Mini Fridge Fun

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You get home from the gym and call out to me that you are going to the shower, and you hear me mumble something back. You think nothing of it, assuming that there was something on TV.

Once you get upstairs you can smell the freesia candles burning. You glance into the bathroom and see it lit up with candles. You know I will be up shortly to join you, so you rip your cloths off and toss them into the bedroom and hop into the shower. You stand under the hot pulsating water. You are enjoying the feel of the hot water caressing your body, and you don’t even notice me coming into the shower, until that is you feel the head of my hard cock brush against your fine ass. You instinctively take a small step back and press your body against mine. I wrap my arms around you, just below your breasts, as I start to plant kisses on your neck and shoulders. I can taste the sweat on you from your work out. I’m driving you nuts as you know I’m avoiding that one spot that makes your knees buckle.

I flick my tongue across that spot on the back of your neck. As you moan I slide my hands in opposite directions. One goes up and caresses your breasts pinching your already hard nipples, and the other one slides down your stomach, across what little hair you have left, to a pussy that didn’t need the shower to get wet.

My finger is sucked into your pussy with no resistance and I lube it up with your juices. You bring one hand to the back of my head and grab my hair as my finger flicks your clit. You stop grinding against me so your free hand can reach back and start to stroke my already rock hard cock. We keep up this pace for a bit and all we hear is the water splashing and your moans. I can tell your orgasm is approaching. I leave your neck and suck on your ear.

I describe to you what is going to happen tonight and your body starts to spasm. I hold you tightly as you cum hard. When you settle you drop to your knees and start to lick the head of my cock. You taste some of that pre-cum that you love so much.

One hand is on my ass, pushing my cock deep into your throat. Your other hand is cupping my balls and pressing that soft spot. I can feel my cock swelling and the cum wanting to hit the back of your throat. I feel your finger press against my ass, but before you can fuck me and cause a flood of cum, I stop you.

“Remember baby, this is just the beginning”

I tell you to finish washing up, because I need to get something ready. Just the thought of that makes your pussy wetter. When you get into the bedroom you notice some old blankets on the bed. You don’t understand why, until you see the mini fridge. I take your towel and give you a long probing kiss that only lovers can do. When we break, you ask me what I have in mind for tonight.

“Well, we didn’t have supper so I thought we could catch up on it”

You laugh and ask me what is in the mini fridge. As you open it up, you bend from the waist, exposing you wet pussy. I hadn’t planned it but I couldn’t resist your pussy. I come up from behind and rub the head of my hard on between your moist lips. When the head trabzon escort is wet enough I slide deep into your cunt. You brace yourself on the fridge and push back. With my hands on your hips we get into a nice rhythm.

All that can be heard now is the sound of my cock slamming in and out of your wet pussy. We fuck hard for several minutes, and it feels too good to stop but I pull out of you non-the-less. You groan in disbelief, looking back over your shoulder. You notice my cock covered in your juices.

“Ahh I better clean you up”

And with that you spin around and start to lick the head of my cock. You just swirl your tongue around the head, and then in one swift motion you take me deep into your throat. You give a little moan that sends shivers through out my body. With your lips wrapped tightly around my shaft, you slide back up it, taking all your juices with you. With a pop you release me from your mouth and you stand up and dart your tongue into my mouth. You take a step back and as you slowly jerk me off you ask me what my intentions are.

“Well, I was thinking about 9 1/2 weeks and thought we could do a better fridge scene”

“Really now” was all you could think of to say.

“I thought we could take turns with the food, and I’ll go first.”

I have you lay down and I go straight for the strawberries.

“I want to do my own version of strawberries and cream.”

With that I get the basket of strawberries. I suck on one to get it a little wet, and you moan when you see me. You are on your back and I am beside you on my side, my mouth at nipple level. I circle your semi hard nipples, and watch as they get harder. I drag it down your body, over and in your belly button. I trace around the small patch of hair just above your moist slit. I graze the open lips of your pussy, and you let out a groan. You are already dripping from our earlier fun, so I have no problem easing the strawberry past your swollen lips. You let out a moan of pleasure and tell me that it feels like a rough tongue. I rub it over your clit a few times, twisting and turning it, and then I put it back into your dripping cunt and move it the same way. Once it is coated in your sweet nectar, I bring it up to my mouth, but you stop me and tell me that you want first taste.

I take it up to your mouth and tease you with it by gliding it over your beautiful lips. Your tongue darts out and has a quick taste of your juices on the strawberry. Another moan escapes your mouth as you open it and beckon the strawberry in with your tongue. You slowly bite into the strawberry, savouring the combined juices. You and I kiss after that and I can not get enough of the new taste that the juices make. Your pussy and the strawberry taste so good together that we each have three.

You roll off of the bed and head for the mini fridge. I lay on my side with my head propped up as I watch you bend from the waist and shake that sweet ass at me. I reach out and gently run my finger tips over your as and down to your pussy. I slowly stroke your outer lips. You push back and 2 fingers tunalı escort slip easily into your wet pussy. You continue to fuck my fingers as you look for something to use on me. I see a big grin form on your face as you find something to use on me. You have something in your hand as you quickly leave the room. You return a few minutes later with a peach cut into quarters and depitted. You have me lay spread-eagled, as you crawl between my legs you suck on one of the peaches. You bend over, our hard nipples brush against mine as you caress my lips with yours. I taste the peach as our tongues connect. You break the kiss and start to slide down my body. You have straddled one of my legs and I can feel the moisture of your pussy on my leg. As your mouth nears my nipples you run a peach over each. You suck the peach juice off savouring the taste.

You continue down my body until you reach the tip of my cock. Softly you lick the head. Circling your tongue around it. I have my hands on your head, your tongue licks up my pre cum, relishing it, and then very quickly you take me deep into your throat and slowly pull back, until just the head is in your mouth. You release my cock and grab two of the peaches. You sandwich my cock in the two halves and start to jerk me off using the peach. The softness of the peach is unbelievable, and I can feel my cum wanting out. I look down and see my cock leaking a lot of pre cum and notice it mingling with the peach juice. I can only take so much of it when I beg you to stop or I will cum. You just want to tease at this point so you just suck and lick the juices off. Once you have done that you lick your way back up my body. We kiss passionately as you lower your wet pussy onto my cock.

You break the kiss and as you slowly rock your hips you whisper in my ear.

” I know it is your turn, but can I make a request?”

You are nibbling on my ear as I stammer

” Yes anything you want.”

“Good, I want you to fuck me with a banana.”

I couldn’t believe my ears but you knew I would do anything to please you. I find a nice large firm one and bring it to you. I bend down and give your clit a few licks to make sure you are wet enough, I also give you a quick finger fuck with three fingers, collecting your sweet juices in my palm. Instead of licking my own fingers off or giving them to you to lick clean, I lube up the banana with it. I spread your swollen lips, and slowly slide the banana into your pussy. I make sure it is curved up as I push it in and you moan thanks as it hits your G-spot. The whole banana goes into your pussy.

You beg me to go faster and I do. As I fuck you hard I lean down and take one of your erect nipples in my mouth. I gently lick and suck it into my mouth, and you arch your back trying to get more of the banana in your hungry cunt, and more of your breast in my hungry mouth. I suck as much of your full breast into my mouth and then clamp down on it with my teeth. I’m not biting just putting pressure on your breast. I start to pull my mouth up your breast, dragging my teeth over tunceli escort your skin. As I bring my mouth closer to your nipple you start to buck your hips and start squealing. As I close my teeth on your nipple you scream out loud and you do something I have never seen from you. You pussy erupts and your juices start to squirt out of your pussy. My hand is soaked in your juices and you lay still, and spent. I lay down beside you still working the banana in and out of you. You slowly come back to earth and your hips start to go in rhythm with my hand. I kiss you on the neck and ask you if you are ok and if you want to continue. You turn your head and kiss me deep and hard as your answer.

I’m on my back and ask you what you would like to do now. You roll of the bed and get something from the fridge. You come back with a container of icing. You open it up and reach in with a finger and pull out a glob of chocolate icing. Instead of you using your finger to spread it on you stick your tongue out and put it on your tongue. Then you spread it all over my cock with your tongue. The feeling is intense. You coat my cock in the icing and mix it with our juices that are still on my cock. Once you have me coated in the icing you leave my cock and kiss and lick my balls. I’m twitching just waiting for you to clean my cock off. You come up my side and lick my nipple as you go. Our lips meet and your hand is milking my balls as we kiss. I love the taste of the chocolate in your mouth, and tell you so.

“Well then maybe I should get some more in my mouth then”

With that you quickly move back to my waiting cock. In one motion you take me to the back of your throat. Sucking the icing off as you allow me to fuck your mouth. I want to cum in your mouth but I’m having too much fun and stop you before it is too late.

“Please are you going to fuck me now?”

“Yes but not with what you want”

I get a watermelon popsicle from the freezer,

“This is the only way I’ll eat one of these.”

I break it in half and rub it against your clit.

“Oh God, that feels soooo fucking good.”

I slide it between your lips and then into your dripping pussy. I’m kissing you as I work the popsicle in and out of you. I leave your mouth and go down to your pussy and start eating you out, sucking on your clit as I continue to fuck you. I’m shaking with the urge to fuck you so I pull the popsicle out, giving it to you and watch as you deep throat it, as I tongue fuck you, tasting the watermelon mixed with your pussy.

I’ve had enough and pull your legs up and slip my warm cock in your still cold pussy. I’m slamming hard into you, losing myself. I’m getting closer to cumming deep in you when you beg me to fuck you from behind. Quickly you roll over as stick your sweet ass in the air. I hold your ass cheeks open and watch as my cock enters your pussy. You start to move back and match my motion, and I notice the wetness around your ass. I place my finger at your hole and slow push it in to your ass. You scream out in joy as I double fuck you. I feel your hand under you working your clit, and you start to scream as you cum again and that finally set me off as I slam one more time in you and groan as I cum in your dripping pussy. We are just spent and fall onto the bed in that position, I’m kissing the back of your neck as we fall asleep with smiles.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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