Michael Ch. 04

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This story already has three chapters. However, if you don’t want to read the other parts, I give a brief summary at the beginning of each chapter. This should mean that you have all background information necessary to read each chapter separately. So far, Louisa has met Michael on holiday in Spain and has begun a highly-charged sexual relationship with him. Events described in the first three chapters include straightforward sex with Michael alone, threesome activity with Michael’s friend Rob where they find out Louisa is a squirter (this includes some exhibitionist action in which a police officer watches) and more threesome sex as Louisa is double penetrated by two strange cops.


I had been home for about ten days when the text came. Ten days without sex – it was becoming increasingly difficult to concentrate. I was beginning to contemplate signing up for a dating site specifying “casual sex”. Obviously I’d been pleasing myself as it were and my orgasms were still coming thick and fast but solo action only goes so far. I was longing to feel a thick, hard cock inside me again.

It was a Saturday so I was not at work and able to read the text as soon as it came. Short and to the point.

“Landed Manchester ten minutes ago. Need to fuck you. Get there soon as I can, Michael”

I nearly came just reading it. If Michael had landed in Manchester ten minutes ago, once he’d got through check-in and collected his bags, he’d be only about 15 minutes away. I lived in Wilmslow – an upmarket suburb of Cheshire not far at all from the airport. I couldn’t wait; my pussy was throbbing in anticipation. Shit Michael. Hurry up. I nearly pulled my skirt up and fingered myself right there but I managed to control myself.

The next forty minutes or so dragged interminably. My mind played the events of Spain on a constant loop while my hot twat got wetter and wetter. The night after Michael and I had first met (when we (and others) had engaged in such debauched activity), we had been together, indulging in simple one-on-one sex – fingering, sucking and fucking. No others and, to my slight disappointment, no anal. I’d still managed to achieve multiple orgasms though and it was still a fabulous night. Different but fabulous.

In my mind’s eye I was just feeling two strange cops ejaculating over me as I sprayed my own cum all over the bed when the doorbell rang. I jumped almost guiltily, feeling the wetness between my legs as I did so. With slight difficulty I moved to the door and opened it. Fuck, I thought, it had better not be the postman or something. It wasn’t. Standing there, looking sexier than ever was Michael. Before I could do anything, he stepped over the threshold and brought his mouth down savagely on mine. We kissed frantically for a couple of minutes which did nothing for the cleanliness of my knickers, before breaking apart and looking at each other, panting.

“I’ve really missed you,” Michael stated looking into my eyes. “You can’t imagine how much.”

“I think I can,” I argued and took his hand, guiding it up my skirt to my already soaking wet knickers. “That’s how I got waiting for you to get here.”

Michael gave his familiar throaty chuckle as his fingers brushed the cotton of my knickers and came away wet. “You’re desperate for a fuck then.” It wasn’t a question. “Not seen any action since we parted?”

“No,” I replied. “I take it that means you have.”

“Uh-uh,” Michael shook his head. “Mr hand is the only attention my dick’s had since you left. It’s been fucking agony. I’ve been jerking off about five times a day. My wrist is killing me.”

I giggled. “I know what you mean. I’ve invested in so many devices since I got home. It’s costing me a fortune.”

“Devices?” Michael raised his eyebrows.

“New vibe. Bigger. Clit stim.” I paused. “Butt plug.”

Michael smiled wickedly. “You bought a butt plug?” he asked.

“Yep,” I stated without shame. “I need to give my arse a workout. You woke it up and now it won’t stop pestering me.”

We both laughed then became serious.

“Okay, enough small talk. I have to fuck you. Immediately.”

“You’ve just come off an airplane flight,” I said in mock protestation. “Don’t you need to freshen up?”

“Good idea,” Michael replied. “We’ll fuck in the shower. Where is it?”

I led Michael bursa escort across the hall. He looked at me questioningly. “Not upstairs?”

“No,” I said. “There is a bathroom upstairs but there’s a wet room down here. I thought it’d be more practical.”

“I like your style,” Michael smiled following to the door.

I opened the door of the downstairs wet room. It had been something of an extravagance of mine a year or so back but boy, I was glad I’d had it installed now.

“I’m guessing we should undress in the hall,” Michael suggested.

“No need,” I answered, showing him the little room off the wet room that contained towels and a linen basket. “Just kick your shoes off. We can just throw our clothes in there. I certainly can’t go out in this outfit again. My knickers are soaked and it’s gone through to my skirt.”

We took off our shoes and entered the wet room. I wasn’t sure whether to take the initiative but Michael pre-empted me.

“Undo my pants,” he ordered. “I want you to undress me. And I’ll return the favour.”

I hastened to obey him, pulling down his zip and pushing his trousers over his narrow, muscular hips. They fell to the floor and Michael kicked them to one side as he pulled my top over my head.

“Fucking shit,” he muttered as he looked down at my chest. “I’d forgotten what a knockout those were. Oh yeah. Things just keep getting better.”

I pulled Michael’s top over his head too, leaving him standing in just a pair of boxer shorts that were straining to control his impressive erection. Michael, in turn, unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor, then dropped down to slide my wet knickers over my hips and thighs and down my legs, pausing to flick my clit with his tongue as he did so. I gasped and twitched, pushing my vulva into his face. He gazed up at me.

“Shit,” he breathed. “Did you just come?”

“Briefly I think,” I replied. I grinned down at him. “I did tell you I’d missed you.”

“You’re so fucking hot,” Michael uttered. “I knew it from the second I laid eyes on you. And you had no idea. I can’t believe you had no idea.”

I stepped out of my knickers as Michael stood back up. He put his hands to the clasp of my bra.

“Not yet,” I stopped him. “Me first.”

I too dropped to my knees as I pulled Michael’s boxers down. He stepped out of them and nudged them aside putting a finger under my chin to draw me back up. I stopped him again.

“Wait,” I urged. “I’m not finished.”

I stared at Michael’s cock, erect, beautiful. Those women who say that a man’s penis isn’t attractive haven’t met the right man. Michael’s dick was about the most fantastic thing I’d ever seen. I moved my face towards it and parted my lips.

Michael realised what I was going to do. “You don’t have to,” he whispered.

“I want to,” I said firmly. “Trust me. I’m quite good at this.”

I flicked my tongue around the end of Michael’s penis causing him to moan. Then I slowly inserted it into my mouth inch by inch, continuing to swirl my tongue round the shaft as I did so. My mouth isn’t particularly big but I don’t have much of a gag reflex so a can get quite a lot down my throat. I’m also blessed with an abnormally long tongue! With a little effort, I managed to slide the whole of Michael’s eight inches into my mouth.

“Fuck,” he groaned. “Don’t stop baby. Keep doing that. That feels fucking amazing.”

I didn’t stop. I sucked. Still moving my tongue, I sucked on his gorgeous dick as though it was my favourite ice lolly. I moved my head back and forth, sliding it in and out of my mouth, flicking around the surface as I did so. Michael continued to groan, pushing his groin towards me, urging me on. I concentrated on sucking the shaft, occasionally flicking the end but really sucking on that column of flesh as I slid it in and out, in and out.

“Oh my God babe,” Michael cried out. “Here I come. You better be ready.”

I was. Michael pumped his cum into my waiting mouth and was I ready to receive it. Stream after stream went down my throat as I swallowed it all eagerly. There was so much that some spilled out down my chin but I didn’t care. I carried on gulping his sweet man juice as he continued to unload his climax into my mouth. Eventually he was done and I slid his semi-soft penis out of my mouth and gazed bursa escort bayan up at him. He smiled down at me, shaking his head.

“Where’d you learn to do that?” he asked. “I’ve never had a woman suck me off like that before. I can’t describe how good it was. And you swallowed my cum. Shit baby, just when I think you can’t get any more perfect…”

He put his hand under my chin and drew me upright.

“Kiss me babe,” he whispered. “Let me taste my own cum.”

We kissed. Our tongues merged and probed each other’s mouths as the kiss deepened. I moaned as I was kissing him as I felt the passion rise within me. I knew this wasn’t just lust. Sure, I wanted him like fucking crazy. I was pretty much addicted to him physically but I also knew I was in love with him. I wondered whether that should scare me. I soon got my answer.

“I love you baby,” Michael whispered as we broke the kiss. “I have since the first evening but now it’s a done deal. I am totally in love with you sweetheart.”

“I feel the same,” I whispered back. “I’m in love with you too.”

In the midst of these declarations, I noticed he was hard again. “Fuck me,” I said urgently nudging his erect penis with my hip. “Put your dick inside me.”

“Hang on a second,” Michael murmured. He picked up our discarded garments, chucked them in my linen basket then turned on the shower. “That’s better.” He slid down the wall of the wet room pulling me with him, facing him so that I was basically sitting on his thighs with his cock deep inside me. I groaned with delight as I felt him fill me. I was vaguely aware that he wasn’t wearing a condom but it didn’t concern me. Perhaps it should have but it didn’t. By now I trusted him. I didn’t think he had any diseases and I knew I wasn’t going to get pregnant. I’d sorted that out with the family planning clinic the day after I arrived home.

I wrapped my legs around Michael’s waist as he moved away from the wall slightly. I began to rock on his penis only to feel his hands on my hips indicating that I should stop. “Don’t move yet,” he urged me. “Let me do this.” I followed his instructions, letting him take control. It was at this point that I suddenly realised I was still wearing my bra. It said something for our arousal that neither of us had noticed that my tits were still covered.

“Crap,” I muttered, “I’ve still got my fucking bra on.”

Michael laughed. “Well get the frigging thing off. Get those fantastic tits out girl. I need to see them.”

I put my hands behind my back and as quickly as I could, I unclasped my soaking bra and threw it away from me. My heavy breasts swung forwards as they were released and Michael dipped his head to suck at them. I was still just sitting on his cock as he mouthed and sucked at my tits, enjoying the new sensations as the feeling of Michael’s mouth on my nipples and breasts connected with the feeling of his penis in my vagina. After a minute or so of nuzzling at my tits with his mouth, Michael got back to the main event. He began to lift me on and off his cock. I felt him sliding in and out of me without having to do anything myself. Fuck it was good but it wasn’t enough.

“I need to move,” I stated. “Let me move with you.”

“Okay,” Michael conceded. “Do it.” I made the rocking movement I had started earlier, pushing my bottom into his thighs and tilting my cunt upwards. Gently at first and then with increasing ferocity, I rocked backwards and forwards on his shaft. For his part, Michael was holding me in his arms and straining his cock towards me as much as he could in our restricted position. The water from the shower poured down on us as we screwed each other frantically, me trying to push my vagina onto him as deeply as I could and him thrusting his dick upwards into me. Our gasps and moans got louder and louder, I was usually the loud one but Michael’s noises were matching me.

“Keep fucking me,” I cried out as I felt orgasm approach.

“Never! Fucking! Stopping!” Michael yelled back at me over the sound of the water from the shower.

“I’m going to come. I’m going to frigging come so hard,” I screamed out to the world.

“Come baby, I’m right with you,” Michael replied as we carried on going at it like our lived depended on it. I screamed with ecstasy as my climax hit, hearing Michael cry out escort bursa at the same time. Our juices merged as our mutual orgasms began and we shuddered and jerked against each other, holding each other tight. I felt Michael come inside me, pumping his jism into my womb, spilling his seed deep inside me, emptying his balls into my belly. I don’t know how long it lasted but I do know that we had to take several minutes to recover – clinging to each other under the powerful jet of water from the shower as our shaking bodies calmed down.

As the minutes passed, our breathing slowed. We kissed tenderly under the still-running water. Michael reached his hand towards the lower shelf, took a bar of foaming, moisturising soap and began to soap me down. The lather quickly became copious and I took some myself, running my hands over Michael’s sexy body, covering him with soapy froth. Wordlessly, I slid myself off Michael’s prick and carried on lathering him, letting my hands go all over him as he did the same to me, concentrating especially on my enormous breasts, squeezing and mauling them roughly as he covered them with soap. When we were just about covered, we sat back under the water, me between Michael’s legs with my back to him and my bottom nudging his penis. At first we just let the water wash over us taking most of the lather off, then we began removing some of it ourselves. Once practically all of it had be rinsed away, Michael’s dick was hard again. I looked down it lasciviously, licking my lips.

“You want fucking again?” Michael grinned. I nodded. “Turn over,” he commanded. I did, getting up on my hands and knees. I assumed he was going to fuck me from behind and it turned out I was right – to an extent. Michael positioned himself behind me with his hips at my bottom. I moaned in anticipation waiting for his cock to enter me. As my mind went off into reveries, thinking of imagined sensation to come, I vaguely sensed Michael parting my bottom cheeks. Before I could process this information, I felt his cock at my arsehole and he pushed in purposefully. Amazingly, with one smooth movement he was deep up my arse with his balls banging against my cheeks.

“Oh fuck yes,” I moaned in ecstasy, feeling my bottom full of his penis.

“You’ve needed this for a while haven’t you?” Michael growled. “Haven’t you, you horny bitch? Ever since you went home. That’s why you had to buy a butt plug isn’t it? What were you thinking when you pushed that toy up your ass? Were you thinking of my cock? Were you wishing it was me in your ass?”

“Yes, yes I was,” I gasped as he began to move in and out of my anus. “It’s not long enough and it’s not big enough. It did the job until you got here but it’s not the same. It’s not the same at all.”

“Lovely girl,” grunted Michael as he increased the pace of his fucking. “Lovely, horny bitch. You fucking love it. You love having me fuck your ass. And I love fucking your ass.” He sped up further, pounding my arse with his penis, his scrotum slapping against my bottom and thighs. He brought his hands to my tits and squeezed them hard, taking as much of their mammoth size as he could into his palms, rubbing and squeezing my hard, erect nipples. I had begun making animalistic noises. Howling and mewling my pleasure to the room, I pushed my bottom frantically back at Michael’s cock wanting him as deep in my arse as he could go.

I felt the tell-tale signs of a squirting orgasm build and hastened to warn Michael of its approach. “Michael,” I panted with difficulty as he banged his dick into my anus, “I’m going to squirt.”

“Oh God yes,” he groaned, “Please, please do. I want to empty my balls into your ass and feel you squirt your cum everywhere. I’m so fucking close. Don’t come yet.” With some discomfort, I held on to my climax as Michael pounded me, building to his own. “Going to come,” he grunted, “Going to fill your ass. Come with me.” I felt him shoot his cum up my arse, deep into my bowels and dived gratefully into my own orgasm. With a loud, high-pitched shriek, I came, squirting and spraying juice everywhere. I howled my pleasure as it continued to overwhelm me. Panting, gasping and crying out, my body jerked and spasmed as my cunt shot jets of cum all over the floor of the wet room. Michael held me as I trembled, my body shaking with ecstasy. We continued to stay there like that for some time. Me, on hands and knees, still shaking with the force of my climax and Michael behind me, holding me close, massaging my huge tits gently as I recovered, both of us kneeling in a huge pool of my cum.

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