Marc’s Realisation

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Jamie turned to the mirror and looked her reflection up and down, she wasn’t the most beautiful on the earth but she wasn’t the ugliest either. She was 5’4, not really tall but not too short, she had nice firm 35c breasts that strained against the fabric off her too small t-shirt, her legs were smooth and tanned and the short denim skirt she was wearing showed them off to perfection, her hair hung down her back it shimmered in the sunlight it was a gorgeous colour of chestnut, she smiled to herself before turning to leave the room.

It was a gorgeous sunny day and Jamie had decided a trip to the swimming baths would help cool her down, so she phoned her best friend Marc and arranged to meet him there. Jamie gathered her towel and swimming things together, gave her mom and dad a wave goodbye then set off.

Marc lived only a few minutes away from the baths so he was there in no time, he went in to get changed. Once he had changed he stepped out into the swimming area to see if he could see Jamie, he couldn’t so he went to stand at the ice-cream bar, where they usually meet to wait for her. He was oblivious to all the looks he was getting, he wasn’t a vain person and wouldn’t consider himself great looking, but all the girls around him thought he was drop dead gorgeous, he worked out at the gym and had a toned muscular body, strong arms and legs that were tanned a nice brown colour, his hair was a curly black mass, the girls all drooled at the sight of him.

Jamie strolled out of the changing area, she let her eyes wonder the pool, she heard a sharp whistle and looked to the sound, she saw Marc standing at their usually meeting area.

Marc’s eyes nearly dropped out of his head when he saw Jamie, she keçiören escort had on a two-piece bikini, a baby blue colour with green swirls on, it set her complexion off, and made her breasts look huge and bouncy. She was gorgeous, why hadn’t he noticed before he asked himself smiling as she walked over to him, he enjoyed the sight of seeing her sexy body swaying as she walked quickly.

“Hi Jay, nice costume” he said to her as she got close, she grinned a very sexy grin before winking, “Not to bad yourself” she said, she watched as he finished off his coke, he leaned his head back and let the cool liquid fall down his throat, she almost gasped as she saw the movement of his throat as he swallowed, her nipples tightened in response.

Marc sensed her watching and saw her nipples through the bikini top and mentally smiled to himself, “Come on then show me some of these ‘fantastic’ dives you’ve been telling me about” Marc said. Jamie smiled and walked to the ladders of the diving board, Marc watched as she climbed to the top, he held his breath as he saw her firm ass bounce slightly.

When Jamie reached the top she waved down as him, then stood in position, the next thing he saw was her graceful body falling through the air before hitting the water with a loud splash, she came up breaking the water, her hair plastered to her head, she smiled and waved him to join her in the water.

Marc jumped in cannonball style making her laugh, she jumped on him, her legs wrapping around his waist, Marc froze, they had played like this many times before but today it was different, he noticed things now. He let his hands fall to cup her ass, she looked at him surprised for a minute then keçiören escort bayan smiled and tightened her grip, licking her lips.

Jamie had fancied Marc for a while and had fantasised about him often but he had never noticed her, she pressed her sex as hard she could against his, then lent forward and kissed him.

Marc responded pulling her closer to him and kissing her harder, he felt the stirring in his groin, he whispered, “Lets get of here” she just nodded and pulled herself away and out of the water.

The changing rooms were empty Marc checked before stepping in and locking the door behind him, he waited for Jamie to return from the shower section, he could feel his cock growing in anticipation.

Jamie stepped into the changing room and smiled as she saw Marc and he growing hard on, she stood in the middle of the room and undid her top, letting it drop to the floor she played with her breasts rubbing her nipples between her fingers moaning as the grew hard, she reached down and dropped her bikini panties, she heard Marc’s gasp as he saw her, she ran her fingers down over her shaven mound, down to her smooth cunt lips, she slid a finger up an down her wet slit.

Marc got up and grabbed her to him and lay her down on a bench, he kissed her all over, he sat between her thighs and looked at her wet cunt, he lent forward and ran his tongue up an down her slit, she moaned and gasped bucking against him, Marc took her clit between his lips and sucked gently, making Jamie writhe in pleasure.

Marc then slid a finger into her wet hot tight hole, she bucked her hips against him and he added another finger, pushing them in and out of her tight cunt, escort keçiören Jamie moaned and writhed under him, he moved up, still working his fingers he took a nipple and sucked on it, biting it gently, faster he moved his fingers, he felt her cunt tighten around him and watched she orgasmed convulsing around his fingers.

Marc smiled down at her and kissed, he stood and removed his trunks to show his now fully erect cock, Jamie gasped it was at least 7 inches long and very thick, he sat down on the bench and picked up Jamie and settled her down on his cock, they moaned together as her cunt was filled with his cock, “Shit Jay your so fucking tight” Marc whispered Jamie closed her eyes and moved up and down on him, sliding him an out, she used her knees to lever herself up, she did this very slow, Marc gritted his teeth.

He couldn’t stand it any more he threw her to the floor and lay down on her, he watched her as he plunged his hard cock in to her soaking wet cunt and moved hard and fast like a piston, Jamie writhed and bucked under him, her legs up and wide open, Marc fucked her harder and harder, his balls slamming against her ass, he stopped to turn her over on to all fours, he spread her legs and rammed her cunt from behind, she moaned pushing back, he slapped her ass and watched them turn red as her fucked her doggy style.

Marc groaned as he felt his balls filling up, he thrust deep into her tight cunt once twice, then “Aaaaagggghhhhhhh” he cried out cumming hard, his cum filling her cunt, he collapsed on top of her, he looked at her back realizing she hadn’t come, he turned her over and continued to fuck her, his cock still standing hard, he didn’t need to go long because a few short minutes later he watched in satisfaction as she convulsed around him and came, her pussy juices mixing with his cum. He lent down and kissed her sweaty forehead, she smiled. They stood together and showered washing the smell and sweat of sex of their bodies. Before dressing and walking hand in hand out of the baths.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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