Midnight Movie Club Ch. 03

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Previously on “Midnight Movie Club” – Four college students cross paths at the beginning of their freshman year at Farragut College; military brat and film lover Julie Wyndham, laid back musician Cole Scales, modern-day flower child Eleanor Freeman, and kind and outgoing Alexander de’Armound.

The first Saturday night at college ends with the sharing of a dorm room for passionate sex between Cole and Eleanor, and Julie and Alexander. A get-together the next night to discuss matters leads to another round of vigorous lovemaking between the pairings before the first week of class begins.

As classes finish on Friday, a severe thunderstorm hits campus, causing Julie and Cole to seek shelter in her dorm room as the power goes out. The pouring rain provides the catalyst for the two freshmen to sleep together. Having drifted off to sleep at the storm continues to rage, neither of them is aware of Eleanor coming into the room and seeing them intertwined in Julie’s bed…


“This is our year!” Illuminated by the blue-white glow of the nearby lantern, the young woman looked like a vengeful spirit as she jabbed a finger in Alexander’s direction.

“I think being in the dark has affected your perception of reality.” Alexander crossed his arms over his chest, standing his emotional ground. As opposed to the young woman’s excitement, he was keeping his cool, despite his passion for this particular topic. “The Cup is coming to Seattle. The only thing the Timbers are taking home is that stupid chainsaw your mascot uses.”

The young woman leaned forward, looming like a gargoyle. Alexander gauged her height to be a shade more than six feet tall, although it was hard to tell as she was sitting across from him. “Who knocked who out of the playoffs last year? Oh, that’s right, we did.”

Alexander waved a dismissive hand. “You won on penalties. That’s like kissing your sister.”

“A win in a win,” she responded.

A proud smirk crossed Alexander’s face. “Oh, like how Seattle beat Portland three weeks ago?”

“Don’t you mean how Portland beat Seattle back in July? Oh, wait.” She tapped a finger against her chin. “Don’t you mean how Portland knocked Seattle out of the Open Cup back in June?”

He kept the cocky look on his face. “Let’s count,” Alexander answered back. He held his arm straight out, fingers extended from his hand. He curled each finger down one at a time as he talked. “Four US Open Cups, one Supporter’s Shield…” With one hand curled into a fist, Alexander lifted the index finger on his other hand. “…and one MLS Cup. The Timbers have, what, one MLS Cup?”

“Which we won in 2015. Before you won yours. But hey, follow the leader.” The young woman’s smile was almost predatory in the lantern’s light. “There’s no pity in Rose City.”

Alexander met her challenge, leaning forward on the love seat with a steely glare in his eyes. “Roll on Columbia, roll on.”

From a couch off to the side, a male voice said quietly, “I don’t even like soccer, but I could watch these two argue all day.”

Alexander stared at the young woman, who looked back without flinching, her eyes narrow. After a few moments, Alexander pulled back. “The Thorns are pretty good though,” he admitted with a casual shrug.

“Yeah, Reign FC isn’t too bad.” The young woman sat upright, a loose smile on her face.

“Who the hell are the Thorns and Reign FC,” asked the same male voice.

“Women’s soccer teams.” The young woman studied Alexander for a brief moment before standing up and moving around the table. “Susan,” she offered, extending a hand towards him. “Susan Woods, Timbers Army. Don’t call me Sue.”

“Alexander de’Armound, Emerald City Supporters.” Alexander managed not to wince as Susan gave him a firm handshake complete with a tight squeeze of his hand. “Please call me Alexander.”

“So,” a female sitting in a nearby loveseat called out, “you two going to kiss now?”

Susan let go of Alexander’s hand, smiling proudly as he rubbed his wrist. “Not my type,” she answered. “Alexander here doesn’t look like he knows how to use a chainsaw.”

“Probably for the best,” Alexander laughed. “I like having four limbs, all ten fingers, and one important male body part attached.”

His comment brought about a round of chuckles and a handful of groans from the dozen or so young men and women gathered in the dark lobby of McMaster Hall. With power disrupted from the storm that was blowing through the area, the only source of light came from the electric Coleman lantern provided by the dorm’s security guard. At the moment the guard was walking the building, checking in with the Resident Advisor on each floor to ensure everything was OK, leaving the students in the lobby to pass the time while waiting out the bad weather. The wind had died down and the booming thunder had quieted to dull rumbles. However, the heavy downpour that was in the process of turning the grassy square outside the dorm into a shallow pond offered proof that the storm still had teeth.

Alexander had been sitting bahis firmalar─▒ quietly in the lobby, watching the storm from the comfort of a loveseat, along with several of his dorm mates when the power went out. After a few seconds of darkness, an intense blue-white glow filled the lobby as Sherry placed a Coleman lantern, the kind used by hikers and campers, on the counter of the security desk. As the bright light from the lantern met the dull silver of the storm, Alexander settled back in his love seat. “So,” he said as he stretched his legs out, “who’s got some scary stories to tell in the dark?”

No one offered a campfire tale, but Alexander’s comment proved to be an icebreaker. While Sherry checked in with the Chief of Security, the small group of students began lightly chatting with one another. The lack of electricity proved to be a potent social lubricant. The polite conversation about the powerful storm gave way to talk about the first week of classes, before slowly morphing into a discussion about the first week of campus life of the students. Over the course of the next two hours, the composition of the group changed, some participants leaving to be replaced soon after by a passerby or curious onlooker, attracted by the Coleman lantern that Sherry had placed in the middle of the group before heading out on her rounds, flashlight in hand. The crowd would top out at a dozen people, a baker’s dozen for a few minutes at one point, and not everyone took part in the conversation. Some were content to just listen.

At the center was Alexander, but not as a speaker. The blackout was a great opportunity to get to know people while also learning about them, and the young man took full advantage. He kept quiet for the most part aside from offering comments or answering a question directed towards him. Instead, he facilitated the conversation, smoothly interjecting when a lull was evident and chaining topics together to keep the conversation flowing and civil.

Until a tall, muscular brunette sat down directly across from Alexander so that the lantern illuminated the fitted green cap she wore. As soon as he noticed the white woodman’s ax set atop a yellow symbol, Alexander couldn’t help himself. “Portland Timbers, huh?” The brunette nodded. “Well,” he shrugged. “Nobody’s perfect.”

The comment had immediately gotten the young woman’s attention. She studied Alexander for a brief moment before responding. “Ugh,” she said, drawing out the word, “don’t tell me I’m dealing with a Whitecaps supporter.”

The alluded association with Vancouver, the hated rival of both Portland and Seattle, immediately caused Alexander to sit up straight in his chair. “Sounders supporter, thank you very much.”

“God, that’s even worse.”

The resulting smack talk, despite the passion that underlined it, was all in good fun. “Next Saturday night,” Susan told Alexander as she settled back in her chair, “a bunch of us are getting together in the student union to watch Portland vs. Real Salt Lake. You’re more than welcome to join us, Alexander. I won’t even mind if you root for Salt Lake.”

“Are you kidding me? There’s one personal rule I’ll never break, and that’s never date inside your conference, let alone cheer inside of it.”

Susan laughed quietly at Alexander’s comment. “Good luck finding a Toronto FC supporter on campus.”

“Whoa.” Alexander put his hands over his mouth as he burst out in laughter. “That’s just cold, Susan.”

“I don’t want to be rude,” a young man said from the edge of the circle, “but can we move on from the soccer talk? It’s like a foreign language to me.”

“Sorry, sorry.” Susan gestured towards the young man in apology. “Alexander here hit a button. So, anyone else here from Oregon?” As the conversation switched gears, Alexander’s phone vibrated in his pocket. He pulled it out to see a text message waiting for him.

It’s Eleanor. I’m bored. Mind if I come hang out?

Sure, he responded. It’s just me though. I don’t know where Cole is.

That’s fine. You’ll do in a pinch. Eleanor’s comment was followed by a winking emoji.

I’m in the lobby. Let me know when you’re on your way. Be careful with the rain.

Thanks. On my way now.

During a momentary pause in dialogue, Alexander got to his feet, his legs protesting after sitting for nearly two hours. “Pardon me for a moment,” he told the group. “A friend of mine is coming over to hang out and I don’t want to leave her in this rain for a moment longer than necessary.”

“Her?” Susan rested her elbow on the armrest of the couch. “Friend of yours, or a ‘friend’ of yours?”

“A friend,” Alexander said with a smile. “No quotation marks involved or implied.” With that, he headed towards the front doors of McMaster Hall. The light from the Coleman was little more than a faint brushstroke of blue against the remainder of the lobby as any source of illumination, be it electrical or natural, was swallowed up by the storm. Through the windows Alexander could see the clouds moving to the south however, heralding the ka├žak iddaa oncoming end of the foul weather even as it attempted to maintain its fury.

Across the square, Samuelson Hall was obscured by the pouring rain. Alexander didn’t notice the figure running towards his dorm until they were passing the statue of Admiral David Farragut in the center of the commons. It wasn’t until they were climbing the front steps that Alexander recognized Eleanor, soaking wet from the downpour, a backpack slung over one shoulder. He immediately opened the doors for her. The quiet conversation of the nearby students was replaced by the rapid sound of raindrops hitting the ground. “Come on in,” he urged, waving her inside. “Why don’t you have an umbrella?”

“I forgot to pack mine from home,” Eleanor groused as Alexander closed the door behind her, “along with my freaking poncho.” Her dirty blonde hair was pressed flat against her scalp, weighed down by the rain. The sundress she wore, a pale green number covered with small pink flowers, clung to her body. Water dripped from the hem, soaking in the textured rubber mat. “I threw some spare clothes in here,” she said, tugging on the strap of her backpack. “Can I change in your room?”

“Of course.” Alexander gestured towards the back of the lobby. “My room is one flight up. Come on.” With a friendly wave of au revoir to his fellow students, he led Eleanor towards the stairs.

After several steps Eleanor reached out to take his arm. “One sec,” she told him. “Wet sandals on a tile floor. Not a good combination.” Using Alexander for balance Eleanor stepped out of her sandals and placed them in his offered hand. She kept hold of his arm as they resumed their trip across the lobby towards the door leading to the second floor of McMaster Hall.

The emergency lighting in the stairwell painted the narrow space with an eerie orange glow. Thoughts of the horror movie Alexander had watched with Julie pushed their way into his head as they climbed the steps. The fact that the second-floor hallway was also flooded with the same muted radiance did little to soothe what Alexander knew was an irrational discomfort. Still, it was a relief that Alexander and Cole’s dorm room was located almost directly across from the exit to the stairwell. “Nice location,” Eleanor stated as Alexander unlocked his door.

“It is,” Alexander agreed. “I haven’t taken the elevator since moving day” He swung open the door and motioned for Eleanor to step inside. “After you. To warn you, it’s a bit cluttered. Saturday is when Cole and I take the time to clean.”

“Yeeeeeeeeeah,” Eleanor said as she walked in, “you don’t have to worry about me judging you guys. The darkness is doing a great job of covering up the mess.”

Alexander peeked over Eleanor’s shoulder as he followed her. “I find myself in utter agreement with you,” he said as he closed the door behind him. The curtains on both windows were drawn, cutting off even the meager light spilling in from the storm outside. The dorm room was a collection of outlines of furniture edged with threads of black and the palest white. “Would you like me to turn on my cell phone light,” he asked.

“Nah. This won’t be the first time I changed clothes in the dark. Which side of the room is yours?”

“The left side. What would be your side in your room.”

Eleanor dipped her shoulder to allow the backpack to slide down her arm onto the bed. “So you have no idea where Cole is?”

“Not a clue.” Alexander shrugged. “He said he was going to the library to listen to music for the History of Jazz class he’s so…well, jazzed for. Any clue on your roommate’s whereabouts?”

“She’s somewhere around,” Eleanor answered. “Anyway, I’m bored. Wanna fuck?”


Eleanor’s smirk was lost in the dark as she could practically hear Alexander’s brain freeze up at her question. “I’m…sorry? What did you just ask me?”

Her response was to reach down and pull the bottom of her doused sundress away from her thighs. A wet squelching noise accompanied the motion as Eleanor peeled the clothing from her body. The fabric tugged at her skin like Saran Wrap as she dragged it over her head. The warm stuffy air of a dorm room without air conditioning reacted with the residual water of the storm on Eleanor’s skin, providing her with a pleasant external tingle that coordinated with the internal one that had built between her legs in the past half hour “I asked,” she said, dropping the sundress to the floor with a wet thud, “wanna fuck?”

This time Alexander made a clearly audible noise. A sharp gasp came from the young man as he realized that Eleanor had been nude underneath her sundress. She stood before him, completely naked. One hand rested on her hip as it was cocked to the side. “I…um…yes. Yes, I do. As often as possible.”


“Wait, are you offering?”

Eleanor’s reaction was a genuine facepalm. She pinched the bridge of her nose as a slight headache began to form. “Yes,” she sighed. “I am offering to both fuck you and let you fuck me.”

“Oh. ka├žak bahis OK…sure. Sure.”

“Your lack of enthusiasm is actually making my vagina drier, Alexander.”

“Sorry! I’m sorry.” Eleanor’s eyes had adjusted to the darkness enough to allow her to see Alexander’s shoulders slump. “Your question caught me off guard,” he explained, “that’s all. I honestly expected to just hang out with you until the power came back on. This…” He made a rolling motion with his hands. “…I needed a second to mentally switch gears.” Alexander rolled his shoulders back before squaring up with Eleanor. “Would you mind asking me again?”

Eleanor couldn’t help but laugh at the sincerity of Alexander’s request. “Sure,” she chuckled. “Wanna fuck?”


Eleanor nodded at Alexander’s confirmation. The sultry confidence in her body language gradually morphed into confusion as Alexander remained in place, looking her in the eyes instead of at her naked body. “What are you waiting for,” she inquired after a moment.

“I’m waiting on you,” he answered with uncertainty. “Are you waiting on me?”

For a brief moment, Eleanor debated peeling her inundated sundress from the carpet and heading back to her dorm. Instead, she gave Alexander a simple nod. After answering with one of his own, he stepped forward hesitantly. Eleanor put her hands on her hips once again, reassuming her alluring posture. She waited patiently as Alexander now stood before her. His entire body trembled, hopefully with anticipation. Now Alexander’s eyes took in her nude form. Eleanor smiled as the young man nervously licked his lips…

…and reached out to touch her boobs.

The word ‘boobs’ seemed appropriate considering the cautious nature Alexander displayed as he ran his finger over, along, and under her firm mounds. Flashbacks to eighth grade and Marcus Taylor’s clumsy hands in the loft of her family’s barn rolled through Eleanor’s head at Alexander’s touch. Even the brush of his fingers against Eleanor’s nipples failed to provide any hint of a spark.

With an annoyed grumble, Eleanor reached up and grabbed hold of Alexander’s wrists, pulling them away from her chest. “I know you’re not a virgin,” she groused. “I’ve watched you and Julie bang.” Even in the deep gray of the lightless dorm room, the look on her friend’s face immediately brought to mind the image of a wounded puppy. “Oh my…come here.” She took Alexander’s hands in hers, letting them fall in between their bodies. Idly swinging their hands back and forth, Eleanor smiled at him reassuringly. “Honest question. Am I coming on too strong?”

“Kinda,” Alexander answered. “It’s that you’re coming on at all,” he said as Eleanor gave him a puzzled look. “It was never the girls who initiated physical relations with me in four years of high school. Now I haven’t even finished my first week of college and two incredibly alluring young women have propositioned me.” He nodded to the downpour outside before inclining his head towards Eleanor’s naked body. “Half of me is afraid this is some beautiful dream and I’m going to wake up any minute.”

“And the other half?”

“The other half is worried about not performing up to your expected standards and messing up our friendship.”

Alexander’s skin was warm as Eleanor reached up to gently place her hand against his cheek. “You’re sweet,” she said honestly. “And you’re way too zeroed in on keeping people happy when you should be focused on making people happy.” One finger gently tapped against his chest. “Or, you know, making yourself happy. And fucking me would make both you happy and me happy.”

“This is true.” With a firm squeeze of Eleanor’s hand, Alexander took a step backward. “If you wouldn’t mind, could you offer your proposition one final time?”

“Final time,” Eleanor stated, holding up a finger for emphasis. “Say ‘no’ and I’m going down to the lobby and finding someone who will say ‘yes.’ Boy or girl.” Alexander grinned at her joke. His amusement caused Eleanor relief as she once again cocked her hip, put a hand against her body, and pressed her lips together. “So,” she said, her voice low and sultry, “wanna fuck…”

No sooner had the hard ‘k’ left Eleanor’s mouth when Alexander yanked his t-shirt over his head. Eleanor blinked in surprise as even with the t-shirt drifting through the air the young man was shoving his cargo pants and boxers down his legs while kicking off his sandals at the same time. In a matter of seconds, Alexander was stark naked in front of an equally nude Eleanor, panting slightly from the sudden burst of energy. Threads of pale gray highlighted the eagerness on his face as he met Eleanor’s stare.

“Well,” she teased, “I’m waiting.”

He blinked at her comment. “This isn’t answer enough?” One hand gestured towards his groin. His erect penis jutted out from between his legs.

“I want to hear you say it.” Eleanor closed the distance between them, reaching out and taking his cock in one hand. Alexander’s hiss was mixed with a full-body shiver as she slowly stroked him. It was smaller than Cole’s in both length and girth, with more of a curve to the shaft, however the fact that it was as hard as diamond between her fingers was a fair trade. “Just to ensure there’s…”

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