Miss Linda Ch. 02

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Hi. It’s me, Linda, againÔÇöthe sometimes horny second grade teacher. Remember the story I told you a few days ago about watching this really horny couple I met masturbate for each other and for me? I really shouldn’t have told you about that, and I need you to promise you won’t tell anyone else about it. After all we are all respectable citizens, and we don’t want people gossiping about how slutty we are, do we?

But, I do have to admit that I had a very sexy morning and afternoon with the Basconis (of course, that is not really their name). After I got home, I sat down at the computer and typed out the story and submitted it to one of those pornographic story sites. That just got me all hot and slutty again, so I watched some porn on the internet while I rammed this big dildo into my pussy. I got off two more times that day and once more the next day. By Monday morning I was ready to go back to being respectable and go to work.

I have run into Mrs. Basconi a couple of more times since then, and I can’t say we have ignored each other, but it has not been like greeting an old friend either. She just walked on by, while giving me this kind of subtle sly smile that said, “I know you and I know what you are really like.” While I looked very demure, I was really thinking about her big soft tits that were so conservatively hidden beneath her business suit.

I had been a really good girl for about three weeks when I got a call on a Thursday evening. It was Lynn Basconi.

“Richard and I were wondering if you could join us for a little dinner party Saturday evening?” she said. “I know it’s short notice, but we are sure you will enjoy it if you can make it.”

“Uh. . . sure,” I responded. I was a little surprised that they wanted to see me again, given their and my relative social status in the community, but the whole encounter had been so sexy that I just didn’t want to turn them down.

We are just having another couple over, and we thought you would enjoy meeting them.

“Okay, what should I wear?”

“Oh, something like you had on last time we got together would be fine. These gatherings are quite informal.”

I wanted to ask her if I needed to include underwear, but I didn’t have the courage.

Then she said, “I think you will find our friends have the same kind of dirty minds that we have.”

“Oh, then that sounds like a fun evening,” I responded. Feeling a bit brave, I said, “So underwear won’t really be required?”

She laughed and said, “Well, I really wasn’t planning on wearing any, but sometimes it is fun to have some on just so you can watch the others drool as you take it off.”

“I’ll think about it,” I responded.

“Yes, you really should do that. That will insure that you are nice and horny by the time you get here. I have cleared my calendar for tomorrow, so I won’t have to really do anything except sit around thinking about how sexy this party is going to be. I am going to tell my assistant that I am working on my budget, but I plan to spend a significant part of the day reading porn stories on my computer in the office.”

“Yum,” I said. “Are you going to look at nasty pictures too?”

“I might. Do you look at nasty pictures on the internet?”

“Of course. Doesn’t everyone?” I said with a laugh, “But I can’t do it at work.”

“Well, can you do it at home?”

“Sure, I am sitting in front of my computer right now.”

“Well, turn it on and go to our private site.” She gave me the URL and the access code.

“You mean now?” I asked.

“Sure,” she said. “Aren’t you horny enough to look at porn? I know I am. I got really turned on just thinking about having you join our party on Saturday.”

So I fired up the Mac and jumped to her site. I typed the access code and was let in. The first g├╝venilir canl─▒ bahis siteleri page was just an index of different kinds of pictures and videos on the site.

“What do you recommend?” I asked.

“Let’s look at the pictures of the couple at A57,” she said. “They always make me hot.”

“I clicked on the link and then begin to leaf through a series of very explicit pictures of a handsome couple seducing each other. It began with them sitting fully clothed and then they gradually disrobed each other. Then he stood nude in front of her with his hard dick sticking straight out. The next picture showed them as she reached out and stroked his dick. Then there was a series of shots of her sucking his dick.

“Did you get to the cock sucking pictures yet?”

“Ummm, yes. They’re really hot,” I responded. I didn’t tell her that I had pulled off my T-shirt and bra, and I was fondling my tits.

“Are you playing with yourself yet?” Lynn asked.

“Just my tits.”

“Well, I am not wearing anything, and I have two fingers in my sloppy wet cunt,” she responded.

“Oh, I better catch up,” I said, as I stripped off my shorts and panties. My cunt was already dripping wet.

“I wish you were here to lick my pussy,” Lynn said. “That would be so sexy.”

“Oh, I have never done that, but it sounds like fun. Would you do the same thing for me?”

“Umm. Yes. I would slip two fingers into your sloppy wet cunt and rotate them around and in and out while I used my tongue to tease your clit.”

The thought of Lynn finger fucking me while she licked my click was so fucking erotic. I had a perfect picture in my mind of myself slouched naked in a big soft chair, with my hips pushed towards the edge and my legs spread while Lynn’s head was between my legs eating me. My pussy started leaking it’s juices in response to the image.

I clicked forward a few more pictures and paused on a picture of the girl leaning on a table with her tits hanging down while the guy fucked her from behind.

“Look at picture 17,” I said. “Let’s cum while we look at that.”

“Okay, I am rubbing my clit now,” she responded. “That’ll make me cum.”

“Good. I am doing the same thing. I am so fucking close.” Sometimes I get to be a bit of a potty mouth when I get really close to cumming.

I leaned back in the chair with the phone under my chin and pulled on my nipples with one hand while I masturbated furiously with my other hand. Fuck, this felt good.

Conversation was pretty much gone. Now I was thinking about how good it would feel to be the girl in the picture leaning over the table with the guy’s big hard cock pumping in and out of her pussy.

I could hear Lynn whimpering at the other end of the line and I was groaning as I approached my climax. Suddenly I felt the climax rip through me, and I gave up on any effort at restraint with a cry that probably could be heard by Lynn without the phone. A moment later she did the same thing.

We were both quiet for a minute or so. Finally, she came back on the line and said, “Ummm. That was good. Richard’s going to be so jealous when I tell him.”

“Will he be mad because you had phone sex with me?”

Lynn laughed. “Hardly, he will be jealous of me because I had phone sex with you without involving him.”

“Oh good,” I said as I tried to stifle a yawn. “I need to go to bed now. Got to get up and teach the kiddies tomorrow.”

“Goodnight,” said Lynn. “We’re going to have fun Saturday night. Sleep tight.”

When Lynn hung up, I leaned back in the chair in the afterglow of my orgasm. The Basconi’s pornographic website was still up on my computer, but the phone sex had pretty much satisfied me, so I just clicked out of it and shut down my computer. I was pretty tired, g├╝venilir illegal bahis siteleri and I had to get up and go to the work in the morning. I flossed and brushed my teeth and fell into bed into the deep sleep of the sexually satiated.

The next morning, as I dressed in one of my conservative little outfits to go off and teach second graders, my mind wandered back to my conversation with Lynn Basconi. She and I had something in common. We both had day jobs that required that we totally suppress our sexuality, and we both were, underneath the front we presented, very sexual peopleÔÇöwell, maybe horny sluts would be a better term.

Most days I had little difficulty suppressing my fundamentally slutty nature. Today was going to be more of a challenge, because I was going to be thinking about the Basconi’s party. Lynn had already told me that she wasn’t really going to try. Instead, she was going to lock herself in her office after telling her secretary she didn’t want to be disturbed and then read porn on the internet. Well that wasn’t going to be an option for me. When you are looking after a room full of second graders, you have to be alert, awake and living in the momentÔÇöotherwise you will lose all control. “Not going to happen,” I thought as I drove to work.

I pretty much stuck to my commitmentÔÇöno daydreaming about sex all day, except lunch hour, of course. I took the sandwich I had brought to work and went across the street and sat in the park while I ate. If I had stayed in the teachers’ lounge, the rest of the staff would have wanted to chat. Mostly they whined about their problems with their students, their spouses, the school district administration, and on and on and on. The second graders were more interesting than some of them were.

However, when I was in the park, where I frequently ate lunch, I didn’t have to listen to them, so I replayed in my mind how much fun the Saturday when I met the Basconis had been. It was hard to decide which part of that day had been the most fun. Of course, masturbating myself to a climax while I watched them do the same thing had been pretty hot, but I think the part I liked the best was when I met them in the coffee shop and realized that Lynn was as naked as I was under her conservative clothes and that she also knew that I was naked beneath my cute little outfit. Given the size of the lump in Richard’s trousers, he must have known that Lynn and I were both naked beneath our clothes.

The more I thought about my afternoon with the Basconis the hornier I got. There was no one around, so I began to rub my tits through the blouse and bra I was wearing. God I was horny. I nibbled a bit at the sandwich I was eating, but I just couldn’t get my mind off how hot it had been watching Richard blast his cum all over Lynn’s tits.

I looked around and confirmed that I was alone in the park. Then I unbuttoned my blouse enough to allow me to put a hand under it and dip it inside my bra to massage my tits. I just kept replaying the picture of Richard’s big, hard, angry looking cock blasting cum all over Lynn’s big soft tits. Pretty soon I had enough buttons undone so I could get both hands in my blouse and bra pushed down so I could pull and pinch on both my nipples. Oh, fuck this was making me horny. I wanted to cum so bad.

I looked around again. Nope, I still had the park to myself. It was really scary, but I just had to get myself off. So keeping my legs under the park bench, I spread them apart and reached under my skirt. I was really afraid someone would come and see me, but I couldn’t resist pulling my skirt up over my hips and pulling my panties off. My legs were still under the park bench but now I was essentially naked from the waist down and my tits were hanging over my bra in the warm lunch hour air. g├╝venilir bahis ┼čirketleri

I looked around again and dropped one of my hands under the park bench. My pussy was so wet and slippery. Oh, fuck I was horny, but what if someone came? This was scary and sexy at the same time. I decided I better be quick so I began rapidly stroking my clit. It was so hard, just like a little rock. It only took me a minute to make myself cum and it was a really good one. I wanted to scream as my climax ripped through my body, but I held it back.

When the climax eased off, I leaned my head down on the park bench, panting for just a moment. Fortunately, I soon picked my head up and that’s when I saw himÔÇöMr. Johnson was walking right toward me. I quickly buttoned up my blouse (leaving my tits hanging over the front of my bra) and pushed by skirt down where it belonged. As I started to get up I realized my panties were lying on the park bench, so I grabbed them and stuffed them in my lunch sack. I would clean up when I got back to the ladies room in the school, but right now Mr. Johnson was headed right towards me and I had to look presentable.

As Mr. Johnson approached and said hello my mind, which was thoroughly in the gutter by now, dallied for a moment on the idea of giving him a blow job, but I quickly rejected that ideaÔÇömy mother always told me not to mix business and pleasure. I doubt if she had blow jobs for your boss in mind when she told me that, but it seemed like good advice in this situation, too. On the other hand, maybe that was exactly what she had in mind. Most of the time we have no idea what are parents are trying to tell us because we aren’t really listening.

I quickly gathered up my stuff and headed back to the school before Mr. Johnson could sit down to join me. As we passed I mumbled some excuse about having to get back early to put the finishing touches on the afternoon’s lesson plan. He smiled and did what he always doesÔÇöstared at my tits. As I walked away, I wondered if he could tell that my tits were still hanging free over the top of my bra. “I’ll bet he can tell.” I thought. “Ooh, I wonder if he will get himself off out here in the park thinking about my tits once I leave?” I briefly had an image in my mind of Mr. Johnson stroking a big hard cock as he sat on the park bench with his zipper open and a rope of cum shooting off of it and landing in the grass between his feet.

“Focus girl! Focus!” I told myself. “You have twenty-four hyperactive second graders who will be back from the cafeteria in twelve minutes.”

I got through the rest of the day without losing my focus any further (being responsible for a group of second graders will do that for you), and when they headed for the busses at 3:30, I quickly gathered up my things and headed for my car. I ran into the dirty old man on my way out and, for some perverse reason, I stopped to chat with him for a minute. My mind had reverted to sex as soon as the last kid went out the door, and I was actually enjoying the way he was leering at my chest. He wasn’t that hard to look at either, I decided. He was tall with broad shoulders and twinkling blue-grey eyes that were really sexyÔÇöwhen he could pull them away from staring at my tits and look directly at me. But, god, he had to be at least forty!

By the time I got home, I was seriously horny, but I remembered that I was due at my mother and stepfather’s home for dinner at 5:30, so it was back to being sexually suppressed Linda for the rest of the evening.

It was after midnight when I got home again, and I was beat. Suppressing as much natural horniness as I had after my phone call with Lynn Basconi was hard work! So I crawled into bed and slept like a rockÔÇöalthough I did have a dream about giving a blow job to Richard Basconi in the teacher’s lounge at lunch hour while the rest of the school’s staff watched. Actually, they were ignoring us and continuing to bitch about their miserable lives. That was really weird, considering that Richard and I were totally naked and really going at it right in front of them. Oh well, dreams are weird!

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