bed I ponder ways to make his day better. I want my daddy, no I need my daddy. Let me call him.

Him: Hello

Me: Hey Baby

Him: How’s my baby girl doing?

Me: Not too good, I miss you

Him: MMM… what you miss?

Me: Everything

Him: Everything?

Me: Yes baby, everything

Him: Well damn, what can I do to make this better?

Me: I need you here

Him: Say no more

I knew what that meant. He’d be here as soon as he could, and that was more than good enough for me. I smiled at the thought him walking through the door. His broad masculine shoulders swaying back and forth. The bass in his voice as he calls me baby girl, the vibrations alone make me leak. Damn I’m biting my lip now. He does it for me. Ooh , and he said he was going to the barber to day. I hope he has that fresh line up. That takes his sexy to a whole different level for me. Fuck, now my nipples are hardening. I can smell his cologne in my memories. His always so vividly present in my mind. When he comes through the door I’m going to suck his dick. I’m talking push him up against the door, drop to my knees, push his pants down and get to work. My man bahis firmaları deserves it, and more over I want this. I want to fill my mouth him, much like my thoughts.

I tighten up a few things in lieu d of his arrival. He has no clue how he’s about to be pounced on soon as he comes through the door. Tiding up was the prelude to me getting in the shower. I had laid out a nice little black number to slip into afterwards. I made a bit of hast seeing as to how I pretty much knew he was on his way. I got out and dabbed dry and moisturized my silky tone. I have a few imperfections that I probably only pay attention to. I head to the bed to cover up in secrets. I slipped on the outfit and admired myself in the mirror for a sec. I liked how it hugged me and accented my figure, but it didn’t have that pop I wanted to give. I went back into my suit case to meddle through my stash. I found a royal blue and black set. I quickly changed into it, instantly I knew this was the one. Floating past the mirror in the closet, the sight of me turned me on. I paused to caress my sides and hips. I knew he would love nothing more to do the same, once he laid eyes upon me. I was his guilty not so guilty pleasure. I played right into his hands too. I heard his truck in the drive way and I felt my pussy clinch a little in anticipation. I headed toward the stairs to me him at the door. I hid behind the door, but then thought against it as I didn’t want to startle Bae. I went into the kitchen and pulled down a cup and plate. I moved to the sink and turned the water on just as the door was opening.

“Lady I’m…..” He stopped mid-sentence. I turned to him. His eyes intently kaçak iddaa studying my frame.

“Yes daddy, you’re home.” My tone was sultry, filled with seduction. I walked over slowly and met him at the foyer. I removed his bag from his clutches. I feel to my knees just how I envisioned and began undoing the belt buckle on his slacks. I could feel his dick rise to the occasion and I hadn’t even started to pull them down yet. I stood momentarily, and gazed up into his beautiful brown eyes and told him I loved him without saying a single syllable. His lineup was indeed fresh. I let my fingers trace his beard to his chin. I tilted his head up and kissed his neck gently and he grabbed my waist. I let my hands continue to travel back down his frame. His pants were half way down his thighs when I returned where I wanted to be, where I belonged. I pushed the down slightly further before I pushed him against the front door. I heard his breath exhale as hit the door with a solid thud. I didn’t bother pulling his boxer briefs down. I merely snaked his stiffness through the hole. My mouth was salivating, I let his thickness part my lips and I felt at ease. I loved pleasing my man, and he knew it.

“Damn baby” he murmured as warmth of my wet mouth drew him in. I could feel my pussy leaking and we hadn’t even got started good. My slow bob and tongue swirl were gradually picking up pace. His hands slapped the door behind him; that was all the encouragement I needed. I turned savage on the dick. I throated him repeatedly and reached up the leg of his underwear and grabbed his heavy balls. He absolutely loved how I massaged them while I slurped his dick head. kaçak bahis “Fuck baby I’m so close.” He didn’t have to tell me I could tell in the variations in his moans what time it was. I throated him twice more, causing legs to tremble. I knew he was in the bag now I was on my own quest. I was on the verge of my own orgasm. I’d get so into it and turned on, the feel of his dick in my mouth, coupled with his moans and grunts I’d follow his orgasm without even stroking her. As his trembling ceased mine began. I held his rod in my mouth moaning on it like a real life mic. My moans made him moan which only intensified my climax. Fuck I was his kryptonite and he mine.

Coming down I released his penis back into his possession. “Daddy, I really missed you.” I stood and he lifted me so I was eye level. I wrapped my legs around him and he looked down. “I can see” he said with a slight chuckle. My thighs we’re drenched. “But baby girl…. I’ve missed you too.” He raised me higher, I unlocked my legs and draped them over his shoulders. He licked up left thigh, opening the flood gates once more. He licked all the way to mound before teasingly passing over it and kidding down my right thigh. I grabbed his head and tried to pull him in, but his ass was too strong. So I threw that pussy at him and he caught it. Boy did he catch it. He worked my pussy like no man ever had. The way he worked me was like the paint brush strokes of a fine artist. He sucked my clit with the right amount of pressure, he made sure no part of my mound went unscathed. Oh, then he began tongue fucking me. I grabbed the back of his neck and head and fucked him right back. I came violently as places were now reversed and I was pressed against the door. “Damn daddy you missed me too huh?” I said through my heavy pants.

“Oh yes, I’ve missed you and I’ve only just begun to show you how much.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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