Mindy’s Massage Ch. 16: The Strange, and The Best

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The next morning, Mindy and Josh stayed in bed and made love one more time, before he had to get up and get going. It was the weekend, but he was on call for his computer company and had to go service a computer. Mindy watched him drive away then checked her email. There was one from a guy from the screening site she was on. He checked out ok, and was wanting to see her that day in just a couple of hours. She looked at the time and decided if he could put it off for an hour, she could get ready and see him. He was a new guy for her, and even though he checked out ok on the site, she decided to phone one of the girls who had given him a reference and see if she would answer. She was in luck. The girl answered, and Mindy asked about the guy.

The girl answered her, “Oh, he’s perfectly ok. You’ll be in and out in about fifteen minutes. You go to his office, and all he wants is a quick handjob then you pee all over him while he jacks off. Once he’s done, you’re out the door. Have fun, baby.” The girl hung up and left Mindy thinking. Did she really want to do that? She decided that if he wanted to pay her rate for fifteen minutes of a handjob and golden shower, who was she to deny him. She sent him a quick email saying she could do it if he responded and could put it off for an hour. Since she needed a bath anyway, she went ahead and got in the big garden tub, took a long slow bath, and then got out and dried off. She wrapped a towel around herself and went to check her email.

There was a message from him agreeing to meet her at the time she had offered. It also had instructions to get to his office and how to get in and find him. She sent one back she would see him when they had agreed, and finished getting ready. She didn’t dress up a lot, just shorts and tank top and slip on shoes, with her hair in a ponytail and very light makeup. She walked out to her car and got in, starting her drive to the client. It would take her about thirty minutes to get there. It always seemed to Mindy that as soon as she got in her car, her phone would start ringing. Sure enough, she wasn’t out of her complex before her phone rang.

It was Mario. She said hello and he was immediately talking a mile a minute and trying to get her to meet him. They talked for a while and Mindy finally agreed to meet him that evening, at a restaurant for dinner. She laughed at him as they talked, as he was always so full of energy and on “go.” She could tell he was hot to get her in bed again, and if she remembered right, it would be a good experience for her too. So she was playing a little hard to get, but had every intention of allowing him to have her again. She had just hung up with him, and the phone rang again. It was Frank. She was very glad to hear from him, and it was a big contrast after Mario and his energy, because Frank was so laid back and gentle with her.

He asked her how her weekend was going, and then asked if she had any time later. She thought for a minute and said that she could meet him, but it might not be a long meeting. He told her that he didn’t care, he just wanted to be with her again, he had missed her. So they talked until Mindy reached her location, and had to get off. She followed the instructions to get into the office and soon was in the inner office area with her client.

His name was John, he was very young compared to what Mindy had usually run into in the hobby, maybe late twenties. He was of average height, and pleasant to talk to, and he was fat. He was very heavy. She sat for a moment on his sofa and they talked, then he said he didn’t have a lot of time. She nodded and he asked if she needed the bathroom. She said she did and he showed her the bath off his office. He also told her not to pee while she was in there. The bath had a toilet and a basin and large shower. She looked around while she made sure she was fresh, and then walked back out into his office.

She began to undress, slipping her her top off, revealing her beautiful full breasts, then pushed her shorts and little g-string panties down and off, after she had stepped out of her shoes. Naked, she turned slowly so John could take her beauty in, and when she faced him, he was getting out of his clothes. Mindy watched as his fat came into view. There were rolls of it hanging off him and his upper thighs had rolls rubbing together between his legs and the backs of his arms. She smiled at him and said, ” What would you like to do today?”

John sat down in his big executive office chair and motioned for her to come over to him. She did, and soon was on her knees between his fat legs, using her mouth and hand on his short, thick cock. It was hard and throbbing and he was already gasping and out of breath. She probably spent about three minutes down on him, then he got up and led her into the bathroom. Since Mindy knew what was coming, she didn’t panic when he told her that he was going to lie down in the shower and he wanted her to pee all over him, including his face and mouth while he masturbated. She nodded and let him lie down, then straddled him, and bostanc─▒ escort bayan tried to relax enough to let her urine flow. It was hard but he was under her already beating off, and so she began to pee. At first it hit him on the crotch and he made very approving noises as the flow washed over his penis and hand that was rubbing it. She slowly walked up until she was over his head and her flow was hitting him all over the face and was splashing into his mouth. He started cumming, his hard dick exploding white cum all over his body and parts of the floor. Some of it hit Mindy on the leg and foot, and she finished peeing as he was done.

She stepped out of the shower and gave him room to get up, and while he was rinsing off, she took a washcloth and cleaned her leg and foot. They finished and walked back out into his office where she got dressed and he started dressing, then handed her an envelope full of money. She put in her shorts pocket and left him there, walking back out to her car and wondering whatever made that attractive to John.

She got into her car and started to drive to meet Frank. She reached in her pocket and got the envelope and counted seven hundred dollars. She smiled to herself and thought, that for that kind of money, she would pee on him every day. She tucked the money into her little pocket purse that was in her car’s center console and soon found herself at the hotel Frank had specified. She called him and got the room number and soon was naked, in his arms on the bed. They made love for a couple of hours, doing everything they could to make each other happy, and soon were tired and Mindy felt very good.

As they were getting dressed to leave, Mindy was thinking about John and his peculiar fetish. She couldn’t help but tell Frank about it. and while they laughed and talked about it, he was gazing lovingly at her. Finally, Mindy asked him, “What would make someone want to do that? I don’t understand.”

Frank smiled a patient smile at her and said, “Well, doll, we all like different things.”

That night, Mindy met Mario for dinner at the restaurant he had selected. They ate a good dinner and drank wine for about two hours, then Mario asked her to come to his place. Mindy agreed to follow him home and soon they were alone in his apartment, with good red wine and sitting on his sofa while soft, sexy music played in the background.

Mindy had on a miniskirt and a short silk top, that was cut low to entice him with her full breasts, and bared her midriff, showing her navel and most of her tummy from just under her breasts to a few inches below her navel. The skirt wasn’t much more than a wide belt and her top was very sexy and they both were having the exact effect she had hoped for. Mario was leaning into her, flirting with her, touching her with both hands when he could and his pants were tented in front like a one foot ruler was standing straight out from his body.

They started kissing deeply, their tongues playing inside their mouths as they made out. Clothes began to come off, and soon they were both naked, Mindy’s hot smooth, slender, shapely femaleness contrasted against Mario’s hard, muscular, angled male body, his large cock thrusting straight out from his crotch, his two swollen balls hanging beneath it, as he crawled over the top of her, laying her back on the sofa. Mindy allowed him to lay her down, and continued kissing him and caressing his maleness, the hard muscles, the wide shoulders and slim hips and his hardness, filling her hand and throbbing against her tender touch. She stroked him as she felt his fingers opening her sweet little cunny, pushing into her heat and wetness, sliding against the soft inner linings of her silken pussy.

Mario could feel the heat building in her as they writhed together on the sofa, him on top of her and pushing his body on to her as he became wilder and stronger in his desire to possess her completely.

Finally, Mindy broke the kiss, and asked if they could move to the bed where there was more room and more comfort. Mario gathered her in his arms and carried her to the bed, where he let her slide onto the fresh, soft sheets. Her whole body was aching for him as she reached up for him, her arms sliding over his skin and around his body to pull him down to her. They continued their passionate kisses and fondling until he slid down her beautiful body and began to kiss and lick her hot little slit and the tiny love button of her clit, that was hard and wet with passion and tingling as she responded to his oral ministrations. She arched her back and a memory flashed into her head about that night in the club, and how he turned her on licking, sucking and kissing her naked body in front of all those onlookers.

She felt her whole body shudder and quake as she felt her first orgasm creep into her. Her loins began to tingle first, then the rest of her body, as she exploded in the moment of climax, her pussy tightening and throbbing as she tensed and quivered through the sensations of ecstasy washing over her. ├╝mraniye escort Her hands were holding Mario’s head and her silken skinned thighs were clamped to his ears as his tongue worked on her tender clit. Finally, it got just too sensitive and she had to push him away, with him straining to keep licking her, and her arms straight out holding him away from her throbbing, sensitive little button.

Then they both relaxed, with Mario falling to the side and climbing up to lie beside her, laughing and kissing her. Mindy pushed him onto his back, and began kissing down his body, using her lips and tongue on him, sucking his nipples, which he liked a lot, moaning and gasping as she teased them. Then she slowly moved down his torso, kissing his stomach and sides, then all around his crotch, on his lower belly and the insides of this thighs before moving closer to his hard, throbbing cock, first kissing and sucking his full balls into her hot mouth, pulling at the skin covering them, and licking them all over. She spread his thighs open and reached down to kiss behind them, using her tongue along the lower crack of his ass, licking and teasing him, while he groaned in anticipation. Mindy worked her way back up to his balls licking over them, and onto the hard shaft of his penis, licking up slowly to the head, before engulfing it into her hot sucking mouth and lowering her head onto him, taking most of his big penis and sliding almost all the way down the shaft with her lips, taking him into the back of her throat. She couldn’t quite reach all the way to his body but went as far as she could, and Mario cried out in ecstasy as she slid her mouth down his cock.

She stroked up and down his shaft, using her tongue to tease as she went, and both hands teasing his balls, using her fingers to tickle and pull the loose skin on his scrotum, and jiggling his balls in the sack, while her mouth gave warm, wet, slick, soft sliding pleasure to his hard rod. It was pulsing in her mouth, throbbing and jerking as he made noises of pleasure and moved his hips as she sucked, thrusting upward into the heat of her oral caress. It wasn’t long before he was groaning steadily as his penis throbbed and began to spurt his white, hot cum into her throat. Mindy swallowed and her memory took her back to the club that night when he had done the same thing, filling her mouth with his cum and pushing his dick into her sucking mouth, while he emptied his balls into her face. Mindy sucked and allowed him to finish in her mouth, swallowing as she could, and letting him wind down, while still she licked the underside with her tongue and used her mouth to caress him, watching the expressions on his face go from pleasure so intense it was almost pain, to a slow winding down to a happy, satisfied feeling that all was perfect with the world. She finally slid off him, and his penis, which was partially deflated, hung heavy over his balls, still showing some signs of life.

Mindy slipped off the bed, and padded barefoot on the carpet, her nakedness letting Mario admire her going and coming as she went to the bathroom, and came back with a washcloth, wet with warm water, to clean Mario up. He obviously enjoyed her attentions and lay back smiling at her as she walked back to the bathroom to get rid of the cloth. She came back and crawled into bed beside him, cuddling with him as they rested for a few moments.

Mario was hugging her to him and complimenting her on the fabulous beauty and how hot and sexy she was, and how good a lover she was. He also told her that he was enjoying having her to himself this night instead of sharing her and letting the whole world watch in the club that night. She nodded, suddenly embarrassed that the night had ever happened. She didn’t attempt to explain just where she was emotionally that night, and didn’t really care what he thought of her for doing that.

It had happened and she couldn’t and wouldn’t want to take it back. She had enjoyed it and thought that she wouldn’t take it back if she could. She knew that most people didn’t share her free spirited and liberal ideas about sex, and she wondered how she had changed to that point when she had been so conservative before, but she thought that there was a lesson in it somewhere, that since the other way had been a terrible ending for her, she must have decided somewhere inside her to just have fun and take life as it came, and do the things she wanted.

Mario brought her back to the present when he began kissing her again, teasing her with his lips and tongue as his hands caressed her all over her hot body. He fondled her full, swollen breasts, caressed her small waist and flat tummy, her slender but sturdy thighs and then the smooth skin of her little mound, before he started stroking the lips of her pussy with his fingertips, causing her to begin to moisten again. Mindy responded to him, pushing her body against him and grinding her hips up to his hand as it caressed her little clit and his fingers began penetrating her open slit. She was very wet and hot inside as Mario escort kartal fingered her. Mindy could feel her body heating up again as she began to ache the familiar ache inside, that meant she was wanting more, ready for sex with this virile man. She wanted him inside her, filling her needy vagina with his hardness. She wanted his throbbing manhood, filling her with his seed, dumping into her, making her the receptacle for his white, hot, sticky fluid release.

She reached up to pull Mario down to kiss her again as he was above her, and she opened her thighs even wider as his hips settled between them, his hard cock poking into the area of her mound, touching all the area around and at her sweet slit and hot, wet pussy lips. Mindy reached to guide him, holding his thick shaft in just the right place at her pussy opening to let Mario push into her. Then, he was sliding his hard cock deep into her all in one quick motion, making Mindy gasp for her breath from the rush of excitement. Their two bodies lunged together, him sliding over her, his skin against hers, as he felt her full breasts pushing against his chest, her taut thighs squeezing his as he was thrusting into her heat.

He could feel the head of his hard penis bottoming out against her cervix as he fucked her, filling her with his cock every stroke, and thrilling to the sensations of her hot cunny as his cock slid out almost all the way, then back in, filling her and emptying her every stroke.

Mindy’s face was a mask of heated emotion as she was so fully excited by his body touching hers. She felt the sensations of sex like she always did, emptying her brain of conscious thought other than the singular desire to feel the thrill of orgasm run through her body like a runaway train, leaving her satiated for a while, and sexually exhausted for a time, but always eager to experience the sensations all over again. It was happening now for her; she was thrilled by his touch, his excitement fed hers and his sexual prowess was feeding her level of pleasure. Mario was exceptionally good. Mindy had remembered him as very exciting but she hadn’t been sure if it was him or just the outrageous situation she had been in with him and his friend that night in the club. She realized now that while the situation had certainly made it hot, Mario was a really good sex partner. He was gentle but demanding at the same time, and also very talented with his hands, his mouth and his big penis.

He had the ability to drive a woman wild, and Mindy figured for most women, he would be a sexual god. She knew for her, that he fulfilled all her wish list for a partner. And now he was making her tremble harder than she usually did, and the passions that she felt were stronger than usual for her. Her head was filled with feelings and her thoughts were nonexistent as she surrendered to his hard, demanding thrusting inside her, /She could feel her body responding to his quickened pace, and knew she was getting close to her peak.

Suddenly, Mario rolled over, carrying her with him so she was sitting on him, with him on his back on the bed, and his huge dick still buried up inside her, filling her. He moved Mindy with his hands, and she began to rise and fall on him, her body responding to him, like a fine instrument responding to the touch of a master. She rose, sliding his cock out of her, then slid back down his shaft, settling back onto him, feeling his balls press into her butt below where his hugeness entered her little cunny, stretching her opening and making her quiver with lust. She could feel every twitch, every movement of his cock inside her, she could feel his whole body trembling as his orgasm swelled inside him and she pulled it out of him with her tight pussy sliding up and down his hard shaft. As the sensations of her orgasm hit her, she could also feel him go completely stiff and lift his hips to thrust as deeply into her as he could get, and held himself there, as his dick swelled, throbbed and began to spurt huge quantities of his hot semen into her.

Mindy felt the sudden rush of fluid into her and then was completely awash in her own huge orgasm, stronger than any she could remember feeling, as her tight little cunny squeezed and pulsed around his hard rod inside, and her muscles screamed at her as the tensions in them were swept over with the sweet, pulsing sensations. Together they rode through it, gasping for air and tensed against one another, Mindy finally collapsing onto his chest, her full breasts crushed into his hard muscles, and her body coming down from the peak of ecstasy, as she lay on him, her pussy still filled with his now softening penis.

She slid off him to lie beside him, her head still on his chest, her thigh over his legs and crotch area, They rested for a while, their breathing returning slowly to normal and their hearts slowing, their muscles unwinding, as they rested. Then Mindy got up and went to the bathroom again to get the washcloth, and wet it with warm water, then came back to the bed to clean Mario’s cock and crotch area of the fluids of both of them, She walked back to the bath and cleaned herself, too, then returned to the bed to lie beside him again. They talked as they rested, then Mario got up to go get some water for each of them and they continued to talk, both still naked and fully relaxed.

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