Mike’s Night Pt. 01

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“You’re a piece of shit you know that? I honestly thought you were a good guy but you’re just another asshole. And just in case you didn’t get it through, we’re over.”

That text definitely made Mike mad. He’d been dating Carrie for about 3 months now but it took only one petty argument to end the relationship. “Shit” he thought, knowing it was partially his fault. Ah well. The night’s still young so he thought he’d do something risky.

Down the road from his house there’s a blacked-out street with tree cover to hide anything someone doesn’t want seen. Every night there’s girls working there since that street is mostly avoided. He wanted to try one out since he just got freshly dumped and the opportunity’s there, so why not.

He took his car to a local drive-thru first for a quick bite to eat. Small soda, fries and a cheeseburger was enough. Didn’t wanna screw on an empty stomach. Ten minutes later he was on that dark street, looking for his pickup tonight. He wasn’t too picky, since he himself was average looking and not too muscular. Eventually he found a girl he liked and pulled up.

“You workin’ tonight?”

“Depends on who’s asking.”

“I’m not a badge, just wanna have some fun.”

“What type of fun?”

“The illicit-good-massage-but-happy-ending-for-all-type-of-fun.”

That made her giggle.

“Well then, you’ve come to the right place.”

“What’s your price?”

“Depends on what you want sweetheart.”

Begrudgingly, he thought what he’d like done to him.

“What about some head?”

“That’s 100. 250 if you want to go somewhere more comfortable.”

“250? That’s not bad, but 100 is a good deal too.”

“Well, what’s it gonna be sugar?”

He thought if it was worth it, if he could just drink his breakup away and deal with the shitty hangover in the morning. Was it really worth it?

“Hop in.”

Guess it is.

She got in the car and with the light on got a better look at her. Slender but sexy body, black long hair, not a lot of makeup but plenty of eyeshadow, the black fishnet stockings that really emphasized the “sexy,” and a grey fur coat covered the rest of her.

“So, do I take you back to my place or…”

“There’s a motel a couple of blocks down. I know the owner so he’ll let us stay for free. Take us there.”


Nobody said anything on the short ride, just silence. He focused on the road while she looked out with her head resting on her hand. She didn’t look disinterested, but daydreaming. They pulled bahis firmalar─▒ up to the motel which looked pretty decent on the outside. There was one guy outside talking to a woman dressed similar to the woman in Mike’s car.

“Is that your guy?”

“Yes and don’t look too hard. He doesn’t like when people stare at him.”

“Well don’t you gotta talk to him?”

“No we’re good. Room 2N on the second floor.”

Mike and her left the car, walking alongside the building and passing the man they had seen while in the car. He watched the pair go down the walkway, up the stairs and into the room. A large but cheap carpet, basic queen bed, a door to which was most likely the bathroom, and a simple wooden dresser. The room was bare bones; not even a tv. After he shut the door, Mike gave his ‘friend’ an interrogative look.

“What was his problem? He was watching us like we stole something.”

“He was watching you because he hasn’t seen your face before and he doesn’t trust strangers until we say they’re clear.”


“He likes his money, but he does look out for us. Regular clients pay, we fuck ’em, then that’s it. Clients that we say are special and show us respect…we treat them like kings.”

“How so?”

“(Smiling) well you get a better room, can call us for a pickup, and even get a discount on certain occasions, but that’s only if you’re extra good to us… And in bed.”

“Nice…by the way, what your name?”

“Call me Sapphire.”

“Is that your real name?”

“Who cares and just so you know, you have 55 minutes left. The clock starts as soon as the door closes.”

“There’s a time limit?”

“Only kings get all the time in the world.”

“So what if I leave it open?”

“I leave, call security, and then you get thrown out on your ass for wasting everyone’s time.”


“54 minutes.”

As soon as she said that, Mike forcibly unbuckled his pants and took them off. He almost tripped over his underwear pulling them down and letting his dick free. His expression bewildered Sapph, then made her burst out in laughter.

“HA HA, you’re fucking crazy you know that?”

“Well at least one of us is enjoying this.”

“(Grinning) Come lay down with me so we can both have fun then.”

He didn’t need no encouragement after that. He sat down on the bed while Sapph took off her coat and sized him up, studying what she had to work with.

“Not bad, not bad…thick head, wide girth, even thicker balls. You want those ka├žak iddaa sucked too?”

He simply smiled and nodded.

“Alright then, let’s begin.”

She took her time at first, holding his dick and playing with the tip which made him twitch. It was bright red from her stimulation, standing to attention while her right hand played with his balls. He’d already started making soft squeaks as she kept touching and rubbing his shaft.

“Don’t cum too quick okay? That’s my tip for a job well done.”

She grasped him gently but firm, feeling the veins all over his dick while licking her lips. He meanwhile was trying to keep calm from her expert touch, trying not to cum and ruin the fun from a simple handjob. Her other hand went from his balls to her breasts, squeezing the generous mounds through her spaghetti strap top, leaving her nipples hard.

“Does my big strong man want me to nurse his big fat meat? I’m hungry and I want daddy to take care of it.”

“Keep… *pant* talking like that and I’ll feed you *pant* every drop.”

“But daddy, I want you to cum in my nasty slutty mouth. I’m a good girl aren’t I?”

She was stroking him the entire time, while squeezing her breasts to turn him on even more. She gave small licks, tasting the salty pre and sweat from all the exertion. Eventually he decided to take matters into his own hands.

He grabbed the back of her head, and slowly shoved her down his entire length, her ruby lips opening wider the more inches she took. She closed her eyes, and started bobbing her head up and down slowly, one hand gripping the base and the other on his knee. She didn’t change pace, just slowly working her lips and snaking her tongue out leaving tantalizing wet strokes polishing his pole while wet sucking sounds sounded throughout thanks to her greedy mouth.

He started breathing hard, precum forming at his tip but quickly being swallowed down her throat for sustenance. She made a ‘mmm’ sound while sucking, turning him on even more. Eventually she moved her mouth to his balls, making her sucking even louder while stroking him above her head. His balls were drenched in spit, matching his dick in slickness and shine.

The room had one small light in the ceiling, giving a dim glow on the couple below. Not that it mattered because neither of their eyes were open anyway. She kept chewing his nuts like candy, making her loud enough to anybody within earshot. Tongue swirling in a whirlpool motion, sometimes stealing a lick at his member, reminding it to stand tall ka├žak bahis for her.

“Ready daddy? Ready to cum for your nasty little slut? I want every drop daddy; I’ll swallow everything I promise!”

“Hurry the fuck up I’m gonna cum soon!”

That was all she needed to hear. With a smile, she went back to his cock and furiously sucked every inch, making ‘gwak gwak’ sounds with her mouth with mac and cheese sounds mixed in. One hand stroking along with her mouth, the other playing with his balls; it was too much to bear for him. He grabbed the sheets, curling his toes for his impending orgasm, tensing his whole body for what’s to come.

He held the back of her head with both hands, shoving her down to the hilt, making her eyes go wide with surprise, her hands on the insides of his thighs holding on for dear life, nails sinking in. She felt him pulse twice, then the first spurt of hot sticky cum blasted into her mouth painting everything roof, tongue, and walls all over white. The second and third spurts were even stronger, filling her up and forcing her to swallow or choke, and she showed no signs of quitting. She bit down on him slightly, to coax every drop she could from his body, the taste of cum making her become primal. Her throat was working overtime, trying to keep up with the large cum load forced down her gullet, gulping down batch after batch so it wouldn’t spill out.

A few more seconds later he started to calm down and let go of her head. She was dumbfounded at how much she just swallowed. ‘This boy cums like a fuckin’ firehose!’ was the only thought she had, not noticing she was still connected mouth to hilt, fresh with the taste of healthy cum. He flew back onto the bed, panting from it all; her still attached to him looking in bewilderment, keeping the now softening member still in her mouth.

“Jesus, you definitely know what you’re doing. Worth every penny.”

That woke her from her stupor, causing her to blink then slowly recede off his length, covered in a thick coat of saliva from root to tip. She hadn’t noticed her makeup run, making her look more arousing.

“You were something else. I didn’t expect you to cum THAT MUCH.”

“What can I say, I’m just a natural born stud.”

Smiling, he moved his arms behind his head while she got up and went to the bathroom. Soon after she came out, hands and face clean of spit and any trace of makeup from earlier. She looked pretty without any on. He was already buckling his pants and getting ready to leave.

“By the way, you were great yourself. I’m kinda happy I got dumped. Never would’ve found out how good you are.”

“Likewise. Tell the guy downstairs Sapphire said you could grab a snack and water on your way out. Don’t be a stranger.”

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