Melting Misery

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Cory sat in rush hour traffic, begging the cars in front of her to move at lightning speed so she could finally be at home. It was 90 degrees outside and the air conditioner in her car had just quit working that morning. This just added to the misery that Cory had recently succumb to. Cory considered herself attractive, but she had not been in a relationship in a while and it had been even longer since she had sex. It had been at least a year. The time she spent alone at home with her vibrator and watching porn wasn’t cutting it anymore. Cory, almost desperately, needed the feel of a large cock filling her pussy, pulling her hair, her perky 36C tits squeezed and her nipples licked. She squeezed her legs together and gave her clit a bit of relief and her nipples immediately hardened. Cory thought about rubbing her nipples right there in the car, giving the truckers a bit of a show but her conscious got the best of her. Cory chuckled to herself, “this is why I haven’t gotten laid.”

The next morning, Cory stopped at Starbucks and immediately noticed a very handsome man grabbing his coffee. He was at least six feet tall, short brown hair. He was dressed in a gray slacks and a white button down opened a couple of buttons at the top. He definitely worked out, she could see the definition of his arms under his shirt. Cory accidentally knocked into him as she ducked out of the way to avoid some snot-nose teenager. Cory stuttered an apology and flashed him the biggest smile and batted her eyes. “Damnit,” Cory thought, “I need to remember how to flirt.” The man smiled back and Cory almost melted. She was thanking higher spirits for her wardrobe choice that morning. A tight navy blue button down dress that made her chest look like art and showed off her butt and legs in just the right way. Cory was also happy that she took the time to tame her long blonde hair and added a bit of mascara.

Cory made her way to work at the advertising office in the city. She enjoyed her work, but the companies had become the same and they wanted what they knew worked not what was new. She found it stifling. Cory plopped down at her desk and turned to face the floor to ceiling windows. Cory easily had the best office in the company. She took peace in that, at least her hard work had paid off in some way. There was a knock on the door and the CEO walked in. There is a new account, they really want to impress them to keep them bahis firmalar─▒ as a client. They have 3 days to get the project up and running. The only person they trust is Cory. Cory smiled internally, what a compliment. The CEO went on that the company had sent over one of their employees to be of any assistance that they needed to get the project started. He would be working with Cory for the next 3 days. The employee entered the office, his name was Jeffrey. It was the man from Starbucks that morning. Cory jumped up from her desk so quickly, she almost knocked over her chair.

After a few moments discussing the awkward run-in earlier in the morning, the two got to work. Suddenly that misery that Cory had been feeling felt like it was melting away. The two spent the morning going over the plans for the new ad campaign, but decided to take a break and went to lunch together. Cory learned that Jeffrey was single, liked to play tennis and go camping. Cory was only half listening, instead thinking of Jeffrey bending her over her desk and sliding what she can only imagine as a massive cock deep inside of her.

They quickly went back to work after lunch. Cory noticed that Jeffrey started bumping into her, touching her knee or her hand whenever he had the opportunity. Cory almost couldn’t take it, she was going to explode. She considered running to the restroom to rub her clit, but didn’t want to waste the attention he was giving her. Cory silently rolled her eyes. Cory knew she shouldn’t be involved with a client. Then she thought, “what the hell, it isn’t like we are going to be having sex. I am just enjoying the flirting.”

The next time Cory looked at the clock it was close to 9pm. Cory and Jeffrey had accomplished a lot in the first day and she felt like they were in a decent spot and should go home for the night. As they rode the elevator to the garage, Jeffrey touched Cory’s lower back and walked her to her car. The garage was empty except for their cars. That exhilaration from the morning had returned. As Cory unlocked her car and was preparing to say goodnight, Jeffrey leaned in and kissed her. He gently pushed her against the car and wrapped his hand around her neck and through her hair. Cory could barely stand. She knew she missed the touch of a man, but this was beyond words how badly she needed this. Cory let out an audible moan and felt Jeffrey smile. At least he was enjoying the ka├žak iddaa kissing. He then pressed his crotch into Cory’s. She could tell that he was hard and quite well endowed. Cory knew that she should stop this, but she couldn’t bring her body to a point to allow that.

Cory was running her hands over Jeffrey’s chest, he was all muscle. Cory couldn’t wait to see him with his shirt off. Jeffrey’s hands had made their way down to her butt which he was now cupping. Cory had slowly started to unbutton his shirt and then slide her hands inside and down his chest. It was better then she imagined it. Jeffrey was now nibbling on Cory’s ear and down her neck. His hands were fumbling with the buttons that lined the front of her dress. Soon he had it undone enough that her tits were on display. For a brief second he stopped kissing her and looked at her chest and growled. Jeffrey started kissing the tops of her tits and manipulated the black lace bra that she was so glad that she was wearing down. Soon his mouth was on her left nipple as his hand pinched and pulled the right one. Cory couldn’t stand it any longer. She whispered to him, that she wants him to fuck her right here in the garage.

Cory unbuckled his pants and slid them down. She somehow manages to maneuver so that he has his back against the car. Cory gets on her knees and slides Jeffrey’s boxers to the floor. His cock pops up. He is so hard, Cory can see him throbbing. She takes her hand and gently slides it up and down his hard cock, admiring it at its true form. For a split second Cory remembers that they are in a garage and anyone can come in at any time, but then Cory runs her tongue over the tip of the beautiful cock in front of her and finds herself even more turned on knowing that they could get caught. Cory starts sucking on Jeffrey’s tip, making sure to hit that little V on the underside of his cock. It must be about 9 inches, Cory thinks. He is quite thick. He is going to feel so good in my pussy. She moans at the thought of it. Jeffrey throws his head back and lets out a loud moan that echoes off the walls of the garage. Cory starts playing with Jeffery’s balls in her hand, gently tugging on them. She then sucks on each one and takes her tongue and slides it from his balls all the way back up to the tip and then she takes his whole cock and shoves it down her throat. Cory was blessed with no gag reflex so it makes this so much better. ka├žak bahis Cory slides Jeffrey’s big, throbbing cock into her throat and begins to bob her head back and forth. Jeffrey moans even louder and is pulling her hair and controlling her head, making her go faster.

Cory is so turned on. She feels herself dripping. Cory continues to use Jeffrey’s cock to fuck her face, but suddenly Jeffrey pulls her up and pushes her face first against the car.

Jeffrey grinds his hard cock against Cory. Jeffrey says that he doesn’t want to cum yet, that she needs to cum too. Cory moans. Jeffrey starts unbuttoning the rest of Cory’s dress. He slips it off so she is standing in nothing but her lace bra, panties and heels in the garage. Cory moans when she sees the way he is looking at her. He slips her out of her panties and pulls her to the hood of her car. He bends her over and starting at her ankles he runs his hands up her inner thighs to her pussy. Jeffery then licks her pussy from clit to her ass. He slides his tongue into her pussy as he rubs her clit. Cory is on the verge of cumming. She begs him to keep going. Jeffrey wants more. He takes his tongue from her pussy and slides it to her ass. He penetrates her there. Cory is at first shocked, no one has ever played with her ass, but as Jeffrey continues to lick her asshole, Cory cannot take it anymore and has the most intense orgasm. She screams and begs for more.

Before the orgasm stops, Jeffrey stands up and shoves his throbbing hard cock into Cory’s tight wet pussy. He fills her up so nicely. He is fucking her nice and deep with slow, hard motions. Cory cum’s again quickly. Jeffrey is pulling her hair tight. He slaps her ass. He doesn’t stop. Cory begs him to keep going. Jeffrey then slides his thumb into Cory’s ass. It feels incredible and makes her even tighter. Cory’s nipples are so hard and she feels them rubbing against the hood of her car. Jeffrey is still pulling on her hair. Cory has never been fucked like this before. Cory is on the verge of another orgasm and screams out that she is cumming. Jeffrey whispers that he is ready. Cory begs him to fill her pussy. They cum together. It is the most intense orgasm that Cory has that night.

Cory quivers as Jeffrey slowly removes his cock from her pussy. He whispers that was the best sex he has had in a long time. Cory and Jeffrey start to get dressed, little being said. Jeffrey kisses Cory again. He says that he is looking forward to working with her the next couple of days. Maybe next time they can use those big windows in the office to their advantage. Cory just smiles. Her misery a distant memory.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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