Meeting A Lonely Looking Girl

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One day Greg was walking in a large mall He was a hungry and tired and decided to find the food court. He noticed a very beautiful young girl about his age sitting at a table by herself. Since there was an empty table next to hers, Greg decided to sit and get a better view of this girl. He glanced at her, but each time their eyes met, she turned away. He assumed there was no way to meet her. Then, she knocked over her coffee cup. As she jumped to keep the coffee from running in her lap, her purse fell off the table. Greg picked up her purse and helped her clean up the mess.

She gave Greg a smile and said, “Thank you. I’m sorry I made such a mess.”

“That can happen to anyone. By the way, my name is Greg.”

She took another look at him, smiled and responded, “I’m Mary. Thanks for helping me.”

“Let me get you another cup of coffee”, he quickly said.

Greg got up before she could answer, went to the counter and brought another cup for her.

“Thank you for being a gentleman.”

They became conversant and before long Greg had invited her to see a movie that Saturday afternoon. After the move was over, he asked, “Would you like to have dinner with me?”

“I wish I could, but I have to work tonight. Sorry.”

Greg wasn’t going to give up, “Tomorrow is Sunday, would you meet me here tomorrow afternoon for another movie?”

She looked a little doubtful, but said, “Yes, that would be nice. Thanks.”

Greg went home that Saturday very happy. Mary seemed so nice. She had a very sexy figure and her long blond hair flowed down below her shoulders. Her dress was rather short to show a very shapely pair of legs.

The next day he returned to the mall and sat waiting for her. He was beginning to think she had stood him up. Then he saw her.

“Hi, Mary. I think we are too late to get in at the start of the movie. Let’s go walk in the park.”

They talked and walked while holding hands and got to know a little about each other. When they stopped in a secluded place, Greg held her for a kiss. The second kiss was very sexy. He was beginning to like this pretty girl and maybe she liked him.

Greg asked, “Let’s just walk around some more, then have dinner together.”

She sorrowfully responded, “I’m sorry, but I have to work again tonight.”

“What kind of work do you do that you have to work on Sunday night?”

“Oh, it’s along story. I work mostly nights in an office.”

“I would like to see you again. Can I have your telephone number?”

“Yes, stop just a minute and I’ll write it down for you.”

Greg dated her for a week before they were in bed together. She could give the best blow jobs he ever had and could please him with sex in many ways. She was so very talented that it was evident she was very sexually experienced in her young life. She was as, “hot as a firecracker”, and could have several orgasms while he had one. He couldn’t believe his good fortune to find a beautiful sexy girl like Mary with a nice personality.

During the next month, Greg dated her on Saturdays and Sundays during the day. Also, she had Monday nights off from work. She was always vague about where she worked and what she did. She led him to believe she was a secretary doing computer work at night. She told him she loved him on their last date and Greg responded that he thought he was falling in love with her too.

Greg introduced her to some of his friends and they congratulated him, but he had never met any of her friends. She always avoided telling him what kind of employment she had. One Sunday afternoon they were in bed together. While they had sex in several different positions, she had several orgasms. He pulled out to let her give him one of her fabulous blow jobs. After Greg was well satisfied, they laid side by side. Greg demanded she tell him more about her life.

“Mary, I’ve known you for over a month and I’m falling in love with you, but you must tell me more about your life. Where do you work, and where are your parents and friends?”

She started crying and trying to talk through her tears, “I’m sorry, I should have told you long ago. I work in a large old home with several other girls.”

“That sounds nice. What do you and the girls do?”

She hesitated, then said, “I might as well tell you straight. Men pay for my charms.”

Greg was shocked. “Do you mean to tell me you are a prostitute?”

“Please don’t use that word. We girls don’t think of ourselves as prostitutes. We give pleasure to men.”

“But you do charge?”

“Of course, we have to make a living and I do make a lot of money.”

Greg was flabbergasted and couldn’t face her.

She said, “Please look at me. I don’t do it for love. The men just use my body and that’s all there is to it. It’s just like any other business where men use a girl’s talents to operate a computer or do something similar. My talent is to please men in bed.”

He looked at her and couldn’t think she really believed that. However, he guessed sincan escort a person can rationalize away any situation and think it is alright.

She continued, “I love you and I don’t want to lose you.”

“I’ll have to think about it.”

“Please don’t leave me. I want to get married someday and have children. But right now I need to work one more year to save a lot of money before I quit my job.”

The only thing Greg could think of to say was, “I’m going to leave now to think about it. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

That night he laid awake in bed a long time thinking. “Mary is a fantastic girl and I like her a lot. She is a man’s dream for sex. She is charming and beautiful. With her looks and talents, I’m sure she makes a lot of money. But, she is a whore. I should forget about her. I wouldn’t think of marrying a whore. Maybe I should keep seeing her because I like her a lot and I can have fantastic sex without paying for it, but falling in love and marriage, no way! The next time I see her I will ask more about her work.”

The next day while Greg was at work, he called Mary at her apartment.

“Mary, I want to talk to you.”

“I’m glad you called. Monday is my night off. Please come to my apartment for dinner and we’ll talk.”

When Greg arrived at her apartment that evening, Mary was wearing a dress to accentuate her body. He looked and thought, “What a body, and what a beautiful girl. I can’t give her up. Somehow, I must convince her to quit being a prostitute and get a decent job.”

They had wine before, during and after dinner. Then they sat on the couch together. She let her short dress ride up high to show her shapely legs. She was doing her best to entice him to stay with her.

Greg spoke “Mary, you said you work in the house with other girls. Tell me about it.”

“Yes, there are other girls. We are well protected in the house and any unruly or drunk men are quickly pushed out the door by our big security man. The men come into the parlor and usually have one drink while they decided which girl they would like. Most of the men are wealthy because our madam charges top price for us. I am making and saving lots of money working there.”

Greg interjected, “But aren’t you afraid of diseases?”

“That could be a problem, but in most cases the men are required to use a condom. Also, the madam has a doctor to check us regularly. About the only problem I have is some guys wanting to bite on my nipples. The other night one guy bit one nipple so hard it is still sore.” She laughed when she said that.

She reached over to feel Greg’s hardening cock through his pants, then looked at him to say, “I’ve heard some guys get turned on when their wife or girl friend is fucking another guy. Are you that way?”

Greg was embarrassed and didn’t answer her. Instead he said, “I’m disappointed to know you do this, but I like you a lot and want to keep seeing you. Can you give up this way of life now?”

“I was raised an orphan and never had a permanent home. I’m on my own and want to save a lot of money before I quit. I’ll try not to let my work interfere with our friendship and love life. Can you live with that?”

Her dress had ridden up near her ass and Greg had his hand on her very shapely breasts. His cock was now ruling his brain.

“Mary, I don’t really like what you do for a living, but I don’t want to give you up. I’ll go along with the situation for the present. We’ll take it day by day.”

Mary then got up and led him into the bedroom where they undressed. She sat down on a stack of pillows on the floor while he was standing in front of her. Her lovely lips opened to let his cock head enter as she twirled her tongue around. Greg started fucking her mouth while she cupped his balls. He wanted to fuck her pussy before he cum the first time, but she held on to his butt to keep him in her mouth. Greg didn’t resist her efforts because he liked to cum that way. He then thought about her sucking other guys off like this night after night and became very jealous.

Greg started hunching up to her faster with jerks as he started vocalizing. His knees buckled as she supported him with her arms around his butt. After the first couple of spurts in her mouth, she pulled back, grabbed his cock and started jacking it. Greg’s cum spurted all over her chin and breasts. When his legs became stronger, he backed away to plop in a nearby chair while he watched Mary take both hands and smear his cum over all over her breasts.

Mary said, “How did you like that?”

“That was fantastic. Have you ever done that with another guy?”

“Yes, last night I had one client who wanted me to do it that way. He enjoyed it so much that I thought you would like it too.”

Greg didn’t know if he was pleased to hear that. She was giving him sex just like she gives to others, but with no charge. However, he thoroughly enjoyed it. The more he thought about it, the more his cock was already beginning to sincan escort bayan get hard again.

Greg surprised himself when he boldly asked, “What else did you do?”

“First, a guy walked in the parlor wearing an expensive looking business suit. As I told you earlier, we cater only to wealthy people who can afford our services. There were three of us girls waiting for a client when he came in. He immediately looked at me and I started talking to him. He didn’t even ask the price as he told the madam he wanted me. As we walked into my room and I shut the door for privacy, he said he liked blonds with long hair. He wanted me to undress him which I did. Then he slowly took off my clothes article by article. He even took pictures of me with his digital camera after removing each article.”

“I didn’t know you let men take your picture in the nude. I haven’t even done that as yet.”

“As long as they pay well, they can do most anything. If you would like to take my picture sometime, I’ll pose for you.”

“What else did you do?”

“Once I was naked, he took several pictures in different poses including close ups between my legs. He took at least two pictures while I was fingering my pussy. Then he wanted to lick my body. His tongue started around my neck, moved to my breasts where he lingered, then went slowly on down to my crotch. I spread my legs wide and pulled them up to give him easy access. I felt him slurp my cunt and ass for a few minutes. Since he was down in the bed and I couldn’t reach his cock, he turned around so that I could play with his cock and balls while he continued to munch between my legs.”

Greg’s mind was agog with what she was saying and his cock was very hard again. He asked, “Then what happened.”

“He had sucked on my clit so much that I had an orgasm. He seemed delighted when I did and asked, ‘Is that a fake one or a real one?’ I told him it was real and he seemed very pleased.”

“Wow! You had an orgasm with him.”

She continued, “Yes, then he decided he wanted me to suck him off. I put a condom in my mouth and rolled it on when I went down on him. After I sucked him off , we both dressed and he gave me a big tip.”

“Do you always roll condoms on the guys cocks before you take it in your mouth.”

“That is our standard procedure, you know, to prevent diseases. Sometimes I do it without a condom. I usually get a bigger tip if I do it that way.”

“Was that the end of your evening?”

“No, I had three more clients last night. I’ll tell you about another one. This was a young guy probably about eighteen. He came in dressed in sports clothes with his buddy. I could tell they had a couple of drinks but were not unruly. I took him in my room while his buddy got another girl Out in the lobby he was very talkative. Once in the room with me, he was quiet as a mouse and made no approach to me. I had to take the initiative.”

“What did you do?”

“I took off my blouse and unsnapped my bra to free my breasts. He stared at them as if he had never seen real ones before.”

Greg interjected, “I don’t blame him for looking. You have very large breasts and they don’t sag. The nipples can look a guy right in the eyes.”

She continued, “Thank you for the compliment. He seemed nervous, but excited. I get clients like that sometime.”

“Did he want to touch or just look?”

“I reached for one of his hands and placed it on one of my breasts. He seemed very excited when he moved his hand around on it. I put my hand underneath my other breast, pulled it up so that my lips could kiss the nipple. I then suggested he kiss the other one. He was hesitant, but sucked on it. I then told him to get undressed.”

“Did he undress you?”

“No, I slipped out of my skirt and panties by the time he was down to his shorts. He seemed reluctant to take them off to expose his erection. I pulled his shorts down toward his feet. As I bent down, I lightly kissed his erection. As I was straightening up, he put both hands on my breasts as they swung in his direction.”

Greg interrupted Mary to say, “Your breasts are wonderful. When you are naked and bend forward, they do swing back and forth. I like it when you ride me and you lean forward to allow your breasts to swing up to my chin and mouth. Did you give him that thrill?”

“Now that you mention it, I did, but you are getting ahead of my story. His cock was very hard and I rolled the condom on him as I took it in my mouth. He cum very quick. After the first spurt, I pulled his cock out of my mouth, quickly pulled the condom off and jacked his cock so that it continued to spurt all over my face and neck. Most guys like it that way. Then when this young man simmered down he told me that he didn’t want it to end this fast because he had only been with me for five minutes. I suggested he relax while I cleaned up. Then I told him not to fret because guys can cum rather quickly and I would give him a total of thirty minutes with me.”

Greg escort sincan asked, “Did he get it hard again?”

“Yes, this was a young guy. I laid down on the bed and spread my legs to let him see my pussy. He stared at my crotch and I could see his cock starting to get hard. I told him to lie on his back then I rolled a condom on him He watched as I put some lubricant on my dry pussy and a little on the head of his cock. Then I straddled him. Since there had been no foreplay between us, deep inside me I was a little dry as I started to sit on his cock. The lubricant made it easy for the head to spread my pussy, but then I moved up and down going in a little deeper each time until he was fully buried in me.”

Greg asked, “Did he have a big cock?”

“It was about average size, maybe a little longer than average. I could take it all the way in. I’ve taken even longer ones. I remember when a black man fucked me and he was big. But that’s another story.”

“I’m anxious to hear it, but go on with this one.”

“I started slowly moving up and down. I thought about fucking this young guy fast and get it over with, but then decided to give him more time. If he liked me, maybe he would be a repeat customer. I leaned forward to allow my breasts to swing over his face as I continued movements. He was licking my breasts and trying to suck my nipples as they swung near his mouth. I could sense he was building up to another climax by the way he was beginning to grunt and push up. I speeded up my movements causing him to loudly groan and cum in my pussy. Actually, he cum in the condom which was in my pussy. I told you we are very careful about avoiding a disease.”

“That must have been a very big thrill for the young guy. Did you have an orgasm with him?”

“No, I don’t always have an orgasm with a client. I’m doing this for money not for my own pleasure. I think I gave him his moneys worth. I sucked him off once and he cum in my pussy once all in about twenty five minutes. We both dressed and he tipped me. We walked back out into the parlor. I looked around to see two new clients in the parlor and all the other girls were busy. I started talking to one of them.”

Greg now had a raging hard on. Mary had sucked him off before telling these sexy stories. Now his cock was very hard again.

Mary held Greg’s cock and said, “I know you are turned on with my true stories.”

“I want to hear more about the next guy you started talking to, but right now I want to bury this in you.”

Greg rolled Mary over on her back, crawled on top as she spread her legs and pulled them up. She was so juicy that his cock plunged all the way in. Evidently, telling all these stories turned her on too because she quickly had her first orgasm.

Greg was plunging in and out when she said, “Slow down, make it last. I want to have another orgasm before you do or at the same time you have one.”

He then slowly drew back and eased in again. He kept up this rhythm while their lips meshed in a long sexy kiss. Her hot pussy was clinging to his cock each time he pulled back for another stroke.

Greg said, “You make your clients use a condom, but I’ve never used one with you. I assume you are on the pill?”

“Yes, I’m on the pill, but there have been some occasions I let a guy fuck me without a condom. I do have to be very careful. One time a young man told me it was his first time. I rolled a condom on him, but he was so nervous he couldn’t cum even though he fucked me for a long time. I told him to pull out and take off the condom. I let him fuck me some more without a condom and he quickly cum. I let you do it without a condom because I love you and trust you to be disease free. If you start screwing around with another girl, you’ll have to use a condom.”

Greg assured her, “I’m not going to fool around with another girl. You’re keeping me well satisfied.”

Greg speeded up his movements as her hips pushed up to meet his thrusts. Her body began to quiver and surge as an orgasm was taking over control of her body. Greg gasped and yelled as he blew his wad in her very receptive pussy. Her pussy spasms seemed to milk his cock to squeeze out all the cum.

They talked for a little while. Greg asked, “Today was your day off. I assume you are working tomorrow night?”

“Yes, I go to work at eight o’clock. We usually have clients coming in up until two o”clock in the morning. Then I go home to sleep until late morning. That’s my usual routine.”

“How many clients do you have in one night?”

“It depends on which night it is. During the week, I may have five or six, but on Saturday night, the guys are waiting in line to get a girl as they come back in the parlor. I tend to lose count.”

“Do some of the clients ask for you?”

“Oh, yes, I have some regulars. Some especially like the way I give blow jobs.”

Greg cut in, “I can understand that. You do that the best I’ve ever had.”

She continued, “Some like for me to do it by simply getting up on the bed to lie on my side and lean on my elbow while I take their cock in my mouth. But most of my regulars prefer to be in a six nine position with me on top. They like to lick my pussy and look at my ass while I blow them.”

Greg said, “That’s the way I prefer it, too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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