Meeting Melanie

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Meeting Melanie came at the start of quite an eventful time for me. I was 19, had many sexual encounters from a young age, (of which of course I can’t tell you about on this site), and believe it or not was looking for a stable relationship rather than going with as many partners as possible, of which my peers, whom were later starters than me, were doing.
Now Melanie was not the usual type of girl I aim for, (no I didn’t live by if it was female, fuck it!). She was about the same height as me for a start 5’8” (no I don’t profess to be 6’4” like most guys who write on here), athletic shoulders, heavier built but still feminine and what I would call handsome rather than pretty. She was a blue eyed blonde and although wasn’t short on the bust department, 36C, her boobs actual didn’t look that big on her. I suppose I was attracted to her because she was fairly new in the village, moving from up north somewhere and some of the guys had had a pop at her but she had got the “Frigid” label because she wouldn’t let them touch her, other than kissing. You could say it was because of the challenge that she intrigued me?
To cut a long story short I got off with her and we had a relationship that was no more than kissing for about a month, to be honest I didn’t try anything more than that. I suppose because of my none attempts (don’t ask why I didn’t, I suppose I was just enjoying a none pressurised relationship), Melanie invited to to stay over one week-end. Now this may seem not unusual to most but bear in mind Melanie lived in the same village, only ½ a mile from my house. To explain: Melanie lived with her mother, Ann and her mothers ex brother in law Richard, he had been married to Ann’s sister but had split up and Ann had separated from her husband. They now lived together, with Melanie but there was no physical relationship between Ann and Richard, so I was told and didn’t see anything whilst in there company which would suggest anything different.
I regularly went around and spent time in the evening either in conversation with Melanie, Ann & Richard over tea or we would watch a film on the T.V. Richard didn’t enjoy T.V. so was never in on our telly nights. Usually Melanie and I would sit on “our” settee”, or couch as the Americans call it, whilst Ann would sit in her favourite chair.
There was something about the way Melanie asked if I would stop over that at first I didn’t pick up on, (unusually slow ), that was until one of her girlfriends, on the previous Wednesday night in the pub said something to me with a wicked smile on her face, I didn’t quite catch what she said but I got the gist of her hint. “Melanie is really looking forward to spending the night with you (wink)” she had said. Now I was under the impression that I was merely house sitting with her, as I have said previously I had put Melanie under no pressure at all to make out.
On the Friday evening we said our goodbyes to Ann & Richard, who were going to some festival or other, and made ourselves something to eat. We went to the pub for a couple of drinks and went back to Melanie’s house, switched on the telly and settled down in “Our settee”. Nothing unusual and to be honest I’d forgotten about the hint from Wednesday night until Melanie got up and walked out of the room, with no explanation. I sat there for a few moments (like a lemon) until I heard the izmit escort shower going upstairs. Still sat like a lemon I continued to watch telly. Melanie entered the room quietly, stood in the doorway and because my eyes were riveted to the film made a “Ahem”. I glanced across at her nonchalantly and then had to adjust myself. There she was stood in the doorway with no more than a very transparent “baby-doll”. No I have previously told you she was no “stunner” but you can rest assured she looked absolutely amazing. Her hair shone, her eyes shone, her lips shone, she just glowed from her head to her bare feet and her “baby-doll” just barely covered her, she obviously wasn’t wearing any panties! “Do you want to watch the film or?” she said to me. I must have seemed like the village idiot because all I could answer back was “Orrrrrrrrrrrr”. I was gob smacked. “Coming upstairs?” she asked. Nature and hormones kicked in big time, I was on my feet and at the door in a shot, I took her in my arms and kissed her passionately. We made our way upstairs hand in hand, rather innocently now thinking back. We went into Melanie’s bedroom, my first time in there! She stood facing me with her back to the bed “I was wondering if you wanted to?” she broke off mid sentence and continued “Well you have made no effort to seduce me or grope me so I thought I’d take the lead, do you want to?” she asked again. I smiled , apparently my smile is quite seductive, and again kissed her. My hands got back into there old habit of having a mind of there own very quickly, I was out of practice and fortunately my body just went into automatic without me! I kissed her neck, her ears and under her chin, whilst my wicked little hands smoothed their way down the small of her back and onto her butt. She did have a rather nice firm and shapely arse I must admit and I enjoyed my groping probably a lot more than she did. One hand then snaked it’s way from her cheeks up past her stomach and latched onto one of her boobs, I was still in auto. I don’t know if it was the surprise at the size of what I thought to be reasonably small boobs but which turned out to be quite a handful or what but my brain engaged and I realised I was in for some “serious lurvin” as we got to call it. I lifted her baby doll over her head, stood back for a moment and appreciated what a vision of beauty stood before me, she was a little uncomfortable at first with me “ogling” her but then appreciated the compliment “Your amazing” I somehow stammered. We kissed again and embraced. She pulled back her head after what seemed like hours and said “I didn’t know if you wanted to or not because you haven’t tried anything on and some of the guys said you were gay”.
ME GAY ! What could I tell her, I was having a break from being a male nympho? I just replied “Some things are worth waiting for”. When I heard myself say that I thought to myself “God that was smarmy”. Never the less Melanie appreciated it and showed her appreciation by taking hold of my now extremely erect cock. It wasn’t the most experienced groping of my cock I’ve ever had and when she told me “It’s the first time I’ve ever held one of these” I realised why. “Are you still a virgin?” I quizzed her, as seductively as anyone can ask that question. “Not for much longer” she replied with a smile.
I lowered my head and took one of her beautiful mounds of boob yahya kaptan escort into my mouth, sliding it out of my mouth and closing my lips onto her nipple as I pulled my head back, again and again I did this, first to just one and then to both. “Can I try something?” she asked. I was to say the least puzzled but extremely interested to see what she had in mind. I was still stood facing the bed as she lowered herself into a kneeling position so that her face was in line with my cock. She stuck out her tongue and licked from my balls to the tip of my cock and then back down again then back up again and opened her mouth wide and took my throbbing cock into her mouth, barely the head was in her mouth but it felt just wonderful. She bobbed her head up and down a little before looking up at me and saying, “I’ve never done this before but I’ve been practising on my finger……is it O.K.” “O.K…..O.K.” I said “It’s bloody fantastic”. Here she was, the supposedly frigid ice queen virgin desperate to please me and asking if her cock sucking was O.K. “If you tell me where I’m going wrong I can get better with practice” she said before going down on me again. Shit this was unbelievable, a cock sucking virgin who wanted pointers and practice so that she could improve her technique! Was I the cool dude as I said “Try taking a bit more of it into your mouth and use your tongue whilst I’m inside you”. Now I haven’t got the biggest dick in the world, probably about 7” (and believe it or not no I have never measured it. I’ve never had any complaints and I have had a few wide eyes and “wows” before) but I do know that it is thick, about the same in circumference as my wrist. Melanie I could see was struggling to take as much of me in her mouth as she could and I could see after a while that she was getting jaw ache. “Now let me treat you” I said to her, lifting her head from my cock. I raised her up and gently lay her back onto her bed. Her arse just sat at the edge of her bed so that her legs were hanging over bent at the knees onto the floor. I gently parted her knees and ran my tongue up the inside of her left thigh and on to her pussy mound. I rubbed my chin on her mound before myself sticking my tongue out and giving a long and slow lick between her lips, parting them as I went down, over her clit and almost to her anus. I then reversed my lick but stopped at her clitty, wrapping my tongue around her clit and circling it a couple of times “Oh shit” she shouted out as her clit was teased with tongue for the first time in her life. “Not lost it” I thought to myself whilst enjoying myself licking her pussy. (I may have told you this before but I like licking pussy almost as much as actual intercourse). I licked her pussy up and down, circling her clit but never penetrating her love hole until she suddenly clamped my head with her thighs. No I did say earlier she was athletically built. There was no way on this earth that short of pulling my head from my neck that I could move. So I stuck my tongue as deep into her pussy hole as I could, the vice like grip on my head seemed to limit the length of my tongue but I delved it as deep as it would reach. Her hips bucked up and her thighs released me at the same time, almost throwing me across the room. “FUCKING HELL” she shouted as she obviously enjoyed and intense orgasm, shaking from gebze escort head to toe. “Where the fuck did you learn to do that?” she asked. I had to think quick, did I tell her that I had been shagging for several years and experienced both younger and older girls or did I pretend to reasonably innocent? “From watching porno movies” I explained. “Then you’ll have to let me watch some of those” she said “That was amazing, I’ve never had an orgasm like that before”. “So your not such the sweet and innocent virgin that you pretend to be?” I challenged her. “No I am a virgin but that doesn’t mean I haven’t had an orgasm before, I’ve had two this week touching myself just thinking about what we were going to do tonight but never as big as that” she replied.
Visualising her playing with herself made me as horny as hell and I lowered myself onto her kissing her passionately again, I wasn’t going to last long if I couldn’t get that image out of my mind so I shelved in the back of my mind in order to save the image for a wank some time in the future. I positioned myself so that the tip of my cock rubbed up between her pussy lips. I’d have liked to think it would have found it’s own way into her but I reached down and positioned my now throbbing bell end at the entrance to her pussy. “Are you sure?” I asked her .I had never asked a girl this in my life before so why was I asking this time? “Oh yes” she responded “I am very very sure”. With her response as a positive I slowly applied pressure by my butt to push my cock into her vaginal tunnel. She was so well lubricated everything seemed to go smoothly. As my cock penetrated her I came up against an obstruction, I had screwed a virgin before but this time my cock firstly slid into her a lot smoother than my previous experiences before not being stopped but being held in check. A little more pressure and bang in it went, two thirds of my cock penetrated her and she gave out a guttural “urghhh” before making a “Hooo” sound. I slowly pulled back before nice and gently entering her again. I continued this slow withdrawel and entry several times, each time getting to penetrate her deeper. Her vaginal walls tightened, her breathing got very short and she started to pant “Oh Oh nooooooo” she moaned as once again her hips bucked and her body shook. It was all I could do to hold on, good job my cock was still inside, hooking me into her otherwise I may have ended up across the room again. Her cunt got so tight and hot I couldn’t hold on any longer and what must have been months of pent up jism squirted into her. I can’t remember coming for as long or feeling a pussy as hot before. It seemed an age before my own orgasm finished and my body twitched and jerked of it’s own mind for a couple of seconds. “Oh crikey” Melanie said as she looked into my eyes “ I don’t how many times I can cope with that all week end, I’m fucked!”. “Yes you have been” I replied with a smirk “And you’ve been the best fuck I’ve ever had” I told her. I nearly said for a long time but thought that what I actually said went down much better. We did spend the whole week end fucking each others brains out. More a question of quality over quantity but none the less we still managed double figures by Sunday afternoon when Ann & Richard returned.
I went out with Melanie for about nine months, we had a great time and had many a happy fuck. I even managed to get to have a threesome with Melanie and one of her old school friends, which was a pleasant surprise and I got to fuck her mother Ann but that is for another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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