Miss Evans

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It’s a really nice day outside, I thought, as I gazed out of the third floor window, and here I am stuck at school. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I was in English.


“Yeah, Miss?” I turned back around to find my English teacher, Miss Evans, staring at me from her desk. She was 23, and had only been working at the school since the start of the year. I was 18 years old.

She wasn’t too tall, probably just over 5 foot, but she was so hot. She had a cute roundish face, wore glasses, and always had her long blonde hair in a ponytail. I guess it made her look even younger than she was.

“Have you finished reading chapter one already?”

“No, I..”

“Every lesson it’s the same thing,” She was getting up from her desk now and striding over towards me. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the odd person daring to turn their head in my direction. Miss Evans was beginning to go red in the face “And every lesson we end up having the same argument. I’ve had enough of it, Sam. I want you in here after school!”

“You’re giving me detention!?” She didn’t reply. She just bostanc─▒ escort bayan span round and walked back to her desk. Anger was bubbling up inside me. She was just picking on me, it was always the same. But as much as I hated her right then, I couldn’t help but stare at her arse as she walked away.

This usually ended up happening. No matter how pissed off I was at her, I seemed to end staring at her amazing body. My favourite were her breasts. They weren’t too big, probably B-cup. But somehow they made her seem perfect.

After another 3 hours of school, I made my way up to the third floor English room, and slowly entered. Miss Evans was sitting at her desk. It took a couple of seconds to register who it was, her hair wasn’t in it’s usual ponytail, but hanging freely. She got up and approached me.

“Glad you could finally make it,” she said, pointing at her watch.

“Sorry, Miss, I got held up by…”

“I don’t want to hear you’re excuse. If you’re not going to take this detention seriously then you can have one tomorrow too”

“What!?” My anger ├╝mraniye escort bubbled over this time. “Are you crazy? You know fucking full well I’ve done nothing wrong! This whole thing’s bullshit, I’m leaving.” As I turned around to get out of the room, she grabbed my arm and pulled me back around.

“How dare you talk to me like that!” Her eyes were wide and her breathing heavy. The next thing I knew her other hand slapped me across the face. I just stood there staring at her. What the hell was she playing at? She moved closer, our faces inches apart.

“I’m going to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget.” She threw her lips onto mine. They were so soft. Her tongue thrust itself into my mouth, and all the anger I had felt seconds ago was gone, replaced by lust.

She broke away, and stepped back. I was expecting her to tell me how big a mistake the kiss was, to tell me to leave; but she simply gave me a sexy grin, then removed her top and her bra.

I was now able to see the true beauty of her boobs. Her nipples were standing up. I reached out and pulled her back towards escort kartal me, kissing her for a second time. This time, she began taking my clothes off, then the rest of hers.

“Fuck me, Sam.” The tone of her voice was no longer commanding, but longing. I pushed her backwards, onto her desk. She grabbed my already hard cock and pulled it towards her pussy. The head of my dick was just touching her. She was so wet!

I couldn’t wait any longer, I needed to see how she felt. I pushed my cock inside her pussy. She was so tight.

“Oooh, Sam!” I began pumping in and out. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper, until her moans echoed around the room.

“I’m going to cum, Sam!” I had only just registered what she’d said, when I felt her pussy clamp down hard on my cock. Her body was shaking uncontrollably.

“I want you’re hot cum inside of me, Sam.” Her voice was shaky, her body still quivering. I couldn’t hold out any longer, and I pumped my cock in her for the last time, the feeling in my balls exploded. I could feel the cum shooting into her wet pussy over and over.

I pulled out and sat on the desk beside her.

“Fucking hell, Miss, that was amazing”

“Yes,” she replied, “but look at the mess you’ve made on my desk.” She pointed to the cum dripping out of her pussy. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to give you a weeks worth of detentions…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
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